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 A change of pace: THE EMERGENCE OF SELF, by Elysha 1 comment
pictureFriday, February 2nd 2007, by Brenda McCann

The possibilities of the human family maturing into human beings...Now there's an idea that could give great pause to the heart and to the heart of existence itself!.

A monologue...continues:

"Humans maturing into their beingness" which would allow for a much greater movement of the heart to incarnate onto this planet - allowing for the incarnation of love and what all things it would bring with it.

A "yay" saying to simply out shine the currently existent "nay" saying... hmmmmm... now would that not bring about a change of a thing or two...on this planet?

It would certainly bring about a radical change to you there getting a window of seeing clearly into your freedom and then... having you imprisoned into the movement of trying to teach others 'about' what you have just seen, without realizing at all that you have just "knee capped" yourself once again and are suffering something that is not you any more.

The emergence of self is currently an unfolding motion that this planet has not experienced before. It is an addition and an extension to our *traditional enlightenment* in his & her stories. And it continues on from where we 'have been' limited and stopped short - and what a limitation it has been! That limitation was not an accident, it was completely reflective of the state of the human family.

On the surface level it appears to be no different now - there is virtually no interest at all in individuals leaving alone what is not them, to be free and realized as the one that is true of them. Fortunately, for those who do actually want to be no longer bound by this imprisonment that they find themselves in, something else is going on that makes it easier and easier for you to actually realize who you are.

Humanity will "flower" into a new classroom - either that or humanity will completely destroy itself. The new classroom is the same one that all of these "awakened" ones have awoken to. It is much freer than the current classroom that everyone is suffering. This of course, is going to put most of these teachers out of a job. They will no longer have anyone to teach and are going to have to get on with actually finding who they are (just like you) and stopping as who they truly are (just like you) and to no longer perpetuate the nonsense of trying to be something that is not true of them (just like you), on a momentary basis - moment by moment.

Either that or momentarily suffering the limitations of not realizing "how great thou art" (just like you) and then going back to trying to be the person that they are not

There are many many levels to all of this. It may also take some time (in terms of decades or centuries) for this to "flower" to the point where people will no longer actively live as if they were separated and isolated pockets of existence, in the same manner that they are currently doing. It will not have the whole human family realizing who you are on a momentary basis. Not at all. What it will do however, is to have "higher" aspects of the person - that you believe yourself to be when you are not momentarily realizing who you are - incarnating into the mind body at this physical level. This descension of the higher aspects of the person - that this mind body is only the physical "tip" of the totality of the True-Self-Berg but - will be enough to totally change the way things are and get done, on this planet.

The energy of just such a descension will bring with it, momentous changes. Your heart will rejoice, for a number of reasons. The least of them being that you will no longer have to live in the lower extremities in the realms/dimensions of the pain and suffering that you have been so accustomed to being stuck in. For so long now, that you cannot conceive of such beauty that might possibly "flower" as you. Up til now, you have only had death to look forward to, to escape this hell hole... *chuckling* ...The relief will be huge upon this awakening that you are no longer entrapped in the manner that you have been so accustomed to. You will literally look back on this time of your existence as being nothing short of the nightmare that it is.

The energies that are currently incarnating on this planet right now ((which were begun such a long long time ago from a place and galaxy very far far away from this planet in which the "beingness" of Jesus the Christ was so very instrumental in accelerating on this planet some 2000 years ago)) are the very "road" on which all of this unfoldment and evolution is taking place.

These same energies are heightening everything - the good, the bad and the ugly. The bad gets badder, the ugly just keeps on getting plain old uglier and for those who actually want to free up to that is completely true of them - can do so. Not just to enter the new classroom, but to truly realize who you already are and to begin the journey of self discovery that is the unraveling of this person that obstructs the clarity of who you are

Settling for the new classroom of becoming the more "highly" evolved person is not going to cut the mustard, in terms of realization and freedom. Because that will, of course, bring about a much more compatible lifestyle for everyone and a greater capacity to love one another on this planet

It is not an evolution of the human family into realization, although it will certainly have more "persons" wanting to truly realize who they are. Which will in turn will bring about a greater richness for the whole of the human unit. The current display of awakened teachers who get way too caught up in trying to fulfill their person-al desires will not be the reflection of the human family as it settles into its new classroom. So many awakening altogether will have a far greater impact on the whole storyline of physical manifestation, than currently occurs when an individuation awakens into the new classroom

Just as there is virtually no interest in anyone being ready and willing to quit trying to be the person that they think they are - and this from the exalted spiritual fraternity - to find and to stop at what it is that they already are - the one that already stands before and is flowing through the very eyes of the person that it is flowing through - this will continue to be the case even in the new classroom.

