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pictureTuesday, January 1st 2008, by Brenda McCann



Welcome to the Massive Breakthrough Year of 2008!

2008 is the year that we've been waiting for. It is a tremendously powerful and exciting year in which all things are possible.

Since it is a year of immensely deep Monolithic Shifts, we will experience profound life altering inner and outer changes throughout the year. By the end of the year, we shall find ourselves in very different circumstances from where we are now. We will be with new people in new places with new career paths that incorporate our creativity. Most of all, we will have a very expanded awareness with a totally new set of priorities.

2008 signifies the beginning of the end of illusion and will bring numerous challenges. These challenges will be immeasurably greater for those who have not yet stepped onto their new level and become True Core Beings.

Some of these challenges will be personal ones in which any elements within us that have expired or which have held us back from being our true selves will rise to the surface greatly magnified in order to be released once and for all. This is because we can no longer carry anything untrue within us. Throughout the year, we will be continually challenged to live our lives as True Core Beings. For if we do, we will be on the Fast Track to the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams.

In 2008 we will experience an infusion of the heightened energies of LOTUS LOVE at a frequency never before experienced on planet Earth. This has already begun. LOTUS LOVE originates from the realm of the deeper Invisible known as the Lotus World and brings in a totally new level of awareness that I can only call an Ultra Greater Reality, as well as a core level resonance of Pure True Love that affects absolutely everything. It's vital that we fully align ourselves with these energies as soon as possible.

One of the side effects of the powerful infusion of Lotus Love is the breaking down of all illusion. Because of this, the outer world will experience occasional upheavals. There may be times of outer chaos and heightened fear. The area of finance is especially susceptible; there may well be a collapse of some world currencies, financial markets and monetary systems. Since we are in the Time of Completion, this breakdown of the old is to be expected.

This makes it even more important for us to remain centered in the Heart of the Lotus at all times and to remain REAL and TRUE. If we do, all will be well. We will be in the Ultra Greater Reality in which there is true abundance and we will be able to do whatever we need to do, without any major financial challenges. We will be fully supported on all levels in our New Lives.

Throughout the year, we will experience a steady procession of Green Lights, Golden Opportunities, Major Intersections, Monolithic Shifts and Quantum Breakthroughs. These will take place on levels that we cannot yet imagine. And after that, nothing will ever be the same....


2007 was a huge Year of Transition. It was a major Turning Point in which we took the tree of our known environment out of the ground where it had long been established and carefully packed its roots in a burlap sack so that it would be ready to move to a new place as soon as the correct time arrived.

Although it often felt that we weren't getting much accomplished or that we hadn't made any dramatic internal changes, by the end of the year we could see that much had been achieved. Far more than we realized.

It was a year in which many of us birthed our True Core Selves and moved our outer lives to a totally new level. We did this by clearing out all the expired elements within us that we could find and by altering our actions and responses so that they became a more perfect mirror of who we really are.

We Repatterned the Past by bringing our new selves, or sometimes our future selves, into old situations to totally change our responses, thus neutralizing old triggers and dissolving limiting patterns that had long held us back. We made things right through Ho'o Pono Pono, correcting imbalances of the past by taking everything to a totally new level.

As we combed through our beings, we let go of many people, expired relationships, unfulfilling jobs, limiting concepts, superficial social activities and outdated spiritual practices. This massive letting go will continue throughout 2008 whenever new layers are revealed, as we become ever more REAL and TRUE. And it will become increasingly easier to do this.

We also released many of the props of our old lives and began accumulating the tools and touchstones for our New Lives. These objects actually anchored the resonance of our New Lives within our old ones, helping us free ourselves and move forward into the New and True.

Whenever we could, we passed on the sceptres of responsibilities that we had outgrown to those who stood ready to take them as their next step. We brought many outstanding projects to completion.

Throughout the year, we were challenged to break old patterns, to step forth as True Core Beings as never before. We needed to row with our full beings in the direction of our New Lives, even when we didn't know where they were located or the details of how we would get there. This didn't require faith or trust; instead it happened by aligning with our deep inner knowing that we were being called into new, true directions. And by our willingness to make becoming True Core Beings our top priority and go forward into our New Lives with our full commitment.

We did all this with rigid scaffolding over our hearts which were being totally reconstructed into the New Matrix of True Love. This meant that for most of the year our love wasn't readily accessible. Often we felt numb or neutral, rather than filled with waves of love. This emotional detachment and numbness was necessary in order to deal with the occasional harshness of what we had to do, stripping away all that was untrue.

