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2016-07-25: Injured Warrior and Partner-Recover with Health Services
2016-06-16: Beware of Psychiatric Medicine and Becoming a Patient for Life
2016-04-05: Sharing Life as Integrative Health Practitioner
2016-03-20: Missing Leadership in America
2016-03-07: 12 or More Discussion Groups sharing Reseach
2016-02-03: Organize Supportive Teams and Join with Us Serving Vets
2016-01-22: Served as Founder and CEO, Chartiers Center-My Story
2016-01-11: Learning to Discover and Develop Awareness
2016-01-05: Beware of Scammers in Social Networks-Got Me!!!
2015-12-11: Giving Everything a Name is Nature of Education
2015-11-18: Illumination Therapy - Family Constellation Workshop
2015-11-06: Joining our Human Nature with Nature-A Team Course
2015-11-04: Witnessing and Calming Thought Storms
2015-09-23: Om Ah Hum Mantra
2015-07-06: Maintaining Continuum of Awareness for Health, Healing and Restoration #2
2015-05-25: Takes Courage to Be Ourselves
2015-05-19: Be the Best we Can with a Health Care Plan
2015-05-11: Living and Being without Borders and Boundaries
2015-04-26: Continuing Awareness develops Mindfulness
2015-04-05: Visit our Website for Injured Warriors and Families
2015-03-03: A Psychosomatic Engagement with Integrataive and Holistic Health Services
2015-02-24: Social Work-A Psychosomatic Engagement with Integrative and Holistic Health
2015-01-02: Celebrating Life with Friends
2014-12-26: Being One with Our True Nature-Mother Earth
2014-12-12: Being One with All that Is, 24/7
2014-11-05: We are not our Body or our Mind
2014-11-01: Seekers with Truth
2014-10-17: Our Master Mind is Blinded by the Light
2014-10-09: Awareness and Miindfulness - Be Here Now!
2014-09-29: Insights in the Present Moment
2014-09-25: Right Action is No Reaction to Fear
2014-09-19: This is September 16, 2014 - Time to Awaken Consciousness
2014-09-03: All my Being
2014-08-23: Beginning our Lives with No End in Sight
2014-07-29: Addictions and The Power of Now
2014-07-26: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle - A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
2014-07-26: Free Our Minds--Being Present in the Now
2014-07-24: Downfall of Democracy
2014-07-09: Don't Diagnose, Drug and Label Children with "mental illness"
2014-05-19: Engaging Injured Warriors and Families with Awareness
2014-05-11: The DSM is a Scam as is Psychiatry and Other Followers
2014-04-20: Transcending and Transforming Pain with Health Services
2014-03-31: Sensory Isolation Tank for Injured Warriors and Vets
2014-02-27: Death is Part of Life
2013-12-19: Understanding our Being
2013-11-20: Goodbye for Now--Love you Beyond Words
2013-10-05: Welcome Home Returning Warriors and Families with Health Services
2013-09-24: Discover our Internal Breath
2013-09-11: Breathing Charts the Life Rhythms, Calms and Balances our Mind
2013-09-01: Learn to Breathe for Recovery, Restoration and Resilience--Mindful and Aware
2013-07-18: Learn to Join our Unique Being with Nature
2013-05-29: Healthy Values & Role Models Missing in our Society
2013-05-12: Drugging our Elders to Death
2013-04-03: Who is this "I"?
2012-12-28: Our Uncivilized Society and Gun Culture
2012-11-09: LISW Supervision Plan with Gerald Vest
2012-09-20: Health Practices and Programs for Returning Warriors & Families
2012-08-17: Prevent further Suicides, Abuse & Neglect with Returning Warriors & Families
2012-06-15: Meditation for Injured Warriors & Family
2012-06-01: Sign our Petitions-Help our Injured Warriors & Families
2012-03-04: NASW New Mexico State Conference Workshop-Serving Injured Warriors
2012-02-11: Questioning Ourselves can Lead to a Relationship with our True Nature
2011-09-26: Integrative & Holistic Self-Care Plan with Injured Warriors & Families
2011-07-28: Integrative Health Services Alliance with our Community
2011-06-29: BEWARE of Drugs, Psychiatry, Mental Health-Latest Research Studies
2011-06-22: Has Psychiatry Improved its Service or More Propaganda?
2011-05-13: Who is that Masked Man/Woman?
