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pictureTuesday, August 14th 2007, by Brenda McCann


(This Star Code Activator is part of the 99 Flames of the Sacred Tablets & Star Language of Moses, originally channelled through Michelle in 1999 and is currently revised and updated).

Channelled through Michelle Eloff ©

Johannesburg, South Africa

02 August 2007

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.

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Transcribed by Samantha Gilbert

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward on the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of detachment, realignment, patience and perseverance. Greetings Beloved Ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones the journey into the star codes held by the Star Goddess Li-Ha is one that activates a deep resonance within the cellular configuration of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The alteration of this configuration is important in terms of bringing into being that which is divine, that which is in alignment with the purpose of the moment and that which is a part of whichever new pathway is making it’s way to you or whichever aspect of the pathway you are on is being addressed.

As patience is mastered you will find that the agony that accompanies the process of patience dissipates. This is what the star code is offering you, the vibrant process of rooting your energy within a system of creativity that contributes to the process meeting it’s natural state of completion and releasing you to move forward. There are a number of different energies at play at this current time; there are layers upon layers being addressed simultaneously. This in itself is taking just a little bit of time to align itself within the grids of your magnetic field so that all systems can unfold simultaneously. At this stage some of it is still slightly staggered; by that I mean that different processes drawing to their close at different times. However, be patient. It will not be a drawn out process lasting weeks or months or years. It will in fact manifest a lot sooner than you expect - the expectation being that of hopelessness when one thinks of having to be patient, one automatically imagines having to hold on for an unlimited period of time.

The reason why this is also happening is because we need to assist humanity in completing the clearing of the chakric grids that are linked to the first seven years of your life specifically. The Pleiadian Goddesses are a vital part of this clearing. This is also connected to the journey we took you all through two days ago linked to the twelve pathways of destiny. In that transmission I said to you that your first seven years of life is that first pathway, that first ray upon which you enter your lifetime.

Those first seven years are directly influenced by your parents and the pathways that they have chosen. Each year of the seven years influences the seven chakras and if those chakras are harboring information, energy and codes that are not at this time resonating with the direction that you are choosing they need to be cleared out of the system so that the proper process of detachment can be conducted and completed, therefore releasing you to move forward.

So the presence of the Goddess Li-Ha is showing you that there are systems working within the realms of the subconscious and the unconscious, within the realms of the physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies. They are in fact working simultaneously but are having to bring themselves into a perfectly aligned grid within the physical reality for every aspect of action to take place. This requires of you complete faith and trust in the fact that everything is working together all the time even when it appears that things are not moving. They are - as long as you have chosen action and you are doing everything in your conscious power to address whatever issues appear to be inhibiting you or blocking you, then you can rest assured knowing that the change is inevitable and will come sooner than you realise. The question is will you be ready when that change happens? Will you be ready to make that move rapidly the moment everything comes together? If your answer is yes, then brace yourself; if it is no, then best you address whatever aspect needs your attention ensuring that in the moment everything comes together you are in a position to take action in accordance with what the new experience is presenting you with.

Goddess Li-Ha is accompanied by the seven Pleiadian Goddesses who guard the star gates known as the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. These star gates embody a very intricate system of energy which, when passed through, activates codes within you that allow the next level of your divine healing to be activated.

Today we take you through the divine healing of that first pathway of your twelve, the first seven imprints you received within the chakras. These imprints are what you are now having to attend to, which represent this phase of patience leading up to the change you wait for. So let us delay no longer.

Centre yourself within the knowing that there is a power and force of light greater than your ego, greater than your fears currently working within your energy field. Breathe that knowing into the cells of your body. While you are breathing, open your energy field to welcome the presence of the Star Goddess Li-Ha as well as the seven Goddesses of the Pleiades who guard the star gates into the Pleiades.

Imagine their energy igniting like flames of illumination in each of the seven chakras of your body and each flame being an acknowledgment of the knowledge and the power, the wisdom and the truth you already embody.

Allow yourself to surrender to this energy. The more you surrender and let go the lighter your energy becomes making way for your personal guides, angels and masters to step into your energy field and into the sacred space that contains your hopes, your wishes, your desires and intentions. They fill the sacred space containing all of that vibrant energy with an exquisite starlight energy which adds depth and light to every single one of those dreams, wishes, visions, desires and intentions amplifying the vibrations of those which are most important at this time. All you need to do is imagine that light penetrating the core of those energies.

