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pictureFriday, September 26th 2008, by Brenda McCann

Posted by YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

Each human is a complex system of chemicals, hormones, vibrations/frequencies as well as beliefs, programs, emotional addiction and emotional habits.

The desire to attain a balance and discover the master control so to speak of the emotional nature is an important aspect of each human.

Your emotions are like the sea. They ebb and flow. The sea is affected by the winds, the pull of the moon, the season. It is important for each human to realize that they can either be in the sea of emotions or riding the sea of emotions.

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Awareness is the boat you build which allows you to ride the emotional waves moment to moment. It is important to realize that you are the boat and not the sea.

Remember that incomplete, unresolved, suppressed experiences that are triggered by a song, a smell, a memory will dump you into the emotional sea every time.

Get back in the boat. Remember you are not these emotions. You might feel them, yet these emotions are offering you a clear sign that you are not in your center.

In your center, in the boat of awareness you are the master control and navigator.
Each and everything that you personally do that reflects a vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation enhances the matrix as a whole. These vibrations keep you in the boat above the emotional sea of turmoil and this allows you to honor your magnificence.


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