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Thursday, November 15th 2007, by Brenda McCann

ASCENDED MASTER KUTHUMI - 11:11 New Earth Portal Activation - Channelled through Michelle Eloff © Johannesburg, South Africa - 06 November 2007

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.

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This is Transcribed by Samantha Gilbert - *Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

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I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of initiation, understanding, tranquillity and new vision. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones the vibrations that each of you are opening to receive are ones creating an entirely new dynamic within your physical reality. This dynamic is not coming from outside of you, it is coming from the essence of your being and it is therefore a dynamic very new to you.

For years I have been speaking of all the new energies to come. We have spoken to Lightworkers everywhere about the importance of moving beyond ego, moving beyond personality even. The 11:11 New Earth portal is an amplification of this need to release. This particular gateway is an entirely new one, it grants you access to the higher levels of the Akashic records. Up until this point there have only been a handful of people so to speak who have been granted permission to access that level of wisdom and knowledge. With everything you have mastered within yourself you have earned the right to move into this realm however as always taking a giant leap of this nature requires of you responsibility.

What you will see, what you will experience will become a part of you and much of what you will see within this realm *that you will step into* will completely change your perceptions of life altogether. What you will tap into will reveal to you levels of life that have eluded humanity up until this point simply because the majority of humanity is not ready for it as yet. You were not ready for it but now you are at a point in your personal growth where you are able to begin grasping the concepts that will be presented to you through what you will see, sense and come to understand as being the new earth.

I suggest you become accustomed to hearing me speaking of the NEW EARTH because this is the world that will be your life after 2011. This does not mean it will not be your life prior to that time what it does mean is that now is especially important because you have at your disposal some of the most powerful energies humanity has ever had access to *and these energies are not here permanently*, these energies are coming in waves and I have mentioned this before and as each wave penetrates the field of Mother Earth’s body you must be ready and willing to respond, to work with what is at hand and make the necessary changes.

In the past you worked with your issues in a manner that took a long time, for some it dragged on for years and previous to that for some even lifetimes. Many asked me this question: "Kuthumi, does one ever reach the core of the onion?" You know what beloved ones this is time where you are penetrating that core, layers and layers have been removed. *All of this you have done for yourself*, as each layer has fallen away you have been shown more of yourself. You have had to come to recognize who you are and *often your authentic self has sacred the living daylights out of you*, some have scurried back into the comfort zone of the old paradigm however many more of you have opened your arms in gratitude even though you have had moments where you doubted the pathway, you even questioned your own ability to continue on the path, the fact is you are here and you have mastered many of the old paradigm lessons.

The striping away of ego and personality has also been misunderstood by many. There are a number of schools of though experiencing rivalry at the moment and by now many of you will know that that is not something I will entertain and whoever chooses to create an argument based on what has been presented through my channel is taking it upon themselves to create such an experience.

Information is simply that information, one can do with it what one wills, the most important thing is how do you feel inside of yourself when you have that information inside of you, **either it resonates it with you or it doesn’t**, it is as plain and simple as that, and if it does not resonate with you it does not mean that you have license to create arguments based on what has been said. The truth never needs defending it always reveals itself and if your truth is in alignment with what is considered a greater truth it will reveal itself to you.

In this current time-line there are more levels of consciousness than have ever been before by this I mean a variety of levels of consciousness therefore *do not expect everyone to resonate with what you say*. This 11:11 portal that you are crossing through will reveal to you the aspects of yourself that are in conflict with your authentic truth this means the ego and the personality aspects of self that are governed subconsciously by the old paradigm *will be challenged to move beyond those parameters of limitation* and embrace this new dynamic that emerges from inside of you.

There is an essence that is emerging inside of you that comes from the core of the essence of Father/Mother God, an energy as I said earlier, you are not accustomed to experiencing. Over the past eighteen months and more so the past three months there has been brutal energies at play, the brutality of these energies have not been there to cripple you in anyway whatsoever they have come with the force needed to show you what has become obsolete, what no longer serves the pathway of destiny you have chosen.

As each new pathway of destiny *has been anchored on an atomic level*, on a molecular level, and *within every single vibration of your DNA* and therefore cellularly, you have brought this new dynamic into the sacred blueprint of your complete essence and this is what is attracting to you what we have recently been calling your ‘divine compliment’, the aspect of you that reflects your inner wholeness.

