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pictureFriday, September 19th 2008, by Brenda McCann

Posted by YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

I Am Ashtar, I am your colleague of old and we, myself and fellow travelers are keen to make this reconnection with you and to enlighten you to the eventualities that may, or indeed, may not be occurring. Your reassuring scripts over these many and numerous years have held many in good stead and have touched upon the truth of matters over various avenues and topics that are of grand assistance to one and all upon your beloved planet, Mother Earth. It is indeed with the greatest of pleasure that I may act as spokesperson for these words and takes me, us, back to the times when your channel was actively utilized by not only the spiritual hierarchies, yet also the Elohim, the Cherubim and Seraphim, the Angelic and numerous realms of light expression, including of course those that have been termed as the ascended masters by some on Terra!

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Your continual discernment is ever acknowledged by we of the Galactic Federation of Planets and the various intergalactic space commands including the Ashtar Command with whom you have 'personal connection' with or to, indeed far more than you've ever chosen to broadcast for reasons of your own in these ever changing climes that we find ourselves engraced within. We are joyous and are extremely gladdened as we converse once again in this manner and it seems but the 'blinking of an eye' when were together on our missions in full flight as it were, throughout this beautiful galaxy that is on the eternal journey of reconciliation and realization. We, the Lady Athena and I, along with many whom you know and are continuing their journeys in this guise and manner, salute you and yours and complement the efforts of some magnitude in the daily processing and ever further inner realizations.

There is as you are quite well aware numerous numbers of us 'airborne' as it were, and you are well frequented with greater vision and opportunity in sharing ever that which is of substance and of some relevance in the so named Ascension process. Yes, we too remember well the one Eric Klein whose momentous simplistic words of "Hello, I Am Jesus," triggered off a world wide opening of many a heart-centre from it's bud state, as it were, gradually blossoming out into full bloom and thereby opening the door for the many of us in the 'lighter realms' to come forward and share that which gave us great pleasure in so doing. In these current days, as more and more of us come forward, your spiritual brothers and sisters, also the many 'masters and lighted beings' in like manner, there is a resounding merging and bonding of our energies with yours bringing us ever closer together in these times of expansion and excitement! You are now becoming very well aware and justly informed of the injections of energies and by the ever increasing inputs and sharing of words and knowledge for you to take on board if they feel 'right' for you - or alternatively to discard if they resonate not. Yours is the truth that beckons and truly prompts and this is ever the way to go forwards, taking the tidbits or morsels that titivate your taste buds, and allowing that which gives you a no good or gut feeling! Place to one side for another day, when they might well become your truth and enlightenment and can then be incorporated into your belief pattern or awareness.

Speculations are being voiced by many a worthy on planet channel as to the likelihood of visual sightings of our space or light crafts in forthcoming times upon your planet and we would here choose to possibly clarify these suggestions and bring them into greater alignment with / to the Universal Laws that govern all and everything-without exception. There have been many sightings by many people upon Terra over the years and we have oftimes visited many leading 'statesmen' of the world in a bid to share our loving intent for the betterment of all upon planet, but to date has this information been withheld by those 'in power,' who choose not our genuine approaches of guidance and assistance in these our numerous visits to places of 'senior meetings!' We are fast approaching the end of an era when 'time stands still' and momentum picks up to carry those further forward into their awakening and expansiveness, and there is of course an inevitability that the fast outmoded linear clock will collapse yet further as the 'new world' begins to formulate with you de-light-full beings upon her in your regality of being and steadfastness of spirit.

When and if the time is right will our visitations become more obvious and when and if this happens will you, standing in your light and power, herald in and stabilize the platform for launching this planet and yourselves gradually and gracefully into the reality ordained so to be. When and if we are needed on planet, as it were, will you then indeed see us, your fellow travelers and families, with your physical eyes. There are those that see with their 'inner vision' and likened to a decade or so ago will 'those who have eyes to see' indeed see without the shadow of a doubt. We are all so interlinked and interconnected and that connection has never ever been lost, but merely temporarily forgotten, "Dear God, I Know that I know everything, but sometimes I forget to remember!"

Remember that all and everyone are on a journey, and it is not necessarily to be foretold, laid out and pre-empted, for the actual act of foretelling of a possibility may well detract from the journey that which it originally and rightfully has to offer! Allow yourselves the grace and comfort to know that visual landings or sightings of our dear fellow travelers will, if needed to be part of the greater picture, occur at the divine right moment of time and not at a specified prearranged and structured allocated time. We, you and Mother Earth each have a journey to make and it is in the making thereof that will ensure it's highest fulfillment, unstructured and broadcast not!
Selamet Ja!

Alec Christos Gabbitas for our Space Brethren and The Universal Mind.
gabbitas1 @ aol.com Sept. 3.2008
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