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Dearest Lightworkers, at this stage of the birth of the New Year, and a new cycle of Creation and Transformation, we wish to extend our Love and Joy to you. Indeed, you have come a long way, you have transformed and changed yourselves from Third-dimensional human beings to Fifth-dimensional Beings of Light - that which we call Human Angels. And so, at this time, you stand ready to receive the manifestation on Earth of that which you have created. Be open to receive, and dearest ones, receive with Joy. In this message, we will speak about the incoming energies, not just for this coming month, but also for this Cycle of Light that will take you up to and past your "end time" marker of 2012. Indeed, by then, your Planet will exist fully in the Fifth Dimension, and those of you who read these words will be the Pioneers and the Wayshowers who will lift humanity into this new Perception of Reality. Dearest Lightworkers, you will be the Leaders and Teachers of a new way of life and being. We ask that you teach by example, and that your example be one of Love and Joy. But we remind you too, that the path of the Leader in the New Energy is not one of power and glamour, for these are the path of the ego. In this New Energy the path of the Leader is Service, Self-discipline and Humility. Remember, because you are in a position of leadership, it does not mean you are "more evolved" and "better than" others. Your gifts are given that you might offer them in service to the Highest Good of the Planetary Collective. You will make mistakes as you learn and you may make wrong choices. Be humble enough to acknowledge this and then make new choices. It is not an easy time, as you learn to let go of the old mind-based ways of being and choose to live from the Heart. But, above all, dearest Lightworkers, remember that a leader is self-disciplined. Now, as we say, you are all leaders in the new energy, and the skills of of self-discipline are important. Can you structure your life and your service to others in such a way that you are a Beacon of Radiant Light and an example for others? The only way to achieve this, dearest ones, is by being able to work with the flow of Divine Grace and Power in your life, and to structure it into personal spiritual practices and Ceremonies of Light and Gratitude, both individually and within your communities. The New Beginning and "HeartWeaving"
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As you build and create your new Fifth-dimensional Earth, we would speak to you of that which we call "heartweaving". Each of you carries the Radiant Light of Source within your hearts, and as you work together and dream together and create together, you weave your heart's light together to create a radiant work of "Celestial Art" that you call "Manifestation" or "Physical Reality". Dearest Ones, in the old Third-dimensional Earth your manifestations and creations were woven from the light of your minds. In the New Earth you will weave from the light of your Heart, and you will create with all the Radiance and Clarity that lives in your Heart. Dearest Ones, as you become more skilled in weaving from the heart and weaving your heart's desires into reality, you will become a "new creation" and you will create a "new earth". You will see all people with love, for in the Fifth Dimension you see the Spirit in All Things and you see the Oneness and Love in all things. You will respect and honor the path of every person you meet, for you will once again understand the concept of "the way". This means that each and every person on the Planet walks their own path or "way", and that this is the right "way" for them. Every path leads to increased self-knowledge and self-understanding, until every person reaches "home" - the understanding that they are the Divine Essence walking on Earth. In this place of Illumination, all paths are spirals of Radiant Light from the Heart of God. And so, as each of you becomes aware that you are indeed Light walking on the Earth, so the beauty of each Radiant Spiral will increase so that you will create, here on Earth, a tapestry of radiant Light for all to see. Dearest Ones, the way to find your own "way" or path is to listen to your own Heart. Follow your inner feelings and intuitions, and you will be guided to where you need to be. Once you have ignited the Twin Flame within your Heart, you can be sure that you will always be guided by the Radiant Light within! The Skill of Creating : Possibility and Probability

