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How to Clear Negative Implants, Elementals, & Astral Entities - Lesson 100


There are three levels that need to be mastered to achieve Self-realization.

These three levels are the spiritual level, the psychological level, and the physical level.

All three need to be mastered, and are separate levels of understanding. Very few Lightworkers are developed in all three. Usually they are developed in two of them and weaker in one. The physical level deals with ones physical body and ones physical environment and keeping healthy, purified and clean. The spiritual level is what most Lightworkers are most focused on and is the key to the ascension process and the passing of one's initiations.

It is the focus of working with one's High Self and Mighty l am Presence and the Ascended Masters, building light quotient, and anchoring light technologies.

The psychological area deals with the conscious mind's relationship not so much with the superconscious as

* much as with the subconscious mind and the four-body system (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).
* This level is about how one deals with thoughts, feelings, emotions, intuition, sensations, instincts, relationships,
* balancing of the four bodies,
* integrating the three minds (conscious, subconscious, and superconscious),
* balancing the chakras, and so on.

In my opinion the psychological level is the most important one because it is the foundation of one's psychic house, so to speak. It is most important because it is your thoughts that create your reality. There are many people who have taken advanced levels of initiation but who are still victims and are therefore totally run by their negative egos, which is like a psychological cancer to their whole program.

The Psychic Level of Spiritual Psychology

In Soul Psychology I addressed the psychological level in great detail. Now I am going to address the psychic level of spiritual psychology which is the final piece in the puzzle. Both of these aspects of spiritual psychology are of equal importance. People on the Earth cannot be healed of psychological and physical disease, and achieve ascension and Self-realization without addressing both of them.

* The psychic level of spiritual psychology deals with principles that most of humanity are not aware of.
* It is completely ignored in the area of traditional psychology,
* and in most cases ignored or not understood in most spiritual practices.

What I am leading up to this entire chapter is how to clear negative alien implants, negative elementals, astral entities, etheric mucous; parasites, negative imprints, toxic astral energies, gray fields, etheric wounds, holes in the aura, and extraterrestrial possession, to name a few. This is an area of work that is usually addressed by psychic healers only and/or those who are clairvoyant and even most in this group do not have a very good understanding of how to deal with this level. A person can do all the psychological clearing work in the world, but, if this psychic level of spiritual psychology is not addressed the person will never fully recover from their physical or psychological problems.

On the other side of the coin, a person can work on this psychic level of spiritual psychology and clear all these aspects I have listed, but if they don't do the psychological work I have described in the Soul Psychology book they will not recover completely and achieve full Self realization. This might be described as the work of the mystic and the work of the occultist that needs to be blended and combined. What I am about to share with you, which is so incredibly exciting, is a method by which you can clear both levels yourself without necessarily having to rely on other people to help you.

My Soul Psychology book was written in a way to help you do this on the occult side of spiritual psychology. The purpose of this chapter is to give you the tools and information to clear and heal the psychic level of spiritual psychology. Most people rely on other practitioners to help them on this level, which is fine. The ultimate goal, however, is to be able to do it yourself. This is what Djwhal Khul, Vywamus and the Synthesis Ashram is now offering all Lightworkers regardless of what ray type or inner plane ashram you are connected to.

An Overview Of The Work =>

1. The first step in this process is to call forth from Djwhal Khul and Vywamus a golden seal, or golden dome of protection for all the work you will be doing.
2. Step number two is to call forth again from Djwhal Khul, Vywamus and your own Mighty I Am Presence that a corridor be set up between you and the Interdimensional Synthesis Ashram of Djwhal Khul.
3. Step three is to request to be taken in your spiritual body into the ashram for healing, clearing, and ascension activation work.

You will be coming to the Interdimensional Synthesis Ashram for many specific types of clearing work.

At each session you will request specifically what type of clearing and purification you require. In one session you might request that your negative extraterrestrial implants be cleared. In another session request removal of any astral entities. In a third meditation request from Djwhal Khul and Vywamus that they clear your negative elementals and/or parasites. In another session still, request that they remove all negative imprints from past lives. This chapter describes in great detail all the different negative psychic debris that must be cleared from your physical, etheric, astral, mental and spiritual bodies. I want to emphasize here that you do not need to be clairvoyant, clairaudient, or psychic at all to do any of the work I am discussing in this chapter. That is what is so beautiful about this. If you are clairvoyant or clairaudient all the better, however it is completely inconsequential to the process. It is just a matter of allowing the Masters to do the work for you upon your request. All they need is an invitation. Everyone can feel energy. You will feel lots of energy sensations going on in your head and throughout your bodies as this is going on.

What I am sharing with you now is a new dispensation that has been given to mankind in recent times. You don't even have to completely understand the process to take advantage of it. The main point is to get purified and cleaned out from these unwanted negative aspects. In this chapter I will attempt to give you in intricate detail a greater understanding of what it is you are clearing and purifying. It is also a very good idea to request this as you are going to bed every night. This will allow the Masters to work on you and clear you while you sleep. It is a lot less expensive than traditional therapy or going to a psychic healer. I am not putting down spiritual counseling or psychic healers for I am one myself. I am just pointing out the classic story of why give a person a fish to eat when you can teach them to fish. This is the first time in my entire life I have come across a method by which Lightworkers can both in an occult and mystic fashion clear themselves. The Ascended Masters don't even charge money. You can't beat that.

