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 How Injured are our Warriors with PTSD3 comments
picture24 Apr 2010 @ 20:41, by Gerald Vest

Thanks Luis for sharing this article about PTSD that describes what happens to our soldiers who go on multiple tours and have to sustain their awareness 24-7 in an extreme temperature & environment with 100+ #'s of armour on their upper body. It is very rare to see a soldier who doesn't have serious injuries in their knees and backs. Most of the warriors I know are very brave and never complain, but they know that their equipment was produced by the 'lowest bidder' and not the best that it could be to support them and prevent these injuries.

PTSD and TBI are serious injuries as well that don't just affect their minds. As we know, what affects the mind affects the body and what affects the body also affects the mind and spirit. I am pleased that we are a holistic-integrative program so we have all of the interventions to support their whole being. Read this story in this NYT's article describing conditions and the hardships that soldiers face while being placed in a Warrior Transitional Battalion at Ft Carson, Co. after returning from deployment. [link]

Anyway, I have heard these traumatic stories every day for almost 2 1/2 years and I have come to see that if everyone could hear these experiences of our Marines and Soldiers, perhaps we would think more clearly or take the "Right Action" to prevent these atrocities from ever happening. I know that this comment comes from my over idealism, but for God's sake, NO MORE WAR!!! Humanity must wake up and discover compassion, love, respect, empathy, understanding, and kindness.

I have decided to give notice and complete my Work here at Ft. Bliss as we will join our family in Denver. Today I announced that I will be leaving at the end of July so that personnel can find a replacement for my position. In addition to providing individual and group therapy daily, I coordinate Health Education, Water Polo and Meditation. I also participate in therapeutic outings. It generally takes at least 3-4 months to complete the process as a licensed provider of service so I'm hopeful that our Center can fill my position in a timely manner.

Most of our soldiers have completed 2-4 tours of duty that last over 12 months while the Marines have 6 month tours and I believe that they have fewer diagnosed with PTSD, but then, perhaps we'll never know the true extent of these identified with these injuries as few warriors wish to be identified or labeled with a mental health "disorder."

Mental health systems really could improve as they use the disease model and psychotropic pills are the preferred & primary method of treatment for most soldiers treated in MH. Perhaps they don't know any better way, right now, as most therapists are trained in using the DSM to give pills for related symptoms. However, we offer health options, but the medical professions are cynical about holistic-integrative methods and most conventional practitioners are very skeptical about our integrative approaches. See our website for details and links to our health resources--how we serve our Warriors. [link]

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24 Apr 2010 @ 20:56 by jerryvest : God and Nature by Ariana
My granddaughter introduces her view of awareness, mindfulness and her thoughts about God and Nature. Beau her younger brother is also in her presentation.

Ariana & Beau - God and Nature: {link:}

My 9 yr old granddaughter shares her feelings about God and Nature and includes our 7 yr old grandson as well.  

26 May 2010 @ 03:31 by vaxen : I ...
don't know how you got to the position of understanding you are now at in life but I'm glad you did Jerry. I'm glad there are people like you who understand the need and are addressing it. It's only going to get worse. Many more billions of Fiat dollars are being dedicated towards expanding the war in Afghanistan as well as more covert wars in PAKSTAN, Iran, & Korea...

We know who is behind this and are doing everything we can to bring that knowledge to people everywhere. In the meanwhile a bandaid, or so, will help a few whilst the many go unattended in the streets of this land...

I'm sure you will be missed. Hope you'll keep a hand in, though, at least once in awhile if even from afar. Good luck, bro. Oorah!  

27 May 2010 @ 01:54 by jerryvest : Thanks, Vax. I have learned so much from
our Wounded Warriors and I don't want us to lose and injure any more of these great human beings. Our soldiers and others in uniform are our very strongest and courageous beings in our Country. I loved having soldiers and veterans in my classes and now I appreciate and love being with these remarkable men and women and their families. I just don't have the words to fully express my feelings right now. I know that you know how I feel, Vax. Thank you again for your Service to our Country.  

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