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pictureWednesday, July 25th 2007, by Brenda McCann

July 23, 2007 The Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond
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Welcome Dear Comrades,

We are happy to be with you this evening. There has been so much going on since the activations within the past couple of weeks that we felt it was important for us to just relax this evening and enjoy each other in bliss and livelihood. Of course, I Am Fred, your spokesperson for this evening.

I have to say that the participation of Fire the Grid was absolutely wonderful along with the other activations that occurred previous to the 17th of July. But I have to mention Fire the Grid for one reason – so many new people came into awareness and now we are joined by so many souls this evening. Thank you all for participating in all of these events. I am excited to be part of these energies. It is a very powerful time. This evening we will be bringing forth to each of you a balance to occur within your full body system as much integration of higher light energies has ensued within each of you, as it has for each of us in all spheres of communication of Light. It is my pleasure to bring forth a great teacher, a great spokesperson, and a true humanitarian.

Thank you Fred, it is my pleasure to be here this evening amongst so many souls of the Earth and the Sky. I Am Lord of Arcturus and I have been chosen to speak at this group this evening for several reasons. First, I have not spoken through Christine before but it is my pleasure to be here with all of you. Secondly, I want to invoke within everyone a balancing frequency that will assist in the planetary activations that have occurred within this past month and year. And thirdly, I want to prepare each person for the changes that will ensue within their beings as you all walk upon this path of Divinity Upon Gaia. May you all be acknowledged within these elements in this moment.

There have been great changes upon the Earth especially since the activations especially “Fire the Grid” in which each participant was allotted a special dispensation for clearing, processing, moving forward within each of their paths as it paved a new frontier upon the floor of the Earth. This floor has now been integrated with Light Frequencies never before experienced on this dimensional frequency. As each individual participated and even those who did not but were aware, a special dispensation of energy was brought forth through your soul family and within the nucleus of your being. This activation was a special fire code that was embedded into your physical being through the effects of your purpose upon this earth. Each of you participated in accepting this energy first and foremost, and then was fully activated during the transition process. This, in turn, created a full activation through your Earth Star into the core of the Earth. There were awakenings that occurred through the Inner Earth Cities so that the Upper Earth Cities (intergalactic star ships) would connect with the lower inner cities to create the functionality of a New Earth. This was just the beginning and more elements will be occurring in future months. Each of you are participants and activators of the higher frequency grids that are now fully grounded within the Earth. This is especially true for those of you who participated in nature and particularly true if you walked barefoot on the floor of Gaia as the frequencies of light ran through you and out of you to create powerful grids that would escalate Earth’s developmental process. This is what actually occurred. Now this not only happened during Fire the Grid but during 7-7-7, and all meditations and activations that have occurred during this month of July. So please know that not one particular day is more important than the other and there is a culmination of this activity on 7-31-2007. The full grounding effect will take place on this day... Tuesday 7-31-2007.


That brings us to the personal activation code. Within each of you, whatever needed to be healed is being released. Notice the particulars inside your being. Is it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual that is focused internally since the onset of these energies? Many of you are feeling fluctuations within the physical body. Ailments that have been settled for eons or possibly lifetimes are now surfacing. Medically, there are no answers to the predicaments of these ailments except natural ways of being. Utilizing nurturing ways of healing through aromatherapy, energy systems, magnets, crystals, breath work in colors of the Rays of God, vitamins, herbs in the forms of teas, massage, healing work, baths, etc etc. All of these ways will assist you and calling upon each of us to come to you each evening. We say evening because we can work with you during your day but only do this if you are able to relax, meditate, and be present within your Spirit. Some of you who are healing on the spiritual level are going through periods of fluctuation of your energies, lapses of time, or reawakened memories of other dimensional frequencies.

Those in the emotional realm are healing old wounds in relationships and opening up their hearts to new relationships. Those in the mental realm are learning the importance of silence and sitting back and letting the world go by. You may not understand it, but it is just so. These are the elements that are surfacing.

Upon the grounding energies of 7/31/2007 - (11) you will be fully activated within your full body system. Whatever stage and growth you are acquiring in your ascension process, will be fully grounded. Not all are at the same levels. It would not be possible, not yet anyway. As you ground the energies, the issues will subside. You may find that your days now are easier than they were last week and there is another week to allow the integration process to continue.

As for the activation of balancing, we infuse within each of you in this moment of your reading and allow it continue for a 12-hour period in which a Rod of Initiation will help to ground all these energies from the Star Systems above through your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vehicle through your Soul Star and into your Mutli-dimensional chakra system to fully ground and balance the energies as you have never before experienced. You may feel a light tingling sensation as the energies start to ensue within you. During this time period, it is important to speak to us about your insecurities, your ill thoughts of health that may have arisen, your doubts, and your emotional imbalances. As this Rod of Initiation comes through to you these aspects that you have brought up will be transmuted with the Balance and Integrity of a True Ascended Master. You will have aligned more fully with your heavenly state of being while inhabiting a physical body, something that has not been accomplished previously. As the energy is grounded through your Earth Star there will be many sensations that will come through you. Let them go pass, and allow the energy to do the work. If you feel uncomfortable at any given time, please tell us so but we feel that each person will only accept this Rod of Balancing Initiation at the appropriate level necessary for each person. All worries, doubts, fears, suspicions should all be removed in the next 12 hours. Upon the full integration process, know that you will be exhibiting a power within you that you have not fully acquired until this time. It will be a slow process. The beginnings of the New Earth have now started and it is your time to “Shine” so to speak.

Notice during the month of August how much strength and stamina that you have. Your Divinity of Light will be shining out to the world. Many of you will understand the process more fully and will be able to take steps into your New World. Something that many of you have been lost in doing so until this time. Awareness will come forward. You will understand more, feel more, able to do more, and help more. It is now your time to shine this Light onto the World. And those of you who have been in the closet with your spiritual practices will now come out into the forefront, unafraid to Speak Your Truth.

I now ask that you mention any names of individuals who you feel need to receive this Rod of Initiating Balance Within so we may be able to help them also. We will employ their Higher Selves and I Am Presences for their assistance. Please do this now.

Thank you. It is Now Said and Done. Each Being ready to receive the balancing initiation will no longer be challenged by inner adversities but accepted by all positive outer forms of Living. It is a time of Unity; allowing one to be fully present with all faculties of the Light.

It has been my pleasure as the Lord of Arcturus to assist you this evening. Please call upon us and we will more than gladly assist you in the Power of the Now.

Holy, Holy, Holy Gold of Hosts!
We Are One in the Presence of the Light!

Well, I have one word of exclamation, “Wow, Wow, Wow!” Thank you Lord Arcturus.
I sign off as Fred and spokesperson for the Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond.

Namaste to Everyone!
*Permission is granted to forward this material as long as credit is given:
Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah-Divine Language Network - [link]

WELL NOW if we just go with how this information resonates it feels pretty good
does it not? I am very interested an anyone's comments about their experience of
the FIRETHEGRID GLOBAL POWER HOUR last July 17th and any flashes or insights
stimulated by this message.

*THANKS NCN READERS for being so kind to this person!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!


Brenda McCann, aka Freo`7
published online and I just send email notice

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