It must be understood that all physical diseases or physical problems as well as all psychological problems have these negative implants, negative elementals, parasites, negative astral aspects, etheric mucous, or etheric damage, connected to it. In the future medical doctors will work with psychic spiritual healers as a team. Psychologists and spiritual counselors will be trained in this work as well or work with a specialist in this area to achieve a complete healing.

I emphasize here again you can obtain mastery of your mind, emotions and body and still have negative implants, astral entities, parasites, negative imprints, etheric mucous
and negative elementals in your field. This applies to all Lightworkers. The amazing thing, however, is that it is not that big of a deal to get rid of all these things, and this is the purpose of this chapter. I will also discuss later how you can do this work with other people, such as students, family, friends and even people who are not consciously open to this level of understanding.

Much of this toxic psychic energy was implanted in childhood, and in past lives. The negative extraterrestrial implants exist in all the bodies, (physical, etheric, astral, mental). Negative imprints are a result of past life traumas.

[*this line below is what totally hooked me into this information.

*watch closely now, if you have not already been triggered to remember things - for any and all connections stimulated within you while reading this info *and please take notes!!]
For example, you may have been stabbed by a sword in a past life, and that sword on a psychic level is still stuck in you. This needs to be removed. Sometimes it gets complicated because as you move toward the third initiation and merge with your soul, you begin to also connect with your eleven other soul extensions from your soul family. Sometimes you will begin clearing your soul extensions' past life imprints, which are like parallel lives. As you move higher in the initiation process into the monadic level or spirit level, which exists beyond the soul level, you can begin clearing imprints from your monadic family of 144 soul extensions' parallel lives.

All this astral and psychic debris is often the core cause of many viruses and bacterial infections. Medical doctors are only dealing with the physical or material level and not addressing the true cause. When we are implanted by negative extraterrestrials, usually during a traumatic event like an accident, depression, divorce, drugs, any physical or psychological imbalance, this usually allows the negative elementals, also called parasites, to create more havoc as well.

The negative elementals are negative thought forms that attach themselves to different parts of our physical and metaphysical bodies. *They are what often allows viruses and bacteria to enter first the etheric body, then the emotional body and eventually the physical body. The physical body has a natural defense mechanism that fights this; however the metaphysical body doesn't. The parasites / negative elementals go through the openings in the molecules and attach themselves to places in the body that are most vulnerable.

Any area of weakness that you have in your physical, emotional and/or mental bodies is *guaranteed to have parasites and negative extraterrestrial implants.
This is nothing to be afraid of for everybody on Earth has them and we have had them for all of our past lives.

As one moves upward in their path of initiation it is important to clear them. This process of going to the Interdimensional Synthesis Ashram Djwhal Khul allows you a way to clear yourself on a daily or weekly basis.

It is important for Lightworkers to understand that even if someone has cleared their implants, they can and do come back . I used to be under the assumption that once they were cleared I was free. I know for absolute fact that is not true. All these things can and do at times get back in, although not to the same degree they once did. That is why it is essential that you have a tool and method for constantly re-clearing yourself that does not cost thousands of dollars. Everyone should learn to do this themselves.

This brings me to the discussion of protection. If Lightworkers would make a habit of placing protection around themselves religiously three times a day, every morning upon getting up, every afternoon, and before bed, this negative invasion would be avoided to a great extent, though not necessarily completely. Weekly clearing regardless of your level of initiation is pretty much standard procedure for living in this world. The fact is also that it is no big deal getting rid of all this stuff with the tools and information I am supplying you in this chapter.

Psychic Holes In the Aura [another BIG trigger 4 me!]

Wherever we have psychic holes in the aura this allows an opening for astral energies. I remember I once saw a psychic healer many years ago who told me there was a small torpedo like hole in my aura in the front my body. She said it came when I was a child. I was able to trace it to when my parents were having a major fight and about to split up. It was the worst fight my parents ever had. The negative energy from this fight, even though I was in the other room, blasted a hole in my aura that I carried with me for thirty five years. The psychic healer patched it up.

You can request the Masters, and etheric healing team to repair any holes or leaks. Raising the Energies Into the Light The very interesting thing that the Masters do with all these negative psychic aspects is to bring light into them, dissolve them, raise them into the Light and back into the Central Sun, and then bring that same energy back into your four-body system in a
reclassified manner. I personally find this fascinating. No energy is wasted. The same energy that was causing illness and weaknesses is transformed and brought back for the opposite purpose. As the different negative psychic energies are removed this allows the etheric body to return to its perfected form.

Most people don't realize that the etheric body is the blueprint body can be damaged. This is why many people who have chronic illness never get better no matter what they do. If you are operating out of a tainted mold, so to speak, how can you possibly heal? After all the negative psychic aspects are removed request that your etheric body be repaired.

Sensing Implants

Negative implants can be seen clairvoyantly, however, your clairvoyance must be turned to them. Most people don't realize that there are hundreds of levels and degrees of clairvoyance. Just because a person is clairvoyant doesn't mean they will see the implants. Some see certain kinds and don't see others. One way to help in this process is by calling the Universal Light from Vywamus. This Universal White Light helps one to see them. The implants often look like pods or swollen seeds or spidery forms, or as some kind of technical device. They tend to pulsate and feel warm to those who are more clairsentient.

There are common places in the body where implants can usually be found. The throat and glands are very common, and in the lymph nodes. Any growths on the physical body will contain them along with elementals. The third eye is a common place for implants as well as the sinuses, and the heart. The implants in the heart tend to block the functioning of the immune system. The upper chest is another place, along with the underarms. The solar plexus is where negative elementals (parasites) are often found as well as the glands, nerves and genitals. Usually the more abuse in childhood the more the implants and parasites.