One of the key areas of attention at this time is relationships, the reason being that *it is the key area where balance will be anchored*. So every relationship in your life regardless of it’s nature that has been a reflection or projection of imbalance in your life *is being highlighted and removed* if that is what is needed. In many cases and in fact most cases, this is what has happened. The relationships have not been limited to romantic relationships, they have been in all areas.

As balance comes into the *system of creation* every single one of you are energetically experiencing a recreation of energy. The recreation of energy is establishing the new magnetic grid that you will utilize to attract to you, your new life experiences which are already seeded within the NEW EARTH. Your future self has already connected with you. This is a part of you that you called to that has come to you now *to ensure that you master the pathway* that is now before you. You are being *called to service* and to serve alongside that divine compliment, the divine aspect of self.

For many people this divine compliment may very well be and will in fact be a romantic partner but there are also a number of people who will connect with their divine compliment through someone of a similar gender and they may come forward as a friend, a teacher, a guide or a mentor. Some people have requested that the divine compliment manifest in this manner and you have the power to request this which is why it has been done in this manner.

The dynamic of relationships is the key area for the change needed to ensure the new earth is fully anchored in the physical world. It is the fundamental essence of everything and the relationship you have with yourself is the most important.
The 11:11 portal is *taking you into a new dimension of relating to yourself*, a new relationship with yourself. A time of releasing all the baggage of your past, your wounds in the form of insecurities, fears, distorted perceptions of self, the lack of deserve-ability that you experience, low self worth, everything that makes up the four old paradigm pillars of poverty consciousness, victim consciousness, conditional love and lust consciousness.

The one thing I ask all of you to *keep in the forefront of your mind in every moment* is this: the time-line you are now entering is unlike any time-line you have ever experienced in human form before, you cannot measure it and you absolutely cannot under any circumstance compare it to any thing you have experienced in your past. This in fact is it’s greatest quality and greatest advantage, everything that you come to experience from the 11th of November 2007 onwards *is held within the core* of the energy I speak of, that is the crossing into the new time-line, into the NEW WAY, the NEW WORLD and at the same time stepping into the realms of the *higher Akashic record vibration* therefore you are doing yourself an injustice by denying yourself anything from that day forward because you are afraid it will be a repeat of your past. I repeat to you *do not even dare to compare* what is coming to you with what you have had in the past by doing that what you are then doing is pulling the old paradigm energy into the morphogenetic grid of YOUR NEW LIFE.

Very recently we activated the energies of the new morphogenetic grids, these grids are unlike the ones that were created before. The morphogenetic grids that were originally created held information not energy, *these grids are a combination of information and energy* and serve as amplifiers of the energy and the information programmed into it.

Your old world was abused through the utilization of morphogenetic grids because those in the know programmed the grids with very intense energy *which would maintain the levels of ignorance that were required to maintain control* over what you know as being the old paradigm. You have stepped beyond being governed by those energies. Your energy vibrates way above that field and the sooner you realize that and remember it, the easier it will be for you to move through all these new energy changes and the next fifteen months will be the most beneficial, most rewarding and most fulfilling of this particular time-line leading up to what will become the new world in 2012.

You are a Merlin from this day forward. You are the greatest magician that has ever existed, the master alchemist, honor and accept this. Spirit is delivering to you the answers to your prayers, your most fulfilling romantic relationships are coming to you if you are not already in one, your most fulfilling friendships, your most fulfilling time of relating to God and the Goddess, Spirit and everything that makes up Spirit is now in front of you. Your energy, your powers, so to speak, will be like a new garden bursting to life and the only thing inhibiting that from being your reality is you entertaining the past paradigms. Believing that your history needs to be replayed, it need not! Your need is different, *your perceptions regarding your needs will never be the same again*.

Keep your heart *open to the empowering energies of every single facet of love* that exists, these facets are dimensions of light which are fed by even greater universes of light calling to you to step out of the illusion and into this expansive NEW WORLD that you have called for. In your imaginings, your visualizations, your dreams, your prayers, your meditations, you have asked for all of this. I must have you know NOW God (within all life) is delivering, *the silver platter is in front of you*, what are you going to do with it?

*Are you going to turn your back on it because you are afraid that your past will haunt you? Are you afraid to love again because your past relationships were so hurtful? Are you afraid to be creative because in your past you have been ridiculed, criticized and belittled because people did not resonate with your creative essence?