2011-05-04: Awareness of Breathing Promotes Restoration, Resilience & Healing
2011-03-31: Karma, Nighmares & Reframing the Puzzle of Life Experiences
2011-03-08: Teamwork, Interaction and Creativity in the Classroom & Beyond
2011-02-24: Beware of DSM and Mental/Behavioral Health Industry
2011-01-31: How Touching Makes you Healthier
2010-12-24: DSM 5 - A Sham, A Scam and A Lie - An Alternative
2010-11-22: Joining Elder Vets & Injured and Wounded Warriors & Families
2010-11-17: Integrative Health Practices Improve Quality of Lives, Health & Relationships
2010-10-20: Warrior Describes his Healing & Recovery in Integrative Health Center
2010-10-16: Integrative Health - Massage for Injured Warriors, Families & Care Givers
2010-09-21: Our StressOut Program for Suicide Prevention with Mindfulness
2010-09-11: War Post Traumatic Stress - Community Program Development
2010-08-07: News Article on our Healthy Touch Program with Vets & Wounded Warriors
2010-07-14: Therapy Dogs Serve our Wounded Warriors
2010-05-31: Our StressOut Mission and Activities
2010-04-24: How Injured are our Warriors with PTSD
2010-01-23: MSG Hunt tells his story about War & PTSD/TBI
2009-12-20: Soldier tells of his Traumatic Brain Injury in Iraq by IED
2009-12-13: I just came back from the War - Darryl Worley
2009-10-11: Risk Management Prevents Healthy, Skillful, Ethical & Nourishing Touch
2009-09-07: Crimes Against the Soul of America by Caroline Myss
2009-08-20: Visit Our US Army, Ft. Bliss Restoration & Resilience Center - Slide Show
2009-06-30: Senator Sanders charging Fraud-Big Pharmas, Big Insurance & Private Hospital
2009-06-12: Soldiers Reach Out and Touch Veterans
2009-05-24: Army Suicides continue to Climb
2009-05-10: Veterans Can Use our Help and Support
2009-03-29: Mass Punishment Lives On in Public Schools
2009-01-24: Integrative Medicine is Mainstream
2008-12-12: Long Deployments Breaking Up Families
2008-11-15: I AM
2008-11-08: War Hurts Families
2008-09-18: Soldier Tattoos in our Warrior Restoration & Resilience Center
2008-08-05: Ron Lautenbach visits our Warrior Center
2008-05-31: The Wounded Warrior by Robert Peek
2008-05-27: Another Critical Look at the DSM
2008-05-04: Prototype Health Program for Wounded Warriors
2008-04-03: Meditation Quotes
2008-01-16: Our Primary Concern is our Client ....
2008-01-04: Study Finds, Drugs Offer No Benefit in Curbing Aggression
2007-11-30: Nicotene and Smoking - Don't get Started!!!
2007-11-25: A Story about a Drug Representative of the Big Pharmas
2007-10-26: Our Relationships
2007-10-14: Use of Touch & Integrative Methods
2007-09-29: Volunteers Needed for our NCN Global Touch Project
2007-09-18: Beware of Medical Treatment and Prescription Drugs
2007-09-08: Let Kids be Kids!!!
2007-08-31: Our Image Egos are not our Essential Beings
2007-08-09: Global StressOut Program - Update
2007-07-26: Healthy Kids have enormous energy
2007-06-20: Alternatives for Mental Health Workers and their Clients
2007-06-03: Serious Questions go Unanswered in Mental Health Movement
2007-05-31: Being Enthusiastic and giving Encouragement to Children
2007-04-05: Annual Report on Global Touch Project
2007-03-14: Our Touch Program with Alzheimer Residents
2007-02-11: Don't Give Up the Spirit Child
2007-01-30: Our Global StressOut Program - SP ' 07
2007-01-15: Opening our Minds for Learning
2006-12-23: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
2006-12-15: Expressing our Creativity through Work
2006-12-07: Free Ourselves From Fear
2006-11-16: Early Identification of Bullies
2006-10-21: Learning to Play with Children
2006-09-09: Universal Declaration of Human Rights
2006-08-26: Coca Cola Zero Spoofs by Ariana
2006-05-07: Update on Safe, Skillful, Loving Touch with Elders
2006-03-29: Learning to Give Safe, Skillful and Loving Touch
2006-03-12: Meditation on the Out-Breath
2006-02-16: Health Promotion Team for Seniors - Organization Design
2005-12-31: Global Touch Project with Elders #2
2005-11-02: Using Healthy Touch to Support and Nourish our Elders & Care Givers
2005-09-08: Free DVD for Victims & Helpers of Hurricanes & Other Disasters
2005-08-08: Children's Team Art Project
2005-06-15: Meditation and developing an Open Mind
2005-05-19: Holistic Self Care Practice
2005-04-19: Health Promotion, Health Fitness and Stress Managment for Prisons
2005-04-07: Lung Cancer
2005-03-17: Our Tomorrow
2005-02-27: Partners for our Healthy Touch Program
2005-02-16: My grandkids love the Tarot
2005-02-01: What is preventing us from being free?

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