And although it sometimes appeared as if our love was gone, it wasn't. Our emotional bodies were being thoroughly restructured to be able to handle the abundance of LOTUS LOVE coming into our lives in 2008. By the end of 2007, huge chunks of our scaffolding were already falling away.

The mammoth transitions of 2007 moved many of us into the state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, the launching point into our New Lives.


Ever since we first started incarnating on Earth, we have been walking along an endless expanse of sandy beach. All of our experiences have left a long line of footprints in the sand behind us. If we pause and look backwards, we will see our entire history embedded in the sand.

There were the times when we wildly ran ahead, dancing with enthusiasm. The marks in the sand where we gave up and flung ourselves to the ground too weary to continue. The footprints filled with the puddles of our tears. The ugly scars where we angrily kicked the sand in frustration, impatience and discontent. We can see the places where we stopped to pray or meditate, building temporary altars in the sand for whatever we believed in at the time. There are also the exquisite sand sculptures that we created when we were filled with inspiration. The words of wisdom that we inscribed along the way. The huge hearts we drew when we were in love. The times when we just dragged ourselves along, step by laborious step. The numerous footprints when we walked with others -- sometimes with love, laughter and support; sometimes leaving scuffle marks in the sand from our conflicts and pools of blood from our fiercest battles.

Everything that we have ever experienced is recorded in the sand behind us. It's our history-- our personal story. And it's there for everyone to see.

Then something totally unexpected happens. A gigantic Tsunami of LOVE appears and with a huge XUA! (zhwah) washes everything away! We stop in our tracks, uncertain what to do. Our history has just been erased. We suddenly feel stripped naked. How can we proceed without carrying the imprint (and baggage) of all our past experiences?

The answer is Very Consciously. Very Correctly. With Integrity. With Commitment. With Focused Intent. With our Truest Love.

Now we realize that we have been given a Golden Opportunity. An opportunity to totally recreate ourselves and our lives in any way that we choose. A chance to look within our Heart of Hearts and see who we really are and ascertain what we would most like to do with our lives. A New Beginning has just been handed to us.

With this blank canvas, we can choose to be inspired or we can choose to be intimidated. What will you choose? If we are intimidated, we will hastily grab as much old stuff as possible and throw it on our canvas so it won't appear so blank and empty. We won't care if we like it or not; we won't care if it has expired or not. We will simply grab anything that's close by and hold on tight.

If we haven't become clear on who we really are, if we are still resisting what we know to be true, or if we haven't asked ourselves what we really want, then we will just passively accept whatever is around. We will miss our wondrous Golden Opportunity to step into totally New Lives that hold the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams.

If we are inspired, we will embrace the emptiness of our blank canvas. We will know that anything could go there, but we will be careful to only put on it what we really want, what feels absolutely true. And when we continue our journey, no longer encumbered by the heavy weight of our past history, we will step lightly and truly, making as few new footprints as possible.

This is how we reach the end of the beach....

The end of the old road.

When the beach suddenly comes to an end, we are extremely surprised, for this is the last thing that we ever expected. Now where do we go?

Directly ahead of us is nothingness. No land. No landmarks. No trees. No people. No map. It's Pure Unknown. What to do?

We know that we cannot simply stop and stay where we are. We know that we cannot go backwards, for we have already crossed the Point of No Return. We know that we must go forward into our New Lives, even though we don't yet have a clear picture of what they look like. It's the only direction where we really want to go. So the sole option for us is to lift our right foot and move it forward, off the Map of the Known and onto the uncharted realms of the Unknown.

We don't see anything to step on, and still we move our foot forward, trusting, knowing that it will find somewhere to stand. And miraculously.... It does.

So now we have one foot on the beach and one foot in the Unknown. What to do? Simply lift your left foot and move it forward. It will find somewhere to stand. And this is how we cross the bridge from the Known into the Unknown, from our old lives into our New Lives.

In 2008 we will make our journey across this bridge between HERE and THERE and reach the shores of our New Lives. The place of the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. This will be the starting point for a totally new era. A new cycle far vaster than we can presently realize.


Each of us is a mighty stone pillar. Throughout the ages past, our stone pillar has held us up. It has been our main support and we always knew that without it we would fall. Until now....

Starting in 2007, the stones that create our invincible pillar have been falling away, and with them go huge chunks of mortar. This has been unsettling to say the least. For some, it has been terrifying. Feeling that they are loosing their grip and becoming ungrounded.