Pets and Implants

Your pets can have negative implants also. Bring your pet into the ashram and call forth the Inner Plane Healing Masters to clear your animal friends, asking for permission from their Higher Self. Permission must be obtained first!!

AIDS and Psychic Attachments.

Djwhal Khul said in his training that parasite removal and this type of over-all clearing can have an enormous benefit. The key here as with all disease is to what extent has the psychic attachments damaged the physical vehicle. This would apply to cancer also. If you can catch it early enough, profound shifts can take place. Physical regeneration is still possible no matter what the stage, however, as we all know the physical body is the slowest to recover once damage has occurred. Regardless of what stage, clearing should be done immediately. Even if the person dies from AIDS or cancer the clearing achieved will allow a much greater passing to a higher level on the inner plane. No matter what kind of disease you are dealing with, be it schizophrenia, multiple personalities, anorexia, or bulimia it will be connected to parasites and probably negative implants. Where there is a physical, emotional or mental weakness or vulnerability, these psychic infestations will be there.

Gray Field People who have chronic neurosis or phobias often have a "gray field" around them which are a byproduct of chronic attack from these types of implants, elementals and astral entities or negative astral aspects. For a complete healing every person on Earth must be cleared not just physically, or psychologically, but also etherically and astrally.

All disease is caused in this astral level first and then moves to the other bodies. The Psychological Level And Negative Elementals When a person doesn't do their psychological work of clearing the negative ego and all negative emotions and qualities of judgment, anger, superiority complex, violence, abusiveness, inferiority, to name a few,
these negative qualities, especially the emotionally loaded ones, attract negative elementals to them. This is why both the psychological and psychic astral levels must be cleared simultaneously, or one will defeat the other.

It also must be understood that there are positive elementals of love, joy and inner peace which are of a beneficial nature and that will help to build this positive type of habit.

One of the basic requests that everyone should ask for when doing healing with self or others is to ask that the physical, emotional, and mental bodies return to the Light of the soul. For it is in the soul or Higher Self that all work is done. SAME PRINCIPLE AS Ho'oponopono... This may sound silly to ask such a simple thing. I assure you it isn't. Until one takes the third initiation they are not really fully connected with the soul and/or Higher Self yet.

The third initiation is the soul merge initiation.

It is not until the fourth initiation that this merger is complete. The Higher Self basically does not pay attention to the incarnated personality until the incarnated personality pays close attention to the
soul. This is why we find some people in this world doing all kinds of criminal and sociopathic types of things a person who is connected to their soul can't possibly understand.

Djwhal Khul has stated in this training that there are three basic aspects to this process, when working with self or others.

* The first is to help the personality to realign with the soul.
* The second is to help the person make the connection to the Interdimensional Synthesis Ashram.
* The third is facilitating the removal and transmutation of all toxic astral energies.

The Rays And The Purification Process

Another way of working to clear this astral and etheric debris is to call on the rays.

* The seventh ray of Saint Germain is the violet transmuting flame and can be of great help in this work.
* Another ray that is extremely helpful is the eighth ray which is the violet and green flame, and is especially used for "cleansing purposes".

The Fear Matrix Removal Program

One of the keys to removing all of the psychic attachments as I mentioned earlier is the matrix removal program:

Call upon Djwhal Khul and Vywamus especially to do this work. After calling it forth it will appear as a network of golden white light strands that will superimpose themselves over a person's light grid and through all the chakras. This serves to make all irregular etheric parts visible. The matrix removal program serves not only to remove the core fear from your four-body system but to also remove implants and then parasites.

You should start in your first meditation with core fear removal.

This can take a while because you are removing fear from not only this life but all your past lives, and at times even your soul extensions. Then move to focusing on removing all alien implants. This can take up to an hour or longer. Then move to parasites or negative elementals. Then you can move down the rest of the list I gave you such as negative imprints, etheric mucous, repairing etheric damage, astral entities and so on.

This three stage process could be done in one session if it is done with a team of healers.

If it is being done by one person or for yourself it is better to break it up Into three sessions.

The White Light Spiritual Hierarchy wishes to get as many Lightworkers cleared as possible so please share this book and its information with as many people as possible.

Your New Monadic Blueprint Body

As mentioned earlier, most people's etheric body has been tainted from traumas in this life or past lives. *It is good to have it repaired and it is even better to call forth the anchoring and activation of your new monadic blueprint body. This is much like your mayavirupa body which is a perfect blueprint body of your Mighty I Am Presence. By calling forth to Djwhal
Khul and Vywamus for this body you will be assured to be working with a perfect mold prior to ascension.

Self Inquiry On the psychological level you always want to be vigilant over every thought you think

* for it is your thoughts that create your reality.
* It is your thoughts that create your feelings, emotions, behavior, physical body and what you attract or repel in your life.
* This being the case you constantly want to be vigilant for God and His kingdom.
* this means to deny any thought that isn't of God to enter your mind.
* It means to push all negative thoughts out of your mind and
* to turn your attention like a channel changer to only positive spiritual thoughts.
* It is just a matter of where you put your attention.
* Keep your attention on the Christ attitude,
* not the negative ego thoughts.

Lightworkers are not vigilant enough In this regard. There is the tendency to go on automatic pilot too easily. negative thoughts will lead to negative feelings, emotions and the attention of negative elementals, parasites and lower astral entities. Sai Baba has called this process Self Inquiry and says it is 75% of the spiritual path.

