TIME 2 WAKE UP: LOVE'S LOOP ALERT-Issue #89 Vol. NOW July 19th - 26th 2008    
  LOVE'S LOOP ALERT-Issue #89 Vol. NOW July 19th - 26th 20080 comments
pictureTuesday, July 22nd 2008, by Brenda McCann


Issue #89  Vol. NOW July 19th - 26th 2008


This Weeks JAM PACKED Issue Of Love's Loop Alerts is READY AND WAITING FOR YOU!

Feature Story

Lord Kuthumi - 8:8:8
Windows of Abundance
Celebration And Activation

EXCERPTS:: "Precious ones this 8:8:8 celebration is one that will turn the world inside out and upside down, in a manner of speaking that is. This celebration is one that brings forth a level of new energy unlike anything humanity has experienced before."

"As we gather together with each of you upon this celebration day we are ensuring that all the windows of abundance are wide open for every human being to fully embrace this powerful surge of new abundance consciousness. This is the time where we begin the powerful activations of the Sun Chakra and the new chakras that will be birthed through this, which Akhenaton and the Sun Goddesses are responsible for anchoring on Earth with those willing Lightworkers."

"This celebration of abundance is presenting humanity with an opportunity to completely turn away from poverty consciousness. From this time of the 8:8:8 celebration up until the 21st of December 2008"

"These particular abundance grids are very powerful. They are unprecedented. This means it is in your best interest and that of humanity for you to open your heart now and to seriously take action in the direction that will secure your future within the fluid grids of this very powerful abundance consciousness."

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8-8-08 Meditation
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YOUR Zero Point

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