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picture27 Feb 2005 @ 19:02
In my earlier articles, I describe the "use of Safe, Skillful and Appropriate touch" as a means for improving the quality of life health and relationships with individuals, families, communities and with others on our planet.

On Friday, I again introduced our touch program to soldiers and spouses at our monthly stress management/health promotion program at Ft. Bliss, TX. It is always delightful and amazing for me to see the relief on the faces of our blessed soldiers during this three-hour program.

I am hopeful that I can recruit more allies or partners to use our 15-Minute StressOut Program. Recently, one of our NewCiv members from India indicated an interest in our process for certification. However, anyone can give and receive this method or intervention without completing additional requirements as a free public service.

Our protocol or step-by-step instructions are available on my webpage so just record them on your tape deck, put some cool music on and enjoy the experience with your partner.

As you proceed through the experience of healthy touch, it is important for both the giver and receiver to be aware of their breath. One of my favorite teachers,Tarthang Tulku, describes a very sensible and practical approach to finding balance in our life and relationships while being observant of our breathing and our touch.

Our breath and heartbeat are natural monitors of tension: their rates tend to increase when we feel agitated and tense, and slow down as we relax. Because of this interconnection, we can use the rise and fall of the breath and rhythm of our heartbeat to penetrate tension and anxiety. By simply focusing gently on breathing, we can slow the breath and allow it to find its own natural movement. Knowledge of Freedom - Time to Change
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