Negative ego is the cause of all problems. There is no other problem. You don't want to give it your attention. This is also why Sai Baba says that the definition of God is, "God equals man minus ego."

Negative Emotions

Negative emotions come from negative egotistical thinking. This is a fact!!! A great many Lightworkers don't realize this. Practice self inquiry with your negative emotions also. Another even better term is attitudinal healing. When a negative emotion comes up immediately reinterpret the situation with your Christ Mind which will instantly release the negative emotion. For further explanation read the Soul Psychology book, if you haven't read it already. There is also a time and place for catharsis or in other words giving it expression as a from of release. As you get more mastery of the process of attitudinal healing you will need to rely on catharsis less and less. *You will more and more and for longer periods of time remain in a state of consciousness of love, joy even mindedness, inner peace, and forgiveness all the time.

Physical Illness

It is always important to work on all three levels:
spiritually, psychologically, and physically. Do not give physicalness your power. Know in truth that it is an illusion, for Christ can't be sick. As Yogananda said, even on your death bed you should be affirming you are in perfect radiant health.

Whatever you think programs the subconscious to create that in your physical body. Work with homeopathics, herbs, good nutrition, fresh air, sunshine, daily exercise. Drink lots of pure water to clear out as much of the physical toxins as you can. Finding a good homeopathic doctor can be extremely helpful in this regard. The removal of physical toxins will help strengthen your immune system on the physical level just as removing all the psychological and psychic toxins will strengthen your psychological immune system.

Periods of Rest

When your initial psychic clearing meditations are over it is a good idea to rest. Much of this work is like psychic surgery. Don't have the Masters remove all your implants and then go to a wild party. A lot of the work being done in this chapter takes place in hours that past disciples took many lifetimes to do.

Releasing Astral Entities

These astral entities are attracted though gross traumas that have brought misalignment of the energy field. They are also attracted from lower self thinking rather than thinking only from your Higher Self. A person living a low life existence will attract low life entities. Drug addiction is another guaranteed way to attract them, as well as alcohol abuse. Sometimes these negative entities are carried over from past lifetimes. This may occur when a soul has chosen to reincarnate too quickly. In extreme cases such as this there are usually massive holes in the aura and many negative elementals.

In working with yourself or another person in this process it is very important to request the full force of Djwhal Khul, Kuthumi, and Lord Maitreya's ashram to surround the entity and ask that it be dissolved, consumed and/or removed immediately. Some entities are of a psychic nature, and some are confused souls. When working with another person invite them into the Synthesis Ashram with you. Get their permission, either directly or on a spiritual level for this work to be done. In working with another person be sure you are sealed in a ball of golden light. In super extreme cases you can call forth the Karmic Board for consultation and help. All negative energies associated with this process are transformed into Light and brought back cleansed and purified.

Animals And Astral Energies

Animals have a spiritual mission in this lifetime also. They will often take on the problems of their owner in an attempt to burn off karma for them. There is very often a mirroring process between your pet's health and your health. Some animal's missions are to act as a sacrificial karma clearer and others to just transmute. For this reason you should work on your animals like you would with your self, again call the Inner Plane Healing Masters to keep them healthy and to remove implants, astral entities, and negative elementals. [BIG BIG BIG Trigger here for me... I just had to stop everything and do this - this far - for myself and all my animals here and now and in any parallel realities - past present and future in ALL UNIVERSE CREATIONS and then I went right into Ho`Oponopono asking forgiveness for crating all of this in any way shape of form and n any way contributing to the existence of any and all of this (what this info is about) and it was the most intense and complete grounding I have EVER YET DONE on all levels of my being.]

Djwhal Khul's Light profiles

Djwhal Khul keeps Light profiles of the Lightworkers he works with. It is like a computer screen that shows the aura and overall development of each student he is working with. Even though Djwhal Khul is a second ray Ascended Master almost all students of all seven rays spend time training in his ashram because of his unique focus of spiritual education which is the key
element of the second ray.

Through these Light profiles he studies brainwaves, thinking, emotional life, physical health, service work, initiation level, light quotient level, and ascension readiness of all he meets.

More On Extraterrestrial Implants

The negative extraterrestrials use the implants for many reasons. One is that the energy from your body can be siphoned off at night while you sleep. The implants serve as a type of energy sucker. Another function of these negative implants is as a tracking and/or monitoring device. Another function is information gathering, and blocking of Light Forces. There are a great many on this planet who are almost completely taken over by these devices.

Positive Implants

There are what might be called positive implants that are placed by the Ascended Masters, or higher cosmic beings and more advanced ascended extraterrestrials such as the Arcturians or the Ashtar Command. One example of this is the microtron by Metatron which I have spoken of in my other books.

The Prana Wind Clearing Device

One other very useful tool given to Djwhal Khul's ashram by the Arcturians is the Prana Wind clearing device. It is like a fan that's anchored in your solar plexus which serves to blow away all the negative etheric mucous, and to blow energy through all the meridians and nadis to clear your whole field. this is something that could be used everyday when coming home from work, or whenever there is any sense of contamination. Just request that it be anchored by Djwhal Khul, Vywamus and/or the Arcturians and it will instantly be done. Even if you can't clairvoyantly see it you will feel it.

Core Love Whenever you are doing this work when you are done it is a good idea to call in core love which, of course, is the opposite of core fear. Any time you give fear it tends to feed the implants and negative elementals and negative astral entities, core love does the opposite. Perfect love casts out fear. When the core matrix fear removal program is called in, you can release any fear that comes up for you. The Masters just suck it out like a vacuum cleaner. It is rather extraordinary. In the case of implants, the matrix removal program will surround the implant with a very fine filament of golden white light and simply dissolve it along with any negative elementals.

