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 Shake Your Bhutto, Get Down Tonight! - by Mark Krueger3 comments
pictureSaturday, December 29th 2007, by Brenda McCann

The edgiest astrologer on the internet, as Mark has been called, delivers... with laser-like precision, his prescription for surviving our times while having fun doing it.

Mark Krueger, whose weekly “Planet Visions Update” (at [link] )
has consistently amused and intrigued me over several years, is something of cosmic entertainer, not only fashioning double and triple meanings from words he enjoys playing with but bending conventional thinking as well in a consistent refrain to readers to “claim your consciousness and clear your karma.”

December 28, 2007 [link]

Shake Your Bhutto, Get Down Tonight!

You are on the edge of oblivion. We all are. You are no longer the self that you knew. You are you, your being, your own consciousness. All the rest is a dream, high and low, in and out. The Dream is now upwelling 26,000 years worth of encrusted karmic stories and archetypal shadow bits…… like there’s no tomorrow. The End Times, and all its variations on extinction, are now in full noise. Oblivion is here. It’s Leap Year. Like it or not, you are going to leap. I say be intentional, otherwise push will come to shove and we know what happened to Geronimo….

In February, we enter the year of the Rat. Isn’t that special, as the Church Lady used to say. How fitting, hissy fitting. Ratsa ruck with this one. All the powermongers will be ratted out as the royal rats that they are. False mudslinging of all sorts shall fly about like the finger in Yellow Submarine. Pluto is dancing in and out of Capricorn, until it makes full entrée for Thanksgiving Day…….. and then will stay for fifteen years. The Reaper is here. It is Judgment Day. All the Hoarse Men of the Apocalypse rage on with their peddlings doing their meddlings, but they shall burn in the hell of their unconscious projections and the weight of their profound ignorance and arrogance. The Shift has hit the fantastic indeed. Power is crumbling. You can be yourself. If you aren’t being yourself and you are depending on power, you are fucked.

You don’t have to be fucked anymore and you can just be…… "be". The end of the Piscean Age also means the end of its shadow: Virgo, our dear poster child of the victim stories that just so happen to line the nest of Creation and all its high and low and great grey middle dramas. You don’t have to be a victim anymore.

In the Aquarian Age, you can be yourself. The shadow will be dear Leo. Everybody will endlessly act like an entitled baby about everything in their life. We’re already well underway on that one. The drama will ramp up even higher on the glorious rags to richesesque stories, but it’ll be more like mellowdrama. Everyone gonna be their own unit, hell, we already have scads of numbers on us and I reckon there are three sixes in the lot. We’ll be a unique number in a bunch of numbers. Ain’t nothin’ new about that one if you really see into things.

The hitch is where ya be sleepin’ and sheepin’. If you are unconscious, the tractor beams of psychic/psychologic/physiologic implants of all the most common to the weirdest will alight on your dreamy ass and kick it, kick it right down the proper sociologic chute that has been prepped for you in this monocropped consumption machine of the fascistic lockstep whirled order. You have noooo idea and they have tooooo many and much more will be revealed. Paranoia and conspiracy theories just happen to apply really well during such kaliyugaed daze as our own.

Be yourself and do what you want to. Cut out the middlemen, the projections, the unconscious ruttings. Live the art of your life, if you choose. You can manifest through your own intention for what you want. It has no side effects other than the usual comings and goings of Creation. If you use the Secret and energy and Laws of Attraction, you dumb way down and get all this toxic cords and crap, just like using dumb power in the world.

Life as we know it is crumbling in most every way. Let it. Props won’t get you to heaven to be with the good mommy/daddy. They’ll just exhaust your being and keep you in trance. This is a sorrowful time. Mourn and onwards. Choose how you want your world to be locally on a daily basis. It’s called being conscious.

That’s all we have to do. READ

Pope Gore and the selling of carbon credit indulgences aren’t going to solve much of anything. It only enables the junkies. We’ll all be hitting various ENOUGH ALREADY moments in our own lives. The Pluto in Capricorn era will offer much, much easier dissolution of squirrelies gone wild within us. The deepest core-stuck bits will cling even tighter, but they are brittle and they will pop off with intention and time. But we can shed old baggage now. Capricorn is a dying field. Let the weight/wait come off.

