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pictureFriday, May 4th 2007, by Brenda McCann

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BRENDA's DREAM: Mike (my husband) takes me by the hand to go see a BIG SURPRISE he is exuberant!! He leads me into a room full of veils and gestures to me to look at the floor hind the first veil where I see 2 sets of bare feminine feet. I pull the first veil back and there stands my older woman friend Vivian holding a big book with a big smile on her face - beaming, and my webpartner Dorene like an angel standing by at Vivian's left shoulder. The second I see Dorene she rises about 2 feet off the floor and is just suspended there in the air - she too is smiling joyously. I hop up on a high bed that Vivian and Dorene are standing by. My feet dangle not touching the floor. Vivian plops the 16" X16" book into my lap with a big sigh. "There!", she says, "I am giving this back to you it is to heavy for me to carry anymore." I look at the cover and all it has in the middle of the page is a BIG BLACK NUMBER 1938. I turn the first page and there it says, "The Embattled Little Girl" - I turn another page and it is a chronological account of . I am amazed and simultaneously indifferent. My attitude is: "This is what the big surprise is about? Who really cares..." I was totally uninterested in the book. I turn to Vivian and begin lecturing her about her chronic isolation and how she is now going to have to 'GET A LIFE' because I am very socially involved with thousands of people and that we are all doing ascension together now!

I awoke talking out loud to Vivian - but I was in my bed and the clock said 4:27 AM.



Glendaj - So, U R - Mike: Brenda: OK, my masculine self acting as a guide to the past BUT ...my own thought about him during the dream was that he wanted this to happen and he was exuberant!

Glendaj - U R Vivian and 1) the great surprise.
Brenda: I never expected her or the 2 sets of bare feet [you forgot to mention] that for some reason the bare foot and pregnant kind of female comes to mind and this was an important clue that my male side guide did not want me to miss so i got the impression IT WAS A BIG part of the surprise realization that I have not quite GOTTEN YET which is why we are here now doing this together...

2) as per being the author of the book and actually an aspect of me; AN OLDER SOUL ASPECT OF ME, that somehow knew more about all of my past lives than I did sitting there, and really... I did not quite accept the gift of HER WORK, her labor of love over a long long long haul at all, IE, (I who sat on the bed had no value for another person's version if my life and I saw here as who she is separate from me and not as an aspect of MYSELF/my soul... She could be soul family of some sort also but I do not trust her enough to give her (in my waking version of life) the power to write my life's stories because she is died in the wool OLD SCHOOL) Glendaj: ah..have you integrated this, now? Brenda:YES 5/4/07

Glenda - U R the veils: Brenda: There were many veils everywhere. It really was a room almost full of veils though I only pulled the FIRST ONE and was so taken aback by this 'surprise set up' that I did not feel at all like the audience expected the me to feel, IE. that it was surprising or like getting a great insight or gift of some kind...

Glendaj - U R the book: Brenda: But it was someone else's version of my lives that did not compute for me.
Glenda: Now back to Vivian 2) above... Remember? in 'gestalt' you are the book that you created someone else to write.. the book, represents what you are not computing about someone else's version/another perspective, of your own lives...

Glendaj - U R the excitement of Mike: Brenda: hmmmmmm..... as an aspect of me I allow the masculine to get exuberant and anticipate wondrous good fortune or good turns of events even when he has not a clue what it is all about? I felt that he was guiding me to something that he was convinced was very good for me like some great turning point of all time since he and I have ever known each other. my boundary between he as he and he as me is part of my interpretation here.

Glendaj - U R the happiness of Vivian: Brenda: she was very very proud of herself as if she had done a great work that I would be very pleased to know about and to receive. you could also read it like this:

"I was very very proud of myself as if I had done a great work that" .... you might think about other ways to look at this line too...

Like getting an Oscar from me for her creative work over a long long time and immense devotion to another's life. All most to the tune of waiting for me to give her author credits when I published HER WORK! not my work, her work. Like an auto-biography, is that the right term? a biography not written by the person it is about?? this whole twist caused 'me sitting on the bed' to have almost an "OH BROTHER" attitude because I am NOT INTO THE PAST, even my own! and this brings up another clue: Both Vivian and Mike are totally always focused in the past to the extent that they neither one are open to what is going on in the NOW because they are so full FULL of memory memory memory which I consider to only be 'just another version'. Who really needs versions when we have the AKASHIC record? Glendaj: did you notice here that you are very focused and intent on BEing in the now...(that's all well and good)...but, your shadow self is at work here..so in your dream you gave Vivian and Mike the job of reminding you of the past... Vivian has even written it all down for you...then you seem to be annoyed at them for doing this... didn't you even have Vivian tell you how "heavy" your past was getting for her to carry?...so if she is you or your shadow...she is saying please don't be annoyed at me for holding on to your past lives...in your subconscious mind....love me...appreciate me, and let it go....