Dearest ones, in this last cycle we did indeed speak to you a great deal about Creating and Manifesting, and we spoke to you about the activation of the "Infinity Codes" that would lead you to a new way of Living and Perceiving. We would just add one more concept at this time, before we speak to you about the importance of Balance in your lives. As you activate your skills as Creators in this new reality, we ask you to understand that All Things are Possible. Yes, as they say, if you can dream it, you can create it! This is, indeed true! We would call this a "Possibility Field". Within a "Possibility Field" lies "all potential" - all things are possible. All things exist within a Possibility Field. It is the Heart of the Source and it requires only the Magnetic Force of True Desire to begin the sequences of Creation and Manifestation. However, Dearest Ones, in this place of potential exists that which we call the "womb of chaos". For, where all possibilities exist simultaneously as pure potential, it is indeed chaotic. Those who are centered in their Hearts and fully grounded may navigate the chaos through the operation of Choice. When you make a Choice within a Possibility Field, you create a Spiral of Light called a "Probability Field", from which you manifest according to the choices of your Heart. Dearest Ones, that is why so many of you have experienced chaos, emptiness and lack of direction in your lives. As you enter the Possibility Field, you are overwhelmed by the potential and do not know what choices to make to activate your own Spiral of Light, your own Probability Field. For, it is simply a matter of making choices from the desires of your Heart and Soul, that will activate a Creation Sequence known as a "Probability Field". A "Probability Field" produces an ordered sequence of events that leads to miraculous creation and manifestation. It is the energy that produces synchronicities and opportunities. But, even within a Probability Field, there are choices to be made. The Universe will offer you many probable manifestations or outcomes, and it is up to you to make the final choice that will ground the Possibility through Probability and into Manifestation. And so, dearest ones, as you begin to learn how to weave from your Heart's light and to Create within the the Possibility and Probability Fields, you will gain confidence as you see the Spirals of Light manifesting into physical form before your eyes. And, as you become more skilled, you will be able to create ever more rapidly and with more skill and assurance. You will select your Possibility, activate your Probabilities, and make your choices of Manifestation and Creation. And, it will indeed seem miraculous, as scarcity and lack and anxiety become vague memories from the past.
Holding the Balance

And now, at this time, we would speak especially of another skill of the New Earth, that of maintaining and holding your Inner Balance. Dearest Ones, would you create Peace and balance on the Earth? Then do so within yourselves! For, the balance that you will see in the outer reality will be a reflection of the Balance that you will create within yourselves. For the Outer manifestation is always a reflection of the Inner World, and if you can hold your center in Love and Peace and Joy, that is what you will experience as your Reality in the Fifth Dimension. So, we will offer you some "tools" for understanding how you may "walk in balance" in the New Reality. Dearest Ones, there is no need to suffer and to be in pain and lack. That which you have termed "Ascension symptoms" is merely an indication that you are out of balance in your Fifth-dimensional Reality. If you are already out of balance, then at times when the Cosmic energy is more powerful, you will feel the imbalances ever more intensely as discomfort and even dis-ease. Now, as you begin your process of Heartweaving and Integration on the Planet, you will see that the ancient wise ones and the indigenous peoples have many skills that are of value in this new place. As you work with your elemental energies, you will discover the subtle essence of Who You Are - the Essence of the God Force within You. This is Spirit, Fire, Water, Air and Earth....the nature of all Manifestation. These are the elements that must be held in balance within you in order to create balance in your physical being and on your path.
SPIRIT : When you are in balance with Spirit, you will be connected to your Heart and you will radiate Universal Love and Joy and Peace. You will feel that "All is One" and you will live in Harmony and Respect with all life. You will walk your path in confidence, following your Heart's guidance. When you lose that balance and the connection, you will fall into patterns of ego and mind analysis. Here you will seek to judge and categorize, and you will rely on the thoughts and guidance of others to feel safe. You will feel a distinct lack of Love and Joy in your life, for you are not connected to your inner Source of Light. When you feel this imbalance, your work to create balance again is to re-connect with the Love and Joy at your Heart's core that is the essence of Who You Are. Release all fear and all judgment, release the hold of the mind and the ego. Surrender to the flow of Spirit in your life, until you can feel the Joy and the Love again. Know that all else is illusion. You can also look to see if there might be imbalances in the other elemental energies of your being.

FIRE : When your Fire energy is in balance, you will feel a sense of Motivation and Enthusiasm for life. You will have energy and you will feel Joy. You will be connected to your Passion and your Sexual and Sensual energies. When the Fire energy is out of balance, you will feel tired, even exhausted and drained. You will feel angry, or panicky, and you may fall into destructive rage and bitterness. You will find it hard to forgive and let go. You will fall into judgment to justify your lack of movement and growth. To balance the Fire energy it is good to do a Fire Ceremony. Release into the fire all that you no longer need in your life, and ask that the transformative power of Fire reconnect you with your Passion and Joy.

WATER : When your water elemental energy is in balance, you will demonstrate qualities of Nurturing, Caring, Gentleness and Sharing. You will feel Trust and Acceptance, you will live in Grace and Gratitude, with Calmness and Serenity. You will feel Unconditional Love at all times. When your water energy is out of balance, you will feel sadness, depression and self-pity. You will feel weepy and unhappy and dissatisfied with your life. You will compare yourself with others and will feel cheated by life in some way. To regain your balance with your water energy, it is good to do a Water Ceremony for cleansing and balancing. Ask Water to re-connect you to your Grace and Serenity. Open your Heart to water, that you might feel the essence of Nurturing, Love and Gentleness, deep in your Being, and that you may live in Grace and Calm and Peace.

