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ASCENSION TO OUR NEW EARTH by Crystalai - December 04 2007

Lady Mary, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Zadkiel, St. Germaine,
the Elohim Angels and the others on aDolphino & my Ascension
Team stated to us:

"You must know beloved ones, you are no longer separate from the
Divine Mind. Your human mind is now ready to co-create with an
organic dance of joy. Your consciousness is ready to expand to the
farthest reaches of the Universe. When you Focus, you will allow
yourself to be present. From here your form will serve while it is
needed and change as it is needed. This process is the Divine Blue
Print of the Divine One *as humanity itself free forms into its next

They also stated that this will all come about THIS YEAR!!

We have all heard many stories about the process of ascension and
many are wondering if it is true or not and many are still waiting
for 2012 for it to begin.

The Earth's and our ascension is basically the moving of our physical
bodies and the Earth's physical body up to the next level of evolution
- to a 5th dimensional existence on the New 5th dimensional Earth.

This is why our bodies are slowly mutating to a carbon/silica
base. The higher one physically evolves up the dimensions, the more
the body becomes silica based - and the more etheric the physical
body becomes. We are all O.K., we're just mutating. :-)

It's interesting to note that we are the last planet in our universe
to move into the 5th dimension (we have been seriously hammered down
and controlled by the dark forces over the many thousands of years -
the reason why we are the last ones to move up). Besides the
beautiful Entities of Lights unending love and patience, another
reason so many wonderful entities are interested in us making this
move successfully, for we, in a sense, are holding up the entire
train from moving forward. The ascension process that is happening
now affects our entire universe - not just us - it's a really big
one. There are major energies and movement at play here that go out
all the way to ends of our universe. We are the only ones left in our
universe that have negativity (duality) in their lives - and now that
is over for us, too. Thank God and all of the wonderful Entites of
Light - literally. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank
you, thank you.


It was said from the beginning that the Benevolent Ones had been
working on this project of ascension for thousands of years, they
have been protecting us from the photon belt which would had caused
our fatal ascension during the year 2000. They said from the
beginning that the process would be completed no later than 2012.

Through our process of ascension, we moved from the third dimensional
energies long ago, we left the fourth dimension energies a few years
back, we've been in the fifth dimensional energies now for a while,
and we've been held in a hologram protecting us from the radiation of
the photon belt. When we are finally physically placed into the
aurora zone (the four areas the New Earth was created from - Inner
Earth, the Cloud Cities, Aquafari and the Winterlands and many new
areas for us to go), we will be totally available to the photon belt
and will have completed our ascension to the New Earth. However, this
ascension wave goes all the way through our universe. Once we move to
the New Earth, the process of ascension can continue for those who
want to go further. The ones who want to go further will move up into
Urtha and then on up into the Golden Galaxy. The Golden Galaxy will
also be completed by 2012. The meaning of what will happen in 2012 is
much more inclusive than just the part of leaving behind the third
dimensional Earth and 3D existence both consciously and physically.

We have already been gauranteed an absolute success in our evolution
and ascension process by the Benevolent Ones. We would like to thank
all of those Wonderful Beings of Light for their continued
assistance. We will continue to activate and turn up our light
energies as we assist in all future light work needed to complete
this project.

We are in the final stages of a mass ascension. The New 5D Earth is a
2nd mirror image of the spiritual body of Earth where the 3D Earth is
Earth's 1st mirror image. The critical mass will rise along with the
Earth into the New Earth as Mother Earth moves completely out of the
standing wave pattern of the gravity of 3D it was placed in and into
the 5th dimensional New Earth of a new type of gravity.

Those who are moved up to the New Earth from third dimensional earth
who are not aware that an ascension is taking place, will continue to
think that they are living on the 3D Earth until these new co-
creators realize that they are in a new dimension of infinite
creativity, Divine Love and Oneness.

All beings who are now on Earth will ascend if they choose to. This
decision is not made by the 3D embodiment who has no understanding of
universal ascension. The decision is made by the Soul and Spirit and
the Spirit is the integration of all 144 Selves. The decision is made
by the accumulated knowledge being absorbed into Soul and then
redistrubuted into a new flame of creation on the 5th dimensional

One's entire spiritual self will then go from one's Source self down
to one's Soul self where the one becomes One with one's Soul and the
physical body will reside in the 5th dimension and the frequencies of
the dimensions 1, 2, and 3 will be transmuted to that of the highest
4th dimension and the 5th dimension (beyond all duality into Oneness
and Love). This is why the new base chakra is now the 4th chakra and
chakras 1, 2, and 3 will be like bellybuttons.

