TIME 2 WAKE UP: You Step Into a Transfiguration of Your Consciousness & of Your Bio-Bodies    
 You Step Into a Transfiguration of Your Consciousness & of Your Bio-Bodies0 comments
pictureThursday, December 6th 2007, by Brenda McCann

December 14th, 2007 - So... *It May Be Helpful to Let Go of the Familiar*


As You Step Into a Transfiguration of Your Consciousness and a Transfiguration of Your Bodies, So It May Be Helpful to Let Go of the Familiar...

A Discourse by Lord Sananda and Wistancia

Please be seated in the altar of your own heart.

Walk into your beloved heart.

Notice that it is an altar within the body temple.

Today I ask that you bring fresh flowers, fresh incense, frankincense, myrrh and gold and all that is wondrous and beautiful and lay it down at the altar and bow your head before GOD who lives in that heart.

And let us together turn ourselves to the strongest energies in the Universe, to the creative forces in and of the whole Infinite Universe. And ask for the Power of the Love of GOD to enter into our temples, our bodies, and into our altars, our hearts.

Let us totally open up and become recipients of that strong, total unconditional love that GOD has for us. Let's open up and receive White Divine Blessings of Light and the very strong love of the Divine Mother.

We ask that this Power bring GOD into every little part of us. Let all of the gardens surrounding the temple, your fields, receive today the Light of Wisdom and the Light of Love.

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And I am Sananda. And I've come today to share love with you. Please open your heart and please drain out all of the pain and all of the confusion and all that has gathered there from the last few months. All of the dust and all of the dross that has surfaced. All of the bubbles that have bubbled up on the ocean of love that you are. That they would be washed up. Burnt off by the sun. And let me be today the Son (Sun) of GOD for you. Let me sit with you and cradle you and love you. Let me Warm you. And speak of Birth to you. And speak of Love to you. And speak of the Exodus and the Emergence. And let me say that the Power of the Holy Spirit is here with me. For I direct my great heart into your great heart now that you would be nourished, supplied and sustained to enter deeply upon your incarnational accomplishment.

I am not Jesus! Jesus was a part of me. That which you are, that which you see, that which bows at the altar, that which reveres God now in your form – that is not you either! You are more than that! All that you can see, know that you are already more than that! And so, I speak to that which you truly ARE. Which is the beam of light that you are, that is too bright for any to look upon.

That is you. Your GOD presence. And then the incarnation of YOU took form, took birth and took parents that would bring you through and nourish you and nurture you.

Beloved One, let me echo to you what I meant when I was Jesus and I walked in that land offering the promise of the Christ that Was, IS, and ever SHALL BE locked within, in seed potential, in seed light, within your DNA. And within your unfoldment.

Would you walk now upon the Earth as a Christ? Would you now empower yourself? What will you do to get there?

Be, Loved One.

Please, Be Loved!
Think of those words.

BE LOVED! Please, be Loved! Be Loved! I offer to you these two words: Be Loved. Be Love. And Be Loved. By Whom? By GOD. Once and for all, would you be loved by GOD and no else? And have no other requirement but to Be Loved by GOD? Would you be loved by GOD and look at your family of the earth, --every member –spiritual family, too. Those who walk about in incarnated bodies. Would you set them aside on the right just for a moment. Would you look and see your worthiness to be loved by God.

Now just allow yourself to look upon your Divine nature and find it inside of you. Find God breathing through your body. Moving through your body. Nourishing you.

And then, would you look into the mirror within your Soul, and would you see an opportunity to BE LOVED?

GOD "owns" you

Be Loved by the One who loves you. The One inclusive of all others and yet the One which has true love for you, which feeds you, which, in truth, actually "owns" you. God owns you. Why do I say it like that? I say it like that to create a ripple of understanding here. To wake you up! A family has been offered to you, things of the world have been offered to you, a BODY has been offered to you – Gifts have been offered, talents, breath, movement of blood, a planet has been offered to you on which to thrive and grow and evolve on. A sun has been provided to warm you. Birds have been provided to open up your heart to freedom. Fruits and flowers to offer you color and life. And to stream through your body, very holy, like the flowers that you bring to the altar. Like the gold, like the incense. So many are the gifts of the Earth. The mountains that show you the mountain within you that you must climb. That reflect to you the powerful growth, and evolution and ascension. The Ascent up the Mountain. The desert is also offered to you to show you upon what plane of ground could you go and find within the depths of tranquillity and peace and with the removal of all of those things relied upon, could you then see

Who it is you are.

