TIME 2 WAKE UP: Realizing The Universe Is Working In Your Favor Part I (posted only:by Brenda)    
 Realizing The Universe Is Working In Your Favor Part I (posted only:by Brenda)2 comments
pictureSunday, April 15th 2007, by Brenda McCann

Realizing The Universe Is Working In Your Favor
Part I: Introduction by Jason Randhawa

Life is the mechanism through which God expresses itself.
Life is perfect. All the events and people in your life are
helping you. Everything that is happening is perfect for you.
The Universe is actually working in your favor.

I know, based on your perceptions of life (i.e. experiences),
you probably think all or most of the statements above are
not only absolutely ridiculous but also very naïve. By now,
you should understand the basics of the Law of Attraction and
that if you want to believe this and experience it you can.

The majority of people don't see that life is actually good.
These people are like fish looking out of their tank. What
the fish see of the external world is very limited and
extremely distorted by the glass and the water. They do not
realize they are in a tank looking out.

Like the fish, we too are for the most part unable to see the
bigger picture. Humans tend to see only a small part of it.
But, everything is very multidimensional.

Many people feel that there is a good reason for everything. I'd take it even further and say that The Universe and all It contains is perfect for you. If you were able to get out of the fish tank, you would realize that all is in your favor.

Living in the New Earth is completely made up by doing just this, getting out the fish tank and seeing the entire multidimensional life.

Next time something in life upsets you take some time to be upset. But then keep your senses open and pay attention to any good that comes out of it. It may take some time, but I am sure you will begin to notice that the upsetting event was actually in your favor.

It is a basic law of physics that every reaction has an opposite and equal reaction. So out of every "bad" situation or event there must come at least an equal amount of "good". When you focus on this good, you will create more of it in your life.

Pretty soon, you will believe only in the good, and the bad will just disappear. This is the ascension process as no negativity may enter the 5th Dimension...

Jason [link]

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15 Apr 2007 @ 06:48 by atunmenra : Malleable Universe
Amazing how the universe gives us exactly what we believe and what we want.

Want to change something in your life, change the way you look at it. Or better yet, turn off the internal dialogue and shut off the thinking mind. That usually gets things moving.

Peace out,

4 May 2007 @ 05:04 by a-d : Great Shot!
Ahhhh... did u capture this? I soooo love when ever I see these.... and of course, i never have my cam handy these rare moments!  

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