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pictureSaturday, October 4th 2008, by Brenda McCann

Posted by YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

Transmitted through Selacia -- October 2008 2009 - The Great Reconfiguration

In the year 2009, there will be an accelerated momentum of the transformational
shifting that has been underway for a very long time. It will be both global and
personal. This shifting will eventually lead to a radical reshaping of many worn-
out structures and ways of being in your world.

In the future, when you look back on these times, you will understand how 2009 and
the several years that follow are a time of reconfiguration. The year 2009 is to
be pivotal in this regard, for many pieces in the foundation of the new Earth will
be initiated for assembly. This won't be like any foundation you have seen before,
for it will have global connections and linkups with every element of society.

On a grand scale, this relates to human society rearranging itself. Humanity has
not seen such a rapid rearranging of this magnitude in any earlier timeframe.
There is no template for it, for the way it is being carried out is brand new.

With no roadmap to follow and so many uncertain variables, the unfolding of the
reconfiguration is quite fluid. Likewise, the challenges being faced are too
complex and wide reaching to be resolved with yesterday's methods. This is true for
both individuals and society as a whole.

Those at the leading edge of change are now in the process of discovering new more
enlightened approaches and ways of viewing the growing list of dilemmas. Where is
this movement headed and what will it look like? ...

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