What it is you Need.

And where GOD fits in? And how deep? And how much? And how prevalent?
And what is barren? What could be barren? What could be sparse? And if you could feel the sparseness, the barrenness, the emptiness within you, then how much more could GOD THEN love you? Then how much more could GOD then Fill you? And feed you? And at one point did you put up your hands and say, "Stop. That is enough. I get it. I Am full"?

As Jesus, what did I mean when I said be prepared to leave your family; your mother is not your mother…your father is not your father…your sisters and brothers, who are they?… But two or three or four? Out of a whole union of brothers and sisters? For is that donkey down the road with the brown sad eyes of love, not your brother? And is that flower growing along the side of the road, not your sister? And is the Earth that you stand upon, pulsing with life with a heart and a purpose and a grid and a field of energy and a Merkabah around it and an evolution and many bodies, is that not your sister as well?

All right.

The patterns of your past are reflected in your family

Your earthly family holds a map of who you are based on your past, having known you since your conception. They have loved you, fed you, watched you grow, seen you in your weakest moments. Seen you in need, seen you rely upon others to feed you, seen you not quite in sovereignty. They remember all those patterns of growth and all the steps that you took – even as you took your first earthly steps – and walked. When you stood upright from the crawling position. And all the memories are pinned intact within the memory tank. Within the memory banks. Those who came forth to be your earthly family hold those molds and they hold those patterns. The patterns of your past are reflected in your family. It is only a very wise family, a very unified one, a very conscious one and a very balanced one that breaks away from those patterns and out of those molds. Only a very wise family made up of wise individuals can take their steps, new steps, Christ steps, on an evolving Earth and begin an evolutionary process within inside themselves that births something new and creates a bridge so that the Adam Kadmon joins with the Adamic body and the whole Christ Process takes place and all become new and renewed In GOD. Only the very wise family who is right with themselves and renewed in GOD can support your evolutionary process now and free you from the mold and pattern that they previously held you in.

Consider this, for it is important.

it is possible that your earthly family cannot recognize who you have become
There may come a time when you turn and you must "leave" your family

Because of this it is possible that your earthly family cannot recognize who you have evolved into. If this be true, know that it is always more difficult to be "seen" and "heard" in your own village and in your own home. I say unto you, BeLoveds, they may hold you in a tight pattern, in a mold. Go and see if they may have seen your thirst and didn't see the quenching. Seen your struggles and missed seeing your successes and your renewal. Seen your hunger and missed your feeding. Seen your negativity and not your Release. Seen your imbalance and missed your rebalance. They may have seen the master not yet born and missed the rebirth. It is like having seen a seed underneath a blanket of snow. It is like having not seen the day of birth when the red rose pushed the little green head right through the snow at the end of the Season of Dormancy. Sometimes the family still sees you under the snow. With the head not pushed through. With the body dormant underneath. Needy. And imperfect. And limited. And they see you in a mold and in the past and this is why I said when I walked the streets of many places: That there may come a time when you turn and you must "leave" your family.

Why? To be unkind? No! On Earth I had a mother who was quite divine; still is!! It was a choice we made in Heaven to dance on Earth. And my mother had a heart of Gold and an unwavering position as the Mother of Jesus. And her heart was sacred from Beginning to End. And her nature Pure. Untouched by negative persuasion. Lotus. And yet I said there comes a time when you are not my mother. In the case of Mary, I needed to demonstrate that which I am talking about today.

I said, "You are not my mother!" Five words.

What does "you" mean? You are part of ME. You are part of GOD. Inseparable. You do not stand apart, or alone. Who are you? You are LOVE itself. You are not a role, not an occupation, not a job, not a gender, not an age, not a family member, not a talent, not what you do, not what you say. You are beyond all of that. Those are the circumstances of your present expression of self. In silence you are as much as when you speak. In sleep you are as much as when you are awake. What are you? In death you are as much as when alive in the body. What ARE you?


What is? What is Isness? What is there to Be? Be-Loved? Be loved. BE love, Love and Be Loved. That is it. So! You are just love and that is all.

