TIME 2 WAKE UP: Soul Transitions December 2007 Vibe report - by Nancy Leilah Ward    
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pictureThursday, December 6th 2007, by Brenda McCann

EXCERPT: "December is the last month of the 9 year of endings and of tying up loose ends. This is the time to focus on what brings you joy and what you want to bring in to the coming year of 2008, a 1 year – a year of new beginnings. As so much of the old, no longer needed energy has drained away, it is time to fill ourselves up with the new."

Soul Transitions December 2007 Vibe report Wednesday, December 6, 2007 - 12:06 PM
by Nancy Leilah Ward


I am a conscious channel, collaborating with a group consciousness who now call themselves Many of One. They formerly referred to themselves as The Collective, but now their energies have grown and they call themselves this as a reminder to us that we are all “Many of One.” Every month we write about the prevailing energies, which is this Vibe Report. We hope you find this information inspiring, comforting and evocative.
Well, the jig is up. If there’s something we’ve avoided looking at in our life, it’s going to come up and smack us in the head! The vibration is rising, everything is accelerating and so that which is not of our highest truth will be leaving us with the velocity of the speed of love. It may broadside us. It may drop us on our butt. It may leave us feeling panic and fear but you will notice within the whirlwind is a core of rightness. Your highest truth holds the vibration of love.

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So even within what appears to be adversity, there is love. And opportunity. There is always opportunity. We are being placed in right place, right time for our soul’s vibration. Your soul vibration is the truest truth within you. So your soul is steering you, pulling you, tossing you—maybe even dropping you from a cliff—to
land you on your true life-path.

Those who are on a clear path will find their dreams coming true. You will be noticing rapid manifestation on all levels. Growth, expansion, clear flowing energy of abundance is opening up for you—again—with the velocity of love. And for those who are landing on your butts, look around, feel into your soul and ask for the wisdom to know your soul’s guidance and the courage to act upon it.

Thy will be done. Relax and trust. And know that those clear path travelers are examples of what your lives will become. The aspect of untruth coming up for clearing will be seen globally, as well as individually. Series of events will be happening to reveal untruths. An event will occur that will expose a lie that humanity has bought forth because of the desire to give away power and to maintain the ‘comfortable discomfort’ of the status quo.

*You may be experiencing deep memories arising in your mind.

Out of nowhere, you’ll have a memory of something from your babyhood. It comes in as a feeling, without words. This can be disturbing. Allow it to keep flowing. Don’t hold on to examine it, just fill it with compassion and love and allow it to keep flowing through and out. Send love to it. This will change the affect of other, more recent memories, allowing them to keep flowing outwards. Let it go. Soon, you will not be accumulating such energies because you will have learned to let the stream flow.

It’s flowing away from you. You are being purified. This can be a painful process. Remember not to cling to aspects that are being cleared.

You will find yourselves connecting with feelings of happiness and joy more and more. As the shadow is cleared – the shadow that does not belong within you – as this is cleared you have more and more room for love. The fear recedes, the love flows in… Yeee…..HAW!

We are to be the inhabitants of the new earth, part of a transformation that is organically growing into place.

How does that concept feel inside your body? Perhaps you felt a wave of opening, expansion, excitement. Keep expanding and breathe into the stream of joy. Perhaps you felt a pang of fear? Be aware of where in your body that fear is, send Love to that place whenever you think of it. You will begin to notice healings happening in your outer life - and shifts. Soon, that feeling of fear will dissipate.

Seek help in the form of energy clearing bodywork. Exercise your body in a way that brings you joy – as you do this, you will begin to feel better in your body. You will feel good circulation of energy throughout your body. Go with the flow. Check in with yourselves!

Pay attention and learn to nip fear in the bud. You will observe that your mind will latch onto one thought of fear and it quickly escalates into more and more thoughts that cause fear. This is just a voice, part of the tentacle of shadow that has infiltrated the people of planet earth for thousands upon thousands of years. Choose not to listen to that voice. Say, “I banish you from my life. You have no power here!”

If you feel panic — women: place your right hand over your navel and your left and over your right so that the center of both palms are lined up with your navel — men: place the left hand over your navel with the right hand over the left.

Breathe and connect with the love in your heart. Placing your hands in this way feels comforting and also provides a seal stopping the energy leak that causes panic. Breathe… all is well.

December is the last month of the 9 year of endings and of tying up loose ends. This is the time to focus on what brings you joy and what you want to bring in to the coming year of 2008, a 1 year – a year of new beginnings. As so much of the old, no longer needed energy has drained away, it is time to fill ourselves up with the new.
Remember to focus on the good stuff. Gratitude. Bless your life. Come to know your spirit guides and feel your soul vibration and you will see the wisdom in all experience. Come to feel that every moment of your life is sacred. Imagine — what would that feel like? Know this: it is a feeling, not a thought. Again we tell you that you are moving from being guided by your mind to being guided by your heart. There is a soothing nectar of release in the feeling that accompanies this expansion into fuller expressions of your true selves. ((and that is exactly what my latest 'dream theme' was about))

Go out into nature. Stand outside at night and allow the wind to swirl around you. Make friends with trees. Outdoors, or inside, feel roots of energy reaching down through your feet or the base of your spine into the earth. Draw her energy up into you - all the way through your body and out the top of your head. Draw the Creator energy down into the top of your head, through your body and out the bottom of your feet. Send the integrated energy of Earth and Sky out from your heart and create your path of joy.

Acceptance of what is allows the ability to guide what you want to become.

Wishing you wings of Light, a buoyant heart and sublime smiles…

Shine On!

Nancy Leilah Ward

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