TIME 2 WAKE UP: The Planetary Grid Transmissions New Moon Tuesday, October 28    
 The Planetary Grid Transmissions New Moon Tuesday, October 280 comments
pictureSunday, October 26th 2008, by Brenda McCann

Posted by: YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

A full 24-hour transmission period of New Earth Energy

With Unified Meditation and/or Ceremony
During 3 world times: New York 9 pm, Paris 8 pm, Sydney 8 pm

Unified Planetary Focus:

* Aligning with the Unified Field

* Conscious Co-Creation in the Unified Field

* Conscious Co-Creation in the Unified Field

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As our world enters into deeper levels of the planetary shift with resultant escalations of unfolding drama, we are continually being reminded about where we place our attention. The action of focusing awareness with positive group consciousness in the Unified Field is one way that we can potentially and greatly assist the consciousness shift while remaining centered and balanced as the old power structures dissolve. The lunar Planetary Grid Transmissions offers opportunity twice per month to join in an intentional group consciousness field of expanded perception. This conscious union of our energies into an "intentional force field" has seen direct positive influence upon specific manifestations including greater clarity and deepening telepathic connections amongst participants. We are now focusing on the strength of our grid group energy during the new and full moons to transmit collective light and intention to specific areas of world concern.

Join our Platform in World Service

* English platform: www.sunchildren.ning.com

* Spanish platform: www.hijosdelsol.ning.com

Join Us as a Transformation Team ~
Sending our Collective Light to the World

We are sounding the call for unification with other resonant groups to join the Children of the Sun platform as a "Transformation Team" and to help in transformational efforts of global concern. These groups will have a specific focus and intentional activity towards world and regional issues while collaborating with supporting universal energies through the planetary grid as a bridge. For example, this includes transformative focus and grid of light transmissions given towards certain countries and issues of conflict; political and governmental issues; geographical regions and related environmental concerns; outdated systems, structures and other specific issues of separation and imbalance within our human population and world.

For more info: How to Join as a Transformation Team

To New Grid Participants ~
The Planetary Grid Project's Highest Purpose

Pure human intentionality is combined with a highly advanced, crystalline energy system which surrounds the entire planet. Referred to as the Crystalline Grid, this new earth structure serves as the transitory bridge between consciousness paradigms. The combined power of our intention through the crystalline grid field gracefully come together every new and full moon for a full 24-hour transmission period. This is termed, The Planetary Grid Transmissions.

From this unified field of awakened consciousness, participants can expect to receive strong infusions of light which can accelerate clearings, transformation, spiritual activation and advancement. Our collective transmissions can also potentially and greatly stabilize unfolding world events. The Planetary Grid Project is helping to birth the new world consciousness and bring stabilization to the process. It is also helping participants develop skills and understanding in enlightened consciousness.

Join us this New Moon in the Crystalline Grid Matrix and the Unified Field of Love.

From the Heart of the Sun,

Children of the Sun

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