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 Getting your reactions
picture3 Nov 2001 @ 06:45, by Bernie Slepkov

As of November, I have replicated all the copies of my Catalyst 4 Change (C4C) at [link] articles at Quick Topic.

Now readers can easily interact with each paragraph, within each thought-provoking article.

Since November 2000, I had been writing articles for an online magazine that went offline after 9/11.

I had always hoped for these articles to become a means of enabling reader interaction with the articles. Having learned about, and experience Quick Topic, I excitedly replicated all the articles currently listed chronologically at [link] at the Quick Topic servers.

There, each paragraph within each article, has the potential of creating spinoff reader interaction. Without having to register, or sign on, any reader can click on a bluedot icon marking each paragraph, to add their two cents to a running comment board. Having done that, with just an email address, they can begin to receive individual, daily or weekly digests of what other readers contribute. (Absolute privacy, or anonymity is assured, 100%)

With the arrival of each email update, participants can simply rely to the email to add further comments to the ongoing discussions evolving out of each article to which they have subscribed.

The Shared Topic Dynamic article directory at [link] list show an up-to-date listing of each article, the number of existing comments in order of the most recent article contributed to.

If you are taken by what you see and read, I hope you will help promote C4C's interactivity.

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