What are you "Not?" You are not anything but love. You are not all of those stages, all of those fears; you are not your age, your color, your beliefs, nor your religion, nor your memories, nor your past, nor your future. You are even beyond your Moment, your NOW! You are even more than that! You are OF Source. You are of all that Sourced everything.


Who am I that I would Own a mother? That you would be My mother and not someone else's? You are the Mother of the World. You are the World's mother and beyond that. You are that which sits inside of God and could never leave. How could I "have" that when God Itself gave me the body, loaned me the body, and the life and the family and all the accoutrements.

Here is where I answer the questions of what do I mean when I say that "God Owns you." You belong to GOD. You are borrowing your present body and your present life-stream. It all sources with GOD. You are dependent on God for your life and yet you are inseparable from that. What could you have or own that is not also His? Also Hers? Where would you draw the line if you understood?

There is an ancient bhajan that goes like this:

"Leaving this world and you go away, nothing can you carry with you on that day!

How can you say this is Mine? Everything will be left behind.
Nothing will remain: and you stay for such a short time.

Leaving this world when you go away, no-thing can you carry with you on that day!.

(On one level perhaps what was being sung about was the experience of death of the physical body. It is also applicable to the experience of dimensional crucifixion. There is a constant death taking place to a lower dimensional reality with a higher dimensional reality taking its place. It can be called dimensional crucifixion. If we feel we are leaving something behind, we are! If it feels like a tug of war, it may feel like that if we do not surrender to it! But we are always letting go of something and the truth is nothing will ever remain as it was. In this way also, I agree I know what Sananda means when he says, "How can you say this is Mine?" It is already shifting out…")

And then "Mother." What does that mean?

What is the mother? What is the true stream of compassion that holds so much Divine Love that it could not be held to one body, could it? Who is my mother? Where did I come from? What is the Ocean for this drop of water? Where did it source from? Where does it go back to?


What does "You are not my mother!" mean?

I am breaking free. I break free of all molds. Of all that is of past. Of imagination. Of history. Of the justification of the mind. Of all that is untrue. Of all imprints. Of all patterns. Of each Embodiment. Of each Life Time and Life Line. Of all that which is Familiar and Locked In.


I am part of All That IS which is all that is Coming and all that has been, as well as that which is Now. All the glory and the good that was with Mother/Father God before the world was – now is still with Mother/Father God and shall ever be. Even as the purpose and point of all of THIS, all of which Thou Art part of – is the Expansion of God and the movement of Love.

So! Love IS. And it is in every particle. Every sunbeam. Every glistening drop of water. Every material object that spins through your house. And the grass behind the house. And the sky that is so starry above the house. And the ocean that waves beyond the house. And all of that is but one little thread that God lives in... No one in human form sourced me!

The family is a symbol for the "Familiar"

So to break out of the pattern of that which is limited, that which has borders, that which sees with Eyes of Borders and Eyes of Limitation – Then one may have to leave one's family. The family is a symbol for the "Familiar," who holds up a constant mirror of Familiarity saying "This Was, so This Is!" Maybe they cannot go to the Not Yet Known. To the Unknown. The Not Yet explored.

As you step into a transfiguration of your consciousness and a transfiguration of your bodies, it is

Imperative that you *let go of the familiar*

One who is Exploring Consciousness must reach beyond the maps of dimensions. Would the present maps of the boundaries of a continent be relevant to you if you were a true explorer? To explore higher dimensional consciousness you need to let go of your maps of the Third Dimension and how "reality" works. You need to transcend the boundaries of the continent known as "Reality" to many of you; known as "3D" to others of you.

you cannot afford to allow the patterns of the Past that any would pin up to you holding your past into a template, to bring doubt into your future

What do you do? You put down your old tools and pick up your new ones. You put aside your old books and old programming. You step away from those who say that it cannot be done. Those who shroud themselves within doubt and disbelief. You open your heart and step into the Promised Land. How do you do that? You take an exodus out of what is known and you step beyond that which has been mapped and drawn and taken as "real." And you step into a transfiguration of your consciousness and a transfiguration of your bodies, so it is

Imperative that you let go of the familiar. If you are really reaching beyond the borders of what is "acceptable" by the planetary population, you may have to let go of the holders of the old patterns. It does not mean you let go of the love or that you need to take any physical steps or appear any different. Or never speak. Or never care for them. Or never love them. Or never be there for them. But you cannot afford to allow the patterns of the Past that any would pin up to you holding your past into a template, to bring doubt into your future and bring doubt into your evolving moment, and to somehow cause you to be held to a way of being that is not Love Itself. Love by its definition is Expansive, for God is always expanding.

