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picture24 Dec 2010 @ 20:36, by Gerald Vest

In response to the DSM 5 that is about to be marketed and distributed to the mental health industry, BigPharmas, licensing boards, professional programs, and Big Insurance--all joining together to judge, label and code every person who enters their system. How much longer will our public allow themselves, their children and families to be put into their data base of Disorders and Diseases. See my previous log related to the dangers of these practices. [link]

DSM 5 - A Sham, A Scam and A Lie
Submitted to "Psychology Today" by gerald vest on December 24, 2010 - 12:08pm.

All of the DSM's are phony and only exist as a means to manage, control and dominate clients and practitioners in the mental health industry. I know this is true because when we organized our community mental health center, prior to the advent of labels, we provided successful services to our population area without this classification system. We knew that once we slapped a label and code on a client that it would be with them for life. There is no interest in confidentiality and right to privacy for patients given these DSM labels by the mental health industry.

Psychiatry and psychology is a false or pseudoscience as they only pretend that there is scientific evidence--validity and reliability clearly established for their labels. It is simply a code to submit to the insurance industry to establish and collect fees for the contractors.

More importantly, however, is the fact that once this seed or label is planted in the mind, there can be no recovery from a disease or illness that does not exist.

These labels do not fit reality. They are simply a short-cut approach or way for therapists and others to talk about or discuss their patients or clients who have clusters of symptoms. They could discuss their behaviors and look at each of their clients as a unique individual having unique finger prints and unique ways of relating and interacting with Nature. But, they pretend to have a solution while only having a diagnosis to fit a pill that can make the client feel as though they are being cared for or treated for this disorder.

I suggest, stop drugging, judging and labeling your clients and get to know them as unique individuals and human beings wishing to have basic human need requirements met and to become accepted, respected and appreciated for who they are--just like you and me.


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27 Dec 2010 @ 01:53 by a-d : Good going, Jerry!
you're so right on!.... and this --once again-- is a topic that needs to be taken out in the SUN-light so to speak. THANKS, Gerald!... Not only is the Psychology a pseudo science... so are the rest of the Academia topics taught by/in our Edu syst (& its extention in all the different University style schools...) not least the so called Science that the Mainstream adheres to!... having their place and truth only in a sliver size vedge of the whole Science-cake... yet applied to explain ALL the Natural Wonders on Earth and in the Universe by our Mainstream Society / Establishment!...  

27 Dec 2010 @ 14:54 by jerryvest : Thanks, Astrid....
Our society would be better served if they scrap their false labels and treat every human being with respect, dignity, science and integrative health practices. I don't know what more I can say, but I will continue to advocate for change and for improvement of health services. Perhaps the DSM 5 will be the last of their toxic and harmful bibles that prevent human beings from being stuck for life with these phony labels and pills. If they would take their own medicine before writing scripts for others, perhaps we could see some improvements.  

3 Aug 2015 @ 09:44 by Depression @ : good
Just since you feel unfortunate and depressed for some days doesn't mean you have depression. Depression may last for a long time, it's a significant illness. According in order to various reports as much as fifteen zillion Americans are afflicted by this illness.  

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