The old forms of reality will eventually vanish from our minds
because they are now the illusions left over from the other Earth.
Those who realize that they have a brand new drawing board to create
upon will rise directly into their new creations. That is why it is a
good idea to start building our mansions and castles, and cabins by a
stream now. You can aim for 10,000 feet above your head and you will
be in the right area for creating your own dream world to move to
very shortly.

We personally thank Lady Mary for building our castle for us and
assisting us in creating our kingdom, and learning how to see it.

Just a few days ago, Lady Mary told aDolphino, "Not long, now" when
he asked her when we would move into our new castle home on New

I believe this will not only happen to me. I believe it will happen
to many and maybe to all. Some may realize it and some may not
realize it. Some may think they are dreaming. Some may think
everything is the same as it was.

Thank you dear Benevolent Beings of Light, our Guardians, our
Metatron T-12 Team, and all of our Brothers and Sisters of Light for
all of your guidance during our evolution into Light. We thank you
for the processes you share to help us remember our original
alignment with sacred geometric patterns of attraction that have
aligned our Merkaba fields with the Merkabas of our Planet, our
Galaxy, our Universe and our Solar System.

Thank you Gaurdians for bringing us the Sacred tools for aligning our
Crystal Bodies into our Golden Orb and activating our Modas Adonai
with in our cells for our Natural MultiDimensional Alignment to
enable us to travel from dimensions to dimension and enabling us to
experience this Earth from a much higher perception that will allow
us freedom through our power of Manifestation.

Thank you Kuthumi for bringing the spirals of Golden and Platinum
Light from the Planetary, Solar, Galactic and Universal Logi to
encode the cells of our brain to recalibrate our perceptions of
awareness and understanding, manifestation and service. Thank you for
planting this magnetic field in our bodies that will attract our
divine expression that will continue with us on our Journey to
Freedom. We are now aligned with our role of service, alongside all
Masters of Light. We will now complete our role of ascension as we
are Now Merged with our Divine Compliment - our light inside - our
Divine Consciousness that will allow us to co-create with the Divine
Mind and our Brand New Earth in the Image and likeness of our
Creator, Source and God.

Thank you Kuthumi for bringing us up to start the coding of our
Akashic Records which gives birth to the memory matrix of the Spirit
Body. This gives birth simultaneously with the Spirit's seed that
sets the cosmos in motion.

Thank you LEHa Pleidian Goddess and your Seven Sisters of Light for
your wonderful job of activating our Ascension codes. Thank you
Arcturians for your nightly assistance in activating our codes. Thank
you Metatron for your nightly assistance in activating our codes.
Thank you Ashtar Command for your nightly assistance in activating
our codes. Thank you Metatron T-12 for your assistance in activating
our codes. Thank you Kuthumi, Maitreya, El Morya, Serapis Bey,
Ramtha, Hilarion, Mahatma, Crystal Light Energy, Elohim Energies and
Cosmic Beings of Light, Mary, Raphael, St. Germain, Zadkiel and all
others who have been assisting me, us and all.

We are now stepping forward in the Now Moment of Infinity. We now
walk into our Metatronic Triangle of our Future Heroic Selves who Now
live in the New Earth in our New Creation in our MultiDimensionality
- Our Oneness and our Allness with God where no separation from
Source exists.

As we now return to our Future Selves we leave all sadness and grief
behind because it doesn't exist in our New Earth, in our Future Home
we will walk into tomorrow. We return to our Future Selves who fully
embrace our power as creator and co-creator with Spirit, with Divine
Mind, with our Brothers of Light, with all of our higher selves and
with all Angelic Humans.

We will now begin our creation in Unconditional Love and Abundance
for All. We now create with Kuthumi, with Merlin the Magician.

We have moved into all of the Spiritual Grids of Consciousness
together with our Planet Earth. We have aligned and grounded those
grids of Christ Consciousness, Abundance, Illumination, Crystal River
Frequencies of Returning, Divine Love, Victory and Wisdom.

We are no longer attached to Earth Grids that were placed in the grid
system by others. We are no longer attached to the Grids of Control,
Death or Gravity.

We are now immortal as we were originally designed to be. We will no
longer need the man made devices using electromagnetic pulses because
these were not creations of God. We will now live in True Light, in
Continuous Springtime Temperature, Abundance, continuous
manifestation of those things we desire that provide Free Will and do
not invade the Free Will of others.

Our Higher Brothers will guide us in creating our Mansions, our
Castles, our Cabins our playgrounds, our food. The future
manifestation is all done through Mind and Light Technology,
including all energy sources.

