ACTIVATING YOUR 5th DIMENSIONAL HEART CHAKRA with Ascended Master Jesus8 comments
Thursday, August 23rd 2007, by Brenda McCann

~ with Master Jesus

BEHOLD I AM WITH YOU & I LOVE YOU - Ascended Master Jesus!!


by Master Kuthumi Channelled through Michelle Eloff ©

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.

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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

*Please allow 14 days for This activation to complete...

*WE STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU HIGHLIGHT THIS PAGE and then click print selection so that you have this activation intact and in order and can carry a hard copy with you to a private personally sacred place to be undisturbed for at least 2 hours.

I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of tranquility, blessings of faith, of inner sight and understanding. Greetings, Beloved Ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved Ones, the sacred activation and initiation taking place today is one that serves to align you on yet another level with your 5th dimensional consciousness and in so doing, aligning you with your crystalline consciousness as well as your crystal body. The heart chakra is certainly one of the most vulnerable chakras that humanity works with on a daily basis. Most people relate to the heart chakra easier than any other one as far as understanding wounds are concerned.

Your journey into the 5th dimension will assist you in better understanding the heart of whatever matters most to you. You will also be supported in understanding what the matters of your heart truly are and in service, you as a group will serve humanity in this manner as well. You may find amongst the other responsibilities you have taken on that people with heart related issues may manifest more frequently in your space, or you may find people whom you have known for a long time suddenly begin to speak to you or confide in you regarding the matters of their heart.

Children are also part of this. Many children have incarnated into this new age with heart related issues that need to be healed. These have manifested in the form of asthma for many of them. The heart chakra not only deals with emotions, positive and negative, but also with how much space you give yourself. Do you have room to breathe? Do you have space to feel? When one feels stifled either by their belief systems or the belief systems of others, and we are not limiting this to spiritual beliefs, beliefs around money, beliefs regarding achievement, many children manifest asthma as a result of feeling pressure regarding expectations placed upon them either by parents or teachers, and they feel they do not have the space or the room to explore, be and live their truth. There is no room to breathe. Some children also manifest this as a result of either one or both of the parents stifling them in the sense of not giving the child the opportunity to make choices. Something as simple as not given the power to choose their own set of clothing to wear for the day can manifest in something as drastic as asthma. Some parents will not even give their children the space to choose for themselves what they would like to eat, what (age appropriate) material they can or cannot read. So, this is obviously the extreme. Adults who suffer from asthma can have a look and see where it was in their life that they felt that the suffocation ((s)mothering) had become too much, literally gasping for air, gasping to find space to be themselves. Where one is not living one’s personal truth, one generally does not have space to be and feel themselves.

Other manifestations of problems within the heart chakra area is breast cancer which both men and women experience. Men too have breasts. The only difference is that they do not have the female hormone, which causes the breasts to grow, but breasts they do have and cancer can manifest in them as well. One of the main causes for women manifesting breast cancer is resentment, anger and bitterness at not feeling she has the space to be herself. Women who have felt extreme anger and bitterness as a result of having to sacrifice their dreams, their hopes, their wishes, anger at not feeling nurtured enough, or supported in the process of nurturing their own dreams and having their own needs met. The left breast - past, inner self, and all female related issues, and the right breast - future, external world, all male related issues would also give a deeper understanding as to where exactly the anger is coming from and what or who it was aimed at.

So, Beloved Ones, how much space do you give yourself to breathe? How much space do you give yourself to feel? How much time do you take to nurture yourself, to address the matters of your heart in order to understand what your true needs are so that they can be met in your physical world? Now, generally much of what is held within the heart chakra, impacts on the reality manifested in one’s life because the head and the heart influence one another. The throat is the bridge between the head and the heart and if you do not know what your true needs are and what you feel, you will not be able to express them in their truth and negative thinking as a result of negative belief systems manifest in negative expression, so what you believe is what you create in your world. It is vital that you empower yourself to the degree that you are following what you believe to be your truth. Forget about spiritual belief systems for now. Look at your belief systems regarding money. Address your belief systems regarding relationships, your belief systems regarding success. These three areas will give you an immense amount of insight regarding your investment in either, and more than likely all of the following: poverty consciousness, victim consciousness, conditional love and lust consciousness. Let us remind you that lust consciousness is not limited to base sexual acts, it includes the lust for revenge, the lust for power, greed, even the "lustful" addictions to your limitations - these all fall into lust consciousness, and very often the inner child has lust for revenge, and this is usually the manipulative aspect of one’s inner child self. How many of you have experienced a child or even an adult reacting to a situation in a vengeful way? This is often seen as an eye for an eye consciousness. This will also come to a point of release. These are all the things, Beloved Ones, you need to understand about yourself. If you do not know yourself, it is impossible to know any other human. By understanding your psychology you understand how you influence your physiology. The tools you manifest as a result of getting to know your psychology become tools of wisdom that you can assist others with as they experience the journey of self-discovery. "Man know thyself", is one of the most important words ever spoken to humanity.

