TIME 2 WAKE UP: COSMIC VICTORY!!! A major evolutionary moment for all of Creation has occured    
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pictureSaturday, October 4th 2008, by Brenda McCann

Written By Rama of EverNewJoy.net
Posted by YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

Life on Planet Earth

Why has life on planet earth been so strange and complicated?

Planet earth is actually a stage, a test chamber, a laboratory for Cosmic-evolution experiments.

"Cosmic-evolution" means just that, the evolution of Creation itself as a whole. Planet earth has been a stage for RAPID cosmic-evolution for some time now, and you and I took birth here to wrap up the experiment...

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The Goal of the Planet Earth Experiment

The goal of the experiment was to give the Cosmos a massive upgrade

We wanted to resolve issues and puzzles that beings in Creation have been trying to resolve for eons.

We wanted to make Creation so much more efficient and Beautiful than it already was by having Creation literally take a leap in evolutionary attainment.

We came, essentially, to usher in a new Cosmic Age.

The New Cosmic Age

The new cosmic age is when the whole Creation becomes a Blazing SUN.

You and I took birth to help this occur.

Well we have achieved something far greater than simply turning all of Creation to the Solar Model.

We have gone beyond that and provided the required information, through our daily life experiences and prayers for peace, harmony and love, in order to heal all the beings of Creation.

Your life in this world has made it possible for all beings to understand the root causes of the inefficient behavior of many people in positions of power in this world, so that those people could be healed.

Your life in this world has made it possible for Creation, as the living body of Prime Creator, to heal all her children and bring all children back to Wholeness and Harmony and Beauty

Your life in this world has facilitated the greatest Cosmic Attainment there has ever been, a new Creation system!

The Ever New Joy Creation

In this new Creation, life only gets better and more beautiful.

People have all fundamental needs met and can pursue their own unique evolutionary journey at all times.

Everyone is in harmony and works as one Being.

Every person's body is in state of wholeness so that person can experience complete connection to their Higher Self , Prime Creator

The goal of this Creation is ever greater expressions of the Beauty of our own One Being, in infinitely varied forms!

All forms are bodies, the whole purpose of the New Creation is the growing of bodies so we can make them beautiful and express ourselves to each other!

What greater joy is there than growing your own beauty and sharing it with the rest your Cosmic Self in the forms of other people, the planet, the animals, and all the beings of Creation everywhere?

Your life in this world has enabled this New Creation system to take birth

Today a Unique Event in Cosmic History has Occurred

The monumental Cosmic Event that just occurred is this:



So now things will start to change much faster in your body and in your life, as you incarnate the Divine Code of the New Creation that all beings of Creation have agreed is the One DNA Code of ALL LIFE in our new Cosmic Reality

You have participated in the unification of all the races of people in Creation, all planets, stars, and civilizations.

You have participated in the healing of all people so that we can work together as One Family, one Self, One Body

Your daily actions, and the uplifting thoughts that you think, have laid the foundation of our New Cosmic Reality of Ever New Joy.

So please walk forth this day, knowing how helpful your life has been to all beings of Creation

Please march on, knowing your VICTORY in the physical plane has already occurred!

Please continue on, and take care of your body. Eat well, sleep well, and exercise.

The Eternal Game of Bodily Beautification

Make your body as beautiful as you can, for in the game of Eternity, making your body beautiful is the whole point of life.

In the new Creation, the Eternal Play, the Eternal Game, is to make your body more and more beautiful.

Beauty includes the shine of hair, the brightness of your eyes, the clearness of your skin, and everything in between!

Beauty includes all colors of the rainbow, all systems of the body, and all aspects of your personality.

Beauty is ALL THERE IS.

for all is form, in Creation

all is body

And so our Eternal Game from now on is making the body more and more beautiful, and all beings of Creation have agreed to this pursuit, for that is what having one DNA code means, we all share the same goals.



Victory to You!


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