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picture31 Mar 2011 @ 14:07, by Gerald Vest

Refuting the erroneous view that "whatsoever fortune or misfortune experienced is all due to some previous action", the Buddha said:

"So, then, according to this view, owing to previous action men will become murderers, thieves, unchaste, liars, slanderers, covetous, malicious and perverts. Thus, for those who fall back on the former deeds as the essential reason, there is neither the desire to do, nor effort to do, nor necessity to do this deed, or abstain from this deed."

I like this article on the "politics of fear" that has put us in the quagmire we are in today. I suspect we also have the politics of ignorance and prejudice, but then, these human inhabitants have always been with us as far back as I can recall. [link]

I would like to question the concept of Karma as most of our soldiers and general population understand it as what comes around, goes around. I took a poll in my groups and most of our Warriors believed that if they kill a child or someone in war, they will also experience a similar loss with their family or friends. Many will put detection devices around their homes and will sleep with one eye open to protect their loved ones. Obviously, this lack of sleep only prolongs their stress, anxiety and depression (PTSd). Furthermore, they are given sleep meds that rarely work, produce 'black outs' and several other psychotropics are added to their treatment to cover over and cover up their injuries.

I suggest to my soldiers that Karma only continues to haunt them because they have not learned from their life or War experiences that Nature is always teaching us without judgment and if we are not mindful or aware of this opportunity, we will continue to suffer. Thus, we must work to discover the Truth behind the trauma events. Together we will find, reframe and resolve this fear and belief, put our lives and relationships into a new context, and observe or witness reality as it truly exists while unfolding our experiences. [link]

At first, this experience of reframing is like putting a puzzle together while not having all of the pieces. It's interesting to me that durng the soldier's expressive arts session, many will work on very complex puzzles and it never fails, someone will take a piece out of it, usually in the middle, to represent that it will not be fully completed. However, it is completed enough so we can clearly witness or see the gestalt and clarify the learning experience.

Furthermore, I have observed many warriors transcend and transform these missing links once they reframe and learn that they are not responsible for their brothers and sisters losing their lives and it is only their beliefs keeping them in the State of Fear.

NOTE: Picture is SFC Scott Milligan, a great Warrior who has 2 Purple Hearts, 4 deployments, broken back and other serious injuries graduating from our Ft. Bliss Restoration & Resilience Center. Now back to his unit, fit for duty, with only one year or so of service to complete, may now deploy to Afghanistan. Do visit this pic of his tank destroyed by IED on our website where he rescued his team and was seriously injured, again. [link]

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