Now, for you as a group (and those of you reading this), you will see that what we have spoken to you about this morning will be a part of what you go through and experience in order to serve humanity. Because your initiation today with Master Jesus is also bringing you into a space where people will challenge your belief systems, and if you are not sure about your belief systems, you will not be able to stand in your truth. Now we are not speaking of serious sword-fighting challenging of belief systems! (laughter) You may have someone ask you a simple question like: "Why do you believe that?" "What makes you think that?" or "How do you know?" Those are simple questions but can challenge one quite deeply if one does not know why one actually believes a certain thing. Have you simply followed another person’s truth and accepted it as your own, or do you know what the qualities are within that truth that motivate you to apply them in your life and to believe them? So, ask yourself those simple questions, Beloved Ones.

Remember, not just spiritually, but every other aspect of your life. The reason why we say this as well, is because more and more people are realizing that what they were taught as children is in actual fact a big fat lie! Not because it was deliberately done by whomever it was that projected the belief system onto them, but that is what they believed to be truth at that time. So this is not said in criticism or judgment, but now you have the opportunity to truly discern what the truth is. So what you condition your children with and what you project out into your environment and to friends and to family at least holds many levels of truth besides just what you have been told to believe. You have been convinced that the grass is green and that green is green but why is green, green? Who said it was green? You understand? Who is going to go find out who said green was green? We are teasing you, we know you have much better things to do with your lives but this is just an example, a very mind-boggling example!

Now Beloved Ones, let us go on, Master Jesus is waiting so please make yourself comfortable in your seats. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in through your nose and as you exhale allow all the chakras of your body to become balanced and perfectly aligned with your cosmic light. On your next in-breath visualize the 3-dimensional Star of David manifesting around you acknowledging that this is your star tetrahedron merkaba vehicle, your body of light, in which you travel through dimensions, through solar systems, galaxies and universes. (pause)

On the next in-breath draw in a powerful tube of white light in through your crown chakra, move it all the way down through all your chakras and as you breathe out, draw in a ruby red light from Mother Earth, filling, aligning and energizing your body. (pause) Each one of you has a pranic tube. This pranic tube’s size in diameter is the same size as your pointing finger and your thumb held together in a circular formation. Now visualize a tube in this diameter extending along your spine up just beyond your crown and just below your feet. (pause) It is filled with a beautiful blue crystal light. This pranic tube is filled with light for it was an energy that you breathed before you learned to breathe through your nose and mouth. Now on the next in-breath breathe in from the centre of the universe through your pranic tube, draw in the energy all the way down your spine, and as you breathe out, breathe in energy from Mother Earth up your pranic tube and up your spine, extending out beyond your crown chakra. (pause) Do this a few times and set the intention that with every breath that you take in each day you learn how to breathe through your pranic tube as well. We suggest that you practice this daily. Breathing life force in, expanding your energy field as you breathe out. (pause)

Now find your own comfortable deep rhythm of breathing and using your imagination find yourself in your sacred garden, that exquisite place of utter beauty, peace and tranquility that your inner child journeys to for healing, for nurturance and to communicate with and interact with its Guides. (pause) Take a look around you at the beauty and magnificence surrounding you. Breathe in the pure, fresh, clear air. Imagine every pore of your body breathing this pure fresh air in as well and it filters into your body, into your organs, into your bloodstream and into every cell of your body, bringing balance, healing and clearing. (pause) Now before your enter the gardens of Shamballa Lord Arcturus manifests in this garden and he offers you the opportunity to experience any physical healing on your body or within your body that you require. (pause) The Arcturians are highly adept in the healing field – physically, therefore if there is any physical healing that you require on your body or in your body please discuss this with Lord Arcturus now. (pause)

I want you to breathe in deeply and slowly through your mouth, exhaling fully. When you stop breathing, energy stops moving through your body.