Whenever chunks of our pillars fall away, the usual response is to quickly try to put them back into position. However, this doesn't work at all. No matter how hard we try, we cannot repair what is not meant to be fixed.

The best response is to simply let our pillars crumble. Feel vulnerable. Feel unsupported by the usual means of support. And then just when we're waiting nervously for our entire world to collapse, we will discover that our beings don't fall. They just get stronger and clearer.

This is because our seemingly solid stone pillars were all an illusion of duality. What was really holding everything together was the titanium rod or rebar in the center of the pillar. As our pillars crumble, it will be the only thing which remains. And the only thing we need.

This is when we will discover a new lightness of being. A new mobility. A true sense of freedom. Without the heavy covering of stones and mortar, we can fully expand into our True Core Being which is well beyond the perimeters of our personal being. We can expand all the way into the New Matrix. We can become living Lotuses of Love.

And now we are ready for our sacred quest to find our hidden treasures.


This is a mystical year of mythical proportions. We will be following ancient pathways that will lead us to totally new directions. Some of us will be walking the Path of the Dragon or the Path of the White Deer; others will be on the Path of the Winged Lion. There are many ancient pathways such as the Path of the White Horse which shall now be revealed. And if we are walking our true path, whatever it is, we shall finally be on the real PATH OF TRUE LOVE.

Once we find our true pathway, we begin our sacred quest for our hidden treasures. It soon becomes apparent that there are special places we must visit, special people to meet and special items we must find. And of course, one of our ultimate hidden treasures is our One True Love.

What makes this a bit challenging is that we are not told in advance where we must go or what we must find. We have no list in hand. Instead, we must recognize our hidden treasures as they appear.

Every time that we encounter one of our hidden treasures, we experience the sense of something massive clicking into its true position. A long lost thread is rewoven into the fabric of our being and its entire patterning is changed. A new, truer pattern that has long been hidden emerges. A jewel is placed into the crown.

Each hidden treasure that we gather reconnects us with the Core of the Heart of the Lotus. Each treasure found takes us deeper into the Ultra Greater Reality. And this is exactly where we truly want to be.


Surrounding the Lotus World is a Band of Distortion which serves as the filtering system for the Lotus Heart. These filters are so finely tuned and perfectly calibrated that they won't let anything untrue enter the Lotus World.

If we have become True, Core Beings we can easily step through the Band of Distortion and enter the Lotus World. However, if we are still carrying any illusions, if we are still motivated by ego or selfishness, if we are still compromising what we know to be true, if we are still resisting who we really are, if our pockets are crammed full of expired elements, then we will not obtain clear passage into the Lotus World.

Instead, everything that cannot enter the Lotus World will be so greatly magnified once we reach the Band of Distortion that it will be impossible to ignore. It will not only be magnified, but it will be greatly distorted so that the illusions we still carry become illusions of illusions.

This calls for clear, decisive action. If we really want to enter the Lotus World, we must quickly release all that holds us back, letting go of everything that keeps us from being totally honest and integrous with ourselves and others. To do this, we can make the sound of XUA! (zhwah) while making a forward and upward movement with both arms. XUA! is the self-cleaning mechanism of the Lotus. It washes everything untrue away and clears the path before us.

The Band of Distortion isn't a place to be feared. It is serving a very real purpose. And it's always good to be aware of where we are and what we are experiencing. But it's important that we don't get stuck there.


There is a very strange phenomena happening right now called Horizontal Disease. It occurs to people when they become stuck in the Band of Distortion. It mainly affects those who know better, but who aren't listening to themselves and who aren't being true to who they are. Those who aren't rowing with their full beings even though they know that's what they're meant to do. Those who are still compromising or watering down who they really are.

Horizontal Disease is affecting some really brilliant people, the ones who really know what is happening. This is because they are still trying to live double lives.

It starts with internal blind spots which keep on enlarging. Then they begin the endless process of blaming others for their own failure to step fully in. They become enveloped in the illusion that they're in a new place, when they are not. Or they become stuck in glaringly obvious old patterns and situations, saying that it's their true purpose, when it isn't.

Before someone is totally taken over by Horizontal Disease, they have fleeting moments of clarity, of questioning their direction and where they are putting their energy. Then, they slip into the unconscious abdication of their own knowing, losing their power of decision and succumbing to the deep sleep of oblivion and denial.

This is Horizontal Disease. It isn't being mentioned to breed fear, negativity or judgment. It is simply part of the reality of the present moment and we need to be aware of it. It is happening to some of the finest, most aware people. They are being pulled into a mirror world, a parallel reality in which they are losing touch with what is real.