If your family is doing this with you, to the extent that they are doing this, they are not serving you. In those instances, then, the Christ has no family, because he/she has grown beyond that. Check it out: How much does it serve crossing the Borders and the boundaries? The greater family of Love, inclusive of all, then IS the family and the smaller unit of family is not disregarded, but regarded within Union, within Unity, within Allness, within Isness. Everything pivots and everything shakes and everything is reshaped and then the mold breaks open and there is no mold.

The piece of clay has merged with the potter. And the potter has merged with the table upon which the clay sits. And the kiln and the fire and the hands of the potter. And the pot itself has merged with the entire room that it is being created in. You are a work in progress, Beloved one. You have stepped over a few boundaries and now cannot go to "little home" again. But you can go home to the Capital Home.

I honor your birth and I honor the birth of potential and every single cell within you. I also honor the bursting forth of that which has not yet been born. That being of Faith that wants to be born. I honor that you came into this world with a purpose. I honor each of the births every step of the way. All the times that you might be "birthed" and baptized by flow of God rather than friction. If your family offers you friction, you can say,"This is the friction of humanity; this is the friction of limitation; I choose the Free Flow of God!" I see the friction inside of me and I choose the Flow of GOD." Then there is the separating of the waters. On what side of the Red Sea will you remain? Will you remain on that side that gets washed over? Will you remain on that which opens up so that the Promised Land can be reached? Will you be able to walk forward and not look back? When you look back you begin to see that all of that which has been your past, that has worked for a time, that served a purpose then, that was all right and blessed, is already beginning to become a dream. It is a dream. You cannot hold on to it. It is fading before your very eyes.

You are transitioning into the Christ.

The birth of the Christ happens in stages. It is just like a physical birth in some ways. You are Laboring through it. Relax and it will feel better. It was first in a conception and then there were the hours of laboring. You started to let go of other things that no longer seemed important. The birth becomes the most important thing on Earth! Now it is the transition. You are transitioning into the Christ. You have not emerged into the Christed Body fully yet and this is why you are now feeling a lot of the birth pains. Can we love you and can we call it that?

Do you feel fragmented? Feeling fragmented means that you have still that combination. One foot in the world of yesterday, one in the world of tomorrow. One body listening to the doubts and confusions of others, getting drawn in. Another body going forward. One cell at one end of the tug of war, another cell at the opposite end. Who will be on the side of the Christ? Who will be on the side of the other? And the battle ensues.


Pay attention to God within you.

Pay attention to God within you. Simply put your attention on the inner reality. Every time the bubbles surface reflecting something old in you that wants recognition, that wants remembrance, that wants to be active and vital, put your attention on the inner reality and God will see you through. Please draw on the Divine that is in you. It is time to begin to rely on GOD more. The reflections you have received in your difficulty show you that you partly rely on GOD. You are partly protected by GOD, partly sustained by God, partly loved by God. Not in entirety. If one is entirely in that experience, then they have a different experience. Then they know something. They know that the breath itself keeps telling you who you are. The sound and the gift of it conveys the vibration and the vocabulary of who it is you are.

Inside the breath hidden is the answer to every question. Breathe. Who am I? I am She. I am He. I am God. Inside the breath. In every breath that is your reflection. All right.

What is true surrender?

It is time to begin to create Faith in your own divinity. Agree to allow yourself to be led away from untruth to truth. You are in the process of learning right balance and right action. What is true surrender? Surrender is the act of being so vital, so clear, and so strong that you RELY on GOD. For every thing. You don't rely on your family to sustain you. And you don't rely on the past to remain there. And you don't rely on anyone and anything, but you rely on GOD. And you understand that God can come through anyone or anything at anytime, but you go behind everything. You go behind every scene and you find God there. And you are strong in that. And willing to give up your attachment to all the Ideas of every other thing. So you have no other THING in your hands. That you see that your family cannot give you anything at some point, because you are birthing the Christ. What can they give you? If they cannot give you a Christ reflection then they give you a negative ego reflection? And you cannot rely on the past and the old patterns in your SELF either! Because THEY will not feed the Christ child.

Think of it this way: A mother wants to always feed the Child. What will actually feed the Christ in you? Unborn babies still feed and nourish.

