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pictureThursday, February 22nd 2007, by Brenda McCann

Scientists who are studying evolution from a celestial perspective believe that there are four kinds of celestial events and cosmic forces that might be triggering The Shift:

• Galactic Cycles,

• Solar Cycles,

• Solar Events and

• Supernovas.

There is a tremendous amount of evidence in these four areas indicating that we are deep into the Great Shifting of the Ages. So let's look at the first:

* Galactic Cycles are created by the rotation of our galaxy through evenly-spaced zones of energy that are not visible to the naked eye. It takes approximately 26 million years to pass through one of these zones and it appears that we are now moving into one that is more highly charged. Moving through this accelerated energy is changing our DNA, our consciousness and triggering our metamorphosis into Christed Beings.

Our Milky Way Galaxy is about 100,000 light years across, 30,000 light years away, belongs to a group of three large and 30+ small galaxies, and is the second largest after the Andromeda Galaxy. Our solar system lies out on the edge of the Orion spiral arm.

The Hubble Telescope, launched by NASA in late 1995, has been opening the stars to us, revealing a once secret world of celestial events and activities. Many of these images go beyond amazing —they actually appear to be a window into the world of creation and evolution. Here are some of them.

This image above, known as the Hour Glass Nebula, has generated a lot of interest.

There is now a growing amount of scientific information indicating that our whole solar system, and perhaps the whole galaxy, is in the midst of a shift.

The center of our Milky Way Galaxy is a black hole with a mass estimated to be the equivalent of 3.2 to 4 million of our suns, but is compacted into a space ten times smaller than Earth's orbit around our sun.

Many native tribes in Mexico and South America believe that Galactic Center or Tula emits a frequency or tone known as Ge, and that this tone not only heals the body and mind but brings immortality. The spiral Ge shown here represents the frequency being transmitted from Tula or Galactic Center.

I believe that as our Sun, Earth and us move towards the big conjunction of 2012, that this frequency is getting much stronger.

It's vibration is activating our DNA and metamorphosizing us from being humans to Christed Ones. Some believe Ge-sus Christ was a Master Being sent from Tula to anchor the Ascension process on Earth. His birth brought a big blast of love energy to Earth *to attune our DNA to the frequency of Ge* so that we can also become Ge-sus Christs.

Russian scientists have discovered that the 97% empty space in our DNA isn't empty. They believe it is filled with something called torsion wave energy. I believe that this energy could also be called love or even the tone of Ge.

Scientists now believe that torsion wave energy not only exists before the DNA, that it actually tells the DNA what to do. Our DNA is a hard drive. Torsion energy/LOVE/ tone of Ge interacts with our soul and heart. The energy from our soul and heart organizes the torsion wave energy and tells the DNA how to arrange itself. This creates not only our physical body but our whole REALITY. I believe that the ancient Mayans and other indigenous people knew and understood this.

One of the easiest ways to activate your DNA and accelerate your Ascension as Earth moves into the galaxy's high-energy zone is to declare yourself a Master using the following vow:

...What should I say and to whom? Like so many other things we've spoken of, the answer is far easier than you might think. You need to be alone. Then, with pure intent, come before the family [Spirit] and state your case. Whatever you say is then the beginning of the rewrite [to the Akashic record related to your past incarnations] , since the energies of Earth respond to Human free will. Speak it out loud so your cells can hear it, too, in the air. State that you drop the old vows and then give a new one. Perhaps you'll now take the vow of masterhood? Perhaps you'll pledge yourself to the benefit of all humanity? ...A vow of masterhood gives permission for the energies to change within you, for the tool box to be opened and for Human Beings who have always thought of themselves ordinary to begin to activate the ascension layer of their DNA. The door to a peaceful planet begins to open and only a few will walk through at first, then more and more should they choose to see.

(Kryon/Carroll, Sedona Journal of Emergence, February,2004:19)

A vow of masterhood should not be taken lightly. By doing so, you will activate the third strand of your DNA. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I suspect that you will find it harder to ignore opportunities for change in your life

The study of our solar system has become a really large field of scientific inquiry. Science has **recently discovered** significant changes happening to ALL THE PLANETS IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM!!

SUN: The Sun's magnetic field is more than 230 percent stronger than it was at the beginning of the 1900s. Its overall energetic activity has sizably increased, creating a frenzy of activity that continues to embarrass NASA's official predictions.

VENUS: is now glowing in the dark.

