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15 Jun 2012 @ 15:41, by Gerald Vest

Fort Biss Restoration & Resilience Center Meditation Program by Gerald W. Vest, LISW, LMT

Forget Descriptions of meditation and just sit quietly. Be very still and relaxed, and do not try to do anything. Let everything--thoughts, feelings, and concepts--go through your mind unheeded. Do not grasp at ideas or thoughts as they come and go or try to manipulate them. When you feel you have to do something in your meditation, you only make it harder. Let meditation do itself. (Tarthang Tulku, Openness Mind.)

Our Ft. Bliss Restoration & Resilience Center provided several forms of meditation opportunities and experiences Monday thru Thursday for 30 minute sessions or more. These experiences were offered to empower Injured Warriors to balance body, mind, emotions and spirit and for the development of awareness (Mindfulness) and self-healing.

1445-1515 Daily--A Guided Progressive Relaxation/Meditation
1200-1230 Wed--A Sitting Meditation in our R & R Meditation Room with staff & Warriors

There are numerous forms of sitting and moving meditations that are introduced in our center as an integral part of our health approaches and methods. As we learn to practice meditation we also learn to become naturally calm, relaxed and at ease with ourselves and others. Our sleep improves, we reduce our anger, agitation and restlessness. Our relationships become more positive as we find ourselves becoming less reactive and argumentative.

The Benefits of Meditation by Dr. Matthew Ricard (Outline)

The following outline introduces the results of meditation; accomplishments in your life; conditions of health & wellness; and describes the results of long-term research in the study of meditation. These benefits are abstracted from Dr. Ricard's research and presentation by Gerald W. Vest, LISW, LMT, R&R Center, Senior Social Worker and Coordinator of Meditation, Ft. Bliss, TX.

"What brings fulfillment and accomplishments in your life?"

Meditation results: openness, compassion, inner peace, confidence to be of service to others.

o To be ready for others
o To be strong and contribute to the life of our families and others
o Joy to be alive
o Develops our state of mind
o Teaches us about our mind

Conditions of wellbeing-

o We can change mind to be accepting, allowing and appreciating
o We can learn how to nurture positive and healthy conditions
o We can develop an open mind
o We can develop dignity and loving kindness -- inner peace and contentment and become a world being or a human being with respect for our world

Happiness as a way of being-

o Meditation develops the power of transformation of mind
o Releases the vibration of suffering
o Produces luminous cognition or awareness

More on Meditation and Mindfulness-

o To cultivate our sense of wellbeing
o To develop new qualities
o To maintain inner calm, compassion, lovingkindness and to learn to maintain a constant state of joy and promise

Transcending Anger-

o As you observe your breathing, gaze or look at "it"
o See the fire of anger
o Deal with "it" through awareness and breathing (Venting anger only reinforces "it")
o Bring some change to your mind by observing your actions, reactions and interactions

Sustained Mind Training (meditating for 30 minutes every day)-

o Provides an opening and learning of compassion
o Human goodness is discovered
o Meditation is a natural experience
o Love and compassion permeates the whole mind with no other consideration

See my Bibliography for other resources to support your Practice and for Learning to Balance the whole being--physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

Note: Meditation is incorporated in my Professional Self Care Plan to support the healing, restoration and resilience of all of my Injured Warriors and their Families.

Contact Information to participate in my Meditation & Integrative and Holistic Health Practices.

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