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picture31 May 2008 @ 13:55, by Gerald Vest

"Few soldiers come back from war without terrible images and events in their head," Dr. Fortunato said. Many "suck it up and soldier on" in the combat theater because they have no choice. But when they return home, these issues can percolate to the surface as nightmares, flashbacks and other problems.

Fortunato's program (Warrior R & R Center) uses "rehearsal therapy" to help participants confront their most painful memories and experiences. "The soldier tells the story, as painful as it is, over and over until you've emptied it of its emotional punch," he said. "They are never going to forget the story, but it doesn't have to have the grip on their guts that it did before."[link]

I will be opening a page on my Website that will introduce some of our Expressive Art Pictures by our Warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. I have received their permission to post them and thank them for allowing me to display their creative contributions. 15-Minute StressOut Program Webpage.

This picture, on the front page of my website, was drawn by Robert Peek today in Nancy Schwartz's, Expressive Arts Class, in our Warrior Restoration and Resilience Center, Wm. Beaumont Army Medical Center, Ft. Bliss, TX.

Rob is a remarkable artist, great human being, and professional soldier. He was seriously wounded while serving in Iraq. I have known this Service Member for several months and am honored to be part of his treatment team. Please feel free to comment and I will pass on your notes to our soldiers.


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31 May 2008 @ 18:02 by a-d : Tchhhaaa!....
....don't these poor deceived Soldiers deserve at least that much!?!?.... In may cases we are talking about eighteen year old KIDS, for crying out loud!( I didn't feel "grown up" until...ah well...I'm just starting to... Ever so slowly!.... Judging from myself, as we always do -until proven different- I could have been coersed just as easy as any of these soldiers to do the same things!....NOW, I know different. But that has not been the case (with me ) forever! I'm saying this because there's always those, who are ready to say that the Soldiers didn't have to become soldiers... meaning its their fault, so to speak, whatever they come to suffer from having accepted to become soldiers in the first place!... No,no,no!..We have ALL been coersed to SOMETHING, that we still carry wounds from!  

31 May 2008 @ 18:31 by jerryvest : Again, you are right on target with your
comments about soldiers *not* deserving what they get because they chose this profession. No one would choose to be a professional soldier if they knew they would be deceived and lied to while being sent to the Middle East to protect our Country from the terrorists when in fact they weren't there, just like the WMD weren't there. Obviously, we are now seeing first hand information in the news about these publicity stunts by Bush and his war mongering partners. Many of us here in NCN have understood this outrageous religious war from the very beginning and would not allow ourselves to be deceived by these greedy corporations, lobbyists, media moguls and ignorant politicians. {link:}

I only wish more of our public could hear the stories of our great Warriors as they are really the only ones who truly know what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. No one is talking to them from the media, but when we bring all of troops home from this region, we'll learn first hand how terrible our soldiers have been treated with these extensive tours, poor equipment, public disregard and disrespect for our men and women in uniform and the terrible leadership from the hierarchy.

I suggest that the next time you (meaning everyone) see a soldier or marine, take time to thank them for serving our Country. Yes, they did volunteer to serve, but they didn't know that they would be lied to and deceived by their Commander-in-Chief and their leaders.


PS Please sign this petition:

Subject: No rewards for lying about war


I'm sure you've heard about former White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan's new book where he admits Bush misled the country into war. Well, coming clean is great--but profiting from lying to the public isn't. McClellan was a critical part of the effort to sell us the war and now he's poised to make millions of dollars for it. That's wrong.

I just signed a petition calling on him to donate the proceeds of his book to a group that helps Iraq veterans--like IAVA. McClellan's going to be on all the news shows this weekend and if we can make lots of noise about this he'll probably get asked about it. Can you click the link below to add your name?



14 Jun 2008 @ 01:37 by jerryvest : I have added a link that
introduces the lies and deceit of the Bush Administration. Perhaps, it is true, there are NO SECRETS and TRUTH WILL PREVAIL. (Truth=Law) {link:}  

8 Jul 2008 @ 07:04 by mortimer : emotional punch
You are correct, the healing isn't to forget, the best healing method is to remember, to retrieve the subconscious and regain control. We can effectively control what we correctly understand. The pain does not totally go away but the reaction does. To live in accord is true freedom.  

9 Jul 2008 @ 00:07 by jerryvest : Thanks, Mortimer...I love your
response "to live in accord is true freedom." I wonder how long it will take humanity to live in harmony with one another and with nature? Seems we never learn from our errors and seems to me we have people who believe that we can Win something when we have a war without observing and acknowledging the loss(es).  

9 Jul 2008 @ 01:36 by mortimer : Wings of a bird
Every 500 years or so, the wings go up or down, society keeps trying to fly. It’s the end of an era and all has been inverted. Oppression has reached critical mass and humanity is headed back towards individual sovereignty. Once individual sovereignty reaches critical mass it just inverts again. ~~ I dunno, I'm still thinking of better way of wording it. Feel free to edify these words.