While the penetration of that light continues to unfold imagine the seven Pleiadian Goddesses connecting with each of your seven chakras, one goddess to one chakra. They now tune into the grids of your first pathway of destiny, the one that you entered into this incarnation through. As they adapt the frequencies, so all seven of your chakras open to receive the star code of patience, divine timing and trust in the greater picture. These three systems of consciousness are absorbed into every layer of the grid structure of your seven chakras and now activate a filtering system within the chakras focusing upon every attitude, belief system, understanding and perception that you took into those grids that have inhibited your ability to trust the bigger picture.

Breathe that into all seven chakras simultaneously.

Your seven chakras now ignite their grid systems. You can imagine them as being systems stacked upon each other from the crown chakra down to the base chakra and every single grid influences the one beneath it and the one above it; this has always been like that. This is why the vibrations emitted from the grids caused issues within your entire chakric system and would have drawn information from the chakric grids of your parents and their first seven years and so it goes on and on through your history. Today your grids are being reactivated in a completely new dimension of energy.

Star Goddess Li-Ha and the Pleiadian Goddesses will now transport the grids of your chakras with your permission through the seven star gates, beginning the activation. So if you are ready and willing, give them your permission (pause) and so the grids are taken by each Goddess. They take these grids through the Seven Sister star gates and as your grids pass through these star gates so an incredible divine healing begins to take place. There comes a point now where the Goddess will stop, standing within the very centre of the star gate, and as she stands at this point so every divine aspect of your Future Self, your Fully Mastered and Christed Self of the Light, your Higher Self and your complete I AM presence gather around her and focus their light on this grid. As this light is projected into your chakric grid so every false belief system regarding your truth, your ability to manifest that truth, and to have faith in your ability to manifest that truth, begins to dissolve.

It will take approximately seven days for this energy to pass through every level of the grid and every level of your cellular, molecular and atomic structured grids. During the seven days that lie ahead of you, today being the first one, you will be guided and shown exactly what is within the chakric grid that inhibits your ability to trust divine timing and to have patience with the universe regarding trusting the greater picture. Trusting that the universe, your Higher Self, Spirit, God, whatever you want to call it, does indeed have your best interests at heart. Your job is to have faith and to trust. This consists of you focusing on the desired end. By this I mean by you concentrating on that dream, that vision, the intention that you are working towards - by doing that, the universe does and always will take care of the logistics you are unaware of.

Breathe in deeply as the divine aspects of you now increase the projection of energy into the grids on yet another level and this changes the dynamic frequency held within your DNA and an unraveling process is now initiated - the unravelling of all those false structures, attitudes, attachments, belief systems and perceptions that bind you to whatever it is you have chosen to be free of.

Continue breathing those frequencies through your body, imagining that you breathing through every grid of all your chakras. It will take another minute or so for this energy to be aligned with those structures within your grids and while your divine aspects do this I wish to add at this point how important it is for you to bear in mind that the energies you are working with in the here and now, you have not worked with before. You are adapting to a whole new way of being, a new system of consciousness. You are like an infant being born into a new lifetime and having to remember how to walk and talk, how to anchor your creative energy and create your future. Some people are experiencing deep inner depression; the depression is not there to stop you, the depression is in fact the voice of all the suppressed and repressed aspects of you that have been stifled as a result of the inhibited ways of the old paradigm. Every limited, false belief system that was projected onto you is what you are moving out of. Every single law made by man that stifles a human being’s growth and power to love, to live and create is being shattered. This is taking place individually and collectively. It is at this point that the star codes held by the Star Goddess Li-Ha are so important. It is this energy that merges with the energy of perseverance and you are shown a light that reminds you that the end is in fact in sight. This light is your signal to have faith, to keep focused on that, which you know in your heart, to be true for you.

Continue to breathe in deeply, exhaling fully as the divine aspects now step back and the Star Goddesses of the Pleiades continue with your grid, through the latter part of the star gate and emerge with your chakra within the Pleiadian realms of divine creation and manifestation. They enter these realms of magic and quantum light exposing this grid to the energy that awaits you - the new world energy. Imagine your chakric grids opening as far as they can to receive the vibrations of that energy and bring it into your being. Breathe it in from the Pleiades into your being. Feel it, imagine it and see it flowing into your spirit, mental, emotional and physical bodies and pouring into Mother Earth, rooting that system of energy firmly within the material realm of earthly living, and as you do this you will feel pulsations of energy moving through the cells.