EARTH: Beginning about 1960, Earth's surface grew dimmer by 4 – 6 percent. About 1994 it began brightening again, which scientists believe may be accelerating global warming and the greenhouse effect. During the last 30 years, the icecaps have thinned out by as much as 40 percent. For reasons that scientists are unable to explain, in 1997 the structure of the Earth began shifting from being more egg-shaped, or elongated at the poles, to being more pumpkin-shaped, or flattened at the poles.

MARS: This close-up image of Mars shows how its icecaps virtually melted within just one year, causing 50-percent changes in surface features and its atmospheric density has risen by 200 percent since 1997.

JUPITER: Jupiter has become so highly energized that it is now surrounded by a visibly glowing donut tube of energy in the path of the moon Io, which now glows in the dark. The size of Jupiter's magnetic field has more than doubled since 1992.

SATURN: Saturn's polar regions have been noticeably brightening, and its magnetic field strength increasing. Between 1980 and 1996, the speed of rotation for Saturn's clouds at the equator reduced by a whopping 58.2 percent, which was an unexpected and dramatic change in its weather.

URANUS: In 1999 NASA articles were referring to Uranus as being hit by Huge Storms, making it a dynamic world with the brightest clouds in the outer solar system. NASA also said that If springtime on Earth were anything like it will be on Uranus, we would be experiencing waves of massive storms, each one covering the country from Kansas to New York, with temperatures of 300 degrees below zero. NASA's Voyager II space probe indicates that both Uranus and Neptune appear to have had recent magnetic pole shifts – 60 degrees for Uranus and 50 for Neptune.

NEPTUNE: Since 1996 Neptune has become 40 percent brighter in infrared and is 100-percent brighter in certain areas of its surface. Neptune's moon Triton has had a "very large percentage increase" in atmospheric pressure and temperature that is comparable to an increase on Earth of 22-degrees Fahrenheit.

PLUTO: As of September 2002, Pluto has experienced a 300-percent increase in its atmospheric pressure in the last 14 years, has also become noticeably darker in color.

The first place I've was able to find this scientific information about changes throughout our whole galaxy gathered in one place was in David Wilcock's book and website. David, who is only 32 years old, has been creating an evolutionary paradigm based on the principle of intelligent design. This means that there is order and predictability in the universe because it was created by an intelligence with an intention.

Much of what Wilcock and others are discovering is that Galactic Center is emanating high levels of what scientists call torsion wave energy. They believe that it can trigger a hyper dimensional jump from our 3D space-time into a higher aetheric density. Hyper dimensional jumps are also associated with time travel!!

Another site with a lot of good scientific information about the shift is Russell Boulding's. I feel a lot of affinity with his work and his approach, particularly his hopeful message and his ideas about how to consciously participate in it. His work is based on some mind- expanding information. Russell has developed some interesting premises, based on research he has done for writing his book, Preparing for the Great Shift:

• The Shift may have occurred in 1987 at the time of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence

• Earth may already be in 4th or 5th density but being holographically held in 3D WHILE LIFE ADAPTS TO THE HIGHER ENERGY FREQUENCIES!!

• Past, present & future timelines are all being created AT THE SAME TIME!!


The SOHO satellite, placed in orbit between Earth and the sun in late 1995, has been capturing images of the sun's surface and monitoring its activity. It monitors solar storms generated by the Sun, which spews electromagnetically charged particles that spread across Earth and all other planets in our solar system. These images show the sun at the minimum and maximum in its energetic activity.

The Sun's magnetic poles shift every 11.2 years and are believed to strongly influence Earth's magnetic poles. You may recall from a little earlier that it takes Galactic Center 11 minutes to make a complete revolution. These kinds of mathematical harmonics are another factor indicating that the universe was created by an intelligent force.

If you've been watching the space news recently, Earth has been bombarded with energy from round after round of sunspots and solar flares that have been creating intense electromagnetic storms. During late October and early November of 2003, for example, ten powerful solar flares kicked up extreme doses of X-rays and other radiation, along with slower-moving storms of charged particles. These gigantic eruptions were the largest ever recorded in our history. The magnetic clouds of plasma become 30 million miles wide by the time it reaches earth.

