TIME 2 WAKE UP: LOVE's LOOP Issue #83 Vol. NOW April 12th - 19th 2008    
 LOVE's LOOP Issue #83 Vol. NOW April 12th - 19th 20080 comments
Wednesday, April 16th 2008, by Brenda McCann


Issue #83 Vol. NOW April 12th - 19th 2008


This Weeks JAM PACKED Issue Of Love's Loop Alerts IS READY AND WAITING FOR YOU!

Feature Story

Dancing in the Realms of Abundance
by: Sanat Kumara

Excerpts: "Be assured that your time to shine is ripe and waiting for you to release the final remnants of your past protective coating.

As you feel safe to work with the new levels of creation, keep in mind that you must completely shed all thoughts, memories and feelings of being unsupported, for this history is no longer your reality. That is, unless you make it so.

The new reality that you find yourself participating in is one of ease and untold miracles waiting to be discovered.

As you emerge from the maze of yesterday you will notice that today no longer requires linear planning. This space is one of allowing, of receiving the grace so duly earned."

Do you foresee that this reality is one that you can uphold? Or do you feel as though you must work for every gain?"

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Many physical symptoms are a mystery to Earthling Doctors as the DNA becomes not what they have known, so breathe through it and know it will all calm down with your own natural Healing abilities inside which are only just being realized.

Learn to listen to your own body and reach out for help when its needed for others to aid you in healing yourself, don't think of asking others to fix it for you as it won't last.

It is time to be discerning in who your Healers are... are they helping you help yourself?

This is the best kind of Healer.

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