Some of you may be feeling your body feeling a little light; some of you are feeling a tingling sensation. If nausea comes up just breathe into it. Sometimes these new energies cause nausea because of the rate at which they vibrate. As it is a dense substance meeting such a high vibrational frequency, it impacts on the sacral and solar plexus at such a fast rate that nausea is often the side effect.

Breathe and relax. While the grid is being infused with all the new energy in your mind please repeat the words after me: "I (and state your name), call forth the power, the intuition, the conscious knowledge, wisdom, faith and trust into my physical reality empowering me to utilise the gifts of patience. As I do this I open my energy to integrate the grids of divine timing, and in so doing placing my trust in all my divine aspects including Spirit, and in so doing surrendering to God/Goddess because I know they are taking care of everything. I call forth the power and the light of the empowering amplified chakra grids of my divine sacred template and I consciously choose to weave those advanced illuminated and wise grids into the chakric grids of my current lifetime, and command this energy to extend into the chakric grids of all my parallel and alternate lifetime aspects. I command this under grace, to manifest in peace, miraculously and divinely. I command the light of my Empowered Self to merge fully with the consciousness held within the grids of my chakras and in so doing consciously consenting and willing the dissemination of every single energy and attachment on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and multi-dimensional level that keeps me within a state of fear, inhibition and frustration. I order the divine timing of my divine plan of my current life and the divine pathway thereof to come into full physical manifestation here and now in accordance with the sacred grids of my plan and purpose. I command this and order this from the depths of light and truth within my most evolved, loving self and in so doing placing the grids of intention into the realms of integrity, perfection and divinity. So it is, and so it is done."

Breathe all of that into the chakric grids, move it into your cells, into your DNA, holding that energy in your DNA as it unravels all of the ancestral sludge and other ancestral attachments that bind you through any of your chakras to any person, any place, any experience, thought process, belief system, attitude or fear that prevents you from experiencing the fullness of your life.

The energy in your solar plexus and sacral chakra now begins to churn because the ego is now experiencing this immense challenge that is being presented to it now, to completely let go.

Breathe into those chakras as the divine Father God and the divine Mother Goddess begin programming the new templates of the chakric grids which embody the star codes of patience, divine timing and faith. Some of you may begin to feel a lot of emotions, energies and thoughts rushing through these two chakras - even fears, panic; just breathe into it. This is the tape reversing that has held all the imprints from the first seven years of your life that became the running tape determining what you have experienced up until now and it is the tape in your DNA that is being unraveled.

Pull it all out. Get your hands in there and remove it. Pull and pull until you pull the roots out, until there is nothing left. We will give you as much time as you need.

Continue to pull. Go deeper if you must until you are 100% sure there is nothing left. Perhaps if the cords are finished there are other things you are pulling out now - power games, empty promises, false belief systems, lies, confusion. Pull it all out.

The almighty I AM presence of your complete self begins pouring the powerful energy of fluid love over all the cords you have pulled out and everything else that you are still pulling out and as this sacred fluid touches all of this old stuff so it is transmuted into light, into power, into potential and opportunities.

Now the heart chakra bursts open as it is now ready to let go. To release pull the cords from it, beloved ones. Pull and pull and pull. Push if you must. Now a highly advanced and accelerated process of detachment is being activated and the Lord of the Pleiades comes to stand in front of you - this Being who has seen your future, every aspect of it, is there now to help you to remove these cords because this Being knows that this attachment must now take place - the attachment not to the false worlds but to your divinity. This Being facilities an amplified detachment to that which is false. This also unravels in your DNA, through every level of your ancestral imprint. Fluid love is washing over everything that you are pouring out, everything you are pulling out, and everything you are pushing out. Drop it.

And now beloved ones a primal scream begins to emerge from the energy of your throat chakra as every inhibited part of you opens and roars, screams and lets rip, sobbing and letting go of every unheard request, every unfilled need, every shattered dream, every false promise, every single illusionary perception of abandonment by God, and your base chakra opens simultaneously to drop the root system of those illusionary pains and traumas that leads to you believing that you are incompetent, inadequate and undeserving of living the fullness of your life.

An exquisite universal rose of light now begins to emerge over your heart, thymus and throat charkas. This universal rose is a new flower of love opening to greet you, to begin absorbing every single element of truth that exists within your divine template.

