TIME 2 WAKE UP: Will 2012 Actually Arrive Sooner Than We Think? By Kris Sherwood    
 Will 2012 Actually Arrive Sooner Than We Think? By Kris Sherwood8 comments
pictureFriday, January 19th 2007, by Brenda McCann

While watching a History Channel program on the life of Jesus which examined, among other things, questions about the actual year Jesus was born in relation to the calendar most commonly used to mark time by: the ‘Christian Era’ calendar, a startling question arose as Ed (husband and research partner Ed Sherwood) and I discussed it. Based on various inconsistencies in the chronology of events and dates, as well as mistakes made by the monk, Dionysius, in the creation of that calendar, I realized the date of 2012 is our interpretation, or assumption, of the corresponding year in the much longer time span of the Mayan Calendar that predicts the ‘end’ of our present world or cycle on December 23rd of its own prophesied year within its calendar, but doesn’t relate to or take into account the discrepancies in the conversions to the newer calendar, and the corresponding date may not actually be 2012 by the Gregorian Calendar! It may actually be years sooner! After further research it seemed to me that at the very least, and based on historical facts, our present calendar does not account for at least one year, to a maximum of seven years, in the chronology of events and the conversion of the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian! This means 2012 actually may correspond to one of the years from 2011 to as soon as 2005, depending on how you interpret the evidence.

The Christian monk, Dionysius, was commisioned in 525 AD by Pope St John I to create a new calendar which was decreed by the Pope to begin with the birth of Christ as 1 Anno Domani (1 AD: the first year of our Lord).

This date corresponded with 754 of the Roman calendar (which predated the Julian calendar that was replaced by the current Gregorian calendar), and year 753 of the Roman calendar became 1 BC. This sequence ignored the year ‘0’ throwing off the counting of BC years by at least one.

For example if you were born in 10 BC, in 10 AD you’d be 19, not 20. Other errors and compensations were made in the conversions from earlier calendar systems that could make the discrepancy even greater.

It is recorded that Herod died in 4 BC, directly contradicting the Gospel of Matthew which has the Holy family fleeing to Egypt with the young child, Jesus, until after Herod’s death. Herod’s death follows a time consuming sequence of events described in Matthew following the birth of Christ that include: the journey of the ‘three men from the East’ following the ‘star’ to Bethlehem, presumably a long journey; then their return travel home that avoided Herod, now realizing the potential danger if they had to answer more of his questions about Jesus; then the angel’s warning to Joseph, and the Holy family’s flight into Egypt; Herod’s subsequent order to kill all children two years old or younger in the region, carried out and based on the estimated age of Jesus from what the three men had told Herod when they first met with him on their way to Bethlehem; Herod’s death then follows the mass infanticide, but it’s not clear by how long; finally the Holy family is told, again by an angel, that the coast is clear and they then travel back to Nazareth. If we can believe the chronology of Matthew, it seems that Jesus must have been born at the very least a couple of years before Herod died, giving him a birth date of as early as 6 or 7 BC, or maybe even earlier. If Dionysius compounded his error by counting 7 BC as 1 AD this amounts to a nine year discrepency, meaning 2012 could have aligned with 2003!

We’ve passed December 23, 2004 without a world transforming event, so it could be considered if an error was made by Dionysius it was by less than 8 years, and if it was by seven as the evidence suggests, 2012 might actually be 2005! Interestingly, Ed has had a strong feeling 2005 would be a very significant year to the changes culminating at these potentially ‘prophesied times’.

While this might allow for a wide range of interpretation, if the end of the Mayan calendar corresponds with any type of ‘shift to a new order’ (which Ed and I certainly see the Crop Circle phenomenon as an indicator of), or the ‘End of Days’ as we know it, and that has been widely conjectured about, knowing that it may arrive a year or more before anticipated might get some of us up ‘off the couch’ and re-evaluating priorities.

Whether ‘2012’ means an actual date that brings with it a profound manifestation of prophesied Cosmic Destiny; a cataclysmic backlash of mass spiritual decadence through violent natural forces, as the current Mayan Elders warn; or if it’s only revealed to be mass fodder for self appointed prophets, doom mongers, and New Age ‘Carpetbaggers’ , that bursts like an empty Y2K balloon, ‘2012’ might just be scheduled to arrive a lot sooner than we think.