So, Oprah…. Give me a call.

Tons and tons of folks are going to be dying……… your loved ones and associates and all. It just comes with Capricorn. Folks is tired! They be going to the promised land cuz it was a bit much here in the compromised land. The squeeze is on. The archetypal death was at birth. That is what is going to cook everywhere. People will think that if they go out the in door and check out of their bodies, it’ll solve their karmic patterns on the way out.

Sorry gnarly. Just more karma. Suicide will be very common. It’ll be evident that many activities of life and persona are indeed suicide in other guises. Way more is gonna be revealed….. one of the many tsunamis of unconscious material that will be waving through lives. If you haven’t faced your shadow, how do you think you’ll face the massive collective crasheroos? *Claim your own consciousness and clear your own karma*.

The Divine will be outed during Capricorn. Capricorn carries the Divine more than any other Sign. The Divine is an unconscious projection *with a shit load of Good put upon it*. There’s nothing ultimately bad about the Divine, nor is their anything good. Once the Divine’s power collapses on its own karmic weight in the years ahead, all the Bad will have to puke out. The Roman Church's and the fundamentalist’s outings are just the beginning. Much more will be revealed including new age power-mongers and the spiritual. There is currently a considerable wave of anti-theocracy. Go for it. Reveal the sludge. Let it dry up and blow away. (Science is also a religion.) So much ignorance has gone into the bliss machine. Now it pukes out the other end….. The big Wheel keeps on turnin’……. the masses keep on churnin’…..

It is election year in USA. As Swami Beyonanda points out: the Farce is with us.

There’ll be the January instant circus and then likely it’ll settle out and there’ll be a dull slog in the mush field of purposeful trance making. The sideshows of nitty gritty politics will be wild and crazy. Some kind of revolution is on. We have no idea what forms it will take. Hanging on to your ass will make you feel like…… your ass. So pull your thumb out and start hitchhiking through your life. If we be getting through these Rapids, it’ll by adventuring, looking, listening and laughing.

I said three plus years ago that Hillary would be elected President this year. I don’t expect either Bush or Cheney to be in office by the time Hillary takes her seat. I suspect that they are taking notes from Putin and aren’t going to fade away just cuz there was some damn election. That hasn’t stopped them in the past. All manner of mad ups and downs in markets and politics and climate/earth stuff will careen or career, as the Brits say. Abandonment, betrayal, loss and limitation will dominate the patterns. This is nightmarish.

Astrologically: the shift from Pluto in Sagittarius to Capricorn is the most significant story. All power will collapse on its inherent powerless. Control and out of control will be major themes. Much death and miracles will abound. Huge swings and waves with sheer drama cliffs of the imagination will crash about, real or not and most surreal beyond the pale. Conspiracies galore will be realized to have been true. Extinction will be so rapid for so many species and it will get our attention in a big way. Getting our intention to a simpler and much more fulfilling life is foremost on our screens. A lot of dead wood has to fall off first before we can get the fullness of equality and equanimity that the Aquarian Age offers. I hope we leave a few species still standing in their own nature.

Numbness will be the primary modus operandi. We’ve all been desensitized in so many ways. Capricorn is the most sensitive Sign. When it gets chronically ignored, when no one is being with it, it goes to power…… higher power, all kinds of higher powers. And that is what it is famous for. Symptoms I say. It is time for the inherent sensitivity of being to manifest in the world and especially in boys and men in a much more conscious and playful way that will integrate. If men/boys don’t wake up, we’ll get way more of the same and that is doom indeed. Mama let your boys grow up to be cowboys who say hi to their friends on Brokeback Mountain and can meet women where they are.

A whole lotta silly, crusty, habitual judgment and all the sociologies that all of that entails, will be melting. That means it gets worse as they say, before it gets better. What actually goes on is that you get conscious and *then you make new choices* and all of that takes time downstream to see results. They’ll come. Being is trustworthy. The stuff of the Dream…….. it always all ways comes and goes.

