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pictureSaturday, October 4th 2008, by Brenda McCann

Written and Posted by YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

Greetings Dear One!

This weeks guidance is of utmost importance to all workers of the Divine Light. At this time of seeming world chaos as old systems crumble making way for the new, the Hosts of the Heavenly Realm are here to remind you that the key to maintaining balance at all times is through your gift of discernment. Much "news" has hit the internet causing a great stir in the energy matrix surrounding this planet. News of economic collapse, news of spacecraft arriving this month of October, news of the demise of this magnificent planet earth, and more! All of which has created fear, apprehension and stress among the people, Lightworkers included.

I ask you now to ponder this next question for a moment...

When EVER has Divine Truth created panic and fear?

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NEVER! Beloved Ones, now more than ever you must be faithful in your diligence to continue open and unending communication with your Higher Aspects, Guides and Angels. It matters not anymore if the sources of the information you receive are from trusted sources, TRUST NO ONE BUT THE GOD SELF IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE! Listen only to the Voice of God within you. Ask your God Self for specific confirmation to all truth that is presented to you. Perhaps ask for chills to run down your spine, or any other feeling that is undeniable and instantly recognized as confirmation that it is in fact YOUR TRUTH as it is given to you by God.
It is inevitable that as this planet and all who inhabit her continue to raise their vibrations higher and higher, that all the remaining structures of duality can no longer stand. Because of free will, there remain those, both incarnated and spirit form alike who will try everything to oppose the influx of light that threatens their very existence. But there is nothing, and I repeat NO-THING that can stop the light now, stop the earth and all who have chosen to ascend with her and create Heaven right here on earth in the arms of our Beloved Mother Gaia.
So beloveds, no matter what you hear, no matter what you see, think or feel, from this moment forward, you must know and BELIEVE that everything is EXACTLY as it should be and you must not falter in your stand to create from your heart and know that everything else is a 3rd dimensional hologram that will cease to exist as you know it if only you stop giving it life by believing that is all there is. Turn away from the televisions and tune into your heart for the TRUTH of what is happening now. You will find it is a far cry different than what the media will have you believe.
NOW MORE THAN EVER, go within for every thing brought before you. If you need assistance with reconnecting to your Higher Guidance contact me. The Divinity Codes were created NOW for NOW, so every worker of the Divine Light can remember RIGHT NOW who they are and what they are capable of as powerful beings of light and love, as GOD the ONE we ALL ARE!!!!!!!
It matters not whom you choose to assist you, just ASK within for the guidance and help you need to get RE-CONNECTED to the Source of your life, your I AM Presence and you will be guided there. The important thing is that you TAKE ACTION for your highest good. Your Higher Self guidance is your only trusted source of YOUR TRUTH. Constant connection and communication is vital at this point and is not to be taken lightly. Everyone has this communication available within them. EVERYONE. You just have to remember how. Reactivating your Own Original Divine Blueprints through the reactivation of your Divinity Codes is the way to obtain it instantly.

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In Love and Light I AM
YaMa'EL The Golden Dragon Goddess

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