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pictureFriday, December 21st 2007, by Brenda McCann

WHERE IS NEW EARTH? Truth IS much stranger than fiction!! as reported to me by a friend Lightworker: [link]

There was at one time long ago, when Earth had a different Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS), but existed in the same place it does now. This original Earth was much larger than the physical planet we stand on now. That original Earth expanded out to where we think of the Van Allen Belt exists in today’s science books. That Van Allen Belt area was originally the Spiritual or Etheric Earth in all of it’s spiritual splendor until the dark forces placed a net over it and placed the Time Vector Rod in the Earth. This Time Vector Rod created a reversal of energy fields in and around the Earth. This energy field has been sucking in all spiritual substance and condensing it into matter for millions of years. This was how both Lemuria and Atlantis were sucked inside of the Earth’s crust and placed in a hybernization zone. This is how the Earth shrunk.

The Earth that used to be here - our Tara - is actually still here, but is on a higher dimension.

On 3D Earth, the Nets caused by the implantations of grids and negative shields have been removed and the distortions are beginning to clear out of our planetary system by all of the work being done by our Beloved Guardians and the help of the Light Workers.

The New Earth is actually the Old Earth - the way it was before all of the distortions were set in her grids to create a distorted ARPS and lowered Base Pulse Rhythm (BPR). Read =>

The New Earth is about 10,000 feet above Sea Level. We can’t see it Now because our Angular Rotation of Particle Spin is distorted. The Guardians have opened the Aurora platforms to be able to connect this place to that Earth.

This will bring us into a time continuum shift as we move into the slide zones that lead to the New Earth, which contains the frequencies of both Earth and Urtha - the Hosting Star Shield around Earth.

Some will be able to shift up into the highest level of this New Ascension Earth and continue on up into Urtha and go into Star Burst with Urtha. Others will stay in the lower 5D fields of the Ascension Earth Zone that is similar to this Earth, but with all of the darkness not there.

The reason the guardians are able to help align planet earth and the entire system at this time is because of the presence of the Photon Belt and the high intensity of light available. They have been acquiring sun energy from Sirius B and turning it into Aqualene Healing Energy. The waves of Aqualene Liquid Light Pouring in on the Earth and on us is our healing agent. This is the chemical that creates hydrolaise.

The Earth drinks this healing aqualene liquid light and sends it back up as Tourqoise Blue Liquid Light Energy through the Earth’s body and through our Spirit Body. The Earth has a physical - Atoni side and an Adonis - Spiritual body side - so do we.

When we connect to the energies of the Adonis in the Earth we can activate the Eiradonis Shield in our Bodies by soaking the twin flame energy of the Earth’s Adonis energy into our body. (see Ascension Activation Method)

This hydrolaise is the energy needed for the slide of the Earth and those on the Earth’s surface.

This Earth was the original Earth. This is the Earth that shifted out of Natural alignment. There is a probability - a different time - angular rotation of particle spin in the same space where the Earth’s drama went differently. The Ascension Earth is the original Earth that did not get pulled into the time vector of control.

The Gaurdians opened fields of energy so they could connect this place to that place that is still being hosted inside of Urtha – Earth’s star shield. They are bringing us into a Time Continuum Shift that will slide us into the New Ascension Earth base pulse rhythm.

The Ascension Earth will appear as part of Earth and part of Urtha. It will hold qualities of both places, but it is the original Earth - the original pattern that will allow Earth to re-evolve into its Natural Structure.

The patterns of the Cloud Cities, the Aquafarion Under Water Cities, the Winterlands and the Inner Earth Cities of the original Gaia, Tara - that have lived in perfect harmony for eons exist in this Ascension Earth area. There are also areas that will look exactly like this Earth. The old patterns and beliefs will disappear from minds eventually.

There are 15 Light Bands connecting all dimensions of the Earth together. There are spheres within spheres within spheres. These form the light bands that reactivate the Earth and us in our new alignment with the Base Pulse Rhythm and Angular Rotation of Particle Spin. The Christmas Ascension songs contains the names and tones of these light bands and the channeled frequencies and formula for activating them.


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21 Dec 2007 @ 23:36 by vaxen : Wuhu!
Aha! So you're getting it, are you, Brenda! Welcome aboard! Here are a few links you might like. And happy solstice to ya! ;)

Synthetic Telepathy and the early mind wars:


Richard and Iona Miller




22 Dec 2007 @ 17:33 by freo7 : First link given above/GREAT STUFF!!

Mechanisms of molecular influence, influences of field phenomena on whole organisms, and various factors relating to human consciousness shed interesting light on ancient metaphysical systems having to do with psycho-physiological regeneration. We suggest that the conscious experience of various profound electromagnetic events in our terrestrial environment can have a salutary affect on the health of the organism. When human beings consciously experiences a sunrise or sunset, a new moon or full moon, the equinoxes and solstices, as well as the points of maximal and minimal sun spot activity, a calibrating effect results which involves their various biological rhythmic systems.