Elders take on the story . . .
The Phoenix's lands and ignites the nest burning the phoenix who rises from the ashes and is born anew.  

9 Jul 2008 @ 05:50 by a-d : I too have been pondering about this
Age Old Human Adagio!.... The ONLY meaningful solution I have been able to make a a cohesive Answer is what --I think-- Jesus was implying all the time: That we indeed are made, hence meant to be,COSMIC LIGHT BEINGS, able to with only our GOD-given INTANGIBLE, INNER SKILLS to --among other things : teleport, manifest/materialize whatever we want --as long as it is NOT done for purely selfish purposes at the expense of others, dematerialize ( that is when we have truly MASTERED the WHOLE Octave of "The Human Way" back to fully transformed & > transfigured Cosmic Beings with the ability of the Cosmic Way of Doing Things )
There is NO such thing as (truly) "Terrestrials and Extra Terrestrials !.... We are ALL in the same UNIVERSE; on Planets > Solar Systems > Galaxies etc etc!... and THAT is how we are truly meant to be(/come again!....) It takes some INSIGHT by MANY MANY MANY!.... \

Every single day there are a few more people who see this as our cosmically meant way to be/come eventually capable to live Life Ever Lasting; just like Jesus told us, that we could --and should!... Death being the last enemy we had to overcome!... and conquer thus able to transfigure our (flesh)Body to a higher Octave of LIGHT-VIBRATIONS where it cannot be "reached" by death any longer. He also told that "His" (= the fully Self realized Human's ) Kingdom is not of "This World"!....

IF we don't accept this to be logic and in harmony with LIFE then there is NO HOPE/ NO CHANCE for Mankind!....

Yes... I know, it's a "Biggie"!... But I really think it is THEE truth !...
Jerry, does this make sense to you, as a logic reasoning, based on all you know Jesus told us --and showed with His own Life as an example?
Why is is to hard for people to remember that HE did rise on the third day from Death, just like He had promised all along; in order to show that when you are a Master, as He was (one and a half year prior to the crucifixion in and through the Process of Transfiguration)? He teleported several times from geo-Place to geo-Place and the Disciples never understood how Jesus was already there when they arrived : Jesus walking towards them to meet them & greet them to the Place!.... Jesus had teleported!.... His friends never getting the picture, so to speak! Etc etc...... : )
I know, this seems a long way from your subject-line in your article, but deep down in our Beings we ALL know this and THIS Understanding IS the ONLY TRUTH THAT WILL SET US ALL FREE when we manage to apply this to our lives!.... Quite frankly, I believe that ANY hurt we have in our Hearts boils down to this very knowingness, yet the CONFUSION on HOW to GET there, so to speak, is so overwhelmingly big/"thick" as it were!.... For instance; how do we FORGIVE ourselves for ----- whatever each of us feel/consider being our Un-forgivable SINS?... That's another "Biggie"!.... Just the sheer amount of HEALING/COMFORT/ COMPASSION, GUARANTEES (by Universe)that "All is OK" we ALL still need, if we admit!... is sooo HUGE!.... Is it Wounded Warrior --or is it Wounded Cosmic Being?

what else can I say!?  

9 Jul 2008 @ 16:45 by skookum : EFT can help release
with less trauma than retelling over and over

I had an uncle that was never able to fully deal with his WWII experience.

These people are just as much casualties of war as the physically wounded or killed.  

9 Jul 2008 @ 19:23 by vaxen : The MSM Meme...
The MSM Meme Continues -- War Hero Commits Suicide
By David Hinz - Posted on July 7th, 2008
Tagged: Op-Ed

In the apparently never-ending theme that has so taken over the MSM, the Iraq War has once again taken the life of a former serviceman, who returned home only to commit suicide.

Army Spc Joseph Dwyer was photographed in March 2003 with an injured Iraqi child cradled in his arms, as he carried the boy out of harm's way during fighting early in the war near the city of Faysaliyah. That photo came to be a symbol of the humanitarian cost of the war.

A troubled man after leaving the service, he was treated for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS). Sunday, he apparently took his own life, inhaling fumes from an aerosol can and taking some form of prescription drugs.

In 2005 Dwyer barricaded himself in his second floor apartment, initiating a three hour standoff with police, according to an account in the El Paso Times newspaper.




Spc. Joseph Dwyer, 29, repeatedly fired a 9-mm handgun inside his second-floor apartment starting around 9:15 p.m. Thursday in a more-than-three-hour standoff friends described as a violent episode brought on by drug abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder due to the war in Iraq.


"We gave (military and mental-health authorities) warning after warning after warning. ... All this could have been prevented," Knapp said.


