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picture24 May 2009 @ 15:05, by Gerald Vest

"The teachings of Buddhism, called the Dharma, tell us that to understand the hopelessness of 'samsara' is to enter the path to 'nirvana', or liberation from suffering. This path carries us directly to the heart of 'samsara' and teaches us to transform it into peace. When we follow the Dharma, our self-concepts, desires, and negative habits themselves provide the energy that fuels our spiritual growth. Every aspect of every situation becomes a process of training, learning, and understanding. The teachings become a silent song--a thread running through every moment--leading us to greater knowledge and awakening."Tibetan Meditation-Practical teachings and step-by-step exercises on how to live in harmony, peace, and happiness by Tarthang Tulku

Suicides Increase - Beware of Labels

I placed these comments on the Washington Post today as some of us know that soldiers get better and many may have killed themselves had we not had resources such as our Ft. Bliss Restoration & Resilience Center [link] [link]. We return over 62% of our soldiers to active status. We hope that they don't have to return to combat as they need time to assimilate what they have learned and to practice their new found skills.

Several of our soldier would like to have a new MOS that allows them to be counselors/technicians to help others get treatment and to find a way out of these painful nightmares, isolation, despair, agitation, depression, and anger.


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Generals Find Suicide a Frustrating Enemy[link]

It was just past midnight in Afghanistan when Brig. Gen. Mark Milley appeared on the video screen in the Pentagon conference room to brief some of the Army's top generals on a sobering development: his unit's most recent confirmed suicide.
By Ann Scott Tyson and Greg Jaffe
vajara wrote:

Some people plant the seed of despair by suggesting that our Warriors will never overcome their PTSD. That is not a very hopeful message to those who are diagnosed with a label--labels stick to the psyche and they may never go away, but I can assure you the soldiers are resilient, they do heal, they do get better, and they return to the force. We only hope that the Army is wise enough to change their MOS and give them an opportunity to be mental health counselors so that they can help their brothers heal and get well. In any event, don't tell them that they will never get better, it just isn't true and it only makes their lives more miserable. How would you feel if the doctor or your best friend told you to forget the treatment and rehabilitation as you will never improve? Please think before you project your beliefs onto others, they just might believe you and commit suicide--it can be a way out when you have these horrendous symptoms. Some of us who work with our warriors do know better.
5/24/2009 10:09:20 AM

vajara wrote:

Seems we need to do a better screening of soldiers serving multiple tours. We could shorten their tours as the Marines have done and they have fewer suicides. We can also stop the wars and bring the troops home. Why do soldiers become disillusioned and it turns into despair? I believe they know that the leadership has let them down by sending them there in the first place and secondarily, what are they hoping to accomplish when history tells them, it is a hopeless cause.
5/24/2009 10:00:03 AM

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24 May 2009 @ 20:21 by vaxen : Heya Jerry...
Being criminalized by Napolitano really helps. Maybe they are trying to push us over the edge and evoke "The Iron Heel" - Jack London kind of response. The Federal reserve, and their lackeys, who fund all wars, and create them for profit, will be eliminated. No threat...a promise. Here's to PTSD & 'illegal' wars!  

24 May 2009 @ 21:26 by jerryvest : Right, I won't propose a toast
to more of these consequences of these wars, but I'll celebrate when we bring all of our troops home. It just amazes me that some of these families can stay together and support their wounded warriors after being away from them for 3-5 years. Many say, 'I no longer recognize my partner!' One soldier-tanker I talked with has not seen one of his 3 children born; however, he has one on the way that he may hopefully witness her birth. Another wife....'he is so angry and I can't be in the same bed with him as his nightmares cause him to flail his arms and fight the battles over and over again.'

Anyway, you have heard these stories, Vax. I'm just playing a small piece of the war puzzle and only wish it would be completed in my-our life time.  

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