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picture24 Feb 2011 @ 15:15, by Gerald Vest

This link is perhaps one of the most detailed articles and reports about the serious dangers of drugs, labels and absence of reliable research and follow up.

The mental or behavioral health industry is still in the Dark Ages and continues to identify persons suffering or injured as having a DISORDER while identifying and classifying patients with a "check list" of symptoms and with no scientific truth or evidence. These are the facts about mental Disorders and why the psycho/pharma industry promotes the biological drug model of disease-for profit..


Dr. Ofer Zur is one of the great psychologists of our times as he investigates, introduces and designs courses to advance our knowledge, skills, values and ethics in mental health. I recommend that professionals interested in learning more about health and wellbeing visit his website and interact on his forums.

More About DSM & Therapy
August 06, 2009: DSM:
Diagnosing for Status & Money
Posted by: Dr Zur • 25 Comments

Is the DSM scientific, political, social control, or simply for profit?

Opening Statement By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

In principle, mental health diagnoses can be helpful to clinicians and researchers in their formulation of treatment, research, and communication with other professionals. Unfortunately, the DSM has been shaped by economic and political influences rather than by scientific and medical ones. The DSM assigns diagnoses in a biased manner, resulting in more harm than good to our patients, their families, and society at large while delivering huge profits to pharmaceutical companies. Women, children, minorities, lower income, and older people are the groups most likely to be negatively affected by the biases presented in the DSM.

DSM Recap:

The DSM has been called the billing bible of psychiatry and has become one of the most influential texts in the field of mental health.

The DSM is a powerful tool of social control: its criteria are used to judge who is normal or abnormal, sane or insane, and who should remain free or be hospitalized against their will.

Most texts and graduate and postgraduate courses present the DSM as an objective, scientific document. It is neither.

The DSM is primarily driven by the psychopharmacological industry, which reaps huge profits from each new diagnosis that can be treated with medication.

The DSM is distorted by a primarily intra-psychic-individual focus. It does not appropriately address patients who, in fact, are wrestling with social problems, such as sexism, racism, or homophobia, or existential anxieties regarding loneliness or death.

The DSM perpetuates the myth that the medical-mechanistic model can simply be applied to psychology.

DSM-based research has repeatedly been shown to be of questionable validity and is, in fact, very unreliable.

DSM is big business, not only for its publisher and the American Psychiatric Association, but even more so for the psychopharmacological industry, which profits from prescriptions written for the ever-increasing numbers of DSM disorders.

DSM pathologizes many normal and healthy behaviors

Shyness: You are mentally ill if you are very introverted or extremely shy.

Grief: God forbid if you intensely grieve the loss of a beloved one for more than six months.

Depression: You must be mentally ill if you respond to real life issues or injustices with deep sadness and intense despair.

Anxiety: You must be mentally ill if your reaction to the existential reality of mortality or loneliness involves profound or debilitating anxiety.

Lack of sexual interest: Lack of sexual interest is often not a mental disorder. Many women may have good reasons to avoid sex.

Spirited children: DSM casts a very broad net around ADHD, and often includes millions of spirited, strong-willed, and highly gifted and creative children.

Online Article: DSM: Diagnosing for Status and Money
Online Course: DSM: Diagnosing for Money and Power

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Gerald W. Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT wrote:

As a US Army Clinical/Holistic Social Worker for the past 3 years in the premier Ft Bliss Restoration and Resilience Center, I am convinced that the stress, anxiety and depression is induced by a natural response to War Trauma and is not a disorder or disease.

While engaged 24/7, hunting down the invisible enemy, killing or be killed, along with the extensive and multiple deployments, provides a horrendous experience and unnatural, harsh and inhumane environment for the human being to endure without injury.

While our Self Preservation Instinct and Relations System need to know, every moment, "am I safe and secure," and having to respond to the question, "who am I with? Friend or Foe?" Every system is overwhelmed and this deep whole body, mind, emotion, spirit(compassion & empathy)and social (society-family & friends) system has totally been affected and injured to the core.

Furthermore, it is essential for the injured warrior, health practitioners and therapists to reach deeply into the whole being to restore health, wellbeing and their resilience.

Conventional therapy and pills may only provide temporary relief with multiple side affects. It is for this reason that all integrative and holistic health methods, with evidence based research, must be intensively provided and extensively offered.

War Trauma is not a Disorder or Illness, it is a deep injury of great proportion and should be treated with whole health methods, wide community and family support, extensive services and resources, and preferably in treatment centers like our Ft Bliss R & R Center. [link]

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9 Aug 2011 @ 23:09 by Dan Aquilina @ : DSM and Dehumanization
I agree totally with this article. The DSM is used to promote profits over well being in my view without a doubt. Unfortunately, psychiatrists live in fear that their prescription pads might become secondary to psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual and holistic approaches to well being. They share this fear with Big Pharma who live for ever growing profits and power.

I lived this myself as a recipient of their diagnosing and drugging three times in the 1970s. I have two brothers who also ended up going through the system and they unfortunately unlike me remained on those harsh drugs all their lives. Little did I know that my own brain was given a rare opportunity to heal on its own once I was able to get the psychiatrist to titrate me off my Thorizine, Stelazine, Artane, Cogentin, etc.....and with the help of holistic methods I was successful at facilitating the restoration of my nervous system. I didn't know that my two brothers frontal lobes were being shrunk by their psychiatric drugs. They have never been able to get off those drugs because they developed a dependence on them. One is now dead. The other still lives with his psychotropic drugs. He will never be off those drugs in his life unfortunately because his caretaker, his older brother, a nurse, is a convert to the biomedical model and will not accept the idea that this could be more successfully remedied with integrative, holistic methods. My heart goes out to my schizophrenic brother. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia myself. I lead a successful and productive life thanks to alternative methods.  

10 Aug 2011 @ 13:27 by jerryvest : Thank you, Dan. I hope wisdom and
others who have have had personal experience and knowledge with this enormous drug industry in collaboration with the mental health-big pharmas, big insurance & private hospitals will respond to the dehumanization of America. I'm sorry that your brothers didn't follow in your footsteps as I know what a remarkable health professional you are and the good fortune your clients will experience while having you as their therapist. Best wishes, jerry.  

12 May 2012 @ 17:03 by Jerry Vest @ : Do Sign my Petition for Change
{link:} Sign my Petition to change the DSM-5 for reasons identified in my log. It is the right thing to do for our returning Warriors and their families. {link:}  

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