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picture1 Jun 2012 @ 13:54, by Gerald Vest

If we can find ways to awaken the full power of awareness, we could enter a new phase of human evolution and revitalize ourselves and our world. Knowledge of Freedom by Tarthang Tulku, p. 357

Please visit these psychiatric labels and Name Change Petitions for identifying PTSD to PTSI (Injury). We have national support and are serving as an appeal and Voice for Change on our comments of vets and others who live the experience of being "Disordered". The DSM Label is not respectful and causes great harm as injured service members can restore their health and wellbeing with integrative & holistic health services. The "DISORDER" lable sticks on their psyche and record for life.

Also, many medical and military leaders share their understanding, knowledge and wisdom on the website about changing this harmful label for our Returning Warriors & Families.

Do sign our Petitions and do the right thing for our "Injured" Warriors. We may save the lives of those who don't want this sick care identification tag on their Resume for Life.


US Army Trauma Therapist & Social Worker, Advocate, and Integrative & Holistic Health Community Organizer.



[link] Please sign my Petition.

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