There is much I could add here but won't. Wouldn't be believed. I too was diagnosed with PTSD after my first few excursions into the hell which was Nam. After nine more years in the Middle East, well...

Being in this country, however, is far worse. People here don't even seem to realise that there are wars going on, never mind Afghanistan, never mind Iraq, never mind SOCOM in Iran, paid for by the people of this blighted country... all over this world. No wonder AFRICOM can't get a base of operations in Africa and is thinking about Germany or Florida!

Fort Bliss? I could tell you some blood curdling tales of fort Bliss! You wouldn't believe them either so I won't. Major center for Psy Ops and Mind Control Experiments... healing? That's a joke!

However I do laud your efforts, Jerry, and the few who may care. I think skookum is right about EFT and other rapid forms of therapy. When meat gets rotten... you throw it out or give it to the dogs. The US military does the same for it's 'meat bots they call 'Warriors and soldiers' and... 'grunts.'

It's over, Jerry. How many suicides a week? You won't believe it... but, do the research. All the drugs in the world won't stop it when the truth rises in a murderers' heart and he/she faces their own Nuremberg Tribunal. A guilty conscience puts the gun to the head and pulls the trigger or...

And in the meanwhile Condoleeza signs an agreement with the Czechs when someone should actually be putting an AK47 up her ass and pulling the trigger! Same for Bush, Cheney, Obama, and the rest of that blissfully maniacal regime of world bankster puppets. Who profits from all the carnage, from all the wars? Who is behind the scenes funding all sides? ;)  

10 Jul 2008 @ 02:03 by jerryvest : WoW!!!These are powerful messages--all.
I'm sorry that I can't take the time, right now, to respond to all of these exceptional comments as I know you are all working to help raise the level of consciousness for humanity-one. I think that we have a common thread of agreement, much like a web of relationships and interaction described by many of our social, physical and meta-physical scientists, you, and most of our other colleagues here. I'm beginning to feel every day that I/we are uniting at a higher level of consciousness and freedom. I'm also sorry that Spc. Dwyer did not arrive at our doors to experience all of these loving-healing opportunities. Our center offers a 6 month intesive experience, using about every modality there is that has been tried and tested. But, more than that the soldiers are in a community or mileau where there is no rank, everyone is on a first name and equal basis and eagerly receive all of the interventions and activities. I know that we are involved in a healthy and respectful environment as we express our love for the soldiers, one another and we aren't fearful of using touch or of giving one another a hug to remind us that we are human. Why is it that giving and receiving touch to meet a basic human need requirement is a secret in our society--physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Perhaps this was a message that Jesus and Budda demonstrated and tried to convey with their great compassion, kindness and respect.

I am emotionally tired right now as our group did some great "karma cleaning" or processing their traumatic war experiences in my group today. These are remarkable human beings and professionals. I am honored to be part of their healing--restoration and resilience. Thank you all for continuing to help humanity awaken their divine consciousness. Much love to you....Jerry

Vax, I once said that I would never return to Ft. Bliss as it is very hot and unattractive. I did my basic training here in a tar paper shack, July-Aug. 1954--hmm, seems like deja vu, and I've learned that I'll never say never again--oops, I just did. :)  

10 Jul 2008 @ 18:37 by a-d : I just want to share , Jerry, that....
...the Love/Compassion you guys put into your Work & Interaction with all these people/Warriors, that you mention here in your article and in your comments,is absolutely tangible THROUGH your words, describing the Situations! THAT is powerful! Takes me right "in there", into your midst!

I also want to suggest (for those coming Cold Winter nights) some very important Study-Material (wishing indeed ALL people to learn this; to learn the diff between HEALTHY Human psychology vs the sick one, which first & foremost Freud mad to be thee Ultimate -and almost as if ONLY-- Prototype of (Human) PSYCHE ( when indeed the Christos-Psyche is thee Cosmic Prototype!..and the one Freud "offered" our Society, indeed was/is the PERVERTED/SICK one!... making THAT to the "Right One"; worth trying to emulate!...... What he did was a CUSTOM JOB for the Crooks!.... just like Darwin's "Works".... luckily both are now being ever more questioned, by awakening & ever more daring & brave people who are objecting to this few hundred year old Brain wash/Mind Control. )
[ ]

and how'bout this one? [ ]

( I couldn't have said it betta, maself! ;o ))  

11 Jul 2008 @ 00:51 by jerryvest : Hi Astrid....I'm beginning to see that
integrative health works well with the medical care system. There is a working relationship with our case managers who coordinate the care of the wounded warriors. As an integrative health practitioner, like you, it is exciting and encouraging to see the sick care system uniting with integrative medicine to support the whole soldier-the whole being. Our wounded need total health care.