So you cannot rely on any thoughts or feelings that are not Christed. So when they come up, you recognize them and say, "Look at you! Still active and still alive after all these years. But I choose the Christ and I choose God. I will follow the Inner Reality. I will follow the inner reality like the stream of fire that is the kundalini, that draws itself in one direction, up the spine, right up the sushumma, right up." And it will not be drawn away. It has a course to follow and it will go from base to crown. And until it reaches the crown, it has not been completed. May the crown be fed by the fire of that light.

May the Christ be fully born and emerge and walk about. Be fed by the fire of Light. And take its cues from Mother God and Father God. And know itself as a Daughter or a Son, having the inheritance of God.

What is the Full inheritance of GOD?

What is the Full inheritance of GOD? That God shall take care of You ! Because? It is in the bloodline. It is in the genetic line. That you were birthed from GOD, not an earthly parent who was good enough to play that role for you. But! Now go into the higher recognition. If you want to embody the Christ, you must embody the True Parentage, the True Family, and held everything in Right Perspective and Right Balance. It does not mean you have to turn your heart from anyone. But that you understand who everyone IS. What can they give you? Who is the giver of all things?

Everything is surfacing now to show you that you have something more to refine. That is all that is going on.

Beloveds, each one is a Divine gardener.

We work, all of us, for the Creator. When we become the Christ we know that we are in a direct line working for GOD, working for the Creator. And our payment is feeling so blessed to be working for GOD and just have the job. When that is all we need and we surrender to that, then I tell you that the energy of GOD knows exactly where to go and the Waters of Life know exactly where to flow and create all of the puddles of abundance and prosperity and well beingness and all of everything. And if you can become attached to GOD, then the created one will be loved and in the process of being loved, what is going to be denied to the one who is loved? Hmmn? Must you really hold on to all these things? Attached to what others do and what you do? What others can give you and do for you? And not GOD? Can GOD not find a way to your heart? Can GOD not find a way to make an oasis out of a desert?

Keep your attention on GOD. Then you will always know what to do.

To the extent that you have built your internal castle on a bed of sand, then to that extent you will feel it crumbling below you.

Build your castle well. To the extent that you have built a castle of sand which is quite beautiful and a replica of a Divine Internal Castle. To that extent, even if it only 5%, but to the extent that you have built a sand castle or built your internal castle on a bed of sand, then to that extent you will feel it crumbling below you. Why? Because it will not support the Birth of the Christ in you! The Christ in you will be supported only by truth, only by a direct umbilical cord to God, only by a full birth and only by that evolution that I call Transfiguration of Consciousness and all of life, how one lives, what one chooses, and the mastery of that.


You have many mirrors hanging in your house. They show you how much of your internal castle is built on sand. Go to that part of the castle and restore it, rebuild it. Rebuild it with something that will not be here one day and gone tomorrow. Strengthen it and rebuild it. You have heard of earthquakes and how it is that one would go and reinforce the building so that the quake would not topple the building down. I ask you to do the same thing. Go and reinforce your temple! To the extent that it has sand in its building code, beautiful and intricate, all those on the beach are drawn to it, to look upon it. However, one wave and it will not support the Christ. So those things that are in you that do not support the Christ are begging and asking you to strengthen them, to reinforce them with what you truly know, and to deepen your correspondence to the Christ even if it means breaking with tradition, the past and how the family sees you. Leaving the import and the impact of the family simply means your past and your programming, which means your instability. The Christ is not unstable. Which means your reliance on others to support and nourish you, when a Christ is born and relies on God.

So to the degree of sand that needs reinforcement, now it your time to go and reinforce. And I will tell you a secret about this particular time of your history: Even with grand reinforcement, cement and everything else. There is a Grand shifting and a grand re-alignment that all castles will feel because of the Time of Radiance that is upon you. So expect to shake and rattle a little bit, even if you have broken with tradition, broken with the past, with the expectations of others. Expect to rock and to roll a little bit anyway, because the energies are Full and Strong now and they mean business. They are making each of you stronger and stronger and stronger in your convictions and in your foundations. And as your foundations are re-structuring, your temples are strengthening. The day shall arrive when your temples are impenetrable from any outside force of Wind. The winds of change will blow and blow and blow and they will not blow your house down, for your are reinforced with the Light of the True Christ. This day is forthcoming!