Horizontal Disease is not just getting stuck in duality; it is the duality beyond duality. When someone has it, it sets up a forcefield that pushes away and repels anything that is true. With Horizontal Disease, you make all the wrong choices, repel all the true people. It is much like an enchantment and puts people into a state similar to suspended animation where they continuously circle around the Lotus World in the Band of Distortion, like rings of Saturn. They can't enter the Lotus World and they can't go back to where they used to be.

It is happening to some of the truest ones, some of our nearest and dearest-- the ones who could really make a difference.

Some ways to prevent contacting Horizontal Disease are to set strong energetic fields anchored in the Greater Reality in your home environment. Gather together as many New Life tools, objects and skills as possible, for these are the touchstones for our future. And just keep on rowing....

And when the shift into the Ultra Greater Reality happens, those true ones who have fallen under the spell of Horizontal Disease will be among the first to awaken.


The Ultra Greater Reality is so new that it is difficult to describe. Up until a few months ago, I didn't know that it existed. It is often triggered by encountering a Major Intersection which is a massive alignment of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. Each Major Intersection creates a mammoth explosion within our beings that blasts us into the Ultra Greater Reality.

All I can say at this point is that the energies of the Ultra Greater Reality are truly awesome and are quite unlike anything I have ever experienced. Everything is ultra enhanced and totally clear. It is absolutely timeless with a sense of vastness and expansion far, far beyond anything we have known. There is an incredible freedom to move about with ease in and beyond time and space. With it also comes a super heightened all-seeing / all-knowingness, as well as a deep sense of well being. When we are in it, we feel ultra naked, almost transparent, yet lucidly present.

Being in the Ultra Greater Reality triggers our beings to discover previously forgotten or long hidden information. It's like there is a whole secret world of things previously impossible to see, but waiting to be found once you arrive there. This adds a whole new dimension to our treasure quest.

There's a quality about the Ultra Greater Reality that is very much like AN energy, a powerful fusion of back-to-the-very-beginning ancientness merged with the totally ground-breaking New. This is MUA: Before the beginning. When we enter it, we are at the place of a brand new beginning, a whole new epoch, just as it was so long ago, yet on a vastly different level of the spiral.

The Ultra Greater Reality is so strong that even brief immersions in it can totally sear our beings. This is one of the reasons that we just spent the past year under scaffolding. It's not just our emotional bodies that are getting rewired, but also our nervous systems, so we can hold the intensity of the Ultra Greater Reality without getting fried.

What is truly amazing is that when you enter the Ultra Greater Reality, everything flips over. The entire map of the Known and the Unknown flips upside down to reveal a totally new and unexpected landscape. On the new landscape everything has changed. Some things from both the Known and the Unknown are gone. All recognized elements from the old landscape have been rearranged and are in new positions. And many new elements from both the Known and the Unknown are now revealed.

It reminds me of the film "Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End" when Johnny Depp deciphers the revolving circular map that says, "Up is Down. Down is Up." and must turn his ship upside down to get free. This is exactly what we must do, for once we enter the flipped over landscape of the Ultra Greater Reality, we are in the sphere of Beyond our Wildest Dreams.


In 2008 we will experience a massive immersion into LOTUS LOVE. With the scaffolding that has long covered our emotional body finally falling off, we will be able to Love and Be Loved as never before. This will be way off the scale of any Love we have known before.

As True Core Beings we will be able to experience TRUE LOVE TO THE CORE. As the year progresses, this will become the ground that we stand upon and the air we breathe. We shall be embodiments of TRUE LOVE TO THE CORE. And this will happen whether or not we are with our One True Loves, for it is this very resonance that shall lead us to the Major Intersection where we meet one another.

One True Loves are coming into the lives of many of us this year. Some people found theirs last year, but the ones coming in this year will be well worth the wait.

And please don't waste your time searching for them, for we will find each other when least expected. Instead, let's turn our attention to our own selves, become REAL and TRUE so we will be fully ready. Let's live in the resonance of TRUE LOVE TO THE CORE. Once we step into our next level and become true King of Kings and Queen of Queens, they will soon appear. (I will write more about this in the January Surf Report.)

If we stay on our true trajectory, we will unquestionably encounter one another. Just know that once we meet, everything will be irrevocably changed. A whole new set of cards will be added to our decks enabling us to play a whole new game that we never knew existed.