Astral Disease

All physical or psychological disease appears in the astral or emotional body first, before moving into the physical body. Call to the Masters and request all astral or etheric disease be removed from your four-body system and for it to not be allowed to enter your physical body. Can you imagine if this was taught in school and all school children practiced this everyday, through all grade levels. this is true preventative medicine. All forms of disease, cancer, tumors, growths, malignancies could be dissolved before manifesting into the physical as adults.

Self Love

If there is one thing that might be called a panacea of life, it is self love. If a person doesn't develop a healthy self concept and self image and self love,
much of what we are a talking about is in danger of returning. If this is a lesson for you, work with the affirmations in the soul psychology book. Study the information I have shared on the subject and work with other tools and this problem can be easily remedied. It is as easy to self love as it is to self hate. It is just a matter of thinking and programming your computer in a different way than how your parents or society has programmed you. Any new habit can be created In 21 days.

The Divine Plan

After you have been cleared of implants, core fear, negative elementals, astral entities, negative imprints, etheric mucous, you will find and see your etheric grid reconnecting and coming back into proper alignment. All ingredients are now in place for the perfect unfoldment of your personal Divine Plan, and service mission, and the way is made clear for the completion of your seven levels of initiation.

Soul Fragments

In Djwhal Khul's training there is also one other interesting discussion on the understanding of soul fragments. Occasionally fragments of the Self, sometimes called fragments of the soul, or personality parts that the soul builds through the lifetime can scatter because of trauma and become attached to an individual and be carried along in a piggyback fashion. Djwhal Khul said that sometimes this is carried in the form of another personality, and if it is severe enough creates a psychosis or multiple personality situation. Ask Djwhal Khul and Vywamus to remove all soul fragments that don't belong to you, and to help you call back all soul fragments that do belong to you in Divine Order under the guidance of your monad, and Mighty I Am Presence.

This soul fragment is of course different from a walk-in situation which is a positive thing. It is also different from a soul braid, or the integration of several parts of the Self from oversoul, or the future Self that are wishing to embark and become a part of the known person.

Other Consequences of Implants

One of the other consequences of negative extraterrestrial implants is that they drain energy away which causes the etheric weave in the etheric body in that spot to collapse. This in part makes a person prone to disease in that area of the body. It also serves to disrupt the proper chemistry in the body and in that area. this causes a weakening of the entire immune system and also tends to tax the liver and lungs, because of greater toxicity that is created. Astral parasites and/or negative elementals are attracted and this then creates a whole complex of problems that need to be lifted from the body. this complex web creates etheric mucous that is literally squeezing out the life force.

Eventually this whole process moves into the physical tissue, and is one reason why there is so much physical disease in our culture. Add to this negative thinking, negative emotions, stress, bad relationships, bad nutrition, pollution, environmental toxicity and you see why there is such a massive breakdown of the immune system in our culture. It is amazing actually, that we do as well as we do.

* The good news is that much of this can be transformed rather easily
* The second piece of good news is that you can do it yourself on a daily or weekly basis.
* The third piece of good news is that you can take your friends and family with you.
* You can do this consciously with another person, or you can do it without their conscious permission. If you do it without their conscious permission, you must get permission from their Higher Self to do the work. This is helpful, for example, if you have a mate who is not open but you want them cleared anyway. Most of the time the Higher Self will say yes.
* However there are times when it won't. Make the request and ask the Masters to do the work if it is okay with their Higher Self and then just let go. Even If you are unclear what the answer is just put the whole affair into the Master's hands and let them work.


Fatigue is another factor that makes one vulnerable to implantation. This is a lesson we all deal with at times and is why it is a good Idea to clear once a week. If you are over-tired or run down or sick, request extra protection from Archangel Michael.

More On Attached Astral Entities

I want to make it clear that astral entities are not just confused or earthbound souls. There are a great many other kinds of astral entities of a more psychic nature which are not incarnated personalities that come under this umbrella. this occurs most often at first from one's parents when one was a child, usually when the parent is disturbed and in a rage or an
alcoholic, or sexual molestation occurs. Some aspect of the parental energy field will attach itself as an entity to the child.

An energy that the parent is carrying will transfer partially or wholly to the child. this will cause the child's behavior to change dramatically. It is a type of possession. this type of entity is most probably from the elemental kingdom. This is an etheric form that bonds with the mineral based body and the etheric body of a child or person. It begins to form an interfering system of psychological response, and interferes with normal development and growth. Most criminals involved with violence have this type of attached entities. There are other types of elemental entities that are not Earth based but rather psychologically based. They can attach to the brain, mind and nervous system of a child or adult. They mimic whatever they are given as stimulation. If they are given the example of mistreatment, they will mimic that state of consciousness. this will increase the harmful messages going through the individual's consciousness. this forms a type of tape loop and positive messages are screened out. All positive emotions can also be screened out in extreme cases. At times in life we all see individuals who are in this type of sorry state and we wonder how could they get so fouled up. Understanding some of these mechanisms that were installed in childhood can give us greater compassion for those tragic souls. In many cases a codependency is created by the individual with these entities even though it is of a disturbed nature.

