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picture7 Apr 2005 @ 01:40, by Gerald Vest

Peter Jennings announced that he was joining with 10 million other lung cancer victims and beat this thing. My wife had her left lung removed 3 years ago along with some nodes and went through the chemo and radiation therapy for several months. She was fortunate that a small tumor was discovered in her lung while undergoing gallbladder surgery, so catching these cells early is important.

Everything in her body looked so good, for about 3 years, with positive reports from all of the body scans, but my partner suggested to her oncologist that she should also receive a brain scan. Sure enough, the body scan showed a small tumor, just under her skull. So, she chose to have the tumor surgically removed. It was a successful operation and she came home, feeling pretty good, following a couple of days in intensive care.

On April 1, my partner received the Gammaknife radiation treatment. This is very high tech radiation treatment that focuses on the surgical spot and/or if other cancer cells are detected, they shoot gamma rays for several minutes into these areas. The team consists of a physicist who sets the parameters, the oncologist and surgeon. The nursing staff were well trained and stayed with us throughout the experience. The real downside for us was having my partner wear this head brace, screwed into her skull in 4 places. She wasn't given any real pain medication for this procedure. Perhaps the worst part of this treatment was arriving in the hospital at 5:00am. We left home at 4:00am to make the trip from Las Cruces, NM to El Paso, TX.

We had to wait 4 hours for the surgeon to arrive and push the button on the radiation machine.

I can tell you for certain that the "Laying-on-of-Hands" exercise worked perfectly during this time. Lou was most comfortable sitting in a chair so I rested my hands on her shoulders for much of the time while we observed and experienced the unity of our breath and of our being. The Power of Touch andLearning to breathe

After the treatment, Lou was unscrewed and freed of this contraption. There was some blood on the bandage that she held on her head, so the treatment obviously penetrated her skin. We were given a room and after about an hour, we headed for home.

I learned that my partner is determined to beat this cancer thing. She has been through more medical interventions than a human should ever have to endure in a life time. She just gets stronger following each challenge and intrusion. We are having a great life right now and every moment with Lou is very precious.

Pain Management and Pain Advocacy

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7 Apr 2005 @ 13:27 by sprtskr : thank you for sharing
I know the anguish of being told you have cancer. I learned alot about myself and that life is precious. Having someone positive on your side adds much to the strength of the sufferer. Love does carry alot of weight. I wish you both much love and strength.
Thank you, Sprtskr. Your words are always filled with good will and love. I appreciate your kindness.


7 Apr 2005 @ 13:53 by martha : Good luck to Lou
I wish you both the best. Strength can come from illness and obviously Lou is demonstrating that clearly. You are both lucky to have each others love and support.

Thank you for your loving response to our situation. Your words are always felt deeply in my heart.


7 Apr 2005 @ 15:09 by jazzolog : The Fear
Thank you Gerald for sharing these personal matters. It helps to dispel the rampant fear that exists about cancer when one reads a calm account. Since cancer became linked to environmental factors, additives, and things we inhale and ingest, our responses have seemed quite irrational. Many of us appear quite fatalistic about it---until we get it.

Thank you, Jazz. I know that you have been so wise and brave while sharing your experiences with us as well.


7 Apr 2005 @ 17:40 by astrid : Dear Jerry,
while you are doing all this Western Hospitals Techno MAgic, Please, do not forget to ALLOW ( and hence ASSIST ) your ( Partner) Body its OWN NATURAL ABILITY to heal! You DO know that today it is widely understood that most cancers are really only long time/on going LOW LEVEL INFECTION!!!... This is why BOOSTING one's Immune System by Natural means/herbs etc works so well on most cancers: when you allow your own IMMUNESYSTEM to cleanse itself first from OLD toxins!!! ...and then let it heaL and then let it gain its STRENGTH back agin and it will continue to do what it was designed by Life/god/Nature to do: take care of more toxins (fromother parts of he body) TOXIC WASTE --in ONE form or AN OTHER-- NOT DISPOSED,is the ONLY thing that stands between you /us all and y/our perfect Health!!!!!

