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Engagement is the first step in the planned change process and marks the establishment of a helping relationship between the social worker(therapist) and client. During the engagement the worker demonstrates a genuine interest in helping the client, an ability to understand the client's feelings and situation (empathy), and the capacity to listen carefully to what is being communicated, both verbally and nonverbally. To the clients, workers are expected to communicate warmth, genuineness, authenticity, and an interest in helping (empowering) them." Alvin Sallee, LISW, Social Work & Social Welfare: An Introduction, Eddie Bowers Pub., 2004

Engaging Injured Warriors & Families Identified with War Post Traumatic Stress-Anxiety-Depression (PTSD): A Holistic and Integrative Approach to Wellness

Gerald W. Vest, LISW, LMT, US Army Social Worker & Professor Emeritus

Course/Workshop Description:

This workshop/course will offer advanced holistic practices for improving physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social development of injured warriors and their families and caregivers. Soldiers and professionals participating in this course share a common commitment to promote wellness in their work, with their families, within their organizations, and in their lives. Central to this commitment is an openness and interest in developing a healthy attitude or outlook, examining personal and group behaviors, altering negative patterns of conditioning, while developing and/or perfecting practices that support an integrated, healthy human being, strengthening family relationships, and developing a responsible lifestyle.

Additionally, this workshop will focus on transforming and transcending serious injuries sustained in war that affect the whole being, their families and our wider community. Incorporating integrative health practices, including the family relationship, with follow up are essential aspects of care.

This course has special emphasis on supporting the health of the therapists and caregivers. Compassion fatigue is a common injury sustained by caregivers who are often unaware of the dangers of being exposed to the nature and trauma of war.

A significant part of this course represents prevention of Compassion Fatigue that can become a serious injury for the caregiver since our soldiers have experienced trauma beyond belief. As soldiers share their trauma, we need to know that we only can know or respond to our own experience and the analogies and creative war movies don’t even come close to preparing us for the devastation, agony, blood, loss of ‘brothers/sisters’, and events that are a result of combat.

These images and experiences may haunt our injured warriors for life with nightmares, headaches, panic and anxiety attacks, environmental associations, and negative interactions in their social and natural environments. The consequences of not successfully disclosing these experiences may promote disillusionment, despair, and suicide ideation. It is for this reason that the therapist must be well prepared to assist with the trauma process, with disclosure of the events completely, using a variety of mindfulness, holistic skills, and integrative practices. In this workshop the 'Gestalt Approach ’ or whole puzzle is put together with awareness, insight, and learning. Caregivers must be aware of their own pain, resistance, beliefs, sensitivity, fears, associations, experiences, and understanding while being accepting, allowing, encouraging, non-judgmental, responsive, effective, and resourceful.

In this course participants will learn various self-care and holistic health practices to support the vitality, strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility of their whole being to maintain and engage our Injured Warriors and their families with “High Levels of Consciousness.”

Note: Contact our Organization Administrator to set up a Workshop for your Program. [link]

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