Your heart chakra now opens to receive the fullness of divine love, the fullness of accepting your divine right to love and be loved, to have every single one of your needs met - your divine right to be creative, to be provided for, to be empowered, to be heard, to be seen, to be trusted and to be accepted by the fullness of you.

Beloved ones the inner child is sobbing inside of each of you within the grids that we now see and we ask you just to breathe as this part of you undergoes this very deep release right now and imagine your fully Empowered Self wrapping your arms around this broken being, this part of you that has carried the weight of the attachments to the illusions that have been passed down unto you, that were encoded into your DNA. Everything that is no longer necessary. I ask you to go into feeling if you can, if not, just imagining the depths of that sob, that weep that is coming from that part of you; for it is the depths of that weep, that sob that is releasing all of the residual sludge that was binding your chakric grids to the old paradigm.

Allow your fully Empowered Selves’ heart chakra to open and embrace that broken part of you; just hold her, hold him, and just allow the tears to flow. Allow every thing to be exhaled. Beloved ones, as you hold this part of you the divine Father God and the divine Mother Goddess now wrap their arms around you and that broken part of you and they whisper into your ear, and their whispers are words of truth, words that you can trust, words that you can believe in. They now tell you that the darkness of the old world can no longer touch you, the fears and inhibitions of the old world are not yours to buy into. Your pathway to freedom is awaiting you, and on this pathway you are free to be with the ones that you love most, doing that which you love most, and living your life in a state of peace and harmony. Even in the face of learning and growth you will harmoniously process and integrate the teachings that come your way.

Your heart is crying out for that mergence with your true divine pathway of destiny, and what the divine Mother and Father are now bringing you is an even greater opportunity to step fully into the golden divine pathway of eternal light, of eternal freedom, of the complete manifestation of unconditional love to be with that one whom you are destined to be with, with the people whom you are destined to be with, the creativity you are destined to express and the life that you deserve to live. As they hold you their heart chakras open the grids of the cosmic heart chakra of unconditional love, and now the grids of all the cosmic chakras turn to you, focusing on your energy vibration, and encode your chakric grids with an additional vibrancy of the star codes that Li-Ha brings.

The cosmos hears your heart screaming out for support, for answers, for guidance and direction and it is heard, and it is now within your space for you to receive the answers, to see the direction, to feel the guidance and to witness the support coming your way. Therefore we ask you again - are you ready?

The entire cosmic force of life and love now embraces your entire being combined with that of the divine Father God, and the divine Father/Mother energies merge as the divine mother Goddess embraces you, pulling you into her womb, and within that holy, safe space you will be held for the duration of the next seven days after which an incredible re-birthing will take place - a time where the universes within those beings, people, places and opportunities exist will reflect back at one another. They will collide and merge and a new world will be born for you, the world in which your inner child, the body of the first seven years of your life will now be able to truly turn it’s eyes to the heavens and thrive within this new space you are creating.

The unravelling of your DNA will continue for the next seven days, cleaning out, clearing out, making way for this incredibly divine time - this most extraordinary journey into your golden lifetime in which you will complete what is left of your twelve pathways.

Feel yourself now emerging through your third eye and crown chakra as you bring those sacred grids into your being; but instilled within this is the imprint of the divine Mother and the divine Father, the imprint known as claircognisance where the all-knowing aspects of all that is divine and empowered and at one meets you and is rooted within those chakras. And so the peace that comes with knowing that the power of God/Goddess is on your side, working with you, through you and for you; therefore your Highest Will will be done on earth, as it is promised in heaven.

It is time now to begin breathing the grids back into your physical heart chakra - these altered grids that no longer carry any codes of entrapment linked to your first seven years, and as you pull each one in visualise its’ roots system extending into the core of Mother Earth. This will ensure that you manifest on earth that which you have created within the heavens of the subconscious, and fluid love continues to flow through your chakras having transmuted all the old into light, and that universal rose of love emanates it’s frequencies into the geometric structure of your magnetic field, amplifying the magnetic frequency of that field as well as your power to create, to co-create, and to manifest every single one of your divine physical, emotional, mental, creative, and spiritual needs as met.

The seven Goddesses now encode a sacred signia over each of your chakras ensuring that these grids remain active, and their frequency increasing the energy, amplifying it’s ability to flow through you. They also now encode your sacred sigil into every single one of those chakras. Your sacred sigil is the divine code that the universe knows you by. This sigil is held within your earth name, your spirit, your star and all your divine names.