These flares create solar winds that distorts the Earth's magnetosphere, causing magnetic storms that can disrupt communications and navigational equipment, damage satellites, and even cause blackouts. These solar winds distend the magnetosphere of the Earth and everything living on it. Some of this energy slammed squarely into Earth, hampering radio communications, forcing the FAA to divert airline traffic away from polar routes, which are exposed to higher radiation doses, and crippling two Japanese satellites. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station were forced to take cover multiple times in protected areas.

In this image, you can see the eruption, the solar winds that it generates, where they hit Earth's atmosphere and how it distorts Earth's electromagnetic atmosphere.

The image below with the Sun blocked out shows the two primary kinds of solar eruptions. Solar Pominences, the loop-like images at the top and the pointed Coronal Mass Ejections, which are more commonly known as sunspots.

Prominences are made of hot, dense gas held aloft by solar magnetic force fields. Sometimes they collapse and explode . . . More often they remain aloft for days or even weeks and then sink gently back into the sun.

You can see how massive they are in this image, more than five times taller than Earth. During eruptions on the Sun, such as those in November 2003, expanding clouds of charged particles from sunspots raced into space. The energy in a few of these eruptions moved abnormally quickly, reaching Earth in less than a day. One set a new space speed record of 5 million mph. It was the largest speed ever measured in space of a gas stream emitted from the surface of the Sun.

On. June 8th 2004, Venus crossed the path of the sun, marking the beginning of an 8-year Venus cycle that ends on June 6th of 2012, just before the end of the Mayan Calendar and the Great Galactic Year.

This transit released very powerful energies to harmonize the masculine or patriarchal forces of the Sun with the heartful, loving energies associated with Venus. Many indigeneous people, consider the eight years between these two dates as an evolutionary doorway or gestational period for the release of new ideas and world change. Potential anniversary dates that might trigger other events on Earth.

The Role of Supernovas in The Shift, by Janae Weinhold

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Let's look next at the science related to supernovas:

— the fourth celestial phenomenon with a role in the shift. Supernovas are stars that explode and distribute oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, calcium and iron out into space to enrich clouds of hydrogen and helium to help birth new stars. They also help create gold, silver, lead, uranium and heavy elements and distribute them into the universe. Their remnants project cosmic dust that that travels out into a solar system, causing mutation and evolution in living cells.

In 1987, scientists observed the explosion of a supernova in Ophiucus, which is located near Galactic Center. This is one of the first images of it taken in 1990 by the European Space Agency's Camera. This supernova erupted when fast moving debris from an immense stellar explosion collided with the gas ring that circles it. Scientists believe the ring is made up of old gas that was ejected by the star some 20,000 years ago, long before it exploded.

The intense burst of light from the 1987 explosion heated the ring, revealing its presence. This coincides, if you remember, with the beginning of the Harmonic Convergence and the rise in the Schumann resonance, also known as Earth's Heartbeat.

Then the ring began slowly fading until 1997, when one of the knots in it ignited as it was impacted by the immense shockwave. Since 1996, NASA has been monitoring changes in Supernova 1987a with the Hubble Telescope. This supernova's explosion is now causing the gases in the ring to glow as they are heated to millions of degrees and compressed by the sledgehammer blow of a 40 million mile-per-hour blast wave.

An article in the Hubble Space Telescope News in the late 1980's, talked about Supernova 1987a. It predicted that the inner ring of the formation would collide with the debris from the 1987 stellar explosion as early as 2000 and that this would cause the outer ring to ignite. The article also predicted that the gases of this formation would fully ignite this ring, like the burner on a gas stove. In this 2004 image, you can see that the ring has been following NASA's predictions and that ignition is virtually complete.

The final burst of light, expected to glow at thousands of degrees, is expected to create an incredible burst of light that scientists anticipate will be visible on Earth in 2005. One of Nostradamus' quatrains may correlate the final burst of light this supernova with the change of Popes:

The great star will burn for seven days The cloud will make double sun appear The large mastiff will howl all night When the great pontiff changes his abode

The notion that the universe was designed by an intelligent force is one that is now uniting Christians and scientists. For Christians, Intelligent design, replaces the controversial term, Creationism. While the basis and framework for the beliefs of these two groups are quite different, their conclusions are very similar: An intelligent force designed the universe.

The body of information that best supports the concept of Intelligent Design comes from sacred geometry, an ancient art and science based on mathematical and geometric principles that show the relationship between all parts of creation. The study of sacred geometry shows how the universe is created by a thought consciousness that manifests itself in physical, 3D reality through a geometric blueprint. Here are some images that illustrate this blueprint.