Health Unites All Life!

If you want any further info e-mail me with your phone nr and I call you or if you prefer; I give you my phone nr and you call me. Just to let you know I will be happy tho tell what I know, might assist you.  

7 Apr 2005 @ 23:52 by jerryvest : Boosting my wife's Immune System
Thank you all for your kindness and interaction. Astrid, do send me some information and any research you can recommend for Boosting the Immune System. As you know, we are engaging in lots of massage and touch, breathing exercises and nutrition. Lou also receives acupuncture,adjustments and good pain management from her Osteopathic physican.

Lou is very independent and wise about her body, mind and spirit. I fully support whatever decision that she makes re: traditional medicine and she is very open to alternatives. I am elated that she is happy, alive and doing so well. We are going to Albuquerque this weekend to participate in a Kath Training or qigong workshop as described in our Events Calendar. Oscar Ichazo adapted some of Master Chen Man-Ching's, T'ai Chi Chuan movements that I find very grounding and balancing.

Anyway, Astrid, I do have your phone number and plan to call when I can. We'll be coming to CA next month so hope we can connect then.


8 Apr 2005 @ 02:05 by astrid : I'll see
what I can come up with! : )  

8 Apr 2005 @ 07:54 by judih : Col ha Cavod to Lou
or Great Respect for you, Lou.
What an intense chain of intuitions and experiences along with timely interventions.

Lou is a beautiful woman - such energy blooms from her face. Wishing her well.
The best to both of you.


8 Apr 2005 @ 12:52 by jerryvest : Shalom - You are all so very Beautiful
I will share all of your kind and loving comments with Lou. She is a very private person and would probably not discuss her experiences publicly or on the web. One thing that I omited was that she does not see herself as a victim or surviver, but rather a person "taking care of business, every day"--doing what she sees as necessary and continuing on with life. Like you, Judih, she is an English teacher and is eager to return to her classes this fall. She loves her students and teaching. And, she does not talk about her surgery, pain and suffering that accompanies cancer. It is not denial, it is more important for her to live life fresh every day. Oh, to be so brave and free--as you can see, I am blessed with a terrific partner.

Love to all of you. J.  

8 Apr 2005 @ 16:20 by ymca : Wow!
Jerry,your commentary is very moving. Even though our telephone converstions have clarified Louise's and your experience it was another moving moment to read your script. You also have had some wonderful responses from friends and colleagues. I am passing this site message on to our family members and I know that they all send their love and support to both of you. Love you, Pat

Thanks for always being there for us, Pat. You are a great and loving brother indeed. We love you very much.


8 Apr 2005 @ 17:31 by swan : Thank you Jerry
for sharing this journey with us. Lou sounds like a wise woman who trusts her body and her inner wisdom. As one who has healed her body of things the doctors said were not possible, I know the power of positive thoughts towards bring the body back into perfect health as well as the power of prayer. Blessings for a complete recovery.


Thank you Swan. You have such a wonderful gift of expressing healing powers.


12 Apr 2005 @ 02:43 by magical_melody : Kudos for opening yourself to others
for ideas and support.

I have found the book, "Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn and especially her Playbook really helpful in shifting what we do not want in our lives and taking the steps to support and empower what we do, as we master our beliefs/emotions and vibration. Really good and powerful stuff!!!! That Works!

I read the book many years ago and have often referred it on to clients and friends, even buying a couple copies for family. I am reviewing the books currently to assist me to go deeper with a few of the principals again. They are available from the library and Lynn's Someone is carrying on with her work as I see that she has left the earthplane to carry on with her service from another realm.

I wish all the best for you Jerry and for your wife Lou.

Alana, thank you for those kind and thoughtful comments and for the referrals. I have made a note of the resources and will seek them out. Lou is gaining strength each day and feeling good. All of the good will certainly helps.


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