*Are you going to continue to be a victim, to live in poverty consciousness because someone with an ego and with a personality convinced you that you are undeserving of having every single one of your needs met, not just little bits of it but every single one of them fully met and beloved ones this energy coming through to you now is the energy, the vibrations that will change it and if your life does not change then there is only one person that you can turn to and that is you.

The gates to every universe are open now and the 11:11 portal activation is your first introduction to the power of that energy, the power of your creative and co-creative abilities.

The 11:11 Portal Activation energy annihilates these words:
I can’t,
I am afraid,
what if,
none of that exists in the NEW WORLD simply because it embodies the old paradigm consciousness. OLD PARADIGM IS SIMPLY A PROGRAM - that is all it is, all it ever was, ***and it was a lie***, it was a story woven into the dynamic known as greater consciousness, a story so dynamic that everyone bought into it ***and imagined it as real***.

The last two and half thousand years specifically have been the years of the great illusion, in fact the greatest illusion that has ever played out in existence. You are the ones who are ensuring that the great illusion *never tricks you again* however, what that entails is complete trust, complete faith and hope *in yourself*. This means beloved ones, you are now at a time where all self criticism must stop, self abuse, self rejection, self denial most stop by doing that to yourself you are denying yourself the gifts that are being presented to you now, the reward for all of your efforts, ***you have completed the initiation of the great illusion***, you have mastered it. Every single person who hears these words or reads these words in the future *are making this transition*. This is Spirit saying to you that 'physically you have completed the initiation' which means:: you never have to return to the great illusion ever again unless you choose to do so as an enlightened teacher but never again will you incarnate into the matrix of the great illusion unconsciously and if you want to ensure that that is the case for you then my beloved ones *you need to give to yourself like never before*. You need to open your eyes, open your heart and open your being to the potential of what God is presenting you with like never before.

When you are opening your heart now, opening your being, opening your spirit and opening your mind you are not opening it to what you have left behind you are opening it to what is standing before you within the NEW PARADIGMS, what you have stepped away from is no longer a part of your energy field now. What you choose to bring into your life NOW is your new life, it is the new energy and *passing through the 11:11 portal* SHUTS THE DOOR to everything you have left behind over the past eighteen months and even more so the past three months.

It takes maturity to recognize that everything that you have experienced until this point has served a purpose, it has been part of your initiation, it has been a necessary evil so to speak so that you can find yourself where you are now. It takes maturity and wisdom to acknowledge and to know that you have the power to create a different reality and that never again will you recreate what you have left behind *because that world is no longer a part of your essence*. It takes maturity, wisdom and love to open your being to receive your greatest good, it is only a fool that turns his back or her back on what Spirit is now presenting in the form of love opportunities, friendship, careers, emotional growth, spiritual growth, every single arena of life but we know you are certainly no fool otherwise you would not be listening or reading these words right now.

So, now it is that the beings of the new earth, those who hold the sacred grids of this new time of your life *step into your energy field* and I ask you to still your mind and to turn your focus inside and welcome them into your energy field, acknowledge their presence.

These beings will personally escort you into the new paradigms of the new earth that lie on the other side of the 11:11 portal. Before this transition is made I, Kuthumi, assisted by your master guides and all your key guardians embrace you in a spiral energy. This spiral energy moves around you creating a suction which begins to extract from your chakras all the old paradigm fears that may prevent you from fully embracing the gift being bestowed upon you now.

Relax your body and try to imagine this spiral energy swimming around and the suction like motion tapping into your chakras and with every breath you take in and every breath you release relax your chakras, let go.

I, Kuthumi, bring you the blessing of love and wisdom. I hand you the key to the new world, the key to every golden opportunity you have ever wished for. For some of you what you have asked for may come in ways that surprise you but the surprise will be far greater than your original intention or vision.

The spiral energy begins to expand around you as it expands it embraces all your energy bodies and begins extracting the same out of your emotional body, your mental body, the astral bodies, the spirit body. As all of this is removed you are now presented with the opportunity to fill that space with whatever it is you choose.
Take a moment now to consider what you would like to replace the vacuum with.

Magnetically we now attune all the systems within your body to receive this dynamic essence *emerging from your own core* and all you need do is imagine an energy extending from the core of your being and bubbling up from the inside of you. *It knows exactly what it needs to do, how to do it, when to do it*, there is nothing else you have to do. This essence will permeate through every level of your being and attract to you that which you are dynamically attracting to yourself based on what you are focusing your energy upon.