Look at these questions. In the times that are coming, Who will you trust? How will you be supplied? Keep the answers to yourselves.

The emotions bubble up and ask you to love yourself. Water all the parts of the garden. Weed out the garden. Pull out the weeds that no longer serve you. That hide the sun. So offer your negativity to God. Live for GOD and you live in God. Create a habit of paying attention to GOD. That's all God wants. Whatever you do, offer it to God. Enjoy yourself and offer it. And offer your pain. Draw on the Divine in you. Let everything go from you. Find out if you need it. Go place yourself on the desert and see if God doesn't spring up an oasis as soon as you are thirsty.

As the Christ wants to be born in you, it has to trust God. Ask yourselves, Whose hand is underneath you? Is it there all the time? Is it there some of the time? Who is holding up your bicycle? You may have allowed the new to enter and flood you and at the same time there is that which has been relied upon, that which is older. You have done an experiment to mix the two. They do not mix when it is the Christ that is to be "Created." The Christ Experiment. Two substances that will not mix. Because, in truth, Truth and Fear cannot mix. Love and Fear cannot mix. Light and Dark cannot mix. As soon as you bring the candle into the cave, the darkness goes away.

Rely on GOD.

What is being asked of you into this transition into true Christ Life? To know the holy and the worldly. To give your life to show others. But it must be made real. Now you stand at the border of Realization of God. God wants only to be real, all the way through. So if there is a sand castle and a wave comes along and knocks it over, even if it is beautiful, the only lesson is simply this: the discernment is this: the spiritual test is this: What have I allowed myself to hold as true? To hold as sturdy? To hold as reliable? To hold as something I can lean on and count on, other than God?

Into Whose Hands do I give my authority?
There is no thing. Nothing. No Thing. The Christ knows that.

Into Whose Hands do I give my authority? Into whose hands do I command that my spirit go? Into whose hands? How many hands? Earth hands? God's hands?

What hands? There is only one set of hands. Into Your hands I command my Spirit. When I command my Spirit into YOUR hands, then I fly right into the Christ. Then the whole chain of chakras, all the bodies connect up, everything finds a new precision. Everything is like a rattle that shakes itself and everything that is not part of that reality shakes free and something very strong is born. Why? Because God is Divine Power. Very strong. And Divine Love. Very sweet.

So you have a couple of steps yet to go to birth the Christ in this season of transition and emergence. Then please say, "Thank you very much. If I didn't know this, I could not attend to it! If I didn't see it and feel it, I would not know of it. When I know of it, I can bring my awareness to it. I can shed light upon it. I can put a flashlight on it and it will change. I can attend to it. I can strengthen the castle." This is all that is happening to you.

Things you do not need are saying, "You do not need us anymore in the same way. Love everything, but you do not need us in the same way. Don't rely on us. Rely on GOD. Become the Christ."

none of this has anything to do with me!

Be Come the Christ. It involves coming somewhere. It involves crossing over a threshold. Out of polarity. It involves having the strength to say, "None of this has anything to do with me!" Go about your business, everyone…. But none of this has anything to do with me! I am about the business of Mother/Father God. Even if you judge me, it doesn't make it less. Even if I doubt myself, it doesn't make it less. I am following the inner reality. I am allowing the fire to draw upwards. I am moving upwards, ascending the mountain. I am going step by step. I will not be detoured. And when I am, I will laugh and say, `What an interesting little detour. And now, let me place my feet back on the road and keep going. Let me focus on building the Threshold of the Christ.'

None of that has any bearing on becoming the Christ now

It is not an easy thing to do. Building light, meditating, having a lot of theories about God and having an imagination about how important you are is easy. Marveling at what you do on other planets. On other planes. And all the things you did and where you came from and what you were in this life and that life. None of that has any bearing on becoming the Christ now. Becoming the Christ in this incarnation has to do with full emergence, full merging with God NOW. Consciously in all of the bodies, in transition, on the Earth now. Right NOW!! It has to do with making GOD real right now. Not just in the etheric. Not in Egypt in a past life. But now! NOW!

Transfiguring into the Christ

NOW, into your hands I send my Spirit. I give full authority. I command myself into your hands and it is accomplished. Transfiguring into the Christ. It could be done in one shimmering moment or it can take longer. This is the path chosen.