*Realization will still be only for a minority. That minority will be the ones how will come to see just who they already are and have always been. That minority will be the few who will find that who you are is the one that is flowing through a person for the very purposes of recognizing precisely who it is - while it is flowing through this person that it is not. That minority will be the few who will be consciously involved in this journey of self discovery as the person unravels from the energy of something the person is TRYING TO BE.

It is all so very very simple - in this classroom or any other classroom. Who you are is and it is not who you think it is. To be who you are, you are going to have to stop trying to be - by let go of; by surrendering (that ancient prescription written and talked about in all of the sacred texts); to leave - what you are not. *You can leave it because it is not you it is only who you were TRYING TO BE...

All of your current thinking and machinating over this is not going to be of any help to you here in this great matter of you realizing who it is that "you" are and have always been. You have to stop right where "you" are. From where you are moving from, you are going to have to find it first. It is that which is flowing through the very eyes of this mind body of the person that you currently find yourself driving around in.

Who you are is. Right here and right now. And who that is - is not who you think it is. You think it is who you think it is because "you" are too busily involved in trying to be who you think it is. Once you stop trying to be this something that you are not - ((and part of trying to be this something that you are not is that you do not realize that you are even "doing" this at all)) - then you will be free to simply "be" who you are while it ("you") continues to flow through this "arising" that it is flowing through - without a single problem from within any of it all. No sirree. At ease with everything for all time... as who you think you are begins to unravel from "you" trying to be it.

Here the fun begins - for those who choose to get on with no longer trying to be something that was never true of them. The journey of self discovery - the very thing that has you soaring on the greatest highs and lows of existence, while recognising that none of it is who you are. Despite this recognition, you get to feel the innate beauty and glorific wonder of this journey through the very "personal" person that who you are is flowing through.

Here is where our traditional history of "enlightenment" did not go very far. It was involved with getting off of the wheel of birth and death. It was involved with trying to be free of pain and suffering and the attempt to meditate itself out of it all. Samadhis, mindful samadhis

This whole movement of incarnation (actually, the whole movement of manifestation) is an evolution designed for the very purposes of "you" recognizing just who you are while "you" are flowing through a particular and individualized person. As "you" do so, through this individuated person that you find your self flowing through, then the "inbreath" of the Parabrahman (that "you" are) begins to make itself manifest - in your individuated case.

The dissolution of that which was made manifest:

There is nothing 'scary mary' about any of it - quite the opposite, in fact. This is the journey of self discovery - the conscious returning to the fullness from which "you" stepped out by your attempts to try and be something that was never actually "you" - and this was the very design of all of this manifestation to begin with. A Lila, a divine play.

The false idea that you become "enlightened" and that being enlightened is the end of it all is just... so false.

A race to get off of the wheel of birth and death is also just so false. A false movement that negates the innate design of the beauty and wonder of the whole existence. It negates the divine Lila and the play of you realizing just how magnificent "you" truly are. Without this person that who you are flowing through - so that it can recognize itself from within its own manifestation - there would be no realization at all...

Who you are would not be able to realize itself

*roaring with laughter*

All of this has been prophesied about, many times. This time was going to come. Humanity is bound to become an integral family of "loveness" - guided by clearer understandings than it now has - where it will caretake this planet and all that is on it.

This will eventually happen - even if humanity wipes itself out this time a round That is all just part of the play of existence.

Humanity is going to awaken from its current nightmare of unlove. The word has been spoken...

You can whine, complain and moan all you like about your disposition of not liking your current circumstance. You can blame everyone else around you for doing all of this to you - but - it is only you doing it all to yourself.

You are the one who is pinching yourself and it is for you to stop pinching yourself, by not blaming others for your hurt. If you do not like your circumstance then change what it is that you are currently up to that brings about what you are not liking.

If you really want to take the devil by the horns, then go for broke - and realize who you are and be surprised by just how free who you are already is. You may just require some help in learning to attune to who you are, of course.