Glendaj - U R the aloofness of U looking at them: Brenda: There.. you have it all in the answer above... the only one in that whole dream that I am with in terms of being on the same page is my smiling web partner over the left shoulder of the Vivian aspect... Dorene was sort of just presiding there. She said nothing and drew no focus from me at all. She was part of the environment of there = the ethereal room of veils and that reminds me she uses the term veil and veils and behind the veil a lot... Glendaj - good clue here... your web partner is you as the observer...in neutral position...not judgmental...just looking at what you created....

Glendaj - U R the isolation... Brenda: this was a lecture from THE NOW aspect of me to the ancient past representative of me => memory... I am clear as a bell now on this!!! ALL ISOLATION, in my real (= now book of life), is a direct result of fear. So the whole bit on isolation is a FEAR BASE BEHAVIOR. "Stop it!" I told Vivian, "And never go there again, period!" Is what I awoke telling the ancient feminine memory scribe me once and for all.

Glendaj - each feeling you felt that another had is a feeling you gave them...or created for them in your dream, as them U R that too.

NEXT MEETING (ASSIGNMENT for Brenda) by Glendaj:

2. Meditate on any point in the dream that you resist about your creation of the dream until you can BE One with the fact that you created it that way in the dream at least.

Naturally, you can also celebrate any negative points that you didn't actually create in your 3D time or any positive energy points that you are willing creating in 3D. NOW!

3. Here are some other things to consider as Number and Word associations in the dream... 1938 = 21 = 3 and that is also my SOUL NUMBER when you ad the birth name, date of birth and time of birth ))

a. Date of dream: 2/4/2007 = 6 = A Spiritual Path Dream
b. Time awoke from dream: 4:27AM = 4 means Coming Back to Earth in correct alignment now Brenda: after informing an ancient and immature masculine aspect who would set himself up as a guide into the past and the ancient feminine memory scribe who thought she was working so diligently for ME the NOW INTERFACE SOUL ASPECT that I, Brenda, NO LONGER HAD A VALUE FOR their continued work/purpose/memories for us = over soul here & now. My, also barefoot, web partner is definitely a symbol of where we = over soul are at now. OH I am now getting it that they were barefoot on sacred ground... whew.. I like that better MUCH BETTER. the other one was just a stab in the dark. THE CLUE IS => WE ARE ENTERING SACRED GROUND and that is why Mike, my masculine guide into the past made a point of alerting me to the bare feet.

OH NOW SITTING ON THE BED makes sense too and I was not for one moment in this dream aware of what I WAS WEARING, IE. shoes or not. What I am getting now is I DID NOT HAVE MY FEET DOWN ON THEIR sacred ground which was the p a s t and does not exist for me. My conscious version of the past is:

"Past is only memory unless one consults the play by play which is the akashic record and even then it will be interpreted differently depending on progress in one's spiritual path." And what is now integrated will cause a different perspective to be seen = interpreted by the viewer of their own akashic record even...

c. Date & Time together (6 4= 10) = 1 A Reminder U R One Brenda: yepper I AM that is 4 sure...

d. Significant number in dream: 1938 = 3 Communication usually with friends and family. but can also mean with higher Self.
Brenda: "BINGO!!!"

4. Spiritual Lesson: Have faith in your feelings, it is not a life or death issue, there will be intuition to protect personal power.
Brenda: Fantazmo` that is exactly what I am doing in this symbols interpretation work!!!

5. Mental Lesson: Don't worry about attitudes from the past about poverty = passive or about getting and using power aggressive, success comes from the BALANCED attitudes about and during the mysteries of life.

6: Physical Lesson: Now is the time to use your intuition and other people's resources?? which will bring benefit resulting from the history of a major change.
Brenda: ((hmmmmm what exactly are "other people" as used here above?))

Glendaj: 7. Assignment: Write your own personal affirmation based on the dream symbols as you enjoy them...cross off any word that does not leave you filled with positive ((balanced)) energy feel and joy...create....one word that spells out this super feeling....then forget it for awhile...see if it comes up again.... Brenda: A Stupendous FREEDOM feeling right now..

Brenda: My own personal affirmation based on the dream symbols as I have just enjoyed them...is:

*the effect of seeing this dream this way has made it happen that I see it as a kind of initiation out of a past that was only other person's versions... other than GOD THE ONE I AM and all life is here and now. Just human low level versions that I no longer need to be hospitalized in... that's a leap but it was here to type so i typed it...

I HAVE A NEW WORD now that I wrote this affirmation's explanation!! And The one word is:


WOW this is an interesting process to work through using dream symbols...Shared here by Brenda McCann, aka Freo'7

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