The New Earth provides infinite varieties of 5th Dimensional
manifestation, which will be magnetically connected to the level of
understanding of each individual consciousness.

There will be some who choose to continue living in a way that makes
the New Earth look exactly like their Old Earth because that is their
highest ideal. That is their Free Will. Those who choose to live in
old paradigms will have a hard time using electrical energy because
there won't be any in the 5th dimensional reality. Those who are
choosing to line up with the old grid system may continue to
experience lack for a while simply because they are still manifesting
lack. When they wake up and realize they can manifest something
better, they will. Originally man could manifest as fast as he could
think a thought. This will soon be true once again.

The higher frequencies of the 5th Dimension will eventually raise all
into understanding the New Divinity. Those living in the Future
Triangle bringing the future into now as now - the next moment - will
advance the fastest. Those living in their past and present triangles
will move along at a slower pace.

Imagination, creativity and fluidity are key. Go with the flow of
energies and frequencies of the New Earth and the new dimension and
let your imagination be your reality for it is your reality - making
known the unknown - into beautiful manifestation.

Thank you Divine Gaurdians of Light for preparing this New Earth for
us and showing us how to get there.

We have already been told by the Galactic Federation that there is no
longer a grid system to support our old ways of being. It still looks
like we have electricity and it still looks like we can die, but this
is now an illusion left over from our old paradigm belief system.

The Earth has been contained by a grid containing a standing wave
pattern with the power of gravitation. Now, we will move with the New
Earth into a standing wave pattern that contains no gravity, no
electricity. We will leave gravity and float upward into the New
Earth of no gravity and continuous light from the true source of
light. At Aquafaria, where our Castle is located, we can fly
underwater or above ground, we can walk on water, we can breath water
or air. There is no gravity. The 5th dimensional reality system is
very different than the one placed in the old paradigm of limitation.

Those outgrown patterns of plugging into a light socket and going to
the store for a new pair of slippers are finished.

Of course everyone has the Divine Right of Free Will to continue
those patterns if they want to. I assume the light will come on
anyway if one desires it to. Eventually all will realize the light
doesn't come from the plug in the wall.

Thank you dear Gaurdians for informing us that we reached the
Critical Mass that allows our evolution and ascension to progress at
a more rapid rate than was previously estimated.

We thank you for keeping us all updated to know we have been
extremely successful in allowing all of your hard work to manifest
through our bodies and to be used as the lightning rods to place your
frequencies into the Earth.

Thank you for telling us that we together with you have recently
completed 9 more months of activations which means we will complete
this year what was earlier assumed would take place next year. We
assume this means we will be home soon in our New Earth you have
prepared for us.

We assume we will be moving to New Earth "Not long, now" because we
know New Earth has already been formed within the sphere of the
Aroura Belt and this Earth's 5th dimensional self will appear (to
many) in that Belt as a mirror image of it's third dimension self
(only because that is the only understanding that is perceived at
this time). Thank you for sharing the zones that contain the spheres
of the Cloud Cities, Aquafarians and Winterlands, Telos and
Shamballa. Thank you wonderful beings of perfect light for preparing
a place for our New Earth and inviting us to share your wonderful
place of the greatest love and illumination created on the Fifth

We thank you, Benevolent Ones for aligning our Angelic selfhood with
those who have invited us into their homes in their wonderful field
of light which is creating a rainbow bridge for us to walk across
into Urtha at a later date and then for our further climb into the
Golden Galaxy that will be complete by 2012. We thank you for helping
us align with Earth as One to leave our gravity behind and ascend
into the New Earth soon. We thank you for helping us design a system
of communication and community where Light Workers will be able to
find each other on New Earth, even though we will live in different
dimensions of the 5th dimension where we will continue to help each
other rise higher and higher. We welcome the opportunity to meet all
of those we have ever known. Thank you for preparing this opportunity
for us.

We thank you Archangel Michael for all of the wonderful work you have
done in preparing our Ascension - not only planetary, but solar,
universal and galactic ascension. We thank you for the opportunities
you have given us to work with you on your projects of Divine Love
and Infinite Wisdom. We welcome the opportunities to work with you as
co-creators on your projects of Light. We look forward to remembering
what our Divine Assignments are.

We know you have successfully turned our Earth and our Universe and
our Solar System around back toward God Source and we will gravitate
toward this light faster and faster as the days and years begin to
disappear. We know we spent millions of years reaching this great
density of ours and now we return all of our denseness of experience
to our Source through our Soul and allow all of these frequencies to
return new in the new form of violet flames and golden liquid light
to begin creating our New Earth from. We now work continuously to
bring on Light's higher and higher frequencies until we ignite into
the highest frequency of Christ Consciousness.