When you are finished with Lord Arcturus you will see a pathway beneath your feet. Follow it to the great big magnificent golden gates where the guardians of Shamballa are awaiting you – two magnificent dragons. Greet them when you arrive and ask their permission to enter into the sacred world of Shamballa. When permission is granted the gates will automatically open and you can step through them. (pause) Now continue following the path beneath your feet into the world of Shamballa. As you are walking along you become aware of a brilliant light making its way toward you. And as this light draws closer you recognize it to be the Beloved Master Jesus who greets you with great joy and welcomes you into the world of Shamballa. Master Jesus takes you by the hand and asks you to walk with Him to the Emerald Temple. When you reach the Temple Master Jesus will leave you standing outside. He will enter and make His way to the centre of the Temple. (pause)

When you are ready ask permission from the energy, consciousness and presence of the Emerald Temple to enter into your body, so as to receive your initiation into the 5th dimension. If permission is granted the doors will open. (pause) Make your way into the centre of the Temple and stand before Master Jesus. Master Jesus welcomes you once more and at this point you need to personally invoke the presence into the Temple, of all your healing Angels, calling to the Temple your Master Guides and Master Teachers. (pause) Invoke into the Temple any Beings of Light whom you personally work with and whom you would like to be present. (pause) Invoke the presence of Lord Arcturus to join you in the Emerald Temple, and invoke the presence of the Lord of Sirius and the Sirian Archangelic League of Light. (pause) Now give thanks to all of them for acknowledging your request and for joining you.

Now Master Jesus asks you to imagine your inner child standing between your adult self and Himself. (pause) Look down into the eyes of this precious and sacred child. Make a note of how old this child is. Master Jesus asks you if there is anything particularly that you notice about this child by looking at him/her. Do you see happiness and joy or sadness and suffering in his/her eyes? Is the face calm and at peace or is it angry? The way he/she stands, is it with confidence… Take note of all these things. (pause)

Now Master Jesus asks you to look directly into His eyes and with the most overwhelming love you have ever experienced, He tells you that you are perfect, that you are a divine co-creator of love. He tells you how much your Guides and all those Beings who have joined you in the Emerald Temple love you. (pause) Master Jesus reminds you that all your pain and suffering has been for the purpose of learning, and reminds you that you chose certain lessons but they were never meant to govern or paralyse you for the entirety of your lifetime. Master Jesus now picks your inner child up in His arms and you see this child’s energy completely transform as it bathes in this powerful love energy. (pause) The child is totally overlighted with peace. The child may break down in tears or become extremely excited. Simply just let it be. (pause)

Master Jesus asks you to take your focus again to His eyes, looking deeply into the eyes and feel the truth and power in His words as He again reminds you that you are a precious and sacred soul. (pause) He reminds you that you chose this particular incarnation for the purpose of leading others into the light, as you lead yourself into the light. He projects a powerful aura of compassion to you and embraces you completely in His compassion as He reminds you of His journeys that He walked in physical body. His struggles, His battles within and externally and assures you that you will find peace by embracing yourself and accepting yourself in this moment for who you are, exactly as you are with no expectations – simply be. (pause) Master Jesus asks you to open your heart completely to Him. Imagine it like a closed flower opening its bud, stretching its petals wide open to receive light and as this occurs He projects a brilliant emerald ray of light from His heart chakra directly to yours. This allows your heart chakra to open at the back of your body as well. The emerald ray extends right through the front and back of your chakra and fills all of your subtle bodies. (pause) This emerald ray now attracts your emerald sheath and this adds to your bodies of truth. It will take some minutes for your emerald sheath to completely align with your subtle bodies so continue to breathe deeply, drawing the emerald energy into your heart chakra and out through the back of your heart chakra filling all your subtle bodies. (pause)

Imagine this emerald energy filling your physical heart organ. It repairs any cellular damage and tissue damage. It brings your physical heart organ into perfect alignment with the assistance of Lord Arcturus. Now visualize this emerald light filling your left and your right lung. Let it fill them up completely clearing the air, healing all tissue and every cell of your lungs. (pause) Imagine this emerald light facilitating the process of you being able to bring in more air into your lungs therefore having more space in your life to breathe, to be and to experience the joy of living. (pause) Imagine this emerald ray beginning to dismantle all belief systems that have manifested in any kind of physical or energetic blockage or growth in your physical lungs or your etheric lungs that have come about as a result of inflamed, cancerous belief systems, belief systems that suffocate you, that limit you, that paralyse you, that make you feel heavy, dark, lifeless and incapable. Remember to breathe Beloved Ones, drawing breath into your lungs filling them up completely and every time you exhale release a dis-eased belief system, release a limiting thought process. (pause)