The beings of the NEW EARTH now create a circle around you. The vibration created as a result of their presence dissolves any dense or negative energy in your energy field right now. The clearing of this energy now opens the 11:11 portal and opens the reflection of the 11:11 portal within your heart chakra.

Imagine this gate opening and a brilliant blinding light extending from it, this light pouring into your physical body, filling your emotional body, your mental body, your spirit body and every other body beyond that.

This brilliant light is the passageway into the new earth, you must now walk into this light as blinding as it is trusting that every step you are taking is secure and as bright as this light is you still do not know what it contains. When you are ready walk if you have not begun already, feel the courage inside of you to step into this new world to claim what is yours by divine right and this energy is like water washing through all of your bodies and you will see the further you walk into the light the more accustomed your vision becomes to this light and you begin to see what is within the light. It may come in the form of symbolism, you may see faces even places, do not attach anything to it, just observe. Walk all the way in.

Soon you will reach an archway made of pearl, stop when you get there. This pearl gateway is an entrance to the higher world of the Akashic records. The information held within this sacred library can, will and has the potential to change your life forever.

Before you step through I have to ask you a few questions:
1) Are you fully prepared to embrace the new energy and the new life that will come to you as a result of what you will tap into?

2) Are you willing to keep your heart open to love no matter what your past experiences have been?

3) Are you willing to embrace the dynamic power of your authentic self and follow it’s directives faithfully?

4) Are you willing to give up any and all attachments on a subconscious and conscious level linked to the old world, to past relationships, past belief systems, attitudes, thought processes and every single perception that has caused lack, loss and deprivation in your life, are you willing to give that all up?

If your answer has been yes to all of these questions then beloved ones you are giving up your identity, the identity you have familiarized yourself with that you knew as the ego and personality that existed within the grand illusion.

The time that lies before you is a time of re-familiarizing yourself with the truth of who you are, the being that exists beyond personality and beyond lower ego. This is a higher aspect of you that offers you a greater opportunity of mastery, a complete new level of life, new things to learn, new things to master, a new level of ascension. If you are still willing to follow us knowing that you are leaving everything behind then step through the pearl gate into the higher realms of the Akashic records.

As you enter this world beloved ones, so it is that the Archangel Metratron, the Archangel of Light, brings to you a blazing white flame. This flame is placed within your heart charka. The flame that will maintain the energies that you need to ensure the grand illusion and veils never blind you again. This white flame will serve as a beacon of light for you from this day forward, it is also a magnetic field drawing closer and closer to the core essence of your authentic self.

Every step you take from this moment forth is a step that takes you to the oneness and wholeness of your divine compliment, the whole self. *As you merge with this divine essence of self, so every facet of your light becomes a reflection* in YOUR WORLD. The dynamics of balance begin to rearrange themselves and settle within the foundations of your life. When this occurs, you will be shown the areas of your life needing your attention to ensure that you benefit from what you have now accepted as your new reality.

Breathe in deeply exhaling fully as the energy systems become accustomed to this new frequency.

Now beloved ones, over the next TEN DAYS some of you might go through a period of mourning, this period of mourning is natural, it is the mourning of the old self, the old identity you thought was you, the old paradigm that you were lead to believe is reality, your life and your future. If this period of mourning manifests for you simply be within it do not under any circumstance try and stop it, your body needs that release it will not last longer than ten days.

*Through every level of release that comes so more of the new paradigm will anchor itself within you, the vibrations of this 11:11 gateway will keep the templates of self-mastery in place replacing all the old paradigm grids in your four lower bodies namely the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

*During this time I, Kuthumi, will personally re-encode your chakras with the sacred signatures of the Higher Akashic Records *granting you access to that information*.

*Be aware of your dreams during this time. Listen to your heart and trust yourself.

*Do not pay too much attention to the mental processes that will unfold over the next TEN DAYS. Your *mental process is linked to the personality and ego* which is why you need to FOCUS ON YOUR HEART & INTUITION NOW. The mental process is the most unreliable right now it may mislead and will in fact try to simply because the personality and ego aspects of your old identity are fighting for their life.

*The grand illusion is fed through the mental dynamic's impact on your thought systems which come through the *collective consciousness* fed through the astral realms.

