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picture26 Aug 2006 @ 16:52, by Gerald Vest

The Trouble with earthlings is their early adulthood. As long as they are young, they are loveable, open-hearted, tolerant, eager to learn and to collaborate. They can even be induced to play with one another. Most adults, however, are mortal enemies. The only educational problem earth has is how to keep them young. (Growing Young, Ashley Montagu)

I recently learned that Google provides free uploads for pictures and videos so I had the good fortune to post three short videos about Coca Cola Zero spoofs that Ariana, one of my granddaughters made. I think they are very funny and demonstrate the playfulness, joy and skill of our 7yr. old artist, actor and athlete.

When I play with my three grandchildren, we enjoy many games, ride our bikes, do theatre, art work, dance, read stories and whatever they enjoy. (Do visit one of my earlier logs that we made while developing an art project with our three kids demonstrating a method created by our good friend, great teacher and NCN colleague, Judih.) [link]

Currently, our kids are enjoying photography so I give them one of my cameras and they learn how to entertain themselves and also to load them on our computer. These three very short videos are one example of how we use photography and technology to support the children's interest and enthusiasm with acting and in expressing their openness and spontaineity. Please comment so that I can share them with Ari.

Coca Cola Zero Spoof #1[link]

Coca Cola Zero Spoof #2[link]

Coca Cola Zero Spoof #3 [link]

One of my cameras (HP Photosmart R707) can take both still and videos so it is handy to have available when the kids want to do extemporaneous theatre. Ariana and I took a trip to a local park a few weeks ago and she asked if she could have a soft drink. I wasn't aware that her mother didn't allow them, but she purchased a Coca Cola Zero and began making up a story about how this drink gives her energy while I did the camera work.

I have such a great time with these kids and laugh for hours on end. If you want to improve your health and happiness, do find time to play with your kids and grandchildren. I also encourage those of you who are teachers to use the camera in your classroom to help build confidence, self-esteem and creativity. Obviously, the kids love to see their pictures and enjoy watching their peers expressing themselves as well.

I am hoping that as a New Civilization we can dedicate these logs to improving the quality of health and education for our children families.

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27 Aug 2006 @ 14:56 by jstarrs : Well, now...
....seeing Ariana's convincing sales pitch just made me run right out and get a bottle of Zero Coke and now I may even be able to get my washing up done!
So thanks, Ariana.

Oh, and how many bottles will I need in order to completely hoover my appartment?

Thanks, Jeff. I'm sure that Ari will be excited by the responses that she receives and I'll ask her if she would like to interact here. Well, she would say that just a short sip of this potent drink will get you moving and in no time, your appartment will be beautiful. :)  

29 Aug 2006 @ 13:08 by jerryvest : I may have a warped sense of
humor, but I can't remember when I had such a good belly laugh. These spoofs of Bill Gates and Microsoft are just what the doctor ordered. They are especially funny to me because our corporations do speak with a "forked tongue." They talk about all of these great values that they have on their commercials while they work behind the scenes to rip off their customers. These videos focus on the 'office values' of our corporate and business world. In other words, "buyer beware!" ,‘The Office’ Training Videos Microsoft Doesn’t Want You to See --{link:}

Anyway, I still think that Ari's spoofs are related to these greedy corporate enterprises. As mentioned in the Microsoft spoofs, they represent an 8 yr. old sense of propriety. :) And, I love 8yr. old humor.  

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