So! The glory of God and mercy is that as you climb and do your ascent, when you detour off to one side, even if the rose calls you and the birds act as if they have something to sing to you and you walk off the path, that something or someone will bring you back on to the path. Sometimes it is a pain of longing. Sometimes It is some negativity, that comes up and mirrors to you, "I have a few more steps to take! Where am I going with this? Where is that path that I was on? I curved off of it. Let me get back on it."

When you experience negative ego rising in you like bubbles, then I say to you, say, "Thank you. What you showed me is that I am ready to clear this. Let me not get angry with this. Let me look at this. Let me be ready for this. Let me go into silence and offer it to God. Let me learn from it. Let me understand that if it is there it must come forth." Because when the Christ is there, that is not the time for it to come forth. So let it come! Come now! Let the world magnetize all of it.

What do think that time on the desert was all about? So I could face the negative ego inside. The physical body may go somewhere. But the battle is inside. So much has been compressed and compressed and compressed into the collective humanity. And now the desire is to spring forth into the Christ. It isn't so easy to do that. It isn't so easy. Why? Why is it not easy? Because so much has been compressed and now it is that moment before the explosion, before the expansion. The Universe always expands and compresses. So lots of combinations of life particulars have joined together to bring you to this moment. It feels heavy and compressed. It is wanting to shoot out like a geyser and be free. But this is a conscious experience and so I say to you, "Be Loved One, it will be a conscious step by step process. Because the Christ is conscious. So it is going to be conscious that you feel all of it. Things will come up. Be wiling to See them and look them in the face and offer them to GOD. They are not who you are. They are substances that you have collected. Leave the past and the programming behind.

You also carry the family inside of you!

You carry the Family inside of you! I am not always talking about an external group. You carry the past and programs and the photo albums inside of you! Here I am eight years old. Now ten. How old are You? Pictures to hold yourself to. Now you are trying to be a Christ and break through density and all of that. It is not so easy. Those things are like anchors that pull you down.

But I say to you you have asked to be this. To step into this Threshold. Before you go under the threshold, all those little parts will come up and try to dissuade you. Ideas, maybe I should go. Doubts, I can't live alone. I can't feed myself. I need this. I need that. I need to hold on to that. Do you?

Hold on to GOD! Your illusions are disappearing in front of you. God will take care of you. That is the lesson of this time. The difficulty of this time is because there are parts still clinging to something other than God's support of you and you recognition of that. All humanity does this.

Sit in Source.

There is another way. When you reach that way, you will feel freedom. This is the time before the freedom. It is reflected on your planet and it is reflected everywhere. Where can you go to not see the confusion? Go into your heart and meditate. Submerge yourself in God. Sit in Source. Sit in Source till you are saturated. Till your eyes are so clear that when you open them it is all clear. Go into the altar. Bow the head. In your own temple.

Do not hide from the world. Take care of the things in your life. But let God show you how much you are the Loved One.

Be willing to trust God.

Will you trust me?

I did not demonstrate that it was easy. I demonstrated that it could be done.

I did not demonstrate that it was easy. I demonstrated that it could be done. It was not always easy. But it was accomplished. And that is the truth. You can do it also. Why? Because you have the inheritance. You have a mother and a father that will never leave you, who are standing behind you. Because the unseen world is bigger than the seen world. The invisible is more than the visible. And that which is visible is illusion; it is changing before your eyes.

What will never change? The energy of God. The energy of the light seed of God stored in the Holy place in your own heart. In your temple. That will never leave you. Never. Not Ever. Never!

So a lot of confusion and division is still present. It can pull you apart. So make sure what you are part of and what you choose to stand apart from. Recognize the power of the Negative Ego and the power of Negativity. You know better than to go there and yet can be drawn in. You know what nourishes you and yet you can compromise. But the Christ in you will not compromise! And the Christ opens the eyes to see clearly! This is what is being born. Just do this.

Wherever you look, please see God there. That is my wish for you. If you look and see confusion, then you might say, "Well, what is shown to me is what happens when GOD is not looked at. When God is not allowed in there. So, thank you. Let me then look again and see God."

Keep your gaze on the Inner reality. Peace will see you through. And there is no peace outside of you. We can say it in one million ways. But the truth remains. There is no peace outside of you. It is inside of you, where God lives and where the altar is. Stay connected there and then open your eyes and see God there.

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*Humility is rare because to have it you have to want nothing, yet when you have it you get everything.

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