We are to become a galactic civilization, interacting positively with
the many star system civilizations in our galaxy and universe, and
indeed other universes. We live in an invisible universe (often
referred to as spiritual realms, or Heaven) as well as the visible
universe, which is the only part most people believe exists. The real
truth has been hidden from us so we would eventually remember and
discover who we really are - great immortal beings of universal
knowledge and wisdom, closely connected to our physical brothers and
sisters in space and beyond.

Many people feel "something is about to happen", but because much of
the current change is beyond the 3rd dimension, before manifesting
visibly within the frequencies of ones consciousness, it is difficult
to comprehend at first. We have actually been part of a grand
"experiment" , having agreed at a higher level of understanding to be
here in these exciting "end times", the end of one civilization, and
the beginning of a new one, known as the Seventh Golden Age that we
will co-create.

Much has been written, spoken, and prophesized about our future. Some
of this information was true at the original time of recording, but
has since changed. Some of it was never true, and was intended to
manipulate us. And some information was correct and still holds firm
today. Sorting all this out is the difficult part. That is why what
is "truth" for one person, is not necessarily "truth" for someone
else. You need to apply your own discernment to all information,
including what I am presenting in this article. People are waking up
in varying degrees as we continue our learning.

Some information is difficult to absorb, such as the nature of our
hollow Earth and the ancient civilizations still living there. Like
the fact that many entities have actually traveled back in time to
change the future of this planet and universe, many eons ago.

The Earth of the Original Creation will transcend beyond all grids
formerly laid on her. She will rise beyond the gravity implanted in
her standing wave field by lower thought forces. She will regain her
original light that comes from God Energy. She will rise with us into
the New Fifth Dimensional Earth. This is the Mirror Image of the
Earth in her original perfect form. We will rise with her in our
original perfect form.

Mother Earth has a consciousness of her own, she is a living being,
as most of you know. The Divine Plan of the Creator, which we all
follow, knowingly or unknowingly, calls for the Earth to ascend from
the reality we know as the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension. This
had long been suggested to be around the end of 2012, or earlier.

The time-line became earlier and earlier as the Critical Mass of
LightWorkers grew larger and larger. All will increase in vibration,
as a mass, to move with the planet. People no longer have the time to
go through separate and individual ascension processes. Many
dimensions, also known as planes, mansions, and parallel worlds exist
in the same space. They only differ by degrees of vibration. When we
increase our vibration sufficiently, our body transforms into a
silica base and we change dimensions. The Critical Mass of Light
Workers has made this possible.

Thank you, Lightworkers and Entities of Light, for the focus and for
making the extra effort which resulted in that extra surge that now
allows all of those on earth to move forward with us. We were all
very concerned about our friends and families who maybe weren't ready
for the progress into the 5th.

Light Entities, thank you for aligning a new plan where all will be
made ready once we move into the New Earth. We thank you for making
this possible by having infinite levels of the fifth dimension
prepared so each can move into it at their own individual speed. Even
though we may be in a different fifth dimension than some of our
friends, we will know that we are all together and we will find each
other eventually. Thank you so much for this added privilege.

Thank you dear Benevolent Ones for your assistance in holding our
system in a hologram while you have little by little exposed us to
the Photon Belt so we wouldn't have premature fatal ascension caused
by this enormous energy. Thank you for placing a holographic energy
field around our solar system from the Galactic Federation of Light.
As our vibration rate increases, we know you are releasing some
photon energies gradually into our solar system. We greatly thank you
for all of your assistance in this alignment with the photon energy
belt so gradually, painlessly and effectively.

Ascension is the integration of spirit and matter. It is the process
where our physical, emotional, mental, and all spiritual bodies
combine to create a Fully conscious being. We take on a Light body.
We are really spiritual beings having a human experience. We have
other aspects of ourselves who exist on other worlds, in other
dimensions or realities.

Initially, a 12-strand RNA/DNA system will have replaced our body's
current 3-strand system. We will have increased our 7-chakra system
of body energy vortexes to a 21-chakra system with the 4th chakra as
the base chakra. We will also consciously use 100 percent of our
brain, instead of the 10 to 20 percent currently utilized. Full
consciousness will return to us, that is the awareness of why we are
here, what we are to do in the future, and what our past lives have
been. We will have universal knowledge at our fingertips, or rather,
our brain receptors, and have super-human abilities.