Our reconnection with our One True Loves is an integral part of our journey through 2008. This is so important that I will be writing about this in much greater depth in the monthly Surf Reports this year.


2008 is the year that we've been waiting for. Everything is absolutely ON THE LINE in 2008. This is MAKE OR BREAK TIME without question. What will help us most is centering our beings in the Heart of the Lotus. Rowing night and day with our full beings. Living our mastery in every single minute. And expanding our beings so that we become Master Servers of the One.

We cannot afford to be sloppy with any aspect of our lives. Carrying any illusion within us will be extremely harmful and could hold us back. At this point in the game, we simply cannot allow ourselves to do anything untrue. And please remember: Don't doubt what you know to be true. And don't doubt who you really are.

During the Monumental Year of 2008, our lives will undergo profound changes. There will be many doors closing and many doors opening. We will continually be rerouted until we connect with our truest path.

All year long, we have the possibility of encountering a series of Major Intersections, each of which will be totally life changing.

We will be super humanly busy all year. And we will often have to get things done in the midst of Choppy Surf in a Sea of Distraction. But we will have lots of energy and enthusiasm to achieve what's before us, as long as we are following the Compass of our Hearts and giving it everything we've got.

Many of us will be called to change our place of residence, finding the perfect place where we can begin our New Lives. These new locations may well be in totally unexpected areas, such as a country that you never thought of moving to.

There is an array of potential places to move to, just as there are several potential One True Loves. However, one place will call to us stronger than the others. We must remain open to any hints and clues as to where we should go, and let go of any preconceived personal preferences, knowing that when we connect with our perfect new location that it will have a very specific alignment with our True Destiny and Purpose that will be unquestionable. When the time is right to move, we will know exactly where we are meant to go.

Many new people with whom we share a deep kinship will enter our lives. We will discover that the time for being independent and alone is over. Now we must live and work together with others who share our purpose and who are walking our same sacred paths. Because of this, some of us will start forming small hidden communities where we can set heightened energetic fields and live immersed in the Lotus World while we anchor the resonance of the Ultra Greater Reality for all.

Our jobs will also undergo dramatic shifts. We may find ourselves changing our career direction and taking up something totally new and unexpected. There is a strong connection between our new careers and our creativity which is very important. Creativity and careers must now be fully merged and made manifest. Each of us must find our unique way of serving the One within the work we do, for without the component of service, we cannot be whole. This will fling open the door to abundance and the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams.

If we follow the deepest promptings of our Heart of Hearts and do what we would love to do, all will go well. But if we compromise ourselves in any way, we will get sidetracked and miss these amazing, once-in-a-lifetime Golden Opportunities.

Throughout the year, there will be some shocking surprises. These will be shocking because they are so unexpected. And because this is the Time of Completion, we will occasionally feel twinges that we have reached the end of the world. Which it is. It's the end of the old world of duality and the beginning of a whole new era. And we came here specifically to be here at this time.

In 2008, we shall reach the shining shores of our New Lives. We shall start creating our new foundations. We will forge new friendships. Our creativity will burst forth in our new careers. We will walk down the Path of True Love arm in arm with our One True Love, deeply grateful for the long journey that brought us here.

And then we will forget our journey, releasing it to the cosmic dust, and simply live in the HERE and NOW.... In the NEW and TRUE.

2008 is the year that we've been waiting for....


Make the Great Year of 2008 bring you
the Breakthrough of All Breakthroughs
the Fulfillment of your Wildest Dreams
and the Love of All Loves.

With Deepest LOVE from the Core of the Lotus Heart,


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9 Jan 2008 @ 01:53 by a-d : OK, time again for a BIIIG
"THANK YOU", Brenda!... for these (few) articles here (since my last comment)
Love it all! You are "just the Best" . Cool,Dear FreedomSis! : ) /A-d  

15 Jan 2008 @ 19:12 by carole fitzgerad @ : Need to get in contact
I need to get in contact with others of like belief. I live at a Senior Complex and they belong to religious groups(Chruges/Mininsters) etc So I am alone and am osterized because of my different belief than theirs.  

16 Jan 2008 @ 04:48 by freo7 : Hi Carol: WELCOME
This is a great 'time of coming together' ~ Soul families are gathering now!
WELCOME TO OUR WORLD! You BELONG here! See & sense if you resonate: http://www.lightsoflove.us
And here is our last week's Love's Loop Alert Online: http://www.lightsoflove.us/LLAW/vol72.php




One Life ~ One Light ~ One Love  

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