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picture7 Sep 2009 @ 14:54, by Gerald Vest

"When we look at what price("$"), we see that it effectively devalues everything that defines us as human beings. It devalues all those capacities that are not scarce; yet those capacities, the ones we all share, are what enable our species to survive. If something is worthless because it has no market value, look at all the universal capacities we are devaluing:

o caring for each other
o coming to each other's rescue
o rearing infants
o protecting the frail and vulnerable
o standing up for what is right
o opposing what is wrong
o coming together to reach agreement
o acting as guardians of whatever we feel is precious and want to pass on to our children and their children." (No More Throw-Away People-The Co-Production Imperative) by Edgar S. Cahn

Do read this great article by Caroline Myss about our Loss of Soul as a country as reflected in the latest discussions by the Neocons/Republicans resisting a presentation to the students and faculty in schools by President Obama.

Wake up America, stop 'dumbing down' our schools, and stand up for our real Values and Principles as a Nation!!!


Crimes Against the Soul of America

"Just stop it. We've had enough. I know I have. And I deeply believe the soul of our nation can't take much more of their strategy of deliberate division against the people of their own nation. That is a true crime -- and perhaps their greatest crime -- against the soul of this great nation."

"There is such a thing as a crime against the soul of a nation. A person or a political party can deliberately incite actions that diminish the strength, the integrity, and the overall well-being of a..."

Thank you for your great contribution to the state of our Nation. I fully agree with many of the comments here in Huffington Post--this may be one of the Best posts we have seen here or in the news media describing clearly our demise and our loss of soul as a nation. Thank you for being here for us as we attempt to recover our spirit after a decade of abuse, neglect, lies, deceit and the theft of our treasury, education and health programs and loss of every value we've cherished as a great nation.

As a teacher, I can assure you and others that it is obvious that our education system has lost its reason and mission for being. Grades are meaningless and everyone knows it, except those in political power, CEO's, administrators and others who profit from these worthless exams, false measurements and phony research designs and results. Caroline Myss, we teachers applaud you!!!


Note: Picture by SFC Scott Milligan

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7 Sep 2009 @ 17:46 by a-d : This has happened throughout
(so called) History: "There is such a thing as a crime against the soul of a nation. A person or a political party can deliberately incite actions that diminish the strength, the integrity, and the overall well-being of a..." Dot, dot , dot! These dots really spell: THEIR OWN SUPPORT Group of Commons/Civilians /"The Lesser Ones" (in the Group) ... "One has to brake a few eggs to make an omelet" is euphemism used for doing just this! The sooner ALL "We, the People" learn to truly see this scam for it has been and will forever be -unless WE put and end to it- the sooner the BETTER for ALL Life (forms) on Earth!

Thanks Jerry for this article! (means a lot to me to not be so alone in trying to make friends on NCN to see this phenomenon!.... I've taken a lot of shit fro saying this a thousand times!....and always somebody pooh-poohing me (that has been been the mildest thing... )  

7 Sep 2009 @ 17:53 by a-d : Yeaahhh....
I think the worst SEDUCTION/SEDATIVE PILL these crooks managed to feed the Common Peoples was to accept to always lower our Expectations from and about Life in form of Social/Spiritual Standards we could allow ourselves to live in: "Be happy with what you have/how YOUR life is!... it COULD be Worse!" " you must eat this food, think of all the starving kids in India" and similar staments!... GUILT TRIPPING us already in a very young age!..
ALWAYS LOWERING our Standards is what has brought us to where we are today! Time for TIDE to TURN! Let's get REAL and RAISE the Bar in EVERY SINGLE (Social) MATTER --and drop the "Political" altogether... .. ...'coz we now know that (the word) "Political" is a cover- up word for "MANIPULATING/CONTROLLING -the Masses"  

7 Sep 2009 @ 19:31 by jerryvest : Right on target, Astrid...I know how
painful and isolating it can be when we are used or treated as though we don't count as human beings. I'm hopeful that the tide will turn now that more of us are disclosing these crooked socio-psychopaths and bullies who have been power-mongering, destroying our true values, lieing to us and diminishing our spirit/soul as a nation. Thanks for contributing to this log.  