Look, trying to sell to you on how free you already are is so absurd - particularly in the face of your refusal to let go of what it is that you are doing that has you either trying to shout it all down because you think you know better - and obviously you are not living the quality of who you are - or, you just keep on trying to realize what is being pointed to from the same old place that has you in hot water in the first place - your mind.

Your mind is not going to be of any help to you here - in terms of finding who you already are. You are going to have to find just what it is that you already are that is already right here as you are reading this material - that which already is before anything else arises - and stop as this one, which just so happens to be "you"

You are so entrapped and addicted - with an enormous amount of resistance and aversion thrown in to the bargain for good measure - to trying to be who you think you are, that you just will not let it go. Hence, your suffering. If you need a lot more of this suffering to wake you up from the slumber of what it is that you are actively doing, then do not be afraid - it is on its way. And there is much much more from where it came from!

It is only "you" trying to be something that is not "you" that is the root cause of all of your misery.

The moment you stop trying to be something else over the top of who you already are, you are free. Freedom is all that is left.

The journey of self discovery; the returning inbreath of God in your particular case, through this person that you find your self flowing through. Seeing this will have you consciously realizing who you are while this person - that "you" have created - unravels of its of it's own accord... yes the creation of you trying to be it.

No longer being informed by the motion of you trying to be it and being replaced by the conscious realization of "you" stopping as "you," this person then, finally gets to be intoxicated by the love bliss of who "you" really are.

*It is simply amazing what you are saying "no" to! Because of your refusal to let go of trying to be something that was never who you are IT is all equally understandable as well ...

No matter what changes this person - that who you are is flowing through - goes through, and there are no end of changes that this person goes through in its sojourn of unraveling, you do not lose sight of who you are. You do not do anything about any of it - there is no need. Any "doing" on your part is just more obstruction and not realizing who you are in those given moments.

You simply learn the art of stopping at and as who you already are, the more of this person that you no longer try and be, the more of who you are flows into it (the person) without obstruction.

The person loves it, and not only that, rejoices in it and is glad You get to feel the rejoicing of the person as well as "being" who you are. This is the beauty of the duality of manifestation that you are so busily involved with trying to escape.

The joy that "born again christians" hype themselves into (by their love of something greater than themselves) through their worship - another version of the energy bunnies that abound; new agers will chant themselves up a storm in a similar manner - is a very bad reflection of the joy that will be felt in the person as you continue to find how many more 'are the ways' that you are involved in trying to be this person instead of realizing who you are.

You see, it is not just a matter of realizing who you are and that being the end of it all - much as this comment runs against the popular demand of seekers who are wishing for a "one hit" wonder. Yes, it is completely about finding who you are and stopping at and as this one. That is not the end of it, though. It is just the beginning.

While you are deeply at rest in and as who you already are - you are completely free and at ease with everything - you get to see exactly what it is that you get up to in your attempts to try and be this person - again and again. You get to see it all first hand - you catch yourself doing it "red handedly"...

At least, after awhile you begin to see this in action. Initially, you are involved with trying to actualize who you are whenever you remember. In other words, most of your time is spent in having forgotten that you are the one that is flowing through this person and you are just busily involved with trying to be this person which is informed by the running commentary of the mind of this person.

As you begin to feel the difference between trying to be who you think you are and simply being at rest as who you are, you will then find yourself "choosing" to be who you are in those moments - quite naturally. You will also find more moments arising for you where you begin to recognize that you have forgotten to be who you are - and then of course, you align your conscious attention back to who you already are. This continues until you find yourself abiding as who you are with a greater consistency, constancy and stability.

As this natural motion of realization continues, you will find that while realizing who you are, you will get to see more and more 'are the ways', of how involved you are with trying to be this person. Ways that you did not know even existed. By this stage though, the very seeing of these activities has you free of pouring energy into these same activities which in turn, allows more of who you are to flow on through without these levels of obstruction.

This is how the unraveling of the person unfolds. "You" do nothing about any of it. All you are involved with is realizing who you are as best as you can in each arising moment.

Au natural`

The journey of self discovery is an immensely rich journey of exquisiteness - not to be missed at a cinema near you. The divine play is happening before your very nose and the divine producer just so happens to be "you" - the one that is before and flowing through the very eyes of this person that "you" are flowing through reading this now. *read more monologues like this here

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