There is a saying that a person would rather stay in negativity than change, for change is scary. They have no experience as to what positive support is. So negative support is better than the unknown. It seems to me that many people stay in bad marriages: for the same reason. A third type of astral entity is an extraterrestrial attachment of a lower nature. This again is not a walk-in situation, or a soul braid. The extraterrestrial astral entity has lost connection with its own source and rides piggyback in a vain attempt to feed itself. This type of connection is again made during some kind of trauma such as a life threatening illness, car accident, or separation, where the individual on Earth felt afraid and wanted company. He/she reached out but without conscious discrimination and this is what walked through the door, so to speak.

Djwhal Khul has suggested that all parents teach their children from the earliest possible age to understand prayer, and to talk to their guardian angel, and angels in general. The earlier a child can form this spiritual connection the better.

There could also be entities from other lifetimes or entities that jump into the energy field because of death in a war. Even worse would be a combination of the above mentioned astral entities possessions. The most important thing here is that all these can be removed in a matter of twenty minutes in Djwhal Khul's
Interdimensional Synthesis Ashram.

Having Others Help You With This Process

There is nothing wrong with having someone help you with this process. If you want help call me and I will provide you with that help in some form or another. If you need help in the beginning that is fine. It is just a matter of developing the confidence in yourself that you can do this. Irritations, Spots, and Leaks One other thing you might ask Djwhal Khul and Vywamus to do is repair and heal any spots or irritations in your etheric, astral, and/or mental body. This can also be addressed to the Inner Plane Healing Masters. Also request that all leaks in your four-body system
be repaired.


It is also important that once this work is done there be a procedure of positive Repatterning. This is similar to what I said earlier about bringing in core love. Once you remove core fear, you must replace it with something or there is a void. The opposite of core fear is core love. This is why it is helpful to put yourself on an affirmation and prayer program for 21 days. Use the affirmations, meditations and prayers in my Soul Psychology book, in Beyond Ascension, and in The Complete Ascension Manual, especially the meditation at the end of the book. This will cement the new habit, which takes 21 days to solidify.


One other golden key is to examine with devastating honesty your motives for doing all that you do. Are your motives coming from the negative ego or your Christ Consciousness and soul? The negative ego can be very tricky, and very selfish. Really be honest with yourself in this regard. Clearing negative ego motives may be the single hardest lesson on the entire spiritual path. It is very easy to pass what I am saying over and say, "Oh I mastered that in the Spring of '72"!!! This is an area we all need to be constantly vigilant about!!!

Visiting Other Planets Between Lives

Many souls obviously do not achieve their ascension which is the movement into the fifth dimension. this leaves them, of course, in the reincarnation process. This is no judgment but rather just part of the process of evolution. While spending time between incarnations in the fourth dimension it is also possible to visit the other planets. What most people don't realize is that other planets have other dimensional bodies as does the Earth. Vywamus spoke of nine different levels of Earth and I am sure it is the same for other planets. I bring this subject up because often in visiting these other fourth dimensional planets in our solar system between lives people also pick up implants. As you remember, this was also why Melchizedek recommended not going to the ascension seats on these planets, because they are fourth dimensional in nature. Once in the fifth dimension you are above the implanting process and. something to consider in your ever evolving cosmic journey!!!

Requesting Dispensations from the Karmic Board

In the practice of doing your healing work in service of the Divine Plan in whatever form you are working in, on occasion you will come across certain clients that are more difficult than others. It is possible at these times to call forth to the Lords of Karma for special dispensations on their behalf. One example of this might be after clearing all their negative implants, elementals, and astral entities, ask that a greater merger now occur between the client's personality and soul and monad, with a special dispensation to help the person disengage from their lower self, if this prayer is in harmony with God's Will!!!

The Golden Cylinder

Another phenomenal method for removing implants, elementals, and a varied assortment of negative energies is called the Golden Cylinder of Lord Arcturus. I would recommend using this once you have done a massive matrix removal clearing. Once you have been cleared, the Golden Cylinder can be used as a very quick method of clearing. What I am sharing with you here is an absolute gold mine, so please have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. This is one of the most phenomenal tools I have ever shared. I personally have been using it every day or every other day just to purify and refine my field. The Arcturian technologies are so fabulous they are beyond description. All you have to do is call to the Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians to anchor the Golden Cylinder, just as you would the Prana Wind clearing device. It comes in and just sucks all the negative energies out. You can ask for implants, negative elementals, and negative energy to be removed. It is a very quick way to clear your field whenever you need help. Try it, you will like it!!!

Universal White Light

One other method for removing alien implants is to call in the Universal White Light. This type of Light serves to highlight the imbalanced energies lodged in one's field. They often cannot be seen without this Light. Just because a person is clairvoyant doesn't mean they are even seeing one tenth of what is really going on in the inner plane. There are levels and degrees of clairvoyance. Most clairvoyants do not even see alien implants, and if they do only can see only a small fraction of the ones that are there. Using this Universal White Light, which is kind of like a white mist can help in this regard.

The Crystal Light Technology of the Arcturians and Melchizedek

Experience yourself in a crystal cave. Ask the Arcturians and Melchizedek to send down a projection of crystal. You sit right underneath this crystal that is like a feeder tube. A liquid crystal is siphoned into the crown of the head. You are now receiving a treatment of crystal energies. Drink and absorb this in. It is knitting the bones into the structure of the perfect body to carry the Light. It creates a structure and foundation for your Light body physically. Feel the crystalline structure of your own form. This crystal light technology is another road to healing on many, many levels. Melchizedek told us the liquid crystal has the effect of "neutralizing" all imbalanced energies within the physical, etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual bodies. What he recommends is that after you sit for a while in the crystal cave and absorb the liquid crystal, call forth the Golden Cylinder of the Arcturians to pull out and vacuum up any and all negative energy that has now been neutralized. This Arcturian crystal light technology will also neutralize all alien implants, which is another enormous advantage.

