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LISW Supervision Plan & Agreement with Gerald W. Vest, ACSW, LISW, LMT, Holistic-Integrative Practitioner & Emeritus Professor, TRICARE & ArmyOne Provider
"If we stop for a moment, step out of our roles, and reexmine our purposes and achievements, what have we really accomplished." Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Freedom - Time to Change, p.12

Supervision Program Outline-

1. Meet twice monthly as group for 2 hrs. – individual & group sessions available to meet interests and licensing requirements.

2. Design Professional Health Care Plan to maintain high levels of consciousness, support whole being, apply health practices with clients, prevent compassion fatigue and learn skills for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing.

3. Learn to engage and interact with client’s strengths, interests and abilities.

4. Learn to “make the equal” by being aware of self & client’s basic need requirements, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

5. Learn the conscious use of self and outlets or “Doors of Compensation” and degrees of safety and dangers.

6. Become aware of self while introducing clients to the following:

· o Whole body-mind-emotions-spirit using Body Scan & Continuum of Awareness

· o Support client’s emotional system with breathing awareness—“Integration Breath” & other balancing exercises

· o Progressive Relaxation Exercises – experience 12 Step Analysis

· o Maintain daily health journal, dream notebook and use of therapeutic arts and other resources to support clients and self

· o Working with “Disabilities” and the 3 Killers…stress, anxiety and depression

7. Introduce approaches to join Nature by becoming honest-open, accepting, allowing and appreciating the Social Work Experience of being non-judgmental, compassionate, kind, loving and respectful of “Self-Determination.

8. Identify individual interests, goals, needs and aspirations for self and with client’s at heart.

9. Learn to engage clients with safe, skillful and healthy touch understanding the guidelines for touch in our “15 Minute StressOut Program” and our Code of Ethics & Standards of Best Practices for Social Workers.

10. Visit my Website & Forums to review self-care plan; Social Action & Justice; best practices; bibliography; links to resources; and other pages of interest.

11. Consider designing and developing your personal WEBPAGE demonstrating your professional knowledge, skills, values and practices.

12. Concerns, questions, and other recommendations to become the best we can be: recording, labeling, community service & social action/justice, teamwork, publishing, etc.

13. Preparing a professional self-care plan so that you can “walk the talk” with your clients.

14. Additional plans: invitation to health practitioners for engaging DD population; Injured Warrior Team presentation on Engaging Warriors & Families with Health Services; and, more.

15. After all is said and done, it is important that we maintain high levels of consciousness; engage everyone with dignity, respect & loving kindness; be mindful of ourselves and the moment; while relating with All that Is with honesty, openness, acceptance and without judgment.

16. Know that we represent our Profession of Social Work with the highest standards of care, service, prevention, education, health, social action & justice, consultation, supervision and practice. Recognize that what affects one system and one being affects all systems. We are in a living relationship and experience--a web of relationships. Let’s awaken our consciousness, serve humanity with compassion, appreciation and without judgment. Develop and learn the knowledge, wisdom, love and truth of our lives to support our professional practice values, skills and standards.

17. Now tell us what you wish to accomplish, understand, learn and develop in our Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) team experience?

See Bibliography: [link]

See Meditation Research: [link]

See Professional Self-Care Plan: [link]

See Mission Statement and accept our Values, Standards and Commitment to be the best professional we can be. [link]

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