For starters, January has a shift in the first week wherein the Moon’s Nodes shift from the North Node being in Pisces, into it being in Aquarius. This is exactly the Piscean/Aquarian Age shift point. That shift is taking place over a continuum of a number of years. This is just another milepost of the shift, but a very important one. You can be less depressed for one thing and less of a victim too. Consider letting that shift happen in your life. Consider intending for just such a thing.

New Moon 1/8/08 at 3:37 am PST. Full Moon 1/22/08 at 5:35 am PST. Venus and Mars oppose 1/19 at 7:10 pm PST. All the loneliness of all time is coming up. Therefore the love stories and gender war material will rise like magma. Beautiful geometries are going on in the background. From here on out, everything will be awful and wonderful all the time. That’s the way it always is. Now we can realize it.

The Sun enters Aquarius 1/20 at 8:44 am PST. Waves of shock, crashings, and disintegration with fascist reactions will be flying everywhere. It’ll look like the politics in the external, but there’ll be just as much internal. The worst stuff is going to be inside people. What isn’t faced there is projected out into the collective. So much is up in the air. So much will be flying around. It becomes difficult to point to anything that is changing when everything is changing.

We can’t really proceed with plans until we get a taste of Pluto in Capricorn, which it enters for the first time since the 1750’s, at 7:44 pm PST pm 1/25. It’ll back out in June and return fit it’s fifteen year stint on 11/25/08, noticeably after the USA election. Traction will be much better with an Earth Sign than when Pluto was in Sagittarius. Since 1995 we’ve been trying to build our lives on brimstone. Now you can get on with things. Whether you’ll care or care in the same way, that’s another story. Depression is the disorder order of our day. So much more of that, with the inevitable explosion of all that internalized rage sooner rather than later, will predominate.

This election and who is elected will be the same old same old business as usual. The 2012 election will have Pluto in Capricorn and that president will be more forward. This one will be a fence sitter supreme with the best and worst of the old and new worlds and that will add up to grey goo. Likely they’ll get a split congress at mid term and who knows if we have a spoiler third party candidate that makes it all interesting in a dumb way during the election.

I say let’s have a constitutional convention and refresh our society and country. But most folks are dumber than a bag of hammers and civics is rocket science to them. This is a dying civilization and we will be going Asian like it or not. Manifest destiny was America’s for a turn on the Wheel. Now comes the next force on the planet. The profane ignorance of Americans will be a major factor in this society’s dissolution. I think ignorance will catch up with Asia more quickly and will lead to the end of superpowerdom(dumb).

Mercury goes retrograde 1/28 at 12:31 pm PST and will go direct 2/18. Mars goes direct 1/30 at 2:33 pm PST. It’ll be almighty thick in this coming and going of a week!!! Everything seems to be breaking. Our power and vanity are catching up with the costs of replacement and maintenance on our high priced lifestyles. Simpler will be the way to go if you want your life to be easy and light. If you want a fight, hang on to your crap.

Folks will be suffering in the shred. Up mounts their dread. Any denial or transcendence will lead to instant karma. More of the same old same old……

Be. Just BE...

Power and control will only sink you deeper in the morass and you’ll act like more ass. People are going to be crunching on this thick karmic control sludge. That’s why it’ll look like way out of control at times. We are going out of control and into choice. The transition looks like out of control in your personal and our collective lives. Choose and let go of control. You have to be conscious to do that. Most people aren’t conscious, nor will they be. It’s just a crabs in the bucket, bell curve artifacts of the software. Dumber is as dumber does…. unfortunately. More splits in awareness and wealth will persist for many years yet. It’s always like that, but remember: *you don’t have to be smart to be conscious*. Everybody is their own consciousness. We’ll see how much they show up or not.