When you are done you must ask to remove the neutralized energy. This is very important. So this technology is a two-step process. All of the various Arcturian technologies can be divided into two aspects. The first is the "neutralizing" effect, and the second is activational.

Next call to Lord of Arcturus to place a crystal in each chakra. Breathe deeply and allow this process to take place. Ask him to then activate these crystals. You will feel them begin to spin in each chakra in a clockwise manner. Feel the expansion from front to back and back to front in each chakra. This creates a feeling and reality in your chakras of one unified chakra. Breathe deeply and allow this to be incorporated through your whole body system. These crystals are very light but very strong. They are gifts from the Masters that you must go out into the world with and share the Light that they help to intensify!!!

Crystal Technology for Healing Etheric Wounds

Call to the Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians to come forth with their liquid crystal technology to cauterize any etheric wound on all levels. This is done from the furthest reaches within traveling
outwards until healed. Call forth to Vywamus to reweave the etheric webbing upon request. This creates a true healing for the etheric wound will no longer be present. It brings all the bodies back to their original state.

Crystalline Protection for Children

This next tool is specifically designed for children, not for adults. It is a new technology designed to help New Age children who are very vulnerable when young. This tool is for the purpose of providing extra protection as the healing is going on. Call forth to Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya, Vywamus, and the Lord of Arcturus for a crystalline web of golden screening protection. It is placed around the field of the child, enfolding it and creating a barrier until the child is able to hold the healing totally within themselves. This is available to any and all children of your own or children you work with. Just ask.

Ascended Master Organ Beam

When dealing with a weak organ ask the Ascended Masters to send an energy beam into that organ for five days to strengthen it.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies are a wonderful tool for healing. The Futureplex line has products three of which are biofield protection, anger release, and fear release which really work. As an added support you might try this most effective tool.


Aromatherapy can be another extremely helpful tool in your overall healing. Healing can come through smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing, the mind, emotions, physical body or spirit.

The Spiritual Faucet

One of the healing techniques that you might request if you are having weakness with an organ such as the liver, pancreas, spleen, gallbladder, or kidneys is the Spiritual Faucet or Spiritual Spigot technique. Usually there is a cloud of etheric mucous that surrounds an organ having trouble. Request of the Inner Plane Healing Masters to install a faucet into
the organ on an etheric level. Whenever the etheric mucous starts to build up this faucet will automatically drain it. When you are feeling symptomatic in that organ, you can also make a request to the Masters and your etheric body that the faucet be opened to that organ to drain the negative energy.

Etheric Needles, Bullets, and Darts

In the process of living on Earth every person here runs into the anger of other people. This may be a spouse, relationship, family member, child, business partner, friend, or acquaintance. What most people don't realize is that when a person is angry this sends etheric needles, bullets, and darts into the other person's field. These become lodged in the
etheric body.

* The main lesson here is to not attack even if attacked.
* Lesson number two is if you are being attacked or have been attacked in the past, ask the Masters to remove this stuff from your etheric body wherever it may be lodged. A lot of time we don't realize it, but we have been carrying these needles, darts, pins and bullets for many, many years and sometimes many lifetimes.

Summation of Things To Request Djwhal Khul and Vywamus Clear From Your Field

Alien Implants

Astral Entities

Negative Elementals


Core Fear

Imprint Removal

Physical Illness

Etheric Damage

Etheric Mucous

Gray Fields

Irritations, Spots, and Leaks in the Four-Body System Aura

Negative Thoughts

Negative Emotions

All Negative Ego Programming

Removal of Improper Soul Fragments That Belong to You

Repair Bodies

Clear and Repair Chakras

Clear Archetypes

Review of the Process

Either sit up or lie down.

Request the Golden Dome of Protection

Ask to be connected with and to be taken to the Synthesis

Ashram of Djwhal Khul in a bilocation experience.

Call forth Djwhal Khul and Vywamus and the Matrix Removal Program

One by one request the removal of the above mentioned list of psychic attachments.

Relax and become passive and let the Masters work on you without moving around.

Do one meditation for each psychic attachment on the list for the big ones and two at a time for the more generalized and easier ones to clear.

Do a clearing once a week or every couple of weeks, or whenever you feel the need.

Clear your pets simultaneously, for the Masters can work on many people at the same time. If necessary call in other Masters.

Call in friends and relatives and students once you are accustomed to the process, however, always ask permission of the person's Higher Self and the Masters when working with others.

An Even Deeper Body Cleansing

When this above mentioned process is completed then I recommend an even deeper physical body cleansing. For example, ask to have your liver cleansed and cleared by Djwhal Khul, Vywamus and the Inner Plane Healing Masters. The liver may have dark spots in it from past life or present life abuse. Any area of weakness ask to be cleared and cleansed.

Some possible examples of this type of clearing might be requesting a cleansing and clearing of:




Gall Bladder

Lymph System


Nervous System


Glandular system




All Toxins

All Obstructions

Genital System

Muscular System


Small and Large Intestines



Upgrading the Immune System

It is probably best here to focus on the Inner Plane Healing Masters. Go to the Synthesis Ashram healing seat for a truly preventative type of medicine. This clears the dark spots that could eventually manifest in the physical tissue.

