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 How to determine your own Core Emotion, by The Eloheim 3 comments
pictureTuesday, March 13th 2007, by Brenda McCann

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03.02.07 Eloheim: How to determine your Core Emotion
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How to determine your own Core Emotion ~AUDIO~
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Transcript is below...
Your core emotion is dictated by your Soul, agreed to by you
as you decide to incarnate into this body at this time. It
spans all actions, all thoughts, all feelings, all emotions
that you experience in the body.

When you bring consciousness to your core emotion you are bringing consciousness to such a huge percentage of your being that it will exponentially increase your spiritual progress.

The best way to determine your core emotion is by determining two things. These things should be determined not well thought out but what comes first to mind when you ask yourself two questions:

1) What is the happiest memory I have?

2) What is the most troubling memory I have?

When you can *write those two down* then ask yourself to think about them simultaneously. This is the part that can be disturbing because you don't want to 'contaminate' your good memory with your bad one or you don't know how to allow your mind to have these two seemingly different experiences simultaneously.

However, you are capable of this and what you need to do is just balance the two of them so that they are equally as intense. If the sad one starts to get too sad, ask it to just get a little smaller and bring the happy one up a little. You want to have them equally balanced in your mind as you think about them simultaneously.

When you think about them simultaneously the question you ask yourself is: How are they the same?

When you can see similarities between your happiest memory and your saddest memory you will see the essence of your core emotion. Because it is existing both at your most happy time and your saddest time.... As you identify your core emotion, it will become apparent to you how often it shows up in your life as a driving force behind your behaviors. Each time it flares up and you apply consciousness and you acknowledge, "wow this is going on because this is my Core Emotion, I am here to learn about this" it is your tool to bringing consciousness into your life.

I believe that it would be helpful for some of us who have had Eloheim's assistance in determining our core emotion to explain the actual process we went through and/or for me to get permission to post the audio of those experiences. I will ask for that contribution.

When Eloheim helps you determine your core emotion, he walks you through this same exercise. He is also able to tell you how your core emotion might show up in your life which is incredibly helpful in people getting a real handle on their core emotion.

An example that comes to mind is a person with the Core Emotion of, "I am not seen." This person might dress in very bright colors, drive a flashy car, and always have something to add to every conversation. He is always driven at a Soul, unconscious, and subconscious level to make sure he is seen, noticed, paid attention to, etc.

If you were to apply consciousness to this core emotion, it could look like, "wow, I am not included in this conversation, I don't feel like they see me, I will sit with this feeling and experience this conversation without letting my Core Emotion drive me to interrupt."

Noticing that your Core Emotion is activated causes you to apply consciousness to that moment. Applied consciousness is Spiritual Growth.

The Eloheim have taught many times that a healed Core Emotion is *the greatest tool on our Spiritual Journey*. Working with my Core Emotion has been quite a ride, but I can say, with confidence, that it has made my life more peaceful, enjoyable, and has allowed me to be of more service.

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Hi this is Brenda: It was a toss up for me between abandonment and or HUGE FEELINGS OF LOSS. I see now why I chose the parental extremes that I came in through. Each of my parents had this very same issue to the HILT and one was making the best positive he could out of it while the other was battling her mirror every day and rebelling against intense feelings of remorse and unworthiness. BOTH PARENTS died as a transition style at their age 62. BOTH PARENTS died of depression and drug abuse while trying to escape (not deal with) their own dominating feelings base. I came in knowing that death or depression excuses and blaming are NOT THE ANSWER... My mother left when I was 12 and my dad went south 3 months be4 I graduated high school. I was not a good reflection for either of them as it turned out. I have had much healing and great understanding flows by doing this exercise above...

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14 Mar 2007 @ 03:04 by a-d : Two great,
articles in a row with very Powerful "Stuff" ! THANKS, Brenda!  

14 Mar 2007 @ 04:28 by freo7 : THANKS LOVE!!
and we pass again in the hall. LOL HUGS WITH YOU BABE!!
And a *Happy Saint Pat's Day* to ya too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

14 Mar 2007 @ 04:30 by freo7 : Hey ya'll - wanna hear something great??
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe-MIDDfckw copy and paste this url into a new browser window and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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