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picture28 Jul 2011 @ 15:51, by Gerald Vest

Our Call for Community Support Advocates--Integrative Health Services Alliance with Injured, Wounded Warriors, Vets and their Families--A Transitional Health, Wellness, Aftercare & Continuing Care Services Program Plan for our Community

Gerald W. Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT, Organization Team Leader, Integrative Health Practitioner.

We will identify, select, train and prepare community advocates to serve, support, engage and interact with every Injured Warrior, Veteran and their family medically released or discharged from the Military in southern New Mexico. We will establish working advocates who are "on call" and ready to serve who support their partners enrolled in related programs. These advocates will be selected from professional health programs, VA support systems, teachers, and ROTC—MSW’s/BSW's/RN's (Generalist Practitioners & Case Managers) in the helping professions and other interested volunteers with a background in the military, especially medics, NCOIC’s & nurse practitioners interested in serving our community vets, warriors, families, and active duty. Graduates from our program will be evaluated and recruited as one of our best sources for serving as health advocates.

The goal of PTSD Aftercare/Continuing Care Services is to increase opportunities, intensive and extensive integrative health & wellness services for our participants while decreasing maladaptive behavior—suicides, isolation, loneliness. Continuity of care and participation in treatment with integrative health/wellness activities are essential for the success of our Program. For example, see follow up practices of an Aftercare Program recommendation for injured warriors following an unsuccessful experience with a missing warrior in treatment with VA Programs in Albuquerque, NM. [link]

We recognize that every day and night is a challenge for our warriors and their families diagnosed with PTSD & TBI. Memory loss, anger, frustration, pain, discouragement, despair, fear, loss of comrades, recurring associations and nightmares producing panic and anxiety attacks—experiencing demons and déjà vu are often common or shared experiences of War Trauma.

Furthermore, when our troops return to their homes and our community, they require at least a year or more follow up and often continuing care resources to heal their injuries and wounds and restore their whole health, wellbeing and resilience. (See, Ft. Bliss Restoration & Resilience Center statistics and overview for active duty soldiers.) [link]

We recognize the value, importance and commitment of personal and professional healing, recovery & restoration self-care plans that is designed, adapted, and reviewed weekly with our population and shared with our Health Services Advocates. Together, we will work as partners to achieve the best possible health and wellness program with you and your family.

Other services offered by Health Advocates include:

· o Knowing & using community resources for Veterans

· o Participating in Treatment & Self-Care Plans with Injured Warrior

· o Assisting with College Admission, Housing, Benefits, etc.

· o Securing Meaningful Employment

· o Advocating with Schools and Child Care Programs for best practices

· o Engaging Injured & Wounded Warriors with understanding, respect and appreciation

· o Supporting basic need requirements—housing, nutritious food, healthy touch, transportation to VA & other health care services

· o Networking with community organizations to provide support, assistance and resources

· o Introducing “Partner & Family Touch” and the 15-Minute StressOut Program [link]

Follow up services provided with Certified Advocates for maintaining “best care practices” while supporting services for safety, security and transitions to community life from their Military Culture are essential for encouraging, advocating and sustaining progress, stability, development of wellness life styles, and for preventing further loss of life, despair, and disillusionment. [link]

SNM Integrative Health Services Alliance – Co-Team Leadership

Contact: 575.524.2379

Website – Coming Events – Logs – Announcements


Warrior Recognition

Picture: SSG Lance Bradford, decorated, injured, and wounded warrior--Bronze Star with Valor & Purple Heart returns to Iraq 3 following extensive and intensive integrative health treatment, Ft. Bliss Restoration & Resilience Center & Warrior Transition Battalion. We Salute You Lance for your Dedication, Courage, Devotion and Honor for our Country. We look forward to a safe return for you and all of our great Warriors and their Families.

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