Now, on the next in-breath, draw the emerald ray directly up your throat into the back of your mouth straight to the centre of your brain and into your pineal gland, move it up to the pituitary gland and allow this emerald light to fill your brain and to fill your consciousness known as your mind. (pause) Imagine this emerald energy clearing your mind. Imagine it dissolving and dismantling all thought processes linked to debilitating belief systems that stifle your life, that contribute to any negative or limiting manifestations in your physical reality. (pause) Imagine the flow of emerald energy between your heart and lungs flowing clearly and unhindered all the way up to your brain and mind, so that there is a clear stream of emerald energy between your heart and your head…… the throat being the bridge, which receives additional energizing and healing from this emerald ray. Breathe it in; make it one with you. (pause)

Master Jesus calls your attention back to his eyes. Your emerald sheath is now connected to and in perfect alignment with all your subtle bodies, including the seven major chakras of your earth body. As Master Jesus looks into your eyes the energy around you expands. It may even appear the Temple around you is getting larger. As he does this, he facilitates the process of your consciousness expanding even further to adopt your 5th dimensional heart level of consciousness. This expanded awareness further supports releasing your beliefs regarding belief systems. Remember to breathe. Your energy continues to expand, growing larger and larger. The greater it expands the higher your energy bodies vibrate, the level increasing with each breath, vibrations so high in your imagination, you could dematerialize your body. (pause)

Master Jesus reminds you that with your initiations you take on more responsibility and also reminds you that you are equipped to deal with whatever situation manifests in your reality regardless of its nature. In light of this he wishes now to take you through the process of grounding your initiation by committing to the path of the 5th dimensional Lightworker. Say out loud: "I, (your name) consciously choose and acknowledge the path of 5th dimensional consciousness. I understand that this path requires of me to address the matters of my heart and what matters most to me. I fully accept and acknowledge that through my personal healing process I will be required to support others." Take a deep breath in through your nose drawing the emerald ray into your body, and as you exhale, let this energy settle in your heart chakra as your body adjusts to another level of 5th dimensional energy. (pause)

Let us continue: "I, and state your name, accept my role as a 5th dimensional Lightworker and leader of light. I accept that to lead by example means fulfilling my needs and therefore my truth." Take another deep breath in and allow this to settle into your heart chakra, to integrate another level of 5th dimensional energy. (pause)

Master Jesus now places his left hand against your heart chakra, still holding your inner child. He pulls this part of you to the front of His body and holds it tight against His heart chakra. This process allows your inner child to feel safe, supported and nurtured in the process of self-discovery and in the process of releasing what no longer serves you. Sometimes one rejects the paths of self-discovery and self-healing because even though the suffering is difficult, it has become ones identity and one does not know anything different. To change, for many is unnerving. The inner child needs to feel secure in the process of release so that it can trust the integration process and that it brings with it a solid foundation; solid structure and a safe space in which to continue exploring and growing. Acknowledge this to your inner child now as Master Jesus holds it close to His heart. In other words, holding you close to His heart. (pause) And as you reassure your inner child, He filters more and more energy into your heart and this faith also facilitates the process of dissolving and dismantling any belief systems that keep you trapped in any kind of limiting consciousness that may be preventing the complete healing of any wound in your heart; which lies in your lung space and which lies in your mind. As this energy filters into your mind it filters into your subconscious and into your unconscious. Push the energy as far back as you can, imagining where your subconscious and unconscious might lie. (pause) Push this energy in as deep as you can, imagining how far your subconscious and unconscious can be within you. (pause) Push this energy up, high up into the dimensions where you imagine your subconscious and unconscious touch. (pause) Now all of the Guides, Masters, Angels and other Beings of Light whom you invoked into your presence, open their heart chakra to extend a ray of support and love to you as well as your inner child; manifesting a system of support for you. One that is permanently in place feeding you through your heart chakra, nurturing you and being there for you throughout every moment of everything that you experience in your conscious awake state, as well as in your sleep state. Visualize the support mechanism manifesting like a grid of energy and all the rays of light connected to these Beings never switched off, never becoming blocked always clear, always open, ever present. (pause)

