TIME 2 WAKE UP: The MEDIA & Barack Obama - FACT OR FICTION?    
 The MEDIA & Barack Obama - FACT OR FICTION?1 comment
pictureSaturday, October 11th 2008, by Brenda McCann

Written and Posted by YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

Greetings Dear One!

This weeks guidance concerns the Media and the upcoming Presidential Election. For those of us with eyes to see, and ears to hear beyond the illusions, the future winner of the election is already known. But also known and understood is that only this now moment is certain, for each has free will, and with every breath and heartbeat, that can change, you can change, another wakes up and more light is shed and on and on the evolution of life keeps moving and flowing ever forward.

Barack Obama is a Lightworker, though the media is having a frenzy with this as they do not understand coming from places of fear, greed and corruption. The Hosts of Heaven have much more to say on the subject because of the lies and twisted truth the media is and will be feeding those who are consciously paying attention to all the Government shenanigans and believing it as if every word is the truth and fooling every blessed one of them. Do you honestly believe that the media and government would not lie to you for their own benefit?? I urge you now to think again if you do, for there is no time left for hunting and pecking for what is and is not the truth. The time is NOW to look within for all of the answers about this election and everything else in your life!

Let NOTHING ELSE FOOL YOU!!! Let NOTHING ELSE TAKE YOUR ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE TRUTH AND CO-CREATING HEAVEN ON EARTH. You will not find truth in the media or from the mouths of your government officials...

LISTEN BELOVEDS... Instead of us focusing on who is or isn't going to win we need to focus on the changes we want to see for us and for our children and their children's children and take responsibility for it!! If not us, the Divine Workers of the Light THEN WHO?

The media is turning this election into the usual drama full of lies for the usual sought after ratings which they receive and feed their ego’s with every time you watch the news which is only what they want you to know and what will boost their ratings and far from the truth. You are being guided to TURN OFF THE TV and GO WITHIN!

The more we focus on what we want instead of what we do not want more of, the faster change will take place because that is the LAW of the Universe, the LAW of Cause and Effect. One of the few things the government has no control over now or ever.

If we all think about peace and love and oneness with all, if we all use our hearts and our God given 3rd eyes to SEE THE TRUTH instead of the drama and lies of the mass media, we will clearly see that it is WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS LAND who will bring the changes we want and so desperately need to recreate, regardless of who is president because mass consciousness has the deciding vote!.

The changes we need in this country are up to US and will happen if we listen to ONLY the truth within us and focus on what we want instead of feeding this whole drama which has never worked for us or our highest good so it’s time WE make the changes that will make a difference by creating them ourselves and not waiting any longer for our Government to do what is not yet in them to do. Isn’t that really what "In God We Trust" is all about?? Let go of the blessed HOW’S and Let God run this world through us then it won’t matter who is president because that president will work for US because we the people and children of God have taken back our country and our FREEDOM!!!! Don't you see? .... The very changes we want

If you would like to read the TRUTH about Barack Obama and this Election that you will never hear in the media please click the link below to read what the Brotherhood of the Light has to say as channeled thru Kathleen Long:


In Love and Light I AM
YaMa'EL The Golden Dragon Goddess

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13 Mar 2009 @ 07:29 by dll @ : Well, anyway i like Obama.
Well, anyway i like Obama.  

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