7 Sep 2009 @ 19:33 by jerryvest : We have discussed bullies in the past...
Is your boss a psychopath and this article and see how they dominate our society and most, if not all socal, political, judicial, corporate, health, religious and family systems. How have these creeps affected our lives, health and relationships?


7 Sep 2009 @ 21:36 by a-d : some Historic perspective
of whole groups of the Population being villified and forced to become the Throw Away People of the Day --at any given time in Society it was this group or that group or THESE groups (Plural) (to be) the SCAPEGOATS by and for the REAL CRIMINALS.The "funny" thing is that any group of commons can be/come the target group to play the role of shields for their own "leaders" when the s---finally hits the fan, as the saying goes.  

7 Sep 2009 @ 23:02 by jerryvest : Wow, what a great article on
prostitution and the underclasses in France. I say, thank you God for those ladies of the night who helped me with my stress, anxiety and depression during my deployment in Metz, France as a soldier boy. ;) What more can I say?  

8 Sep 2009 @ 05:42 by a-d : Less than ten years ago
it was (al)most impossible for a target of someones bullying to get any justice in our Society!... Indeed the the firs lawyer/Prosecuter in UK to take such cases to Court was denied after a few months to continue with is Mission: to help employees who were (severely) mistreated!Prior to this guys efforts; a bully had never been questioned in court for any wrongdoing!... Hmmmm....Wonder why!... ^L^ ;0

How many THOUSANDS of YEARS hasn't Humanity suffered under these bullies!...not only that, but how this worst of all diseases has been spreading from just a few
Sickos; (always to be found in any society's so called Upper Echelons) to have infected to higher --or lesser-- degree almost every individual on the Planet! Most of use recover from our Younger year-bullying to become somewhat decent people, but more part remain sick enough to be the perfect boot-lickers for the worst ones, because they all have the same Agendas to protect: SELFISHNESS at the EXPENSE of OTHERS!!!... indeed of ALL Life outside of their own skin is there for them to use and abuse at their whims and wants!... but very seldom for any real needs!...
Today though like we are witnessing the Tide is turning and People are truly getting tired of having bullies all around them! (there's hardly one single full Family who doesn't have at least one pretty pesky bully in it!... We all /Humanity learn our lessons as soft or hard as we need!..... Today bullies in the Gov.position (and the worst ones being the ones "behind the curtain, pulling the strings of the gov guys: the executors of the bullying-"apparatus" are) the ones who now, finally, what bullying really does to us all!.. I expect thousands of the more serious ones being cured very rapidly when they soon, very soon, will realize that their reward for licking the boots of the more/most crooked ones will NOT be what they expected / were promised!... We are indeed living in Interesting Times!
"...A person or a political party can deliberately incite actions that diminish the strength, the integrity, and the overall well-being of a..." and why on earth should "You" carry the blame and bad conscience by remaining loyal to these BASTARDS, whose plan it is to slaughter you any way????!!!???... NO!... No more! Humanity;s time to understand that PLAIN & simple "Yes" , plain & simple "No" are the two MOST POWERFUL words in the entire Universe!...and need to be shouted out --only-- TO the Universe about ANY matter we want/need to be changed in some manner!... That simple!...We then will SPONTANEOUSLY act as the need for action is presented to us, but not sooner, nor too late --IF indeed we used our right to say (tell Universe) YES/NO as needed!  

8 Sep 2009 @ 05:53 by a-d : OMG!
look what I just found! . Now... "Mom, Dad, are we there yet?".... Carolyn Myss words could just a well read: "I deeply believe the soul of our nation can't take much more of their strategy of deliberate division against the people". "...Can't we all get along?" After all: ALL People are "our own" aren't they? "...Can't we all get along?".... the dividing line IS and should be seen by all: the SELFISH SICKOS against the rest of us!  

8 Sep 2009 @ 11:35 by jerryvest : Yes, OMG....what will they concoct
next in their projections and schemes to split humanity into divisive groups that hate one another. Sick ones, indeed. I don't think there is any remedy except to provide some educational experiences that will help awaken their consciousness to the fact that We Are One Body....Humanity is One....thanks for contributing to this log Astrid. We are One.  

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