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pictureFriday, September 26th 2008, by Brenda McCann

Posted by YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

"This is by far the BEST TRUE description of TRUE PROSPERITY I have ever heard and is written below by our dear Brother ZaKaiRan. No one has spoken of manifesting abundance in this context that I am aware of, yet it is basis of what theDivinity Codes Energy Healing RE-Activations are all about! I was born knowing this truth and used it to heal my own body and finances. We ALREADY ARE True Prosperity and Health Beloveds, there is nothing to DO but reactivate your memory! ESPAVO Dear Brother for saying this better than I could have said it myself!" ~ YaMa'EL


"The whole point of this dissertation on Prosperity is to illuminate true reality, the facts that: We are Prosperity!!!! We are Abundance!!!! We are Success!!!! We are Divinity!!!! We are Mastery!!!! And to manifest what we truly want - on a personal and planetary scale, to create/manifest heaven in our lives, and heaven on earth, in order for us to powerfully create a reality of cooperation and unity/Christ Consciousness, we must be one with that which we desire. Our desires must not be separate from ourselves, or from our divine essence, our Spirit. We must let go of our attachments to things to make us feel good about ourselves, and we must let go of our feelings of unworthiness if we do not have things, and worthiness if we do have things.

We do not “need” money because we are abundance, (what money represents). We are re-Source! We do not “need” things, because we are all creation - everything that has been created, and everything that will be created. We do not need anyone or anything to prove we are worthy, or good, or powerful… Because we are God-Goddess, Divine Magnificence, Divine Power, Divine Love…, no matter what we may judge ourselves to have done or said that is unredeemable. "

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