It has been shown that stress can uncouple synchronized and harmonious biological rhythms resulting in pathological conditions for the organisms (Burr and Northrop, 1935). We are proposing that these biological systems can be resynchronized and recalibrated through conscious effort. The proposed mechanism for this influence has to do with the indicated coupling of these various external events to biological processes.

The amplifying effect of consciousness has also been seen to be relatable to the various electromagnetic occurrences in the brain. At a deeper level of analysis, it can be suggested that the field phenomena which we have been studying and working with are in fact more real, if that term can be used, than the particulate matter and various objects of which we have been speaking (Wheeler, 1959).

Briefly stated, the fields and particles may be themselves composed of empty curved space, trapping lines of electromagnetic force. This is the holographic concept of reality. The structural configurations themselves or the geometry of the fields and the particles are more fundamental than either the fields or the particles themselves.

We suggest that an epistemology based upon the concept of a human being as a material object composed of particulate substances in various configurations and patterns would be erroneous. Human beings are better seen as on-going, dynamic, shifting, changing, field entities (or field patterns) that serve as a matrix for the flow-through of biological substances and various simple chemicals.

This proposal has profound significance for human behavior, extending from the actions of the individual and personal ethics all the way to the actions of sociological aggregate systems such as nations and multi-national groups. We feel that many of the problems of society that are current today can be traced to our ignorance of, or refusal to embrace, this larger holographic electrodynamic reality in which we live.

Furthermore, this knowledge is not new. It is the main core of the message of the social reformers throughout history. It is also discussed, in other terms, by many individuals who characteristically experience psychoenergetic phenomena (e.g., psychokinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition).


As postulated by Northrop and Burr (1935), the pattern or organization of any biological system is established by a complex electrodynamic field which is in part determined by its atomic physiochemical components and which in part determines the behavior and orientation of those components.

Presman (1970) has postulated that such electromagnetic fields normally serve as conveyors of information from the environment to the organism, within the organism, and among organisms. He has postulated that in the course of evolution, organisms have come to use these fields in conjunction with the well-known sensory, nervous, and endocrine systems in effecting coordination and integration.

Szent-Gyorgyi (1957, 1960) has theorized that cells and other biological components might have various electronic solid-state physical properties such as semi-conductors. He suggests that the use of quantum electrodynamics is necessary in order to understand biological processes which regulate the vital activity of organisms.

Becker (1963) has maintained that it is already established that electromagnetic forces can be used to change three fundamental life processes in mammals. Those processes are the stimulation of bone growth, the stimulation of partial multi-tissue regenerative growth, and the influence on the basic level of nerve activity and function. All of these effects appear to be mediated through perturbations in naturally pre-existing electronic control systems. The neural electronic system also seems to be related to levels of consciousness and biological cycles, and we have developed the thesis that this system furnishes the linkage mechanism between electromagnetic forces in the environment and biological cyclic behavior.

McGinness (1972) reported that melanins are excellent electron acceptors and have semi-conductor properties which appear to be important in midbrain structures. Melanins are known to act as an ultraviolet sun screen, but research indicates that they also have a fundamental biological role. McGinness (1972) has proposed that melanins may de-excite certain biological molecules by converting electronic energy to heat. An analysis of data on melanins suggests that the electronic properties of melanins can best be explained in terms of a band model for semi-conduction in amorphous materials, which may also explain the behavior of proteins, and other biological macromolecules such as RNA and DNA. In amorphous materials, there is an essentially Gaussian density of electron energy states.

Muses (1970) has proposed the possibility of unit impulse functions evolving from the Gaussian. His work traces the relation of that mathematical concept to quantum biological indeterminacy in terms of a process of the modulation of random fluctuations by target-seeking perturbations which points the way to the understanding and computing of the parameters of volitional experience in quantum biological terms. He maintains that we are dealing with Gaussian wave packets, put to use in terms of a close-range reaction in turn resulting in the resonant microbiological specificity (arising from the relatively large number of specific molecular parameters) necessary to the essential life and evolutional processes of chromosome synapses, replication, and mutagenesis.