AIR : When you are in balance with your Air energy, you will feel Optimistic and Hopeful and Centered. You will be Flexible in your responses to life's challenges, and you will accept the process of change and growth with Joy. You will see change as a blessing, no matter how it may appear in your life, for you will perceive the inner blessings. The element of Air allows for Movement, Shifts, and cultivates Flexibility of Spirit and Trust in the processes of Spiritual Evolution and Growth. When the Air element is out of balance, you will feeel anxious, inflexible and "stuck". You will feel threatened by change, and will be argumentative and defensive. There will be a lack of focus and direction in your life. You will not seem to hear others, and they will not hear you. You may experience a sense of chaos and disintegration around you. To regain balance with Air, do a Ceremony for the Air elementals. Ask that Air teach you to be flexible and graceful and to bend with the wind like a reed, so that you may gain inner strength and resilience. Ask Air that you may soar like and eagle on the spirals of wind and see the Truth that is your Truth and the Love of All that Is.

EARTH : When your Earth energy is in balance, your life will be Structured and Ordered and you will experience physical Abundance and Joy. You will feel Secure and Safe on Earth, and you will trust that what you need will be provided. You will enjoy being in your Body, and you will feel Health and Vitality. You will honor and care for your Physical Body with love and nurturing. You will honor your physical environment, and you will live with Simplicity and Grace and Beauty. Simple things will give you pleasure. When your earth energy is not in balance, you will feel lethargic, spacey and dizzy at times. You will fear lack and scarcity, and you may become greedy and selfish. You will be unwilling to receive from others. You will perhaps feel physically weak and tired and ill, and there will be little motivation to care for your physical being and your environment. You will feel a lack of Joy and a lack of fulfilment in your life. To regain your Earth balance, do a Ceremony with the Earth elementals and ask to be re-connected to the Earth that is within you. Ask for the aspect of "grounding" in your life, so that you may manifest and create in a grounded way, and that you may enjoy life in a physical body, to the full. Ask to be shown how to live a balanced life that will honor your body and your environment, with Simplicity and Grace.

The Energies for January 2008

Dearest Ones, as you pass through the 1:1:1 gate, you will indeed feel the Chaos of the Pure Potential that opens up as you move through this gate! Know that even if you feel anxious and nervous as you are caught in the different streams of energy, that you need only make Choices. Your responsibility is to make choices about you and what you will experience at this time. The Sun will be in Capricorn, until the 21st of January, when it moves into Aquarius. The New Moon in Capricorn will be on the 8th of January, and the Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius on the 22nd of January. The New Moon in Capricorn, an Earth sign, will be a good time to plant "seeds" of intentions for the next Cycle of Creation and Manifestation. What are your Intentions and what do you wish to Create at this time? The Full Moon in Leo is a Fire Moon, and the energy will be filled with Passion and Sensuality. It will be a good time to go within and connect with your the Passions of your Soul and Heart. The most important Alignments in 2008 will be the movements of Pluto and Jupiter. Pluto will continue to fuel change and transformation, and Jupiter will bring enlightenment and expansion. In 2008, Jupiter will be in Capricorn, an Earth sign that represents the Male Energy. You can expect the opening out of new energy in the physical transformation of the Planet, as well as an expansion and growth of the Divine Masculine Energy on the Planet. For a change, the focus will be on the Masculine energy and how it expresses itself in the New Earth as a partner for the New Divine Feminine Goddess energy. Pluto will move from Sagittarius to Capricorn on the 26th of January . On the 2nd of April it will retrograde and on the 14th of June it will return to Sagittarius. This means that you will begin to see the New manifestations, but that you will be given a last opportunity, both individually and as a planet, to resolve and release any issues that are still "left over" from the Old Earth energies and patterns in your lives. Pluto will go direct on the 9th of September and then finally move into Capricorn on the 26th of November, where it will remain, having finished its transit of Sagittarius and the Galactic Center. Mercury goes retrograde on the 28th of January until the 18th of February, so this is another time when you will be given to reconsider and re-think any issues in your life. Finally, in January, Venus will be in Sagittarius and Mars in Gemini - the Goddess and God opposing each other in Fire and Air. You can expect that personal relationships and romances will be passionate and volatile, so be careful to hold the balance! We wish you much Joy and Love as you "unfold" into the New Cycle which you call a New Year. May you Spiral into Brighter and Brighter Light and Love. © 2007-8 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global
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