Now, once again repeat after me: "I, (and state your name), embrace every aspect of my being and acknowledge that I choose to connect to the pathway and process of doing everything in my conscious power to honor and respect myself, to love and accept myself and never to place expectations upon myself that will remove me from my truth. I consciously accept my role as a 5th Dimensional Light Worker, to be with and alongside all the Higher Lords and Masters of Light, including the Great White Brotherhood, the Elohim, the Sirian Archangelic League of Light, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and the Order of Melchizedek, and by serving with these Grand Beings, I acknowledge that I too will be served. I accept that it is my responsibility to serve, awaken and nurture humanity to the best of my conscious ability and to use unconditional love in all my endeavors." Take a deep breath in allowing yourself to integrate at another level of your 5th dimensional energy and as you breathe out, it grounds in all of your bodies. Some of you may begin to feel a tension in your head area or a tension over your chest, perhaps a tightness. Simply breathe into it, expand the energy knowing that it is safe to let go that you have room to breathe, that your head and your heart were always meant to serve as one. (pause)

Now repeat after me: "I, (and state your name), once again connect to my inner child, to my adolescent self and the path of light in my adult self, and in so doing I give myself the gift of new life, the gift of new vision, the gift of moving beyond all illusion, and as I accept and receive this gift I offer it to humanity and so I serve God, and so be it." Take another deep breath in Beloved Ones, grounding your 5th dimensional heart consciousness into your heart chakra, into your mind and all your subtle bodies. (pause)

Master Jesus now removes His hand from your heart chakra and hands you your inner child. As you take this child draw it to your own heart holding him/her close and as you do this, Master Jesus draws you into His arms and embraces you fully in the full power of His love. (pause) Surrender to this light and just be. (pause) Absorb this energy into every cell of your body and know that you are loved, you are accepted, you are acceptable, you are an expression of love, and you were created by an impulse of love that flowed through the Divine Creator. You can manifest miracles when creating in the presence of Love, with the intention of Love. Understand Beloved Ones, we do not speak of romantic love alone. We speak of all the areas of Love: compassion, forgiveness and acceptance, in other words non-judgment. There are many arms and avenues to the world of love. It is time for you to discover all of them and see how you can utilize these tools for your personal journey of self-discovery and how you can apply them in the world around you.

Beloved Ones, Master Jesus now steps back for you to stand up comfortably and straight in your own body. He acknowledges that you have experienced a very deep, and very powerful healing today. The Emerald Temple will hold you in an incubator of emerald light for the next 14 days. Master Jesus, Lord Arcturus and all your healing Angels will take you through all processes of healing that you require during that period: physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, and this stretches out to every single human past-life incarnation you have had. In addition you have been drawn into the dimensions of Pure Love that Master Jesus operates from with Lady Mary, with Lady Nada and with Lord Soltec. These Beings of Light will also assist you for the next 28 months, a period during which you will receive higher learning and instruction from that realm of Love. These Beings, including Master Jesus will take turns to instruct you, to guide you and to serve alongside you - Master Jesus being ever-present. Remember the emerald incubator. Place yourself within that grid of light whenever you require healing after the 14 days that you will currently experience. You as a group have full permission to take others, with their permission, into the Emerald Temple to receive healing more specifically their inner child. You have access to that dimension of Pure Love, which Lady Nada, Lady Mary, Lord Soltec and Lord Jesus work through for the purpose of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing for those who come to you in need. Your journey into a new dimension of love is one of the most liberating you will ever experience because it frees you from the limited experience of Light that you have perceived as a result of limiting belief systems. The veils of illusion will fall even faster and what you will see will bring joy to your heart because you will recognize your truth and what you believe to be your journey home and what you believe, will get you there.

We honor your humility Beloved Ones and humbly bless you with all you require to manifest your truth in every area of your life through every expression. It is time now to give thanks. Therefore, looking into the eyes of Master Jesus give thanks for your opportunity of receiving this deep healing, give thanks for His presence and taking you through this initiation into 5th dimensional consciousness. Give thanks to your inner child for its courage to stand completely exposed in the presence of Jesus and for welcoming healing. Give thanks to all those Beings of Light who have joined you and witnessed your initiation. Give thanks to the Being of the Emerald Temple for facilitating your process by holding you in its powerful vibration of healing light and healing love. Give thanks to your self for having made the conscious choice to experience this sacred initiation. Now, before you leave, Master Jesus places a gold chain around your neck with a magnificent emerald crystal on the end that hangs directly over your heart chakra. This gem shines with brilliance. It will help you maintain the clarity of mind and heart that you require. He takes another emerald and places this into your third eye supporting your inner vision, your inner knowledge, so that your mind and heart can completely merge as one balanced expression of your life.

