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picture22 Nov 2010 @ 22:43, by Gerald Vest

The Power of Touch and Its Influence on the Well-Being of the Elderly

by Director Haya Daskal

"Does physical touch affect the quality of life of the aged?"

In my practical work as a third-year social work student at a day-centre for the aged, I experienced day-to-day relationships with elderly persons and felt their longing for expressive physical touch as opposed to instrumental touch. Studies show that the use of tactile sensation, a primitive sensory sense, decreases with age and communication is replaced by other means, such as sight and hearing. In old age, when these or other senses are functionally impaired or disappear altogether, both the psychological and physical needs arise to experience the primary sense - physical touch. In our times when life expectancy is prolonged, the chances of remaining alone after one's partner has died are greater. A situation is created in which elderly persons live alone for many years without experiencing the power of touch.

Our Injured Warrior Community Project to wrap-around integrative health practices is going well. We are reaching out and opening our network to others who share their visions and opportunities and resources for our injured warriors and their families. As we move into 2011 we will have a team of interested community veterans, Elders, friends of our vets, and health practitioners to engage and welcome our injured warriors with the knowledge, skills and practices known to improve the quality of lives, health and relationships deserving our great warriors and their families.

Do interact with us if you wish to be added to our community of caring health practitioners and volunteers. We will be introducing our "StressOut"- partner meditation-massage with acupressure and mindfulness with the Elder Community of the City of Las Cruces in late December or early January. Learning to engage our warriors by introducing and administering training programs we will expand and extend our healthy touch program into every senior program in southern NM and beyond. Our cadre and volunteers will be able to introduce and give our stressout to every vet and their family in our community and in every elder program to establish a foundation of basic trust, empathy, respect and caring.

This program does not require licensing; however, we have established "guidelines for the use of safe, skillful and nourishing touch." You will love this experience of exchanging energies at high levels of awareness--uniting your skillful touch with the vitality of breath--producing the empathic and welcome home connection and relationship.

Come Join With US!!!

Picture - SFC Victor Morales-Bustamante Family - Thank you for your trust, openness and participation in our Program - I appreciate all I learned with your great family.

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4 Dec 2010 @ 01:53 by jerryvest : City of Las Cruces senior programs and
Mesilla Valley Hostice staff and volunteers will receive certification training in Mid-January. Our community organization includes incorporating and wrapping-around Integrative and Holistic Health practices for injured and wounded warriors and their families. Many veterans have joined our new community program so we are about to launch programs that improve the quality of lives, health and relationships for our warriors and their families here in southern New Mexico and west Texas.  

13 Dec 2010 @ 12:55 by jerryvest : Southern NM Collaborative for Warriors
Subject: Re: Greater Bay Area Mental Health Educ -11/12/2010

Thank you, Mary Ellen. I really appreciate the progress that your Collaborative has made with your Website and resources. We will also develop a website and newsletter after the 1st of the year. Using The Internet for networking, reporting, advocating, informing and planning is so important to our community development and for our Injured Warriors and their Families.

Last week we met with Shelly Modell, Director; the City of Las Cruces, Senior Programs Administration; EAP; Hospice Staff; in-home care; veteran's coordinator and volunteers of our "Southern NM Wrap-Around Integrative & Holistic Health Program with Injured Warriors and their Families." (temp. name) We are preparing a community-wide workshop in our Mesilla Valley Hospice to introduce and train volunteers, staff and vets in giving & receiving our Int'l. stress management-health promotion program--The 15Minute StressOut Program. I had the good fortune to introduce this program with our injured warriors and their families in our Ft. Bliss Restoration & Resilience Center during the past 3 years and with Ft Bliss ACS as their Stress Management-Health Promotion Trainer since 1990. I was invited to join the Deployed Wives Support Group with Post Commander's spouse, Glenda Braumberg, LMT/Reiki Therapist and WTB Commander's Spouse,Jeanette Evans, RN serving as Co-team leaders.

I mention this experience and program because our 15 Minute StressOut served as the centerpiece of our full day programs with deployed spouse and children. We introduced many integrative health practices with the spouses and our entire team organization became certified in our Partner Massage-Meditation so that we could extend and expand safe, skillful and nourishing touch within our wider community, veteran homes, TBI Center, Ft. Bayard R & R for women warriors, while joining our elder vets with injured warriors. If your Collaborative would like to review this "Best Practice Program" please let Brent know as we are eager to introduce and advance the use of physical interaction to heal PTSd and improve the quality of lives, health and relationships of our vets and their families to experience this empathic connection--uniting the power of touch with the vitality of breath. {link:}

I have signed up to receive your newsletter and will look forward to learning about the great community work of your Collaborate. I am also passing along all of these great activities and developments to our Team.

Thank you Mary Ellen for all that you do to support our vets and their families.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season--it's great having you as friends and colleagues,


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