Gerald Vest: Has Psychiatry Improved its Service or More Propaganda?    
 Has Psychiatry Improved its Service or More Propaganda?0 comments
picture22 Jun 2011 @ 12:59, by Gerald Vest

"Since mind in its true nature is without duality, not separate from the unity of all things, our lives become our meditation. Meditation is not a technique for escaping this world--it is a good friend and teacher who can guide, support, and help our minds to touch our innermost beings directly, with no walls to divide us from our awareness, inspiration, and intuition. Through this experience we can contact our own wholeness. " (Tarthang Tulku, Gesture of Balance, p.99)

This discussion is in response to an article in Huffington Post on the improvement of psychiatry and medicine. I responded as follows: Frankly, I see this article as propaganda. If you visit your therapist and they bite their nails, give you a label, and prescribe pills without knowing you, don't waste your time or money. If therapists haven't worked on themselves from a holistic and integrative perspective, don't count on getting better or improving your life, health and relationships by taking their medicine.

Actually, psychiatry has created a drug culture and society that is stuck believing that the only cure or relief from stress, anxiety, pain and depression is in the pill box. Get a headache, *don't* walk around and re-connect to mother earth and restore circulatio­n in the whole being, just take a pill. What kind of nonsense is this?

When have you seen an article by these drug pushing doctors recommendi­ng that before you take meds, make sure you observe your nutrition, your work or absence of a meaningful job, your worries, your relationsh­ips, fears, your lack of self-care. Hey, design a daily health care plan that includes all of the human realms--ph­ysical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social--ex­ercise all of them. Meditate daily and use all of the integrativ­e health practices available before getting stuck and dependent upon pills & their prescribers. Also, don't allow these mental health practition­ers to put a disorder label for life on your children or your psyche. An open, accepting, allowing and appreciati­ve mind is very eager to restore our health and wellbeing and these labels & drugs tend to stick to our psyche and prevent healing, restoratio­n, and resilience­.

Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety and Depression­(PTSD) is not a Disorder, Disease or Illness. Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, and Depression is a serious INJURY that affects the whole being--phy­sically, mentally, emotionall­y, spirituall­y, and socially. Thus, everything in the whole body-mind-­spirit must be worked and exercised, hopefully without the meds being the primary and often the only treatment modality. These meds are often Spirit and Motivation killers as well. Thus, beware of your psychiatrist or psychologist if all they deliver is a prescription and a label without offering continuing care, holistic, and extensive integrative services to support you and your family.

See our Website for alternatives to drugs, labels and conventional medicine-psychiatry.

Note: Picture is of Injured and Wounded Warriors participating in weekly Water Polo therapeutic activity in our Ft Bliss Restoration & Resilience Center as part of our Integrative and Holistic Health Program where I served as Senior Social Worker, Primary Therapist, and as coordinator of Health Ed, Meditation and this these warriors.

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