Beloved Ones before you leave the Emerald Temple, Master Jesus requires that you acknowledge that you understand that by changing your belief systems to the ones that fully support you, to the belief systems that uplift you, that hold positivity and power will result in you manifesting those qualities in your physical reality. That is a universal truth. What you believe is what you manifest.

You have been given tools to manifest differently. When you are ready turn around and make your way out of the Emerald Temple. When you exit the Temple turn around and once more give thanks to this Being for holding you. As you make your way out of Shamballa, give thanks to the world of Shamballa for welcoming you and for supporting you in your healing.

When you exit the gates stop and give thanks to the dragons for supporting you and for granting you permission to enter. The gates automatically close as you turn around and make your way into your sacred garden. As you walk through your garden ask for anything that you require that you need to support you through your process of healing, of awakening or understanding. (pause)

Now take a deep breath in through your nose, drawing your consciousness back into your physical body. On the next in-breath draw your energy all the way down your spine to your base down your base and out through your feet grounding you in your physical body, rooting you to the earth. Do this one more time – drawing your energy fully back into this time-line. Feel your body in the chair you are sitting in and when you are ready open your eyes.

And so it is Beloved Ones that we embrace you in the power and the light of all that you are and bless you with everything that you need to fulfill the journey you have chosen. Trust in those many invisible arms that hold you, that carry you and comfort you and know that not ever do you walk alone. We are with you always in all ways. May your heart find healing, peace, joy and laughter and may all always be well in your world.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love.



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25 Aug 2007 @ 14:41 by Maria Magdalena @ : Healing The Heart
Thank you so much for this information on Activating Your Heart Chakra. My only son, Michael who is 17 had a heart condition since he was 9. His heart races like he is having a heart attack when he gets to anxious. Please pray for healing of his little heart my lovely ones. Peace, love & light to you.  

26 Aug 2007 @ 00:54 by John O @ : Jesus Christ does not look like this!
This is one possibility - http://www.rejesus.co.uk/expressions/faces_jesus/gallery/shroud.html
There are many others, of course. (I'm not complaining about the message, just the oh-so-nice image.) For someone who empoweredly speaks his divine mind and challenges our half-truths at ultimate cosmic levels and throws out money-changers from sacred places in holy rage(!) curses barren fig-trees at 5 in the morning and calls his friends all manner of "horrible" things, this is not the right face! Time to SEE the Universal Strength and complete Vulnerability in wondrous Union, in a face that might just pass us by, unnoticed.  

26 Aug 2007 @ 06:40 by freo7 : Dear John O
Everyone knows that the Renaissance Artists all used their versions of The Archangel Raphael as their image of JESUS whose name was not JESUS either, it was Jeshuah Ben`Joseph pronounced YESHUA...so really, what's new?? LOL eh??

We are in the ENERGY & INFORMATION AGE MY MAN we need only look at what said information is calculated and calibrated to CAUSE US TO BE and or TO DO. And then if our own inner wisdom resonates with that, *we choose it* = take it in and make it real/creating it on the spot as OUR experience...

OH GEE did I reveal too much to your so called masses? or were you referring to RIGHT NOW when you spoke the word of a *masses day* long gone now??

In my world every human is a sovereign spiritual being externalizing out from source as platinum white light & love energy beams - just to play out here as human in the human bio-suit made for being here and now. I see no masses.

I also choose not to de-power anyone who appears in my mirror so you see I SEE YOU AS ALL OF THE ABOVE ALSO. Especially YOU, John O. can you feel it?

We can talk around all these things `til dooms day. Just take the initiation and call me when its complete ~ we'll talk...and I love you John. Do you remember my email address?


26 Aug 2007 @ 06:53 by freo7 : Dear Beloved Maria
*Thank you for this opportunity to clean. And I love you  

3 Sep 2007 @ 13:38 by Amie @ : Thank you!
Dearest Maria,
Thank you so much for posting this beautiful activation! Infinite Love and Light to you!!! PS..I know for me there is one particular image of Jesus that was given to me as a teen that I have always resonated with more than any other..I beleive that he would want us all to see him in whatever image touches our heart the most..jest felt the need to say that in light of John O's comment. Love to you all!!!  

7 Sep 2007 @ 21:26 by Jesz @ : The Holy Face
In this web you can see the miraculous manifestation of the face of Christ in his way to the Golgota:


10 Sep 2007 @ 23:19 by Igraina @ : spirituality
just looking  

13 Sep 2007 @ 20:58 by Jesz @ : Miraculous photo of the face of Jesus
In this web you can see a miraculous manifestation of the face of Jesus Christ:


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