*Focus on/IN your heart, focus on/IN your intuition. The minute you are analyzing or thinking to much about anything *you have bought into the mental program*, step out.

*This will continue until the end of December 2007 so all of this above means is for that period of time YOUR HEART AND YOUR INTUITION ARE YOUR VOICES OF TRUTH, your mind is the voice of the old world.

*You must work with the mind however by allowing the voice of your heart and intuition to *replace the confusion* with what YOU NOW KNOW to be truth. Use what ever tools you have at your disposal to re-program the mind so to speak, it is vital that you *concentrate only on that which you desire to create* NOT THAT which you desire to release <= this is very important.

*I repeat:: Focus ONLY ON THAT which you are choosing to bring into your life.
*This is a KEY COMPONENT in creating in the new world.

Lord Metatron now take his leave.

The beings of the NEW EARTH begin circling you, as they circle you they create another spiral grid. This spiral grid is absorbing all the new energy from the essence of your being, the new dynamic coming from inside of you will merge with this spiral grid and you will begin to experience first hand the power, the light, the love, the magic and the miracles of your new creations.

This is the GIFT OF NEW LIFE, this is THE PROMISE OF THE NEW EARTH, a whole new world of experiencing yourself, experiencing love, friendship, creativity and God/Goddess.
Breathe in deeply as this concept is drawn into the cells of your body.

Your inner most being needs no convincing beloved ones it is only the human self that will need convincing that what you are now going to experience is not a farce, some silly idea or wishful thinking but that is in fact the reality of the new world, the reality that eluded you as a result of the great illusion and at the end of the day it will always boil down to what you choose to invest your energy in, what you choose to believe you are worthy of experiencing.

The energy these beings are creating will continue for the next few hours until your new grid is completely in place aligned with all your chakras and every other energy system within your body, this creates the shifts chemically as well as psychologically, physiologically. These changes are important because this level of light influences every system inside of you.

Your key word is TRUST, Trust, trust. Give yourself the chance to experience a different life, allow yourself to receive your just reward and 'walk on' into the NEW WORLD.

I, Kuthumi, embrace you in the golden ray of love and wisdom.
My feminine counterpart embraces you in the platinum ray.
As these two energies merge so the feminine aspect of love and wisdom and the masculine aspect of love and wisdom become one and settle harmoniously within the core of your heart chakra and there it will remain eternally.

When you feel ready, in your own time, we suggest you sit quietly, ask for permission to enter the higher realms of the Akashic records and explore them. See what lies there, discover what is a part of you and indulge in this new adventure. You are inventing new life. Do not make the mistake of expecting your past to replay itself in your future because in truth it doesn’t exist anymore. The only thing that exists is you here and now, you here and now only exist in the present moment as you experience yourself.

This moment is all you have, what are you going to do with it?

Very gently begin drawing your consciousness back into your physical body becoming aware of your physicality, your surroundings. Draw your energy all the way through your physical body into the earth rooting yourself firmly within and upon the earth in order for this new dynamic energy to manifest the forms of what you visualize and intend to have in your physical life.

*You must be rooted to the earth, grounded, otherwise it will remain in the energy bodies, up in the air so to speak, the more *grounded you are the easier it is to manifest all your needs as met*.

*Beloved ones, every day without fail focus on the dynamic that exists within you, THIS powerful essence that is constantly in a state of creating your tomorrows and use the love and wisdom that I, Kuthumi, and my feminine counterpart have now delivered to you.

*Use this wisdom and love to bring to you your greatest love, your greatest wisdom so that you can truly experience heaven on earth.

And so it is, beloved ones, that we embrace you in the divine essence of love and wisdom, in the power of the NEW EARTH, all its frequencies and all its blessings and we hold you through this very important time of releasing the ego and personality aspects of your old identity and welcome you into the world of your authentic self where the truth of everything that you deserve to experience awaits you. Embrace your authentic self unconditionally without expectation, just be... the experience and give it the opportunity to SHOW YOU how powerful it’s potential is.

*Prove your history wrong, prove to yourself that everything you experienced up until this morning was simply *a part of your initiation completing the journey of the great illusion*.

May the light of the white flame burn brightly inside of you/YOUR HEART, and may the power of your authentic self walk within you revealing to you the truth of the truth of *that which is your truth* and the life you deserve.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom.
I walk beside and I hold you in that light.


Re-Posted By: Brenda McCann
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