Kris Sherwood January 21, 2005
*posted here by Brenda 4 your thoughtful considerations
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19 Jan 2007 @ 13:13 by bushman : Hmm
The Mayan calendar is based on the Sun, and the fact that we will hit a solar maximum in our time 2011, this tells me we are probably just 1 year off. Some would ask, why the Mayans left off in 2012, I figure this is because they know the suns major cycles, and figured they would wait and see if we are still here before they expanded thier caledar past 2012, or it just means the end of a natural human cycle due to solar stuff, that basicly shuts down food production. Anyway, we dont have long till the show starts. And we will be here to see it. :}  

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24 Jan 2007 @ 11:40 by craiglang : What will the "Changes" be like?
I often wonder when the change of the age arrives, what it will be like. Will we actually notice anything? In Christian theology, the Christian era began with the resurrection and the empty tomb. Yet the only ones to notice the beginning of the era were the two Marys. As one theologian put it, the whole world had changed but no one knew it...

I often wonder if the changes of '2012' will be the same way - a vast structural change in society that will go unnoticed at the time it occurs. We will only feel the effects over time.

Another thought is that, in a way, '2012' has already happened. Most social changes don't happen overnight. They occur gradually, an ascending curve - eventual critical mass, etc. I see it with political movements such as antislavery, womens' rights, conservation, etc... The early bearers of the message were 'radicals' while eventually the message was accepted by the mainstream of society. Yet who can say when the change accutlly 'occurred.'

I wonder whether the transition of the age - our '2012' will occur at a particular time. Maybe it's already happened - maybe it's occurring within each of us, an Awakening that is only now beginning to rise to eventually reach a critical mass. I suspect that the actual 2012, the second coming of Christ, the golden age, or whatever you want to call it, will be the realization of this shift in the general world of humanity.

There will be resistance and increasing polarity, and perhaps at some point, the world will reach a breaking point - the 'wars and rumors of wars' of Matthew 24. I suspect that at the critical point, there will be a resolution of the polarity, possibly as a political movement or as a spiritual revival - or maybe as a global peace movement. Who knows...

I can only hope that we survive that long. That we can realize the promise of 2012, without succumbing to the perils of the transition.  

24 Jan 2007 @ 23:37 by freo7 : What will the changes be like?
I agree with you on this: "maybe it's occurring within each of us, an Awakening that is only now beginning to rise to eventually reach a critical mass. I suspect that the actual 2012, the second coming of Christ, the golden age, or whatever you want to call it, will be the realization of this shift in the general world of humanity."

This is my direct experience... spoken by you above. You see it is not a linear time event. So when ever you/I/we vibrate with the NOW, there you/I/we will find = experience *what the changes are* in our experience of...the changes.

And I sense that when we allow so called critical mass realization to be our experience in the NOW then so shall it be. And THEN we all wake up the next day as if *HOW IT IS is the same since time immemorial* because of course we will have a new oops, now version = memory of our experience of ourselves in relation with all life itself during the now moment.

As long as we 'future' this experience, the changes never happen within us = in our experience. That is how the free will comes into play I guess.

I AM THE NOW generation and
{link:http://my.care2.com/freo7|this ain't no Pepsi commercial}...  

18 Mar 2007 @ 22:14 by Paul @ : 2012 and Endtimes
bushman stated "The Mayan calendar is based on the Sun," so wouldn't it be logical that something planetary will happen in 2012 (or sooner). With the birth of Jesus Christ a major planetary event occurred that marked the end of times for humans and began a new era for human life. A star went super nova and shone for days, we know this because we are told many followed this super nova to find the birthplace of Jesus Christ. With all the severe storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and heat waves these are signs of another major planetary event about to happen. I believe the universe runs on a 2000 year cycle (clock) and every 2000 years a planetary event or events repeats itself causing a dramatic change on Earth and since we only survive because of what the Earth gives us in food and shelter, we too will dramatically change or have to change or adapt to the planetary changes. It is either a planet unknown to us or an asteroid that passes Earth every 2000 years that will cause the Earth to transform or be damaged by it. The other possibility is what is referred to as a polarity shift of the Earth whereby the poles flip - north becomes south. In order for this to happen the Earth would most likely have to stop rotating for a short period of time - perhaps what the Bible has been predicting with a warning of 3 days of darkness. When that occurs all modern technogy will be affected as the postive and negative electrons in devices will also be reversed. All of today's technology might cease to work and if planes are flying in the sky they might literally drop from the sky because of a loss of power due to this polarity shift. Compasses surely won't be pointing in the right direction. I am pretty sure that the rotation of the Earth also affects gravity and time. This is what I believe is being refered to when the Bible foretells of Endtimes. Another major event that will change history, time, the Earth and everyone and everything on it.  