There’s not a lot to predict this year because it is veiled by this shift of Pluto into Capricorn. Keep on comin’ back for my writing and tell `yer friends and neighbors. I’ll be writing much more about all of this. Once we get into February, I’ll have a much better view on the situation. I’ll share what I see. I’ll be getting some new web sites up in ’08. I’m shifting from being primarily an astrologer to being an interpreter of karma for the collective and for my clients. I’ll be changing a lot. So will you. I can help you with that, if you like.

This is a very elegant year. You can manifest so much of what you want, but you have to *be yourself*. If you are *doing yourself* and your life, you won’t be able to do yourself and life. I say enlist your intention now. The draft will be cold and harsh as the year goes on. It gets easier *when you are claiming your own consciousness*. It’ll get harder if you are chasing after the projections of the mind.

Do enjoy Leap Year. You get an extra day to pay the rent in February. The Year of the Rat will be smart and clever. Gnaw through what binds you. Summer Olympics in China will be humungous. Likely it’ll be more important than the US election. Pluto backs into Sagittarius 6/13, Friday the Thirteenth. Competition and all our lying/cheating and stealing athletes will be in full glory. Sham and shame on display, as well as the furtherance of the attainment dream that is especially American and Chinese.

The proof will be in the Putin. That feller is sheer evil, so sheer that it’s beautiful in a way, like fighter jets. Anywho, he’ll be mucking around. The oil/gas wells will start coming up short all over the world. I highly recommend that you see the film: *There Will Be Blood* with Daniel Day-Lewis. It captures the shadow that is burning off at the end of the Piscean Age with the mad fossilistic Christians and the mad sucking of old fossil life muck called petrol. Global warming is likely to *flip into global cooling* in some shocking ways during the Pluto Capricorn decade and a half. So much life is going to die. We are getting conscious now of the utter degradation. It’ll still take years until we hit bottom in our collective behavior.

Meanwhile, incredible and wonderful really cool inventions, techniques, synergies and integrations will take place ongoingly. TV as we know it will die. In January 2009k, old tvs won’t work anymore without a adapter. It’s all high definition from here on. The trance will deepen. Life is going totally virtual. This is part of the death that is inherent in life.

We are manifesting really cool ways to do business. The corporation will begin to die. Business can be a very conscious activity and playful too. Arts and such are morphing at light speed. I’m not sure we’ll ever catch up. There’ll be the high priest class that handles the virtual magic. Castro will die and there will be huge pressure for the US to invade it and Venezuela. These are some big time messes. I don’t see any solutions for years, likewise with the war on drugs. Hemp will get legalized defacto. Extraterrestrials and inter-dimensionals will get mainstreamed.

The economies are a total mess and are extremely impossible to predict. Up and down to an extreme is what I see. No rest for the wicked. All these derivatives and paper financial instruments, some of the core problems of Enron et`al, will wreak havoc. It is a house of paper cards and depends on trust. Once again the trust has been severely abused and the house of cards is decked out high and mighty. Fall they will and prop they will and finally they’ll exhaust the entire system and revolution will take place. How it will land will take many years to sort out. This is a biggie. Keep the victory garden going if you like, but the mass collapse of society will be dodgeable *if you are conscious*.

Disease is mounting as the year goes on. We’ll be watching major plagues and starvations it looks like in the years ahead. It’ll ramp up by summer. Maybe the dark forces wanna pull out a little Asian flu in time for the Olympics.

*Economic war is the war of the present and future*

Speaking of which. War goes on. There are *big profits in managing the show*, destructing or constructing. It’ll get pitifully worse with occasional bright spots. Dreariness will prevail. The old tribal shit is thick and sick. Resources are going to be lacktating. The teat will seem dry rather than full. Things are going to suck. Sibling quibbling will mount in the family and in the family of mankind. It’s all stupid, pointless and unnecessary, but that never stopped us before. I sense that this is the real uncorker and if we’re lucky, we will get sick and tired of being sick and tired of paying so much for so called health care that doesn’t care and doesn’t health. It’ll all have to gangrene and compost and that’s a sickening mess for awhile.

On the lighter side, Jesus will land and take all the sinbelievin’ Christians with him. Amen and hallelujah. ...Just kidding.