Muses holds that inherently indeterminate processes may be biologically used in achieving determinate ones such as our repeatable and commonly accepted volitional experiences of effort and direction. The range of quantum indeterminate fluctuation of biological efficacy is in the far ultraviolet, and it is in this spectral region that we should expect to look for any modulation effects on Gaussian wave packets by volitional energies manifesting as ultramicrobiological field perturbations.

Biologically, there is a threshold of non-randomicity below which peaks tend to emerge that are sharp enough to possess biodirectiveness in an enzyme-guiding sense. Random biological quantum energies which are physiologically unassigned are the clue to psychosomatic directing, which can be beneficial or deleterious to the organism. Muses (1970) describes the mechanism of this effect as a microbiolaser type process.

Heisenberg explored the possible relevance of the quantum indeterminacy of elementary particles for biological systems, especially human systems (discussed in Koestler, 1972). He stated that there are two places in the human system where the quantum indeterminacy of a single particle can have a profound influence. The first important effect is that of mutation in the genetic code. The second important influence is the alteration of the behavior of neurons during human thought processes.

Tien (1969) has conceptualized mind as mass in relative motion and brain as energy at relative electrical charges in motion, like electrons bombarding a television screen, and personality is seen as a time series of scintillating frames of consciousness. Personality becomes a reverbating input-output pattern of self-creation, seeking information or patterns of energy from the environment as well as from its own memories. The stability of any given personality of its identity, which is maintained by feedback upon the principle of most similarity.

The personality never recreates itself, but creates only a close approximation which is accepted due to the principle of constancy as being the same. The phenomena of unique individuality and personal continuity depend on memory, of which consciousness is the most recent and, thereby, the most subject to erasure and loosening. Personality transformation becomes energy pattern modification of not only scintillating consciousness but also of recent circulating memories and older stored memories of childhood.

According to the holographic model of reality, all the objects we can observe are three-dimensional images formed of standing and moving waves by electromagnetic and nuclear processes. All the objects of our world are three-dimensional images formed electro-magnetically, i.e., holograms.

This concept and the models of human information processing based on the hologram, throw interesting light on the philosophical tradition which holds that the world of objects is an illusion. With the triumph of relativity and quantum physics, the interpenetration of the philosophical and the scientific is possible.

LeShan (1969) has observed, in discussing some individuals who purportedly experience psycho-energetic phenomena, that their view of the universe as a great thought of which they are a part is quite similar to many physicists' view that they see reality only in their own mental image.

We propose that the "reality hologram" which appears as a stable world of material objects is the elementary particle which has a long-term existence and fairly simple rules of interaction. We also propose the existence of a "biohologram" which appears as mobile and evolving, through the DNA molecule. This "biohologram" projects a dynamic three-dimensional image that serves as a guiding matrix for the manipulation and organization of the "reality hologram."

Thus we have mobile self-organizing holograms moving through a relatively static simpler hologram. The possibility exists that such "bioholograms" could achieve sufficient coherence to continue existence as a pattern of radiant energy apart from a material substate. We feel that such an occurrence could form the scientific basis of such psychoenergetic phenomena as psycho-kinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy, and precognition.

THANKS!! Here is where I am at with a REALITY CREATION TEAM:
HAPPY SOLSTICE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

22 Dec 2007 @ 18:41 by vaxen : Oooo
16.4 MB's on a dialup can be quite tedious. So I am sorry that I shan't be viewing that...I did get to the Ok, though and the voice sounded intriguing. There are those who would postulate that everything to come, after the initial 'Ok,' is broadcast in that Ok!

So a brief redaction could be, if Thou wilt, a future blog entry, for us, here. For the benefit of those of us who must use holographoneuronicobioelectromagneticogravitonic emotrance tech., and and related conciousness retructuring processes that are future based, of course.

Thanks for the grok, Brenda. May your '08 be blessed with cosmic quanta substrate releases of all kinds and much blessings...

"Using this above statement - 'as if I knew' what The BLANK is ~ was the knowing that triggered me to become aware of 'me as my hot pink energy body' - out of the physical body & flying free in the 'all dark, all quiet, all fertility', The Cosmic Void."



26 Dec 2007 @ 04:32 by atunmenra : New Myths
I agree with Joseph Campbell, that we need to create new myths to express transformative levels that humanity is going through at this time. This is a delightful one and I enjoy the picture. Reminds me of something Lazaris says all the time, Jach Pursel's channel. It also reminds me alot of the work of James Redfield's The Secrets of Shambhala.

Its also similar to the stories of Maldek, the planet that use to inhabit the asteroid belt. I also enjoy the connection with the Buddhist Tara, or Green Tara.

Its create that we share ideas and inspirations.

This is magick!

I'm all for it.

Blessed be 93,

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