6 Dec 2007 @ 22:30 by Lindz @ : Interesting.
Well i have been very interested in this recently, since I have been lead to different theories corresponding to the Mayan calendar. The most interesting to me so far has been the couple verses I've stumbled upon in the bible. Not that i have it open on hand but in lamens terms:

Straight out of the king james version Bible - Daniel, Michael, and John, each have their own revelations of the "end of time". Well amongst these revelations, it is stated that no one will no the "day nor hour" of the "great tribulation" at the "end of the age," however, after the "great tribulation" is the "2nd coming of christ," which specifically states "...is in the sun, moon, and stars.

Another verse which we all know and love, is how the shepards followed the "star to bethlehem" where Jesus was born. Again "God" revealed how a woman would be judged, to another 3rd person, he stated that "she may prevail or profit but she will be saved only if she listens to the astrologers, stargazers, and monthly prognosticators."

Now the mayans. There calander from 20000 years ago approx. was known as the long count. which ended on the days around what i heard were "Dec 21, or 22, of 2012." This is the event of which the sun will sit on the middle of the plane that our milky way sits on, which coincidentally scientisits know now that this is the "winter equinox." As i checked a timzone chart i saw that for me here in ontario i can see the sun rise and that beautiful event of which...if i can see venus in the morning you better believe ill see this. at 6:11 am on Dec 21st (remember timezones) Which for me would be on a Friday. or for some people a Saturday.

This is a) at the end of the year's winter months, and b) about the time when jesus' birthday is around give or take a few days, i really don't know if the birthday part is acurate, but it's my assumption off the bat. and c) there is only one creator, i really don't care what religion it is, but if "it" -or- "god" has the power to move planet to the degree, to make it so that peoples of 1000's of years ago distinguished a pattern that accurately, completed on a certain date, which they got right??? Says that that pattern was put there for a reason, because those stars and planets could have been in place in even the tinyest degree's different and the pattern would not be correct...

Who can create that??? You tell me... (I'm so dumbfounded that i don't even know what to say when i ask a simple thing like that. WHO HAS THE POWER TO MOVE STARS AND PLANETS TO THE DEGREE, AND COMPLETE THE PATTERN???) ... and you watch each religion refer to the stars in it's own way...

OHHHHhhhh yeaaahhhh.... o_o  

28 Mar 2009 @ 20:06 by Markus @ : The End Of The World.
It always fascinates me about this need to think that there HAS TO BE a reason for EVERYTHING. That some great and powerful hand threw everything in motion, instead of the idea that it all just happened. To me, everything is just like a very complex clock- From large to small gears, pins wheels that move to together.

Now, of course, you would say a clock was created by someone. True- but I'm using a clock as a reference (and this is just my opinion and how I see things).

Everything just happens. The patterns of life and what we consider the present, not living in the past (because it's gone and behind us) or living in the future (because it hasn't happened yet). We exist NOW. MILLIONS of humans moving across this planet almost at the same time, set the pattern of the events that happen. For example- A man on his way to work, stops to get coffee at a Circle K instead of the 7-11 that's right across the street. The 7-11 is being robbed, and the gunman kills the clerk and the customer.

What would have happened if he went to the 7-11 instead?

Timing and clockwork, not fate or destiny or divine intervention, is what we exist by. This need to believe that there's something more, is for what? Is it really that bad to consider the possibility that things just happen, and that we are all born in the world, live in the world and then we simply die. No heaven, no hell, no God or Satan or Zeus or Odin or Ra- JUST US.

When the end happens (possibly in my lifetime, with the chance of a ASTEROID hitting us in 2029), then it happens.

Thank you for allowing me to post my point of view.


11 Sep 2009 @ 19:21 by Nyarlathotep @ : Calender Mathematics Wrong
Just wanted to comment on the proposed idea that 2012 will come sooner, becuase the Mayans' did not know anything about the Romans changing the calender systems.

Well, all the same, those Calender systems did not exsist for the Mayans, and they in fact NEVER SAID A THING, about "year 2012"...

In truth, the Mayans foretold of the Ba`k`tun

Now, coming with the year 2012 is as simple as, counting the number of the k`in's within the Ba`k`tun; the k`in is a "day" to the Mayans. so basically, simply count the number of days in the Mayan Calender that add up to Ba`k`tun and, you get, 2012 on our Calender.


It has nothing to do with what calenders existed when, it has to do with the number of Days the Mayan's used to calculate their Ba`k`tun counts; which proves that these ancient Mayans, measured the passage of the days, months and years, and time itself, by using a much more advanced mathematical system then that which we use today!

Remember, the Mayans correctly identified all NINE planets! Yes, nine, including Pluto... this, thousands of years before the first telescope was ever invented.

So why bother questioning their mathematics and science?  

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