Now beloved ones, this very powerful process is going to continue unfolding for the next seven days - remember including today - therefore you will remain in the space of Pleiades with the seven Pleiadian Goddesses. They have anchored the grids in the chakras with you which means you will still be able to function in your physical world as need be. However, you may find yourself a little more sensitive to the old realm constructs. Breathe through them and remain focused on what your choice is in terms of the new creation, where you are headed, what you desire, and this will see you through. At the end of the seven days the re-birthing process will take place and the pathway being activated now, which is an aspect of your golden pathway, will be fully rooted in your energy system, as well as the templates of your physical, emotional, mental, creative, intellectual and spirit bodies. All your chakras will be in perfect and harmonious alignment with that map.

Give thanks for this.

Take a look at the inner child that was sobbing earlier on and notice how the eyes have cleared, the face has cleared and it’s entire energy looks lighter. Take this being by the hand, pick her up, wrap your arms around him and carry this part of you wherever you go, for it is your responsibility to honour this sacred child, one of your most divine aspects. Honour her needs, honour his strengths, intuition, wisdom and above all, purity, for that is your key into the kingdom of heaven, so to speak.

Breathe in deeply, exhale fully as your draw your consciousness back into your body. Bring your awareness back into the realms of your physical earth life knowing that everything else is still unfolding as we have said it will. Root yourself to the earth.

Beloved ones, during these seven days the seven seals to the new world will be broken open. These seals are gateways to that golden paradigm, but more specifically your golden pathway, the pathway that will allow you - or let me rather say enable you - to complete what is left of your twelve pathways of destiny.

When you step into that golden paradigm completing the remainder of those twelve pathways of destiny, your pathways will consist primarily of extremely empowering - in fact, extraordinary and sometimes out of this world work with the most advanced civilisations of your universe.

Where you are headed you cannot even begin to comprehend, which is why we are being so persistent in pushing you away from the old paradigms, false structures and means of living - and don’t let anyone fool you by telling you that you are living out of integrity by choosing to move away from the old man-made legal systems that inhibit a person’s freedom to live in peace, in harmony and within a state of unconditional love with those whom they are destined to be with, in the places you are destined to be with. I repeat, don’t let anyone fool you by telling you that you are living out of integrity or that your choice to walk away from something or someone is not very spiritual. I beseech you do not buy into that limiting manipulation. All of the old structures are false and will fall; they are falling; you are being prepared to stand in the new structures. You have already experienced the falling, you are now experiencing the rising (often what is referred to as the rapture). You are in it, do not sacrifice it again. There is absolutely no expectation upon you or demand being placed upon you from any Being of Light incarnate or discarnate, insisting you sacrifice any aspect that brings you what you most desire. You know what your heart’s calling consists of, you know where true love is, where freedom of creativity is, where peace resides. So get a move on.

Beloved ones, the light of every flame of illumination that is within your power to be integrated and withstood, comes to be with you. May the true essence of patience instill you with the stamina and the perseverance to trust in the greater plan of the will of God/Goddess which is always is at one with the highest will of your divine plan. Be at peace. All is well, all is changing and hold on, there is something quite amazing about to happen.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai

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23 Aug 2007 @ 04:57 by Stuart Miller @ : I just went thru the Activation... and
I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT... I Imagine SUCCESS and PROSPERITY Not Only Because I Deserve It(everyone does) But Also Because It Is So REAL For Me. Thank You, Universe, and the Pleiadean Sisters For Knowing All About Me EXACTLY and For Honoring My Highest Intention for Spirit Being here this life AND EARTHLY EXISTENCE by Making an ABUNDANT Life REAL For Me, and Whole and Fruitful and Beautiful and Charming. LOVE & TRUTH TOGETHER FRAGRANTLY and THANK YOU GOD FOR MY LIFE.  

25 Aug 2007 @ 00:20 by Star Rising @ : thanks and praise
I give praise and thanks and healing to all who participated in the shift that has taken place in me.
Be ever with Love and Truth for whomever shall these words fall upon I give you praise and thanks Espavo 555
Star Rising  

9 Dec 2007 @ 02:10 by shirley frost @ : Master Kuthumi's dialogues
Kuthumi makes me laugh out loud sometimes because despite the profound and serious matters he is addressing he occasionally adopts a very vernacular phrase to emphasise his point. It is not widely known I think that the masters
have a sense of humour.  

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