Gerald Vest: Soldier Tattoos in our Warrior Restoration & Resilience Center    
 Soldier Tattoos in our Warrior Restoration & Resilience Center8 comments
picture18 Sep 2008 @ 12:01, by Gerald Vest

During one of our Therapeutic Field Trips with our soldiers, I took pictures of their Tattoos and posted them on my website. The Army has new rules related to tattoos and they don't limit them as they did at one time. Some of the soldiers almost cover their bodies with this art form.

Anyway, I will be expanding this log when I have more time, but thought you might enjoy seeing how our soldiers express themselves with body art.



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6 Jul 2009 @ 00:20 by jerryvest : Hola, my friends....
I have added several new tatoos since posting this log. I recently added one by one of my soldiers that I serve as primary therapist. This means that I meet with him weekly or when he needs some additional support or assistance. He was raised primarily by his grandparents and has recently placed their pictures on his back to honor them. His grandfather served in WWII and my soldier feels great love and respect for him as a soldier. He died a few months ago so he wishes to keep him in his spiritual life. Another soldier had his beautiful wife's picture tatood on his are with horns. Hmm, I think that he feels that women are very difficult to understand and it is impossible to win an argument with them. But, then, it never pays to argue unless you enjoy playing such a game. :)  

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