The image on the left below shows how Earth is structured on the merkabah blueprint, illustrated above on the left. Most of the pyramids on Earth are located at 19.47 degrees above and below the equator, where the points of the merkabah structure intersect with Earth's surface. These points have had unusually high UFO sightings, making some people wonder if these points might be interdimensional portals or stargates. The images of the Sun in the middle and on the right indicate that most of the Coronal Mass Eruptions are also located at 19.47 degrees above and below the equator.

Notice how these images show that high-intensity sunspots are located just north and south of the equator. What's important about this is that it validates what many people working with concepts of sacred geometry believe — that the planets in our solar system are all constructed on the same geometric principles.

What is interesting is that the famous Face on Mars is located at 19.47 degrees north of its equator. These kinds of mathematical correspondences support the idea that our universe was built by some kind of higher intelligence.

Scott Stevens has been reviewing archived SOHO images and found some very interesting things that he has put on his website, http://www.weatherwars.info/
These kinds of images support information many people receive from channeled sources, which is that civilizations much more highly advanced than ours are helping Earth and our solar system with this evolutionary shift. See photos here!

There are many places in this country that have brilliant scientists conducting secret research. Some of the most prominent are:

• Area 51 near Reno, Nevada • Wright-Patterson AF Base in Ohio • Nellis AFB near Las Vegas • Los Alamos National Laboratory – Los Alamos, New Mexico • Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque

The research of this scientist who has worked at Area 51 for 19 years has been gradually released to the world because he believes that we need to know it. He believes that humanity is approaching *a critical juncture in its evolution* in the next few years and *he wants us to be able to make informed choices* when we are faced with options that have tremendous impact on the human species.

Much of what Dr. Burisch learned came from very specialized research with beings from a star system known as Zeta Reticulum. On the left is a sketch of the being known as J-Rod with whom he worked for a year in 1992-93. The sketch on the right shows what a normal looking being from the Zeta Reticulum star system looks like. The one on the left suffered from some kind of genetic problem that caused him to be crippled and deformed.

Both of these beings worked with researchers at both Area 51 and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, helping them advance the technologies for aircraft and other defense projects. According to Burisch, the collaboration between these beings from the Zeta Reticulum star system and Earthlings is part of an exchange project contracted between their civilization and a secret group of people, mostly Americans, known as the Majestic 12.

Dr. Burisch's story about J-Rod and his neurological problem sounded like pure science when I first stumbled onto it. J-Rod and Dr. Burisch were able to communicate telepathically during the time that they spent together and here is what Dan learned. According to J-Rod, the universe has several timelines, realities or dimensions, which is quite different from our own belief that ours is the ONLY reality.

J-Rod told Burisch that he was from another timeline in which 2012 had already happened. Just prior to their civilization' s 2012, Earth went through catastrophic changes. J-Rod believed that these changes were caused by things that were preventable such as the explosion of nuclear bombs. As a result of this catastrophe, humanity split into two groups. The spiritual group went to the Orion star system, while the technological group went first to Mars and then on to Zeta Reticulum.

J-Rod was from the technological group who went to Mars and then on to Zeta Reticulum and suffered genetic damage from the catastrophic changes. His civilization has mastered time, and he volunteered to travel back in time prior to the events of our 2012. He hoped to change the events of our 2012 and prevent the catastrophic changes his civilization went through during their 2012. He also hoped that his research with Dan Burisch would help cure his civilization' s genetic neuropathic problems.

The Majestic 12 is allowing Burisch to release information about parts of his research with J-Rod because the terms of their treaty with J-Rods' civilization required that their presence on Earth be released in 2005.

Burisch is also being assisted in the disclosure process by William Hamilton III, a physicist and researcher who I heard speak in Atlanta in June 2005 and also spent several hours speaking with him privately about his work. Bill showed 1&1/2 hours of a taped interview with Dan Burisch about his research and relationship with J-Rod that I found believable. This tape is available on Hamilton's website:
[link] and his BOOK STORE

My research about 2012 and The Shift indicates that *the fields of science and spirituality are merging*. Some of the greatest spiritual advances seem to be coming from people who once were "hard-core" scientists. Many of them are validating the prophesies spiritual traditions of indigenous people and simultaneously invalidating outdated scientific paradigms such as Darwin's theory of evolution. Even quantum theory is now being replaced with plasma theory, which says that the world is electrical. Prophesy is slowly becoming fact and science is supporting it.
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