As ascended galactic humans (physical angels), we will be able to
interact with all sentient life forms in our galaxy, universe, and
beyond. We will regain extraterrestrial powers that we lost many
lifetimes ago. Telepathy, teleportation, and interplanetary travel
without space craft will be possible using our Light body or merkaba.

Some people will be able to revisit or return to their previous star
system that they came from. Some will help to repopulate Mars, Venus,
and Maldek which will be re-formed from the Asteroid Belt. The
majority will participate in the Earth Project where we will create
the New Earth, move on to Urtha - what Tara was originally and then
on to the Golden Galaxy of the new Golden Age, and we will help
create it. Earth will once again be a showcase planet, a major center
for communication, conferences and headquarters for the Intergalactic
Union of the many galaxies near us.

We will live in magnificent crystalline cities in the New Earth. Our
new civilization will again be based on spiritual concepts of
Lemuria, which in turn, was based on Sirius B concepts. Our bodies
will continue to look much like they do now except they will be more
Silica based rather than Carbon based. They will be much less dense -
not totally etheric - but a little bit more etheric than they are
now. They will be immortal bodies. We can look 33 years old forever,
if we choose.

Thank you for your Divine Intervention

Our universe is teaming with life at various levels of evolution. The
highest intelligence is the collective energies we term God, the
Creator, or numerous other terms. From here, and down through many
descending levels of vibration, known as dimensions, planes, or
mansions, exist a multitude of beings, initially in spiritual form,
then semi-solid, and then in dense bodies like our current ones. We
know these beings by terms such as Elohim, Archangels, Lords of
Light, Angels, Ascended Masters, and finally extraterrestrials, who
have humanoid bodies.

Evolution elsewhere cannot proceed successfully until we ascend to
the 5th Dimension. Many civilizations are watching us with intense
interest. Higher dimensions can see through to lower dimensions, but
we cannot see higher dimensions from here. In recent years, mankind
has had virtually unlimited access to the highest beings of Light who
provide guidance through channeled contacts and sometimes even
manifesting in etheric or physical form.

Divine intervention is allowed to occur in a planet's affairs when
spiritual progress is hindered. In fact it is part of our incarnation
contract which calls for it at our stage of evolution, before we
connect permanently again with other Divine Plan within the Galaxy.
The intervention was carried out at a physical level by our space
brothers and sisters, and at a spiritual level by the Spiritual
Hierarchy. Our space brethren include the Galactic Federation of

Both types travel in spacecraft. An inter-galactic group of ships and
personnel, the Ashtar Command, work closely with the Galactic
Federation. The Spiritual Hierarchy consists of the Elohim orders,
the Time Lord councils, the Angelic realms, Ascended Masters, and the
Devic kingdom. They don't need space craft, although the Ascended
Masters often "hang out" in Ashtar Command ships.

The Galactic Federation have over 18 million space craft in our solar
system at any one time, rotating from a much larger base. Competition
is high among members to be here and assist at this great "end times"
period! Some mother ships are thousands of kilometres long. The
smaller shuttle craft are more commonly seen in our atmosphere.

A first contact program by the Federation has been in place for
several years. Soon there will be mass sightings of craft, a good
friend of ours saw one at Mt. Shasta a couple of months ago. When a
change in world governance structures, a unification of all
societies, and a return of our personal sovereignty is seen, we will
realize that we have been living in the fifth dimension. Then, we can
be shown how to handle and adapt to ascension in full consciousness.
Much of this has already been carried out on spacecraft and within
magnificent underground cities. We will know we are already on the
New Earth when we begin to see these things occur. I have been aware
of these things occurring for several years now. I have been taken up
on space ships almost nightly. So has everyone else who has given
their consent to be initiated into ascension. Those are the
LightWorkers who have achieved Critical Mass so the rest of the Earth
may follow...


Crystalai [link]

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6 Dec 2007 @ 21:51 by SHIRLEY FROST @ : stuff on this site
Thank you everyone. If any of this stuff is true its so exhilarating its orgasmic, its better than sex! Is this how its supposed to be? All these new names I am learning, all these wonderful characters I am reading about they are more friends to me than my so called friends. Everything they are saying is like its about me, their insight is the most blessed thing that I have been craving all my life.  

8 Jan 2008 @ 18:54 by COURTNEY EVES @ : kumara
thanks for this lovely message  

10 Jan 2008 @ 02:46 by leela @ : Aquafarians
Could you please write to me more about what Aquafaria is, who the aquafarians are, etc.... I have been dreaming of lots of water

Thank you , Leela  

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