A Complete Clearing

After you have gotten used to being worked on in the Synthesis Ashram and make it part of your regular routine, you can eventually shorten the process by just going into the Ashram and calling for the Matrix Removal Program for Djwhal and Vywamus and/or the Inner Plane Healing Masters and then requesting a complete clearing. At first you can read the list through quickly. In the future, after the routine in established, you can just say you want a complete clearing. Doing this is kind of like taking your car in for its 50,000 mile overhaul and tune up.

Call forth the Matrix Removal program in the Synthesis Ashram anytime you feel your fields getting contaminated and run down by the lessons of Earth Life.

I think we all agree that the planetary mystery school called Earth Life can be a tough one. The Synthesis Ashram of Djwhal Khul and the Matrix Removal program can be an absolutely invaluable tool for keeping yourself clear. Perhaps you can now see why in the beginning of the chapter I said that this healing seat in Djwhal Khul's ashram is as important as the ascension seats.

See you in the Ashram!!!


Dr. Joshua David Stone
*Links to Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and Ascended Master Vywamus for your further reading if you're interested - I KNOW I WAS!!!

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15 Oct 2007 @ 09:31 by kelvin bown @ : very urgent help request
My name is Kelvin Bown, I am living near Moses mountain in the Sinai desert I am 37 years old. I am totally lost .. I am writing to ask your help and guidance and healing, I am not in a position to offer money at this time is it okaY? I am in absolute desperate emergency I have been suffering demonic atack and possession for 18 months I have been praying 24 hours but my prayers have burned out and my energy is just darkness I cannot connect with Jesus and God and the Higher beings and angels who guided me very closely for 15 years before until I had a girlfriend who was posessed in a way and after we split up after 8 years of celibacy I started to masturbate which Spirit didnt want me to do also I did some very stupid things and didnt stop smoking when God asked me to and I am totally overcome by these addictions which stop me getting better. I am getting visual distortions, seeing black light everywhere, and often falling into despair. I made a breakthrough a few times but its like walking on a fine string and when I lost it every time I fall down more and more into apathy and despair. I cannot find any love or good inside my heart I am feeling often a lot of suicidal stuff going on. The angels are being very hard with me, and the demons have put me in a kind of false-warm-narcosis. It sounds crazy maybe but unless I can hear Gods voice inside like I used to I am unablew to function apart from satisfying hunger and thirst they have made me really selfinsh I was so full of light before and service I jusr cant fdind any truth willpower or integrity I deserve to be dead and in hell. My mind is totally polluted and my heart is frozen. I desperately need help from someone with clear sight but Im afraid any more to tralk about it to anyone I just sit for hours a day praying but cannot find faith or any way to purify myself I have been trying to fast after in the beginning of this God told me to fast for celibacy but again and again am failing in this, also I try with all my strength to stop smoking but keep caving in. Since the angels asked me to stop smoking every cigarette is hurting my energy andf my soul more. I am really trapped in a very dark space I need Jesus to lift me up and pull me out but He doesnt I feel so seperate from Him I used to be able to hear His voice and follow it. I am praying for a miracle. Please please if you can ask Spirit if there is any way forward for me I am so trired of falling down again and again. I used to be healer and musician and teacher for children in artr and ceramics and music living totally by donations now I cant do any of those things I can hardly even get it together to wash my clothes. My spirit is tired. I need big big grace and mercy and purification and reconnection. Every day is getting rapidly further from Spirit.I am asking if you can help me bring back all the good things I used to have inside me before all this devstation and find my way be again guided to find and have strength to follow my highest service and destiny.I I was given a vision about two months ago that I met my twin soul and we were being shown how to heal people from AIDS an we were going to Africa to help there. It is all I want. But it seems so far away. I want to love again. In my heart is cold black silence. I am totally trapped. I CANNOT PRAY FRO MY HEARTI need help . I thankyou so much even for reading this far, please write back, Kelvin  

18 Oct 2007 @ 04:38 by GOOD GAWD MAUDE @ : IT IS ALWAYS your choice/your version
*Get the hell out a that Sinai desert!! You are not lost, you know exactly where you are. Give it all up and leave...now.  

18 Oct 2007 @ 07:14 by skookum : thank you
for this post.. I appreciate it.  

20 Oct 2007 @ 04:39 by freo7 : Going with The STREAM

26 Oct 2007 @ 06:47 by Sparks @ : Kelvin
Start from the outside in.. do the physical things to look after yourself, (like get out of the desert.. god gave u legs that u should walk.. lol). God is the spirit of goodness alive and well in the hearts and minds of people.. ask for help :P  

28 Oct 2007 @ 08:38 by skookum : THANKS!
great talk on the youtube..



7 Nov 2007 @ 21:53 by Antonio @ : Info
Please I would like to know if Somebody knows a Phychic Healer in this area,
Washington D.C.,
Thank you so much.  

9 Oct 2009 @ 14:54 by Charlotte Scaife @ : demonic attacks
ever since i was tiny i have felt like i am travelling under the blackest of curses. my life has been a catalogue of abuse, poverty, rejection and failure. but all the while i have known that this was happening to me because of the great light i carry inside me....a light that we all carry that is so often hidden. well now, finally, after 33 years of pain and 10 years of searching i am finally free!!!! its not an easy journey and not for the faint of heart, but believe you will triumph, believe you are loved and trust that sooner or later you will find a way to let you light shine freely and without fear. Love yourself and all you see around you, especially the things you dont like, or that make you angry, dont be scared to do the things that bring you pleasure, love cant grow from denial. we are on the way to a world filled with so much joy and happiness, but there is a way to go yet, keep the faith and a way will be made, trust me i know. sent with love and light xxxx  

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