Gerald Vest: Senator Sanders charging Fraud-Big Pharmas, Big Insurance & Private Hospital    
 Senator Sanders charging Fraud-Big Pharmas, Big Insurance & Private Hospital 7 comments
picture30 Jun 2009 @ 02:54, by Gerald Vest

Health is an experience of well-being that is in dynamic balance with our whole being and with our natural and social environments. (Fritjof Capra) Would someone please describe what our sick care system is all about?

Thank you Sen. Sanders for taking on these corporations and calling for an investigation of their FRAUD! Do go to Sen. Sanders' website and support his efforts. I've posted a number of logs related to the Big Pharmas and their corrupt relationship with Psychiatry. It's interesting to me that recently the president of the APA admitted that the DSM or Diagnostic Statistical Manual and bible for mental health practice is flawed. Also, they are unable to define or clarify what a "DISORDER" is, yet their classification system is based on this concept. People carry their labels for life, yet they have very little science to back up their claims. In other words, make sure you read the fine print and the numerous side affects of their drugs. [link] [link]

Please pass this message on to people who are not aware of the Big Pharmas; Big Hospital Association; Big AMA; Big Giant Insurance Corporations. All of these powerful and wealthy corporations and organizations are fighting a universal health program for all. Ask your congressman/woman how much money they have accepted for their political vote from these corrupt corporations and their lobbyists.

Senator Sanders tells the truth about these giant corporations: "In his remarks before the committee, Sanders suggested that it is absolutely imperative that real health care reform prevent major insurance companies, drug companies and hospital chains from perpetrating fraud and abuse on government health care programs and individuals, which are driving up health care costs in this country by billions of dollars every single year."

Huffington Post

"We Must Stop the Rampant Fraud in the Health Care Industry

Sen. Bernie Sanders, 06.29.2009
Independent U.S. Senator from Vermont

What we have seen over the last several decades is the systemic fraud perpetrated by private insurance companies, private drug companies, and private for-profit hospitals ripping off the American people." [link]

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1 Jul 2009 @ 15:46 by delateur : I couldn't agree more!
I truly hope that our current president helps to put the health AND the care back into health care. Our current system seems pretty devoid of both...  

1 Jul 2009 @ 23:01 by jerryvest : Thanks, Mark....of course public
plans don't work when these Big Corportations continue to commit fraud and all the gov't does is fine them. I'm convinced that once the public sees how much graft there is with the politicians and the media corporations, change can happen. But, our legal system must get going and expose these creeps.  

2 Jul 2009 @ 02:27 by newbie101 : alternative medecine
what's worse is the possibility of codex alimentarius, an insane law that requires all food to be irradiated before consumption, and for "alternative medecine", such as chlorophyll or bio strath, CoQ10 pills, and other supplements that provide needed nutrients found to be lacking in today's diet , to be classified as dangerous and labeled as drugs. If this is to come in effect, every body would just get sicker and sicker. the irradiation process is like microwaving the food (corn, beans, brocolli, etc). the type of wave the microwave sends is so hot that it changes the chain structure of the vegetable or fruit. this would create a diet of poison, without the public's knowledge. there has been little word of it in the press and this plan would makethe supporters of this "law" gain millions of dollars. this is all true.  

2 Jul 2009 @ 12:40 by jerryvest : Thanks for keeping us informed about
alternative medicine. We know who is behind these regulations and we should contact our representative and let them know that they must stop these Big Pharmas from controlling our food chain and our nutrition. In the long haul we have to examine every pill we put in our mouth and stomach. These drug companies are pushers and need to be regulated. Recent reports show that kids in school are now preferring to take these meds over other drugs as they believe they are safe. Perhaps Michael Jackson's death is a wake up call for America to examine these chemical killers.  

7 Jul 2009 @ 21:16 by a-d : Very Good Thing...
what Senator Sanders is doing!...if nothing else; it shows now The Big Boys that "we will NOT remain quiet, supporting their shit for them any longer and let them reap the goodness at our expense! WHY would we The People, just let them thrive at our expense??? the expense of --not least--our conscience!Let them carry their own BAD Conscience--or stop doing harmful things to all life!!! Time for them too to choose side!  

9 Jul 2009 @ 13:28 by jerryvest : Thanks for your contribution to
this discussion, Astrid. It remains to be seen if anything significant and helpful to the people in our country that Congress is suppose to be serving. Self interests before Public interest is still the name of the 'game.'  

9 Jul 2009 @ 14:11 by jerryvest : I wrote a log on Big Tobacco...
Hey, this is a great video for kids to learn that it is not good to become addicted to Tobacco and Beer. Ariana introduces a "WAKE UP CALL" to persons trapped with the addiction of cigarettes and alcohol. She "slaps sense into you" and reminds you that you are responsible for your body. Don't let these drugs own you. No Excuses!!! STOPP SMOKING Cigs NOW!!!!


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