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 Integrative & Holistic Self-Care Plan with Injured Warriors & Families1 comment
picture26 Sep 2011 @ 15:53, by Gerald Vest

National Injured Warrior Alliance (NIWA)-- Serving Warriors, Vets, First Responders & Families (SEE REVISED VERSION - [link]

Recovery-Restoration-Resilience Individual Health Care Plan & Daily Routine

Self-Care Outline


As Chinese medicine is described by Bill Moyers in "Healing and the Mind: " is believed that how you live ultimately influences your health. It's not just diet or exercise; it's also a spiritual or emotional balance that comes from the way you treat people and the way you treat yourself. And since that's the basis of their culture, it spills over into their medicine."

Our Alliance and our participants recognize that recovery, restoration and resilience will be successful when we design and administer a daily health plan that incorporates our five living realms into our Daily Action Plan. Our participants will identify and include Integrative Health Practices within this plan to improve the whole being--physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially. By making this Health Commitment to ourselves, we are encouraging, supporting and manifesting our integrity, dignity and self-respect as professionals. Increasing our determination or willpower while carrying out this plan will permit us to operate at high levels of awareness and mindfulness—becoming honest, open, accepting, allowing and appreciating of ourselves and our relations.


I designed this professional self-care plan with my Community Services Advocate and/or Primary Therapist to Promote Healing, Restore my Health and Wellbeing and improve the quality of my life, health and relationships.

I understand that health is an experience of well-being in dynamic balance and relationship with my natural and social environments and the integrity of my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social realms. I recognize that these five realms include developing and maintaining strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility as a whole being.

I commit myself to becoming the best that I can be physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially while recognizing that I am in a process of healing and recovering from my injuries and wounds. With every action there is a reaction; therefore, I am aware that pushing myself beyond ‘limits’; isolating myself; feeling guilty about false promises; and/or blaming myself and others for my predicament, experiences or lack of willpower, are not effective health benefits. I will accept this Challenge to be the Best I Can Be!!!

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Self-Care Plan

Six Realms-- Identify Daily Exercises - Integrative Health Practices support healing & restoration in all 5 areas of health & restoration (See, Alliance Programs & Activities)

I. Physical Practice-movement, Kath State Exercises, biking, tai chi, yoga, massage; Acupuncture

II. Mental Health Activities- Karma/Trauma Cleaning, Gestalt Therapy, and Meditation

III.Emotional/Moral Practice – Breathing Exercises, Expressive Arts, Individual & Group Therapy

IV.Spiritual – Awareness, Meditation, Reiki, & other Mindful Practices

V. Social Relations & Family--Outings, Couple’s Group, “15Minute StressOut Program”


This is a creative opportunity to individualize your daily health routine to fit with your interests, abilities, injuries, health status, work schedule, family, and social activities. Meet with your Advocate and Primary Therapist regularly to review progress, changes, challenges, and improvements.


I am pleased and honored to know the Victor & Diane Bustamante Family that have worked together to support and restore their health and wellbeing. SFC Victor Bustamante, decorated & seriously injured Warrior, returned from several tours in Iraq and the family worked every day and night to improve the quality of their lives, health and relationships. A model of health & resilience that will serve as a remarkable family for our National Alliance to feature with our Self-Care Plan.

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2 Jan 2012 @ 19:17 by jerryvest : We can Do Better to Support our Health..
W­ith all of the cell phones and technology available, we could use them to pull us out of this society cesspool. Humans become passive receivers of services when we and our families could be changing lifestyles and ways of learning and living healthy lives. I am committed to a daily health routine that works all of my systems...­and,am now going into my 77th year, experienci­ng life to the fullest...­don't have to spend time in hospitals and dr's offices...­love feeling this way and won't be pulled down by anyone or the sick care industry that has trapped most of our consumers, profession­als, teachers, and politician­s. YUK!!! New and continuing opportunit­ies continue for those of us who care about our lives, health and relationsh­ips. Now is the time to Change!!!  

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