Speaking of kidding…… There’s a huge baby boom coming on. Lots of souls want to get in on the action. There’ll be lots of churn: getting and dropping bodies. Many youngin’s are going to die young. There’ll be too many old farts warehoused, dripping of the previous baby boom. The right to die will become as visceral an issue as the right to choose life. Vitamin supplements and self health care and such will become even more of a fight. Health will win, except for the ignorant.

Fascist terrorist attacks by the dark governments will be increasing in severity and frequency. 9/11 will be a massively ugly issue for the elections. I suspect that Guiliani will get nominated and that there’ll be third party candidates that will fracture things down the road. It’s a mess. It’s messianic!

By the time we slide into 2009, the fascist agenda will be well under way. This is life and death stuff at a variety of levels. *Just remember that it’s in a dream*.
"Be with what is as it is" and keep on *making choices*. If you stop to think about it, you’ll sink like Iraq. Neither Good nor Bad will ultimately win. We’ll get rid of the motherfuckers and be sane for a change. It won’t result in paradise, but it just may result in a 'conscious society with conscious individuals' who can really play.

New Year's eve 2007 brings Mars retrograding back into Gemini at 8:01 am PST. Mars then opposes Pluto in the last clicks of Gemini/Sagittarius 1/2 at 1:28 pm PST. It'll re-oppose Pluto 3/7 when Mars is direct and in Cancer, opposed to Pluto in Capricorn. These first months of '08 have this deep tension between pushing on with what you know versus allowing the transformation to realization beyond knowledge. Knowing is not going to work. Even intuiting will be shaky. When you realize your own consciousness you can be choiceful. If you operate through any aspect of the mind high or low, you can only figure it out and effort it. You will not be able to figure things out very well cuz this is whole new territory has so much shape shifting and fast spinning karmic wheel effects. Your head is already in a whirl of hurt. Whatya think it'll be like when the heads really start to roll? Aren't you feeling exhausted already? Where will the oomph come from to go the extra thousand miles of deliberate thinking and doing while the trail fades out and the boogiemen fly about helter skelter?

What most folks will do, are doing, is to shut way down and disappear. The population is in layers of trance, conditioned to an extreme. As the power-mongers pull out their last stops and pull the trigger on some of these trance states, the lemmings will begin going over the cliff. The drama will mount. Finally the drama will mount you and you'll sense that there's a mountain of drama on you that you can't find your way out of. The tractor beams of the mega mind collective holy rolling wholly roiling messianic mess will have you by the short hairs for the long run, the long drag. You can choose *your own being* or you can choose to ride the mix-master.

If you think I'm trying to scare you, unthink. The terror is already here and if you are unconscious of it, you will be jerked about while believing the fears as realities and such. Transcendence will not relieve your fears. Transcendence is a strategy built entirely on fears and this will be quite observable in the years ahead. Be with what is as it is. Be and choose and play with it all. It is a magnificent time to watch more Atlantises drop into the ocean of it all. That's nothing new. It is especially terrifying and grievous and a bit of a relief too. The mixed bag of the mind will be shaken and stirred, good and bad, new and old. You can realize your being beyond the matrix of the mantric madness. Let the good and bad times unroll and be yourself. Laugh when you can. Be with those you love being with. Enjoy your dear and wonderful self.

Yours unruly,


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29 Dec 2007 @ 22:51 by vaxen : Absolutely precious...
guidance. Thanks freo7! Thanks a whole bunch...  

30 Dec 2007 @ 10:47 by atunmenra : FELIZ 1984
We are at war with Eurasia.

War is Peace.

Freedom is Slavery.

Ignorance is Strength.

Love is Hate.

And now for the 2 minute Hate...

Cursed be, 93,

30 Dec 2007 @ 16:44 by a-d : I never understood
the ORDER of these words:

War is Peace.

Freedom is Slavery.

Ignorance is Strength.

Love is Hate.

shouldn't it (on the name of Logic) be:
War is Peace

Slavery is Freedom

Strength is Ignorance

Hate is Love


Peace is War

Freedom is Slavery

Love is Hate


Can anybody explain this to me?

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