I've only dreamed about working and being a part of such a comprehesive health program and it would be so great if every soldier returning with injury could participate and experience our TLC and healing activities. I am posting some pics on my forum that are part of our Expressive Arts Therapy Program. For me they tell a tragic story about our wounded warriors and their experiences. Nancy Schawartz is a fantastic group worker, therapist and expressive artist. She draws out of these soldiers their best expressions of their
soldiering experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their pictures speak to us beyond words and I am grateful to them for allowing me to feature them on my homepage. I'll be adding some more this weekend. {}

Much love,


11 Jul 2008 @ 03:24 by a-d : Yes, that is
very Good News! Thanks! Ahhh, so much LOVE & Heart in your Web-site! (...The Purple Heart!!.... THAT IS a true Purple Heart!... -if there was one! )

Give "Everybody" a hug from me! : )/A-d  

11 Jul 2008 @ 07:12 by vaxen : Silent nights...
Jerry asks the following question:

"Why is it that giving and receiving touch to meet a basic human need requirement is a secret in our society--physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?"

Well, Jerry san, it is because sensory deprivation is the first step in total mind control and behavior modification forced upon the citizens of our world by the fiendish elite who are behind ALL wars on the face of this earth. Divide and conquer. Of course...

...It very well could be, as many have and are asserting, that we've been invaded by entities that are not of this world.

It would have been nice to have the comfort of such a group as yours. Didn't happen for me. So I've had to deal, and still do, with some pretty heavy traumas of war within my own being utilising methods I've developed over the years... yet, in silence and solitude. Not the best way as I'm too often besought with memories, dreams, and reflections which force lesser men into the morphic arms of self immolation and suicide if not fratricide.

So I feel for the boys and girls of Company B, for sure. And hope some day to be able, again, to offer solice. I once had a thick black book of reading material which was given to me by a certain University. In the groups I established in Atlanta I would read that material and bring strong men to tears and to their knees. Catharsis, magickal, complete. Enabelling the well conditioned to transcend the mind control and realise, for one, that they had been tools of the oppressors (De Oppresso Liber!) and products of an insane and unhealthy overall 'society.'

We formed a new society in those times. As the old one dies off we will bury it as we step forward into the light of this darkest day and hour. Those of us who have lived assymetrically in the trenches of godawful wars are forever linked, bonded, knowing and sources as well of comfort for one another.

It takes courage, jerry, and I know you've got it. So may I encourage you to keep on keeping on until every man-child and woman-child self convicted by the horrors of the warfare state are free of the lies which forced them into inhuman bondage and servitude. We live! De Opresso Liber!

Did you visit the Seargents page? He could use some help and was a Med Tech at Fort Sam Houston before becoming a guinea pig. Good O bro...  

11 Jul 2008 @ 12:10 by jerryvest : Thanks, Vax...I just read the Sergeant's
story. I suspect that there are many like this and it is a travesty. If our country really cared about the vets, they would put investagators out into the streets, find, treat and honor the 'street' soldiers. Thanks for sharing some of your story, Vax. I would love to hear more about your service and maltreatment or lack of it. I want to salute you for what you have given.

With love and respect,


11 Jul 2008 @ 21:15 by vaxen : Our country...
per se is a legal fiction. As the days of the warfare state/nation end and the cognizance that we are one humanity dwelling on earth in need of collaboration dawns in the minds of the few we will achieve our aims. At present we care. As you are doing in your own way so too are there others of us out here doing the same in a myriad of ways. We are without number and VAST as the starry oceans of deep space.

I volunteered so do not consider my 'service' to have been without warrant so I don't consider it maltreatment but rather preparation for what I endured and for what is yet to come.

Hidden in the matrices we will navigate the ship until we are all clear of oblivions seduction. I salute you back from the heart, mind, and soul.

Thankyou very much for reading his story. I wish he could come to your place and get healed thus enabling him to heal others, too. Keep your eyes on that distant shore, sir, we're gonna make it! All of us...

Always Forward Always Ready...

Bravo Zulu


13 Jul 2008 @ 18:25 by jerryvest : Skookum...thank you for your comment.
I fully agree that our WWII vets should receive these great benefits for their opportunity to heal. I appreciate your comment about EFT..."EFT can help release with less trauma than retelling over and over" Please send me any research citations that you have so that we can add them to our research efforts. We agree that telling the story over and over again may not relieve all of the pain and anquish, but it helps. It's like cleaning our karma, our war trauma, by objectifying the experience like an objective witness. It takes the punch out or relives the charge. I've heard many of these stories and have seen soldiers tell them until they are more like casual observers. But, this is not the only way we do it. We have therapists that use a host of methods to empower the soldier to free themselves. The body therapies--massage, Reiki, acupuncture and whole body-mind-spirit therapies--journaling, expressive arts, various meditations & visualizations, therapeutic field trips, health education, water therapy, etc.

Again, I'm honored that you contribute to our warrior program.


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